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IDEA-84558 (Usability Problem)

CoffeeScript code style: sample does not demonstrate all the options

IDEA-84759 (Bug)

Menu Fonts Not in Contrasting Color on Ubuntu 12.04 beta 2

IDEA-84856 (Bug)

Incoming changes doesn't work anymore in 117.222

IDEA-84361 (Bug)

Incorrect shortcut

IDEA-84489 (Bug)

Spurious occurance of "Condition `...` always true" warning



IDEA-83336 (Feature)

Android Tools r17 suggests Android IDEs should auto-build the BuildConfig class

IDEA-81975 (Bug)

Cannot perform rendering in Android UI preview tool

IDEA-80976 (Bug)

Android Logcat "Clear log before launch" checkbox in run configuration doesn't actually clear the log

IDEA-80363 (Exception)

Run/Debug Configurations for template project: Android App: Throwable at JavaFileManagerImpl.findClass() on attempt to select an activity to launch



IDEA-85134 (Bug)

CSS Inspection misses syntax error (trailing semicolon after closing braces)

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-83594 (Performance Problem)

Syntax Analysis is extremely slow when a static method with many overloads is imported

IDEA-82361 (Bug)

JavaScript: variable "never used" false positive

Code Navigation


IDEA-74206 (Bug)

"xml-mapping-metadata-complete" JPA tag completely disables bean navigation (sample mini-project is attached)



IDEA-70265 (Bug)

Data Sources: "Execute" Shortcut isn't working with Editor tabs placement = None

File System


IDEA-84350 (Performance Problem)

Synchronize action causes UI Freeze

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-83589 (Bug)

Splitter panel has tabs but no content



IDEA-65325 (Feature)

flex: collapse/expand javadoc is not working in actionscript files

IDEA-84522 (Task)

Improve flex-config reference contribution

IDEA-84662 (Bug)

Flash/Flex inspection shows error when typecasting to a class in brackets (see example)

IDEA-85087 (Bug)

Splash screen is not shown when compiling with built-in compiler

IDEA-84421 (Bug)

IntelliJ 10 vs IntelliJ 11: code-completion

IDEA-84880 (Bug)

e4x: good code red

IDEA-84789 (Bug)

No error hint when writing a comma after extends ... in class declaration



IDEA-84870 (Bug)

Griffon plugin support seems to be missing

IDEA-84691 (Bug)

Groovy run configuration factory name was changed without legacy recognition

IDEA-83306 (Bug)

Groovy: stub generator removes 'f' from float literals thus causing compilation errors



IDEA-85171 (Performance Problem)

Do not update breadcrumbs for background editors when restoring editors state on IntelliJ IDEA opening

IDEA-84229 (Bug)

Split tag trims text on the inner tag



IDEA-84629 (Bug)

Unable to launch neko target



IDEA-84917 (Bug)

Hibernate/JPA support does not properly recognize valid bidirectional one-to-one mapping

IDEA-84919 (Bug)

Hibernate/JPA support falsely thinks every get*/is* method on a persistent class is a persistent attribute

IDEA-84392 (Exception)

Persistence tool window opened after deleting a Hibernate config: RE / VirtualFilePointerImpl$MyException at AbstractTreeUi$60$



IDEA-82122 (Bug)

JSP ambiguous import conflict / priority (multiple choices)

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-85010 (Bug)

Inner enum is completed incorrectly in method return type

IDEA-85082 (Bug)

IDEA erroneously uses qualified class names for type parameters when using smart completion for inner class



IDEA-81943 (Feature)

RequireJS support: show module structure by invoking File Structure (Ctrl + F12)

IDEA-84290 (Feature)

JQuery: smart completion should suggest to create anonymous each() consumer

IDEA-83999 (Bug)

JS, Extract method: when creating function expression, use 'var' keyword always

IDEA-84298 (Bug)

Nested function call formatted incorrectly

IDEA-84273 (Bug)

JS, Introduce variable: don't insert the introduced variable after label that marks break target

IDEA-84214 (Bug)

Inline variable / function: don't suggest "inline this usage" when invoked for definition

IDEA-84276 (Bug)

Extract method: this should be passed as parameter or explicitly passed in some cases

IDEA-84684 (Bug)

JS: Inline refactoring for function called using 'new' destroys the code

IDEA-83811 (Bug)

JQuery: syntax error for click listener for an "a[href=#page1]").live('click', function()) event



IDEA-85155 (Usability Problem)

When creating a new Maven module, validate that a Maven installation is found before letting me proceed with a wizard

IDEA-84847 (Bug)

adding a new plugin in a profile and activating the profile inside Idea does not update known goals of that plugin

IDEA-84800 (Bug)

strange and unhelpful "value must not be empty" in the pom.xml

IDEA-81548 (Bug)

IntelliJ does not recognize Maven profiles activated using a file/exists activation in a multi-module project

Project Configuration


IDEA-79469 (Cosmetics)

Settings / Code Style: saving Project scheme to global list: typo in switch question dialog message



IDEA-85195 (Bug)

HSQLDB Syntax highlighting issue (IF EXISTS)



IDEA-84560 (Performance Problem)

UI locked up



IDEA-85170 (Bug)

Code Analysis Fails

Task Management


IDEA-69306 (Usability Problem)

Time out problems while connecting to a JIRA server

IDEA-84619 (Bug)

Changelist becomes dissociated with a task on commit

User Interface


IDEA-70226 (Bug)

Fedora 15 - Gnome 3 resizing causes mouse to be off

IDEA-84781 (Bug)

MacOS X: intellij crashes when opening finder to select aspectj compiler location

IDEA-73261 (Bug)

Automatically fix Java rendering behavior with non-reparenting window managers

Version Control. Git


IDEA-84728 (Bug)

Git: don't drop stash after resolving conflicts

IDEA-84886 (Bug)

Git pull fails if master password is set and has not yet been filled

IDEA-79542 (Bug)

Applying stash fails with cygwin git client

IDEA-84746 (Exception)

Exception when an error happens during dropping of a stash

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-84597 (Bug)

Perforce: on unversioned file rename or move the 'file is not on client' error is shown

IDEA-84600 (Bug)

Perforce: on unversioned file move between modules it is added to perforce w/o prompting

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-85085 (Exception)

Subversion: malformed input around byte

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