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  • IntelliJ IDEA 11 117.21 Release Notes
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IDEA-82764 (Bug)

'Open in nautilus ' open the External tools program

CFML-252 (Bug)

Method named 'default' in scripted component shows syntax errors

IDEA-72397 (Bug)

IDEA marks injection of TSR as error

IDEA-74087 (Bug)

Ctrl-Z at Find editbox spoils text in file editor



IDEA-78760 (Feature)

android string resource file selection feature

IDEA-78196 (Feature)

new string resource - android enhancement

IDEA-79701 (Bug)

Shortcuts and some keys not work in editor after export signed apk.



IDEA-80575 (Bug)

CSS values: Missing auto-completion when value already exists

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-82721 (Bug)

Valid code marked as deprecated



IDEA-82953 (Usability Problem)

Code completion popup in the console should have different settings from the editor



IDEA-80086 (Usability Problem)

Import Database Schema dialog blocks ui

IDEA-82336 (Bug)

Database Console loses history if jdbc url is changed

IDEA-82772 (Bug)

Short cut to Refresh Tables doesn't load new columns or remove columns from tables. It also doesn't exists in key map

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-77731 (Feature)

Sticky Selection functionality

IDEA-69632 (Bug)

Emacs keymap: Ctr+shift+'-' should not be mapped to collapse code

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-82436 (Bug)

IDEA in-editor code analyzer passes broken character literals at least for character arrays

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-82364 (Feature)

Add intention converting if with similar one-statement branches to statement with ternary operator

IDEA-82857 (Bug)

Inspection 'Generate delegated method with default parameter' copy javadoc part 1:1 (def. param should be removed)

File System


IDEA-82729 (Bug)

Frequent "Broken link" messages

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-82059 (Usability Problem)

Search field gets focus when navigating Back (and Forvard)



IDEA-82900 (Usability Problem)

Run configuration: if chosen main class is not valid, show run configuration as invalid (with red cross)

IDEA-77837 (Bug)

Bad code green: local variable does not shade imported identifier

IDEA-82582 (Bug)

Run Configuration: validate entered main class name

IDEA-82709 (Bug)

Redundant warning "Bitwise operator used" in method call

IDEA-82581 (Bug)

Build/Run configurations: desktop application is not recognized as a valid main class

IDEA-82752 (Bug)

[Flex] Usages search does not work properly

IDEA-68066 (Bug)

ActionScript 3/Flex: Goto Definition misleading in inner functions



IDEA-82883 (Bug)

Object.Object() used as super() triggers GWT inspection 'Classes not from JRE Emulation Library in client code'



IDEA-81764 (Feature)

Gradle home is not accepted as Groovy home

IDEA-75721 (Feature)

Gradle: implement 'import from gradle' processing

IDEA-82788 (Usability Problem)

Gradle panel shouldn't close on Import gradle local library action

IDEA-76142 (Bug)

Gradle support - cannot update IDEA projects once one of build.gradle files changes

IDEA-82915 (Bug)

Gradle: Save action could be performed automatically before refreshig gradle project

IDEA-82878 (Bug)

Gradle: Conflicts popup: impossible to close the popup by pressing Esc if there is a selection in it

IDEA-82881 (Bug)

Gradle: Conflicts popup: Scope and Exported fields names shouldn't be editable

IDEA-82909 (Bug)

Gradle: on importing a project from Gradle via File | Open Project the project gets "Imported from gradle" name

IDEA-82945 (Exception)

Gradle: AE at GradleUtil.getHintPosition()



IDEA-81513 (Bug)

Applying whitespace formatting to groovy code in IntelliJ IDEA 11 does not work for some of the options

IDEA-25658 (Bug)

"Find usages" - not able to hide import statements for Groovy classes

IDEA-81998 (Bug)

Parameter Info doesn't show annotations on parameters

IDEA-82838 (Bug)

Static imports incorrectly added multiple times for methods already imported

IDEA-81872 (Bug)

IDEA should highlight error, if var-args parameter is not the last one in a method declaration



IDEA-82696 (Bug)

The Query Console does not work for me in IDEA 11.1 EAP



IDEA-24997 (Feature)

JS: Smart completion for "typeof"

IDEA-82130 (Bug)

CSS inspection reports errors in JQuery selectors

IDEA-81338 (Bug)

Quickfix "Add JsTestDriver assertion framework support" invoked on 'TestCase' word does nothing

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-80717 (Bug)

In the breakpoint options additional options invoked by 'More options' radiobuttons act like checkboxes



IDEA-82727 (Bug)

Editing POM shows warning about external changes



IDEA-48544 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: include semicolon after " END name; " into executed statement (for CREATE PACKAGE / PACKAGE BODY)

IDEA-82866 (Bug)

Good code red in SQL Server dialect top-n query

IDEA-76712 (Bug)

SQL: Derby: EXISTS predicate is yellow

IDEA-48986 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: constraint name in WITH CHECK OPTION sub-clause is yellow

IDEA-48601 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: CREATE TRIGGER ... ON name.SCHEMA is red

IDEA-49166 (Bug)

Oracle: create database link

IDEA-82960 (Exception)

SQL: Oracle: Throwable at SqlDefinitionImpl.getDefinitionType() on calling completion after END



IDEA-82638 (Performance Problem)

Clicking CTRL+ALT+L on 4K lines spring config XML file freezes idea forever

IDEA-82787 (Bug)

Spring + Hibernate4: on 'import from database' performing the correct session factory bean should be generated

IDEA-82844 (Bug)

Spring integration - 'Cannot find bean with qualifier...' although IDEA finds the bean(s)

IDEA-82827 (Bug)

Spring + Hibernate 4: 'packagesToScan' attribute value setting using 'array' element should be supported

IDEA-82825 (Bug)

Spring + Hibernate 4: 'annotatedClasses' attribute set for LocalSessionFactoryBean is not considered

User Interface


IDEA-68331 (Bug)

Mouse 4/Mouse 5 button not detected

IDEA-79867 (Bug)

Windows, JGoodies Windows look and feel: "tick" symbol is not shown for selected items of tool window menu



IDEA-82323 (Performance Problem)

Syntax analysis slow for large XML files

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