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CFML-216 (Feature)

Have file path code completion on expandPath()

CFML-218 (Feature)

Have file path code completion on cfinclude / include;

CFML-98 (Feature)

ColdFusion 9 completion/syntax support

IDEA-48401 (Feature)

Ctrl+D should place caret on the variable name when copying a line consisting of variable declaration

IDEA-77873 (Usability Problem)

Update project button fetches every GIT branch in every remote repository known to Git

IDEA-82543 (Usability Problem)

Not clear actions in 'Refactor This' when invoked it on a comment line

IDEA-82244 (Usability Problem)

Go To Action: selected items for disabled actions are unreadable (Mac OS)

IDEA-82542 (Cosmetics)

Strange quoting in Run.. popup menu

IDEA-24536 (Cosmetics)

Groovy classes in dependencies are shown with Java-style icon in "Project" view (even if source code is attached)

IDEA-82076 (Bug)

Git Log: user filter completion is broken (popups are misplaced)

IDEA-81778 (Bug)

Un-checking "Reformat according to style" in File Templates is not remembered after restart

CFML-219 (Bug)

Un var'd variable assignment on property keyword in cfscript causes an error

IDEA-44986 (Bug)

Velocity: variables defined in #if branches should not appear unresolved

IDEA-82335 (Bug)

Replace ?: with if breaks the semantics

IDEA-82145 (Bug)

Plugin Error: Plugin Error: "dmServer Support" was not loaded: required plugin "Osmorc" not installed.

IDEA-82237 (Bug)

nodeunit-intellij-starter.js NodeUnit runner does not display errors correctly

IDEA-25267 (Bug)

Smart Completion after continue&break should filter labels

IDEA-82326 (Bug)

Teamcity plugin requires Starteam integration

IDEA-81694 (Bug)

Can't close Python project. Log file contains assertion error.

IDEA-82356 (Bug) invalid JDK "bits" detection

IDEA-50631 (Bug)

Chaining second smart completion should suggest possible one-element arrays as qualifier

IDEA-82441 (Bug)

KeywordParser creates invalid RegExprs for custom languages

IDEA-50588 (Bug)

Don't suggest getX when completing setX() parameter

IDEA-52159 (Bug)

Closure folding problem when closure method is not in direct super class

IDEA-80529 (Bug)

Make idea used the processed MANIFEST.MF instead of the pom.xml configuration for bundle projects

IDEA-81462 (Bug)

When live template has two parameters which appear on the same line, second disappears while first is being entered

IDEA-74864 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: add support for array functions

IDEA-82270 (Bug)

Incorrect handling of "user" keyword in SQL inspections.

IDEA-50592 (Bug)

'Surround with cast' for binary expressions (e.g. a+b) should parenthesize those expressions

CFML-241 (Bug)

In script based 'property' definition, 'ormtype' is not available

CFML-249 (Bug)

code completion: <cfloop>'s array attribute is missing

IDEA-82549 (Exception)

NPE at WindowManagerImpl.isFullScreen() on opening new project in current window if several IDEA windows are open



IDEA-53417 (Feature)

Produce unsigned apk when making Android module

IDEA-70044 (Cosmetics)

Android: choosing process to debug window not working properly while resizing

IDEA-81769 (Bug)

Cann't attach debugger to a running Android process

IDEA-70825 (Bug)

IDEA shouldn't resolve/autocomplete resources from dependent Android application module

IDEA-63439 (Bug)

Android dx bytecode generation throws OutOfMemoryError

IDEA-79809 (Bug)

Multiple Android modules with same external apklib dependency

IDEA-79737 (Bug)

Library Android project constantly marks gen/ folder as a source folder

IDEA-82205 (Bug)

UNEXPECTED TOP-LEVEL EXCEPTION (already added) when using Maven/Android and a library with aidl

IDEA-80024 (Bug)

Valid code inspecting as invalid using layer-list with clip drawable

IDEA-66161 (Bug)

IDEA should always offer to check out when building, with an option to always do it automatically

IDEA-78910 (Bug)

Native libraries are not being included in intellij build.

