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IDEA-81564 (Feature)

Export settings - live template

IDEA-52623 (Feature)

Collection converting 'as' should preserve the generics

IDEA-81685 (Feature)

Action to show the "more tabs" popup when single-row editor tab layout is used

IDEA-81740 (Usability Problem)

Default RM distribution can't be fully run on Win x64 via .bat

IDEA-81720 (Usability Problem)

Make Coverage toolbar/popup wider to accommodate all 4 buttons instead of only 3 straight away

IDEA-81781 (Usability Problem)

Unintuitive 'Project Files Changed' message box

IDEA-52578 (Usability Problem)

Local change popup should not overlap with current code when invoked by 'Next/Prev Change' action

IDEA-81509 (Performance Problem)

IDEA eats CPU in dataflow inspection

IDEA-81629 (Cosmetics)

Allow to double click on external model item in File->New Project to proceed to the next wizard step

IDEA-80393 (Cosmetics)

Run/Debug Configurations: JUnit: "Test kind" option is truncated on Mac OS

IDEA-78156 (Cosmetics)

Git: branch status widget eats too much space unreasonably

IDEA-81791 (Cosmetics)

Bookmark Mnemonic window, enabled buttons are difficult to distinguish

IDEA-81613 (Task)

Add tip of the day

IDEA-81766 (Bug)

Using new Color(a,a,a) intention should be disabled by default

IDEA-70403 (Bug)

When there are several editor tabs, you press on "X" to close the first one and then click again, the project view disappears

IDEA-52158 (Bug)

Debugger views stop to update after changing layout

IDEA-81747 (Bug)

'Toggle full screen' action does not have default text, so it renders as empty line in Goto action list

IDEA-81876 (Bug)

blank line shows for selection

IDEA-81580 (Bug)

Add auto-fix if you switch on a type not supported

IDEA-81663 (Bug)

Event Log: not all links are disabled when the notification is expired

IDEA-65073 (Bug)

Bug with dragging tabs around

IDEA-81455 (Bug)

IntelliJ 11.1 EAP DataSource isn't shown after adding

IDEA-77370 (Bug)

Unaliased fonts for the current selected item in Run/Debug Configuration drop down

IDEA-76836 (Bug)

Right-click and drag out of menu is treated like a file drag operation.

IDEA-71264 (Bug)

Menu item's description is not shown in status bar for undocked editor window

IDEA-47105 (Bug)

Error implementing interfaces with classes imported by means of "import as"

IDEA-81700 (Bug)

Right-click menu's height is too high,beyound my desktop

IDEA-81701 (Bug)

Wrong JavaDoc (CTRL+Q) for SomeEnum.valueOf(int)

IDEA-81813 (Exception)

NPE at ScrollableSingleRowLayout.recomputeToLayout() on detaching an editor tab if "Show tabs in single row" option is enabled



IDEA-80926 (Bug)

Preview doesn't work with JDK 1.7



IDEA-81708 (Bug)

AspectJ configuration should be imported from pom.xml properly.

CSS Editing


IDEA-81668 (Bug)

Editing LESS file hangs IDE

Code Analysis. Duplicates


IDEA-75678 (Feature)

Export code analysis results as HTML

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-81416 (Bug)

"Non-private field accessed in synchronized context" triggers for public fields of private member variables

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-81686 (Usability Problem)

Settings / Code Style: no way to provide Tab size and Indent for .jsp files (regression)

Code Navigation


IDEA-81078 (Bug)

Ctrl+backspace shortcut should be supported in "File structure" popup window in IDEA 11,1

Compiling Project


IDEA-80881 (Bug)

Incorrect Unity3D JAR importing

IDEA-81930 (Bug)

Cannot compile anymore



IDEA-80940 (Bug)

Database console toolbar doesn't appear again after search toolbar closed

IDEA-81554 (Bug)

Database console loses toolbar after detaching and reattaching tab

IDEA-81582 (Bug)

H2 database falsely reporting syntax error

IDEA-81622 (Bug)

PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL "return next" is red

IDEA-81724 (Bug)

PostgreSQL LIMIT $1 in sql function is red



IDEA-67430 (Usability Problem)

Alt+Click does not work on Linux

IDEA-81589 (Bug)

Strange error " is not loaded"

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-61536 (Bug)

Wrong editor tab visible after detach

IDEA-81846 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl.createRangeMarker

