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  • IntelliJ IDEA 11 114.98 Release Notes
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IDEA-63712 (Usability Problem)

Caret row background highlighting doesn't work in regions with background set, i.e. injections, PHP fragments.

IDEA-80916 (Performance Problem)

Memory leak (IDEA consumes 650 MB while all projects are closed)

IDEA-81206 (Bug)

Trunk (b9a3011e73384c2f68ee64df85e1cab8e6386c98): deadlock on startup

IDEA-81248 (Bug)

IDEA dead-locked at startup

IDEA-81192 (Bug)

Event Log: special html characters are not replaced (see screenshot)



IDEA-24310 (Feature)

Easy-to-use Find Usages and Rename for "value" Android resources.

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-80936 (Usability Problem)

spell-checker suggests "canonicalize" as a correct replacement for itself

IDEA-81161 (Bug)

"Declaration access can be weaker" leads to a compile error

Code Coverage


IDEA-67622 (Bug)

code coverage: clicking "show covering tests" does nothing

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-79095 (Bug)

Code Style (php): alignment options not working in every case

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-81184 (Bug)

Idea shows a quick-help for other parameter

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-81004 (Bug)

Deadlock (SoftWrapApplianceManager)

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-69772 (Feature)

Add "override-method" intention

IDEA-76599 (Feature)

Quickfix to change a double literal to a float literal

Flex Support


IDEA-71970 (Feature)

Flex UI Designer: Styles and Properties panels could be resizable

IDEA-80985 (Bug)

Navigate To Declaration is not working correctly

IDEA-81182 (Bug)

Flex: if module has 2 BCs that depend on different SDKs, SDK name is shown incorrectly in 'Navigate to file' chooser

IDEA-81180 (Bug)

Flex project structure: dependencies list not updated on renaming BC

IDEA-81187 (Bug)

Idea doesn't use ADL settings in Flexmojos SDK

IDEA-73035 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: Error at DataGroup.createRendererForItem() on using ActionScript item renderer

GUI Designer


IDEA-81210 (Cosmetics)

GUI designer. Space missing in Form(no binding) tree node title.



IDEA-80038 (Feature)

Groovy Conditional Can Be Elvis inspection should find more violations

IDEA-81002 (Performance Problem)

Grails: Completions for Spring JdbcTemplate are... incredibly... slow

IDEA-81056 (Bug)

IDEA can't resolve package '' in Groovy code

IDEA-80693 (Bug)

Groovy: Extract Closure Parameter: do not add class prefix to static fields/methods accessed from within a class where they are defined

IDEA-81188 (Bug)

Groovy: False positive 'Assignment is not used' in try-finally context

IDEA-81100 (Bug)

Groovy: "Remove unnecessary semicolon" intention shouldn't be shown on code selection if there are no semicolons at all

IDEA-73264 (Bug)

Invalid selection when implementing methods

IDEA-80689 (Bug)

Groovy: Extract Closure Parameter applied to a command expression results with invalid code

IDEA-80996 (Bug)

Groovy: a newly created dynamic method stays unresolved until some changes are made in editor

IDEA-80683 (Bug)

Groovy: Extract Closure Parameter: do not add package prefix to created variables

Maven Integration


IDEA-80997 (Bug)

mvn clean package raises an error if MAVEN_OPTS has spaces (Windows XP)

IDEA-81075 (Bug)

Exception in maven integration

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-81262 (Task)

install plugin from disk: check dependencies immediately

Project Configuration


IDEA-80992 (Bug)

Project structure configurable is modified after opened



IDEA-81106 (Bug)

'Generate delegated method with default parameter' extracts all the line comments from the original method

IDEA-70552 (Bug)

Parameter type is suggested incorrectly sometimes (if there is another parameter with the suitable type found)

IDEA-70521 (Bug)

Rename suggests strange name if new name has same prefix



IDEA-76082 (Performance Problem)

Memory leak

IDEA-75220 (Bug)

Memory leak: UML file editor not disposed on project close

IDEA-20293 (Bug)

UML diagram: Zoom works in strange ways

User Interface


IDEA-78076 (Usability Problem)

Enter License Data dialog should display product icon or indicate product in some other way

IDEA-22769 (Usability Problem)

Modal dialogs blocking output of message/console views thereby halting running executions

IDEA-80009 (Performance Problem)

Memory leak

IDEA-80972 (Cosmetics)

Settings Search blocks out entry in Keymap tree

Version Control


IDEA-78434 (Usability Problem)

Commit menu overlaps commit button when 'Commit Changes' window is near the end of the screen

Version Control. Git


IDEA-77857 (Feature)

Do not show already removed remote branches in git branches popup

IDEA-78011 (Feature)

Git: Deleting remote branch

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