IDEA-80771 (Bug)

Assets from library (maven apklib module) not included in apk file

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-82368 (Feature)

Add "Ignore for exceptions" for EmptyClass inspection

IDEA-82149 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA offline inspections runner requires presence of configured JDK for WebStorm/PhpStorm projects

IDEA-79547 (Bug)

Incorrect "unnecessary cast"

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-82398 (Bug)

Reformat code broken for a string going past right margin

Compiling Project


IDEA-82254 (Bug)

Compiler server: JPS Internal error: PersistentEnumerator storage corrupted on each compilation after attempt to compile two projects simultaneously



IDEA-82448 (Bug)

Last two 11.x EAP builds unable to save Datasources

IDEA-81621 (Bug)

Wrong error reportings in DB2 dialect

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-54220 (Feature)

Code Completion for value() method in @interfaces could be added

IDEA-79591 (Usability Problem)

Suggest field name in construction parameter name completion

IDEA-69336 (Usability Problem)

Make ad in completion popup in Expression Evaluation Dialog

IDEA-26763 (Usability Problem)

Auto-complete Generics on the RHS

IDEA-79863 (Usability Problem)

jUnit 3: class/smart completion of classnames in test-sources should prefer *TestCase classes

IDEA-82427 (Bug)

Code Completion produces bad code inside if brackets

IDEA-68584 (Bug)

Completion should detect return type and autocast in some cases

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-82215 (Exception)


Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-82118 (Bug)

"Replace 'for each' loop with iterator 'for' loop intention ignores bounds on the Iterable's type parameters, generates invalid code



IDEA-63079 (Feature)

flex: support inline introduce variable

IDEA-57808 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: if applicable local variable with same name as parameter exists, give it higher priority

IDEA-82593 (Usability Problem)

Flex project structure, Choose Flex Build Configurations dialog: disable OK button if no BC is selected

IDEA-81447 (Usability Problem)

don't show map (object or dictionary) structure in file structure

IDEA-81546 (Usability Problem)

'New...' button near SDK combo at Dependencies tab should open file chooser to select SDK home

IDEA-82537 (Task)

Support Test dependency type

IDEA-82655 (Bug)

Flex, Idea project converter: when converting flex facets, 'Test' dependency linkage is preserved for first facet only

IDEA-81373 (Bug)

Flex project structure: shared library becomes invalid after moving it to global libraries

IDEA-81612 (Bug)

Flex compiler: 'clear output directory on rebuild' doesn't work for non-default output folders

IDEA-80298 (Bug)

Actionscript collection queried but never updated

IDEA-60034 (Bug)

Good code red: Expr in default parameter value

IDEA-82325 (Bug)

Flex project structure, Add Files/Directories: swc files in archives are recognized, but not added to external dependencies

IDEA-60711 (Bug)

Parsing problem: parens are allowed in object literal

IDEA-82354 (Bug)

flex config generation hangs indefinitely

IDEA-81728 (Bug)

Flex: Idea hangs on mxml editing

IDEA-82292 (Bug)

Project Structure: AssertionError at HeaderHidingTabbedModuleEditor.getEditor() on choosing 'Open library settings'

IDEA-80921 (Bug)

"Go to declaration" for constructor call opens the decompiled version even when sources are available if class does not declare explicit constructor

IDEA-82586 (Bug)

Project Configuration: removing library from BC dependencies removes it from module

IDEA-82500 (Bug)

Good code red: implicit implementation by public bindable property is ignored

IDEA-82674 (Bug)

ActionScript: suggested 'Convert to local' intention is not applicable in some cases



IDEA-82472 (Bug)

GWT: UiBinder xml: should recognize setters / constructor args of type Enum



IDEA-82529 (Bug)

Gradle: Fix 'window with id="Gradle" is already registered'



IDEA-82573 (Feature)

Extend color scheme features for Groovy sources

IDEA-81667 (Bug)

Good code is red for static initializers in Groovy

IDEA-80919 (Bug)

Grapes/Grab doesn't use proxy settings

IDEA-64052 (Bug)

Gant target names are duplicated in Code Completion

IDEA-79920 (Bug)

Compile-time constants defined in Groovy have default values in the Java code which uses them

IDEA-67465 (Bug)

Fix regression: support named argument for dinamic method of SwingBuilder which creats Swing elements

IDEA-60608 (Bug)

Groovy: Code Completion for "in" keyword is missing

IDEA-81736 (Exception)

IDEA hook: Grails not found!