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-24056 (Feature)

Add 'Introduce field' option on constructor

IDEA-76417 (Usability Problem)

"add constructor parameters" quickfix issues

IDEA-81839 (Usability Problem)

Make text for "Change implements to extends" intention more compact

IDEA-81632 (Bug)

"".equals() can be replaced with isEmpty() inspection quickfix is not equivalent may introduce NPE

Flex Support


IDEA-72151 (Feature)

Flex UI Designer: <fx:Component> is not supported; ReferenceError: Error #1056 at MxmlReader.readObject()

IDEA-81502 (Cosmetics)

Improve 'no configuration/no module' combo presentation

IDEA-81550 (Bug)

Missing flex compiler settings in Java dependencies in Flex projects should be ignored by IntelliJ

IDEA-59333 (Bug)

TODO comments in <script> blocks of mxml files not showing in TODO tool window

IDEA-81505 (Bug)

Flex: if module includes BCs with different SDKs chosen, 'External libraries' are shown incorrecly in Project View

IDEA-81595 (Bug)

FlexUnit: on copying resources to output folder, don't copy all test classes (.as files) there

IDEA-81592 (Bug)

Flex: non-embedded assets not copied on first make

IDEA-81785 (Bug)

Adding a link-report in POM adds a faulty load-externs entry into the flex configuration XML

IDEA-81735 (Bug)

Target player version not injected in HTML wrapper in Flexmojos project

IDEA-81821 (Bug)

"Use HTML wrapper" unchecks every time the build configuration is generated using Flexmojos



IDEA-81581 (Bug)

Gradle project failure w/ 11.1 EAP

IDEA-81758 (Bug)

Exception when opening a Gradle project



IDEA-79692 (Feature)

Grails: Support global Configuration of Constraints defaults

IDEA-78732 (Feature)

Groovy: Smart completion after "throw new <caret>"

IDEA-81257 (Feature)

Groovy: Run configurations for runnable classes

IDEA-49425 (Usability Problem)

Groovy: completion for special property ('.@') and method ('.&') access syntax shows irrelevant choices

IDEA-81322 (Cosmetics)

Groovy: Change Signature dialog has broken layout

IDEA-80108 (Bug)

Groovy: Formatter removes space before ':' inside for statement

IDEA-81618 (Bug)

IntelliJ 11 Groovy mixin code complete not available when more than one mixin - worked in IntelliJ 10.5

IDEA-81324 (Bug)

Groovy: Change Signature dialog: don't error-highlight closure initializers

IDEA-81239 (Bug)

Grails: Find Usages does not work for dynamic finders methods.

IDEA-81531 (Bug)

Groovy: Let 'implement/override methods' action adjust blank lines

IDEA-81733 (Bug)

Groovy script configuration loses environment variables

IDEA-81648 (Bug)

Groovy Shell fails to open with a SecurityException

IDEA-81299 (Exception)

Groovy: Introduce Closure Parameter: ISE at GroovyIntroduceParameterMethodUsagesProcessor.processChangeMethodUsage() on selecting 'def' type for parameter of Closure type



IDEA-81489 (Bug)

Jboss 7.1 Final does not start in Intellij Idea 11



IDEA-77079 (Bug)

Idea tries to create setter instead of getter (see attach)

IDEA-71652 (Bug)

Rename Variable refactoring doesn't work properly in JSTL

IDEA-81687 (Exception)

JSP: forEach/@var causes IAE at JspReferencesProvider$VariableOrSelfReference$1.processVariable()



IDEA-71594 (Feature)

Unresolved Javascript Variable severity for variable vs property

IDEA-81750 (Bug)

JavaScript makes "Browse Type Hierarchy" action available for any XML file

Maven Integration


IDEA-46477 (Usability Problem)

Need ability to feed custom properties into maven archetype when creating a new project

IDEA-26054 (Bug)

Maven properties resolution for parent.parent... doesn't work

IDEA-76384 (Bug)

in pom.xml editor does not resolve ${project.parent.basedir}

IDEA-81348 (Bug)

reimport maven flex project — all modules are removed and marked as ignored

IDEA-50040 (Bug)

Maven: properties resolved/not resolved by maven should be resolved/not resolved in idea

IDEA-57206 (Bug)

Maven: resolve and complete with external/specified properties

OSGi Support


IDEA-80196 (Bug)

