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  • IntelliJ IDEA 11 117.46 Release Notes
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Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-83242 (Bug)

When applying large number of fixes, one item is left untouched

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-83268 (Bug)

Editor text is rendered incorrectly



IDEA-80937 (Feature)

Action: convert build configuration nature

IDEA-81534 (Cosmetics)

Flex project structure: layout of Dependencies tab of BC looks bad if no SDK selected and errors are expanded

IDEA-83062 (Bug)

In place refactoring does not show variants for variable name

IDEA-81883 (Bug)

File.extension property not recognized



IDEA-83175 (Bug)

Gradle: on adding (linking) a Gradle project with 'idea' plugin, dependencies node doesn't appear in JetGradle panel

IDEA-83012 (Exception)

Gradle home setting is erased after updating to a new IDEA build; Throwable at GradleApiFacadeManager$3.createJavaParameters() on start up



IDEA-83187 (Performance Problem)

Javascript autocompletion is slow

Project Configuration


IDEA-83077 (Bug)

UI locked up after dismissing project settings

User Interface


IDEA-83174 (Cosmetics)

Please merge checkbox icons

Version Control


IDEA-73892 (Bug)

Deadlock when generating persistence mapping

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