IDE Configuration


IDEA-82152 (Cosmetics)

Unclear update plugin message



IDEA-35658 (Usability Problem)

Action button (add/edit/delete) must have standard hot key combination (Ins/F2/Del)

IDEA-73023 (Bug)

False error for @Resource injection



IDEA-82516 (Bug)

Glassfish 2.1.1: Admin port configuration not found



IDEA-82419 (Bug)

Editing language fragment does not work in JSON files

IDEA-80404 (Bug)

Completion doesn't work for loaded dependencies in RequireJS

IDEA-64062 (Bug)

javascript: unhelpful resolving of methods named "create"

IDEA-81320 (Bug)

JavaScript: Private function doesn't show up in structure window

IDEA-82503 (Bug)

Dangerous extraction of variable in JS



IDEA-82080 (Usability Problem)

Try to keep the file position after "Download sources"



IDEA-81245 (Bug)

"_exportcontents" of the maven-bundle-plugin / BND is not processed by the OSGi plugin

Play! framework


IDEA-77130 (Feature)

Play framework support: #{script} tag: support arguments

IDEA-81317 (Usability Problem)

Play! framework tag/controller in subdirectory support

IDEA-80543 (Bug)

PlayFramework: Template Parser does not recognize quick close tag

IDEA-77131 (Bug)

Play framework support: #{stylesheet} tag arguments

IDEA-78336 (Bug)

Play framework support: #{errors} tag: the implicit variables used in body are shown as not resolved

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-82245 (Bug)

PluginDownloader fails on slightly wrong Content-Disposition field

Project Configuration


IDEA-82281 (Usability Problem)

It's hard to remove all roots as 'Delete' button is disabled if group node (e.g. 'Classes') is selected

IDEA-82274 (Usability Problem)

Add library root: "scanning for roots" phase cannot be canceled

IDEA-81370 (Bug)

Flex project structure: on deleting several libraries at once, only the first one is deleted from dependencies list

IDEA-82518 (Bug)

Module library name is lost when attaching sources

IDEA-82533 (Bug)

Library usage in jar artifacts is not updated when moving project library to global level

IDEA-65914 (Bug)

Modifying IDEA library xml files manually causes leak reports on project closing

Project View


IDEA-82493 (Cosmetics)

Would be nice to hide "Non-project files" from scopes in Project view

IDEA-80853 (Bug)

incorrect class sorting



IDEA-82412 (Usability Problem)

"Replace constructor with builder" doesn't work as expected with multiple constructors

IDEA-82286 (Bug)

Inline superclass breaks code on inlining interface into abstract class

IDEA-82194 (Bug)

Bad rendering of 'Change Signature' quick fix text

IDEA-82508 (Bug)

Introduce parameter via ctrl-alt-P should support varargs.



IDEA-82257 (Bug)

SQL: MySQL: UNION with WHERE referring other table's column is green

IDEA-82334 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG: good WITH clause is red

IDEA-76457 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: validate column usage of a row-type variable

IDEA-82433 (Bug)

Godd code is red in PostgreSQL-support in sql-function

IDEA-82434 (Bug)

PostgreSQL-support: Good code is red

IDEA-82468 (Bug)

MySQL Dialect parsing problem: error in valid query with table alias and index hint

IDEA-80266 (Exception)

SQL: loading function names into completion list caused NPE at SqlDocumentationProvider.getDocumentationElementForLookupItem()



IDEA-79368 (Feature)

spring 3.1: support new standard "cache" namespace

IDEA-24660 (Bug)

Completion inside @annotation() pcd suggests invalid types from java.lang

IDEA-79812 (Bug)

Spring config highlights all properies as errors yet Idea can still navigate to the property in the .properties file

