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  • IntelliJ IDEA 11 114.65 Release Notes
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IDEA-80929 (Bug)

focus is lost in commit dialog

IDEA-81072 (Bug)

UI became unresponsive

IDEA-81057 (Bug)

114.55 EAP does not accept IDEA 11 license



IDEA-81067 (Bug)

Diff console application: IDEA's file cache does not updated on file change

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-58766 (Feature)

Recognize dot as completion prefix part for chained call suggestions

Flex Support


IDEA-80988 (Bug)

Flex ui designer: please make solid background for toolwindows

IDEA-74817 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: <s:ModuleLoader> causes TypeError #1009 at ModuleLoader/loadModule()

OSGi Support


IDEA-76030 (Bug)

IDEA claims that the command line is too long even if the classpath is stored in temp file

Project Configuration


IDEA-81005 (Bug)

Scopes: package pattern expected at sign '~' in name of directory.

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-57541 (Bug)

Find usages/code completion does not correctly recognize @vtlvariable definitions

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-81069 (Bug)

Test node presentation

IDEA-80718 (Bug)

Using assertEquals with message shows no difference matching window

User Interface


IDEA-80905 (Task)

Place.goFurther: please respect 'requestFocus' parameter

IDEA-80808 (Bug)

Debug Tool Window: on hiding/restoring a view under Debugger tab focus jumps to the first tab in row

XSLT Support


IDEA-80760 (Bug)

XSLT forward referenced global variables and templates appear in IDEA as errors

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