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  • IntelliJ IDEA 11 117.37 Release Notes
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IDEA-83172 (Usability Problem)

Add context menu command "Jump to Source" F4 to the nodes of the Coverage tool window

IDEA-82358 (Performance Problem)

IDEA occasionally locks up temporarly for a half until 2 minutes

IDEA-83171 (Task)

Add help button to the Coverage tool window and map it to the specified id

IDEA-83215 (Bug)

Find in path cannot find text in manifest of CSS files

IDEA-82406 (Bug)

Subversion 1.7 plugin slow to notice changes to file

IDEA-83191 (Bug)

Refactor > Copy does not copy directory structure

IDEA-82980 (Bug)

Plugin manager allows to download same plugin twice

IDEA-66794 (Bug)

Help Topics window opens behind main IDEA frame with certain conditions



IDEA-80077 (Usability Problem)

Please store Android key file location on a per-project basis

IDEA-79960 (Usability Problem)

Set minSdkVersion attribute automatically when creating Android project

IDEA-81463 (Usability Problem)

Don't show modal message box "Do you want to create run configuration?" when creating Android project from existing sources

IDEA-83033 (Performance Problem)

100% CPU load



IDEA-83128 (Bug)

Multiple pound signs weirdness



IDEA-70283 (Cosmetics)

Data Source Properties: load "Schemas and Tables" with progress/waiting msg

IDEA-82300 (Bug)

Error retrieving stored procedure meta data from Oracle

IDEA-81603 (Bug)

Import Database Schema dialog: selectAll/clearAll don't visually set/remove selection



IDEA-83044 (Bug)

Debugger Output: no links

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-83011 (Performance Problem)

Eliminate performance bottleneck during editing file with multiple injections

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-79561 (Bug)

Find symbol must be cancelled after close search dialog (if it still searching)



IDEA-83003 (Cosmetics)

Css files to compile: row height is too small

IDEA-82918 (Bug)

Update Main class in build configuration after Rename action.

IDEA-74823 (Bug)

Update run configuration reference on module and build configuration rename



IDEA-49301 (Bug)

IDEA forces to set incorrect url-pattern for GWT service

IDEA-83076 (Bug)

@UiField inspection incorrectly complains about type mismatch on super interfaces



IDEA-83025 (Bug)

Gradle: project refresh resets filtering

IDEA-76142 (Bug)

Gradle support - cannot update IDEA projects once one of build.gradle files changes

IDEA-83080 (Bug)

Surround with region...endregion or <editor-fold> is not available in Gradle



IDEA-83207 (Bug)

False "Duplicate switch case" warning in Groovy



IDEA-83056 (Bug)

Expanding Session Factory in *QL Console throws

IDEA-82982 (Bug)

Hibernate 4: Persistence view doesn't show session factory defined in 4.0 schema-based files

IDE Configuration


IDEA-82047 (Usability Problem)

Search action by name in Add Actions to Quick Lists dialog

IDEA-82050 (Usability Problem)

Add action by doubleclick Add Actions to Quick Lists



IDEA-81997 (Bug)

IDEA does not recognize taglibs defined in dependent module

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-83181 (Bug)

IDEA sometimes creates constructor parameters incorrectly

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-83180 (Bug)

Introduce field invoked on a local variable in a constructor of static inner class generates static field instead of instance field

IDEA-82944 (Bug)

IDEA breaks code on moving classes between directories

IDEA-82661 (Bug)

change type signature refactoring results in the bad code when that type is used in the instanceof



IDEA-81085 (Performance Problem)

UI unresponsive during maven artifact downloads

IDEA-83008 (Bug)

Maven treats goal specific required parameters as required when missing from default plugin configuration section

IDEA-83059 (Bug)

Maven plugin exception

Project Configuration


IDEA-77603 (Performance Problem)

Idea stuck during Global Libraries deletion

IDEA-83170 (Performance Problem)

Freezes when fixing maven dependencies in Project Structure

IDEA-80148 (Bug)

performance problems with maven projects

IDEA-79829 (Bug)

Source root section In Web Facet configuration window has a white background it should be transperent



IDEA-47724 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: not qualified column references in MERGE are not resolved

IDEA-20249 (Bug)

bad code green: column reference in select is a table alias



IDEA-83022 (Bug)

Idea64 11.0.2 hangs

IDEA-80661 (Bug)

Spring: Configure File Set quick fix: existing empty file set is not suggested

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-83188 (Bug)

Tests runner reports wrong total tests count.

IDEA-82077 (Bug)

TestNG: Unable to parse suite when properties file specified

User Interface


IDEA-71443 (Usability Problem)

Maven sidebar: opening context menu with keyboard selects wrong module

IDEA-82224 (Cosmetics)

Toolbar decorator: vertical border is too thick (look at the left of '+' button)

IDEA-82753 (Bug)

Move Up and Remove buttons are always disabled in Import Layout config

Version Control


IDEA-82720 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.ui.VcsBalloonProblemNotifier.showOverChangesView

Version Control. Git


IDEA-80457 (Bug)

Git Compare With Branch is disabled when invoked from main menu

IDEA-82453 (Bug)

PHPStorm commits w/o asking first when sharing repository on Github

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-82933 (Feature)

Offer "Cleanup" function in "Subversion Working Copies Information" window

IDEA-82748 (Bug)

SVN Commit Failed with Error E155007 after update to 116.108

IDEA-82197 (Bug)

svn: E200009: Wrong number of targets has been specified (0), at least 1 is required.

IDEA-82608 (Exception)

AE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.RootsToWorkingCopies.getMatchingCopy

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