IDEA-68562 (Bug)

Good code red when using Spring's JaxWsPortProxyFactoryBean

IDEA-66226 (Bug)

Pay respect to [CDATA] inside <value> tags (InjectionValueStyleInspection # checkValue )

Task Management


IDEA-82305 (Usability Problem)

Open Task dialog - ALT-X fails when in text box

IDEA-79902 (Bug)

Integration with JIRA 3.12.2 doesn't work

IDEA-82267 (Bug)

Encoding errors in task list (received from YouTrack server)

User Interface


IDEA-82025 (Usability Problem)

Tree: Fix glitches with node tooltips

IDEA-50229 (Usability Problem)

Override/Implements: shortcut to toggle implements should also be Ctrl+O

IDEA-69397 (Usability Problem)

On MacOS X, hide mouse cursor when typing

IDEA-82381 (Cosmetics)

Transparent menu separators in Windows L&F

IDEA-82284 (Cosmetics)

Look&Feel "Jgoodies Plastic XP" - Menu looks not very good

IDEA-82558 (Bug)

Mac OS: mouse cursor disappears on using some shortcuts if focus is in editor

IDEA-82653 (Bug)

Mac OS: mouse cursor doesn't disappear from editor on pressing Tab

IDEA-82651 (Bug)

Mac OS: mouse cursor doesn't disappear from editor on Delete and Backspace

IDEA-82654 (Bug)

Mac OS: mouse cursor doesn't disappear from editor on pressing Enter

IDEA-81401 (Bug)

Search field in settings dialog loses first few keystrokes

IDEA-55206 (Bug)

IDEA tooltips do not disappear when I change the active window

IDEA-79867 (Bug)

Windows, JGoodies Windows look and feel: "tick" symbol is not shown for selected items of tool window menu

Version Control


IDEA-82102 (Performance Problem)

POM-editor (and others) react slowly to keyboard input / slow response

IDEA-82092 (Bug)

Cannot chose a message from Message History on Show Diff window

IDEA-82297 (Bug)

Exception on short diff initialization

IDEA-79269 (Bug)

Do not shelve uncommitted changes when there's no updates pending

Version Control. Git


IDEA-82647 (Bug)

Vcs: Show commit message as is

IDEA-82432 (Bug)

Unregistered Git roots detected: should warn only once per project.

IDEA-82632 (Bug)

Multiple "Unregistered Git root" notifications for same Git root

IDEA-64973 (Bug)

Git: don't display 'invalid git root' dialog after enabling version control/git in project with just created repository

IDEA-78740 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.getPicoContainer

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-56157 (Performance Problem)

Sort out performance problem with Perforce changelists refresh

IDEA-82018 (Bug)

EAP build 114.243 Changes window shows P4 changelists with no files

IDEA-82273 (Bug)

Idea completely hung at "Synchronizing output directory"

IDEA-82668 (Exception)

NFE at com.intellij.openapi.util.PasswordUtil.decodePassword

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-82317 (Cosmetics)

Converting svn working copy to 1.7: Missing version no in dialog

IDEA-82489 (Bug)

Subversion: native client + externals, native client + unversioned modules

IDEA-82288 (Bug)

Merge dialog broken in current EAP 116.32

IDEA-82331 (Bug)

Subversion: Incoming changes are not shown

IDEA-82056 (Bug)

copy-pasting a file under version control into another directory results in "Error updating changes: svn: E200005"

IDEA-82264 (Bug)

Regression: Merge From fails on svn: E200020: Pathname not terminated by ':'

IDEA-82296 (Bug)

Commit is automatically split into several different commits

IDEA-82240 (Bug)

Subversion: no login dialog is shown on attempt to share project to repository that doesn't require authentication for reading

IDEA-82241 (Bug)

Subversion: BrowseRepository: no login dialog on attempt to add/delete/move remote folder in the repository that doesn't require authentication for reading



IDEA-82323 (Performance Problem)

Syntax analysis slow for large XML files

IDEA-81466 (Performance Problem)

Hang/out of memory error after clicking in Project window

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