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IDEA-69335 (Usability Problem)

Incorrect pattern matching in Go To Class

IDEA-74462 (Performance Problem)

JPA action update blocks EDT

IDEA-62275 (Task)

In dumb mode check whether TestLocationProvider implements DumbAware

WI-7446 (Bug)

Hovering over objects with Command key depressed does not show a link

IDEA-69480 (Bug)

Problem when pasting from outside of the IDE or using autocomplete programs

IDEA-72531 (Bug)

Deadlock when resizing the "Change signature" dialog.

IDEA-72617 (Bug)

MacOS: correctly support TypeIt4Me in IDEA

IDEA-74625 (Bug)

Insecure temporay file handling in bin/ on linux

IDEA-75280 (Bug)

Add support for Android button drawable with nested shapes

IDEA-74326 (Bug)

java.lang.NullPointerException at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.impl.local.FileWatcher.e(

IDEA-74973 (Bug)

Class searching changed between 10.0 and 10.5

IDEA-68240 (Bug)

Default color scheme corruption while editing custom TODO element's settings

IDEA-74821 (Bug)

IDE hangs on exit if indexing of project was interrupted

IDEA-74092 (Bug)

View Breakpoints functionality is broken in version 10.5.2

IDEA-70247 (Bug)

osmorc plugin package osgi bundle use bnd tools generated META-INF is diferent from maven-bundle-plugin

IDEA-69255 (Bug)

terminology in Run->Edit Configurations



IDEA-74898 (Task)

Android 4.0 and tools r14 support

IDEA-75854 (Bug)

Duplicate classes from generated AIDL resources from Android library project

IDEA-74151 (Bug)

" duplicate entry" in idea 10.5.2

Ant Integration


IDEA-63565 (Bug)

Incorrect parsing of Ant build properties file

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-53318 (Feature)

Support for xml properties

IDEA-73794 (Bug)

Cannot create Structural Search inspection for JS usage of



IDEA-73961 (Bug)

Buggy backspace in ConsoleView



IDEA-73933 (Bug)

Idea fails and needs restart while setting value in debugger

Distribution packages


WI-7807 (Bug)

Error running inspections from the command line

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-68698 (Bug)

Elements with exactly same prefix (and same proximity) should be placed at the top of the list

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-73383 (Bug)

NPE in com.intellij.execution.impl.ConsoleViewImpl

Flex Support


IDEA-75310 (Bug)

Debugging Flash Player 11: no variable introspection

IDEA-71484 (Bug)

Flex: Usages of class not found in new expressions.



IDEA-74323 (Feature)

Allow configuring "Optimize unused import statements" intention to preserve Grapes annotations

IDEA-72867 (Bug)

Groovy: Inline Method Refactoring drops the last line of a method being inlined

IDEA-75471 (Bug)

Grails domain constraint min, max, scale inspection issues

IDEA-74173 (Bug)

Grails: Debugging doesn't work for reloaded classes

IDEA-73207 (Bug)

@return JavaDoc tag is ignored

IDEA-72968 (Bug)

Controllers are not reloaded for Grails 2.0.0 snapshot

IDEA-71821 (Bug)

Ctrl+Shift+Enter issue

IDEA-69265 (Bug)

Groovy++ redefines some GDK methods with more typed variants

IDEA-62353 (Bug)

Incorrect inspections in Groovy files



IDEA-70384 (Bug)

IDEtalk Jabber account settings lost after IDE restart



IDEA-74726 (Feature)

Struts 2: JSP tags should highlight duplicate "id" attribute values

IDEA-72012 (Feature)

validation.xml: resolve <field> "name" action properties

IDEA-68910 (Feature)

Struts 2: support action properties resolving in JSPs

IDEA-73277 (Feature)

Give ability to navigate to validation.xml from Struts2 action class

IDEA-72723 (Task)

Support Struts 2.3.1

IDEA-74967 (Bug)

