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  • IntelliJ IDEA 11 111.54 Release Notes
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IDEA-77918 (Usability Problem)

Inspection Results: too many duplicated items

IDEA-75411 (Performance Problem)

Long pause before beginning make

IDEA-78210 (Performance Problem)

Inline class rename can be slow and is not very user friendly because of that

IDEA-77911 (Cosmetics)

"Breaks" in commit details sometimes breaks while scrolling

IDEA-78182 (Bug)

Suggestion list and Home key

IDEA-77364 (Bug)

svn+ssh not working (if non-default port is used but not specified in url)

IDEA-78007 (Bug)

Plugin Manager: red icon for a plugin with a newer version doesn't disappear after updating the plugin from Browse Repositories dialog

IDEA-78140 (Bug)

Change Signature: visibility drop down steals focus from return type suggestion list

IDEA-77644 (Bug)

IntelliJ becomes not responding

IDEA-78218 (Bug)

After importing settings not installed plugins from repository are always shown as [Downloaded] and cannot be installed!

IDEA-75917 (Exception)

IAE t com.intellij.ide.favoritesTreeView.FavoritesManager.removeRoot



IDEA-77512 (Performance Problem) not being generated fast enough

IDEA-78176 (Bug)

unicode support is broken

Code Navigation


IDEA-64850 (Bug)

Go to Declaration, when Quick search is open, takes you to quick search field

Compiling Project


IDEA-77613 (Bug)

all of under the WebContent dir and files to be droped while i rebuild the project



IDEA-78035 (Bug)

Data Sources: sequences: Quick Doc and Open Table Editor try to perform not allowed operations

IDEA-78080 (Bug)

Connection was successful. However, no tables were retrieved.



IDEA-75847 (Bug)

Tip of the day should be updated according to the new Main Menu structure

GWT Support


IDEA-78062 (Usability Problem)

GWT: Editor jumps to the newly created UiField which is not what most people want



IDEA-64825 (Bug)

Deadlock in plugin dialog.

IDEA-78066 (Bug)

Intellij 11 fails to compile Grails source code

IDEA-78123 (Bug)

Stub generation fails

IDEA-78088 (Bug)

Groovy stubs generation is broken



IDEA-76762 (Bug)

Quick fixes in injected context work don't work after escape



IDEA-77895 (Bug)

NPE when deploying to JBoss 4.0.5



IDEA-78114 (Bug)

Spring EL support: expressions that evaluate some property of collection operation result cause endless syntax analyzing

IDEA-75855 (Bug)

Good code red: correct CDI @Inject properties are red with Spring module validation error "Could not autowire"

Maven Integration


IDEA-24502 (Usability Problem)

IntelliJ keeps removing context-root from my application.xml

IDEA-46638 (Bug)

Maven: maven-ear-plugin support: with generateApplicationXml = true no application.xml is generated and packed to ear

IDEA-46649 (Bug)

Maven: maven-ear-plugin support: if the jboss description generation is on, it should be added to generated ear

OSGi Support


IDEA-76731 (Bug)

Bundles get delete when running 'make'

Project Configuration


IDEA-77944 (Bug)

Java dependencies - cant revern when delete <Module Source>, not update when delete SDK



IDEA-78107 (Usability Problem)

New Move dialoge cannot perform a correct move operation of files in different source folders

IDEA-78001 (Bug)

Rename refactoring: incorrect behavior in case of started but not completed in-place rename in different project

IDEA-78108 (Bug)

Incorrect dialog is shown on property rename in spring configuration file

IDEA-78106 (Bug)

Copy/Paste text file in project view asks for new file name but doesn't use it

IDEA-78083 (Bug)

Rename variable: Pressing shift+F6 twice to show dialog throws exception



IDEA-78037 (Exception)

SQL: IAE at PsiFileFactoryImpl.createElementFromText() for DROP INDEX

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-77375 (Bug)

IDEA 11 Beta: Structural search inspection broken

User Interface


IDEA-77976 (Usability Problem)

Dragging tool windows problem

IDEA-77963 (Usability Problem)

Keymap top level tree lacks buttons that open and collapse the nodes (IDEA 4.5 L&F)

IDEA-78076 (Usability Problem)

Enter License Data dialog should display product icon or indicate product in some other way

IDEA-77431 (Usability Problem)

Modules Configuration Window is ugly

IDEA-78084 (Cosmetics)

Picture in the New Project wizard has strange lines in the bottom

IDEA-76817 (Bug)

Run configurations combobox pressed state is absent

IDEA-59437 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.ide.util.treeView.AbstractTreeStructureBase.getChildElements (on module deleting)

Version Control


IDEA-77732 (Usability Problem)

Diff View: splitter position is incorrect in diff window called from the Commit Dialog

IDEA-78151 (Cosmetics)

Create patch dialog title is "Create Patc_h"

IDEA-77177 (Bug)

Line status tracker: the modified marker is not removed after commit

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-77840 (Usability Problem)

Idea becomes totally unresponsive if invoked "chekout sources from CVS"

Version Control. Git


IDEA-77863 (Bug)

No class or file name completion in "Commit Changes"

IDEA-78086 (Bug)

Git: Push to HTTP/HTTPS repositories doesn't work

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-75269 (Bug)

Strange encoding behavior: in show diff dialog, idea highlight cyrillic characters as changed despite they didn't

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-78026 (Bug)

Perforce Connection Problems IntelliJ 11 EAP

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-77360 (Bug)

SVN doesn't work in build 110.492 (impossible to connect to some servers using SSL )

IDEA-77896 (Bug)

Subversion: Allow to change SVN integration settings



IDEA-75674 (Bug)

Then import module IDEA stuck

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