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IDEA-81343 (Cosmetics)

Icons for actions in 'Mark Directory As' submenu

IDEA-81457 (Bug)

quick doc on a property reverses comment line order

IDEA-81499 (Bug)

gist filenames exclude extensions

IDEA-75746 (Exception)

(NavBar(smile) AE at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.getPicoContainer



IDEA-74775 (Bug)

CTRL+B on Android or R.layout goes to java code instead of XML

CSS Editing


IDEA-71078 (Bug)

Support linear-gradient as a valid CSS property value

IDEA-81387 (Bug)

Strange line numbers returned by "Find symbol" while searching for class in .css file

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-16306 (Usability Problem)

Unused assignment inspection - should highlight assignment instead of expression

IDEA-81439 (Usability Problem)

Infer Nullity: Slightly misleading message about adding annotations JAR

IDEA-72671 (Bug)

"Unused symbol" inspection probably shouldn't warn if the for-each variable is not used

IDEA-75616 (Bug)

Infer Nullity: marking final members seems redundant

Code Coverage


IDEA-75656 (Usability Problem)

It is impossible to find how to hide coverage highlighting

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-81159 (Bug)

CoffeeScript reformat code the existential operator bug

IDEA-79849 (Bug)

Global code style settings tab size is always reset after IDEA restart

Compiling Project


IDEA-81365 (Bug)

Bad compiler command line when using Eclipse Java compiler



IDEA-81358 (Bug)

Wrong error message in SQL statement for DB2 dialect

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-76883 (Bug)

The yml file has more code folding outline, and it position is error. (Have picture)

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-81450 (Bug)

Quickfixes order on an override method having wrong return type

Flex Support


IDEA-80949 (Task)

reimport flexmojos project: preserve "Skip compilation" flag

IDEA-81293 (Bug)

Flex: Make shouldn't re-compile the module on changing test class

IDEA-81182 (Bug)

Flex: if module has 2 BCs that depend on different SDKs, SDK name is shown incorrectly in 'Navigate to file' chooser

IDEA-80504 (Bug)

Code completion: writing chains (ActionScript)

IDEA-81328 (Bug)

Flex: existing build configurations get corrupted after pressing OK in Project Structure dialog

IDEA-78485 (Bug)

Flexmojos project that has a non swf or swc artifact dependency cannot be imported into IntelliJ

IDEA-81334 (Exception)

Flex Project Structure: avoid exceptions in case of circular dependencies



IDEA-81404 (Bug)

Creating project from Gradle build file results in "Can't resolve gradle project" with NoSuchMethodError



IDEA-73789 (Feature)

Groovy extract method refactoring - make return keyword in return statement optional

IDEA-80815 (Feature)

Access to a Groovy console in any Java project

IDEA-80687 (Bug)

Groovy: Extract Closure Parameter: do not add redundant return statement

IDEA-80968 (Bug)

Groovy: Incorrect highlighting of '\$' in string.

IDE Configuration


IDEA-81333 (Cosmetics)

Settings: Mouse Wheel named differently within settings; that makes search results irrelevant

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-80941 (Bug)

[JBoss plugin] Update action (Ctrl+F10) dosen't work with ear



IDEA-73893 (Bug)

Artifact editor creates wrong MANIFEST.MF



IDEA-72702 (Bug)

Hibernate: IAE at DumbService.getInstance() on import database schema without libraries on creating new module



IDEA-77809 (Bug)

Error parsing JSTL in JSP page after loading project



IDEA-67017 (Cosmetics)

Spring facet: with no file set configured "Edit file set" button is enabled but does nothing

IDEA-81488 (Bug)

Frequent exceptions in spring-support plugin

IDEA-66351 (Bug)

Editor red lines valid Spring util:set element

IDEA-77322 (Exception)

IOE through SpringJsfConfigurator.configure() on creating a java module with Spring and RichFaces



IDEA-81423 (Bug)

Exception from from JS statement mover

IDEA-81410 (Bug)

variable flagged as unused, when it's used in a finally block.

Maven Integration


IDEA-67081 (Bug)

Maven Model Inspection generates error about relativePath being empty

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-81286 (Bug)

Import previous version settings; IDEA reports plugins downloaded but not installed and no way to force installation

Project Configuration


IDEA-67033 (Cosmetics)

New Module wizard: created .iml could be saved immediately after Finish in the wizard

IDEA-81216 (Bug)

Settings Search Highlight No Longer Highlights

IDEA-81451 (Bug)

Content editor: fake root node is shown

IDEA-81435 (Bug)

Newly created and renamed module loses its type

IDEA-81425 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException at VfsUtilCore.isAncestor() on opening the project structure

Project View


IDEA-81520 (Bug)

Project Tool Window: Sort by Type performs incorrect sorting in Scopes View



IDEA-80565 (Bug)

Undo Extract Interface is not performed from first stroke

IDEA-81430 (Bug)

Introduce variable does not insert this/class qualifier in front of field references

IDEA-81323 (Bug)

Move method in the class with same name method

IDEA-81427 (Bug)

Rename inserts this qualifier before static field reference

IDEA-80665 (Bug)

Somehow after a failed "Introduce Parameter". I cannot use other refactorings

IDEA-81152 (Bug)

Deadlock on rename class

IDEA-81418 (Bug)

Type migration issue

Task Management


IDEA-81400 (Usability Problem)

Annoying 'Can't connect to YouTrack message' from task plugin



IDEA-62591 (Bug)

UML: with some scope other than All setting the packages from different scopes should be filtered out

IDEA-58373 (Exception)

Exception from UML

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-81244 (Bug)

Running JUnit tests with JDK7 fails

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-81353 (Bug)

TestNG support is broken if multiple test methods exist with the same name

User Interface


IDEA-81481 (Feature)

Recent Files: when I press navigate to... shortcut open the 'navigate to' popup and copy speed search content in it.

IDEA-81189 (Usability Problem)

Click target in listboxes are misleadingly small

IDEA-72708 (Usability Problem)

Notifications usability problems

IDEA-79676 (Cosmetics)

Colors & Fonts -> Scope based: strange view

IDEA-71277 (Bug)

Switcher hotkeys clash with bookmark mnemonics

IDEA-66236 (Bug)

Switcher: on closing a splitter in the editor the switcher shows superfluous item

IDEA-81362 (Bug)

Right-click on window header no longer opens menu for floating, docked, etc...

IDEA-68201 (Bug)

Switcher does not allow switching to a file in another editor group

IDEA-70961 (Bug)

'Toggle Method Breakpoint/Field Watchpoint' shouldn't be present in the popup menu on a navbar module node

IDEA-81376 (Exception)

IOOBE at JBTabsImpl.findEnabledForward() on opening Settings | Code Style | Other

Version Control


IDEA-62372 (Cosmetics)

Fix GTK + Background in Changes | Log

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-81313 (Bug)

Issue Navigation for CVS / SourceForge broken

Version Control. Git


IDEA-81325 (Cosmetics)

Git: confusing info duplication in dialogs shown one right after another on local changes which would be overwritten by merge/checkout

IDEA-81133 (Cosmetics)

'Untracked Files Preventing Checkout' window has plain '<br />' inside its message

IDEA-81285 (Bug)

Git: merge dialog for conflicted merge appear after cancelling merge and rollbacking changes

IDEA-81287 (Bug)

Git: do not stash merged with conflicts files on merge rollback

IDEA-81281 (Bug)

Git: not able to refresh changes after rollback of merge branch

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-78496 (Bug)

Perforce integration: IntelliJ shows duplicate changelists when changelists are modified outside the IDE

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