"Include-Resource" of the maven-bundle-plugin / BND is not processed by the OSGi plugin

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-81896 (Cosmetics)

obsolote file plugins\copyright\docs\todo.txt

IDEA-81556 (Cosmetics)

Rename 'Download Patch and Restart' button on update notification dialog to 'Update and Restart'

IDEA-81487 (Bug)

Cannot start IDEA with idea.bat, IDEA_JDK definition does not help

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-81374 (Usability Problem)

Make inspection definition through XML descriptor more relaxed



IDEA-81634 (Feature)

Refactoring: Preserve fields order during constructor argument generation

IDEA-80912 (Bug)

Propose to overwrite existing file on copy

IDEA-81625 (Bug)

OOME on trying to invoke in-place rename in a 3K line file

IDEA-81544 (Bug)

Default parameter value dialog does not make sense



IDEA-75413 (Usability Problem)

SQL: NULL & DEFAULT values are not suggested on completion in all dialects

IDEA-81537 (Task)

Support COUNT(DISTINCT id) syntax for MySQL

IDEA-47628 (Bug)


IDEA-45710 (Bug)

MySQL: PARTITION BY KEY with empty column list is red

IDEA-52688 (Bug)

Oracle SQL dialect, good code is red: LOG ON

IDEA-52682 (Bug)

Oracle SQL dialect, good code is red: =>

IDEA-52686 (Bug)

Oracle SQL dialect, good code is red: MONITORING

IDEA-81706 (Bug)

Good MySQL script code is red

Task Management


IDEA-81587 (Usability Problem)

Make "Mark as 'In Progress'" persistant on Open Task dialog

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-81346 (Feature)

Support "freemarker validation" in "validate on build" tab



IDEA-81751 (Usability Problem)

Don't put "Diagrams | Show Changes" in the context menu of every file

User Interface


IDEA-48927 (Usability Problem)

Mouse click in a pop up moves cursor and makes selection in underlying editor

IDEA-21919 (Usability Problem)

Open File dialog doesn't let you use keyboard to select folder and descend into it

IDEA-58164 (Cosmetics)

Prettify inspection profile setting popup

IDEA-80978 (Bug)

Two project with same folder name collide in Windows menu

IDEA-81136 (Bug)

Debug tool window: detached view loses its position on process re-run

Version Control


IDEA-67538 (Usability Problem)

TODO check before shelve

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-80073 (Bug)

Single commit in multiple CVS modules is shown as multiple commits in changes view

IDEA-81458 (Bug)

CVS annotate doesn't work ( using CVSNT )

Version Control. Git


IDEA-79856 (Bug)

RubyMine/AppCode do not work with Xcode Git

IDEA-80573 (Bug)

Git: branches widget is not updated on changing configuration on the first time

IDEA-81384 (Bug)

Git: IDEA hangs on deleting remote branch on remote repository accessible via http protocol with authentication

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-47692 (Usability Problem)

Perforce: in offline mode the EditAssociatedJobs dilaog is available but empty

IDEA-73948 (Task)

Provide help button for update Project (Perforce) dialog box

IDEA-81954 (Bug)

Replace 'login silently' option with 'remember password' in Perforce settings

IDEA-81496 (Bug)

Frequent exception during p4 updates

IDEA-69121 (Exception)

Perforce: attempt to rollback in offline mode causes exceptions, filesystem and localhostory may become corrupted

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-68069 (Cosmetics)

Ugly Label Background in Subversion Working Copies Pane

IDEA-77328 (Bug)

update project dialog does not display/work correctly with lots of dependencies

IDEA-80897 (Bug)

Subversion1.7: UpdateProject Info view shows all folders as 'not in repository'

IDEA-81981 (Bug)

svn: command line client + update single file does not work

IDEA-81922 (Bug)

Subversion: Compare with latest: confusing inverted diff for Local and HEAD

IDEA-81170 (Exception)

NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn17.commandLine.SvnCommandLineStatusClient$1.switchPath

IDEA-81927 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.FilePathImpl.isUnder

IDEA-81936 (Exception)

Subversion: CCE at com.intellij.uiDesigner.core.GridLayoutManager.addLayoutComponent

Web Services


IDEA-81470 (Usability Problem)

Set automatically package prefix to the currently selected package



IDEA-81702 (Bug)

NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class ...MessagePool

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