S2: Chained Action class properties not working if no setter available on parent

IDEA-68985 (Bug)

Support resolving <s:param> "name" referring to enclosing Action-class

IDEA-73002 (Bug)

Intellij hangs up - thread dump and log attached



IDEA-74278 (Bug)

JS: Navigate works but Quick Documentation doesn't

IDEA-74186 (Bug)

JavaScript: Good code is red: Incorrect "Static member is not accessible"

IDEA-74473 (Bug)

[javascript] 'arguments' can't be used as function name

IDEA-74471 (Bug)

[javascript] Referencing 'eval' outside function call should be allowed

IDEA-74311 (Bug)

[javascript] unexpected red code from sinon.js

IDEA-73616 (Bug)

cannot extract method if the code contains anonymous functions

Maven Integration


IDEA-67404 (Usability Problem)

Maven: remove/ignore Maven project when user deletes a module

IDEA-73406 (Performance Problem)

IntelliJ consumes CPU while doing nothing

IDEA-77593 (Bug)

Maven: cannot update indices for profile-based repositories (like 'central')

IDEA-77615 (Bug)

when changing the sql dialect of a single sql script, the corresponding maven module is removed from the project

IDEA-63552 (Bug)

Maven: local nexus authentication

IDEA-67512 (Bug)

Maven repository update fails with UnsupportedExistingLuceneIndexException: The existing index has no NexusIndexer descriptor

IDEA-77770 (Bug)

Maven: on each InjectLanguage/UninjectLanguage invocation in some project file the detected mvn modules are doubled in tree

IDEA-60832 (Bug)

IDEA 10 cannot download nexus indexes from Maven repository that requires SSL with client certificate

OSGi Support


IDEA-68838 (Usability Problem)

Allow sorting In the Run/Debug Configuration

IDEA-74272 (Bug)

Bundle-Version is not correctly imported from Maven

IDEA-56112 (Bug)

Shutting down a Felix Container shuts down PAX Runner but not the container

IDEA-70952 (Bug)

OSGI: Settings/LibraryBundling: all ManifestEntries dialogs get extremely large size if contain empty line in the end

IDEA-73086 (Bug)

OSMORC Plugin: Running make on module compiles and packages all OSGi modules in project.

IDEA-73087 (Bug)

OSMORC Plugin: Errors and warnings in Messages window don't link back to source.

IDEA-76584 (Bug)

Invalid bundle dependency resolution then running OSGi configuration

IDEA-69149 (Bug)

Build fails when BND encounters an unreadable JAR file

IDEA-71307 (Bug)

Osmorc Bundlor doesn't recognize Maven variables

IDEA-67088 (Bug)

When reimporting a Maven project bundle jar output path is reset to 'Place in module's output path'

PHP lang


WI-7358 (Performance Problem)

Incredible lag and slowness when typing any non-variable/comment text in new PHPStorm 2.1.3



WI-7527 (Bug)

'Reformat Code' strips space after comma in initialization part of 'for'-loop if variable declaration is done elsewhere

WI-7287 (Bug)

Date.UTC wrong quick definition

WI-7688 (Bug)

JavaScript Find Usages and Show Usages does not show subject for member functions/properties

WI-7404 (Bug)

JSDoc syntax highlighting displays google closure compiler markup as warned when it shouldn't

WI-7542 (Exception)

SIIOBE at java.lang.String.charAt

Version Control


IDEA-75365 (Bug)

Changelist name with single quote not displaying correctly

Version Control. Git


IDEA-73918 (Bug)

code is re-formatted during "git commit", even if "reformat code" is unchecked

IDEA-66115 (Bug)

Git line-end conversion settings - default has side-effects

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-68586 (Bug)

Version Control charset problem

IDEA-72302 (Bug)

hg4idea: utf8 does not supported in commit messages

IDEA-67158 (Bug)

IDEA + UTF8 console + Mercurial = abracadabra

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-74651 (Bug)

SubVersion Repository and Incoming-tab not working

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