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IDEA-72258 (Performance Problem)

Ultimated Edition 10.5.1 frequently pausing for indexing!

IDEA-72221 (Performance Problem)

Intellij 10 unresponsive during auto-complete.

IDEA-70816 (Bug)

Could not save application settings

IDEA-71944 (Bug)

IDEA 10.5 open project freezes on MAC OS X 10.6.8

IDEA-72199 (Bug)

IDEA hangs frequently

IDEA-73522 (Bug)

Console backspace is broken

IDEA-65736 (Bug)

Generate Javadoc ignores option "include test sources"

IDEA-72712 (Exception)

NPE and subsequent VFS corruption if project is closed before indexing is complete



IDEA-73079 (Feature)

No Groovy support in Android project

IDEA-70840 (Feature)

ApkLib Support (maven-android-plugin)

IDEA-72143 (Bug)

Android project: duplicate entry error

IDEA-72053 (Bug)

gdbserver is not packaged with libs/ for Android jni project

IDEA-70899 (Bug)

android debugger hangs waiting forever

Ant Integration


IDEA-67174 (Feature)

Ant support: bundled Ant version could be updated to more recent one than 1.8.1

IDEA-72209 (Bug)

Regression: Ant parser in 10.5 is broken

IDEA-71291 (Bug)

Ant support: cyclic reference in property definition cause SOE at PropertyExpander.acceptProvider()

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-72591 (Bug)

'while' loop replaceable by 'for each' quickfix produces syntax error

IDEA-71808 (Bug)

incorrect reporting of ListIterator 'while' loop replaceable with 'for each'

IDEA-73313 (Bug)

JavaScript: false 'unused function' warning for function variable

IDEA-71698 (Bug)

"Unnecessary fully qualified name": QuickFix "Remove qualification" introduces StackOverflowError

IDEA-72308 (Bug)

Manual array to collection copy inspection is only valid for JDK1.5+

IDEA-69053 (Bug)

False positive on 'statically imported element unnecessarily qualified' inspection

IDEA-69358 (Bug)

107.52: "Move method" intention on "static method only called from one class" does nothing

IDEA-72391 (Bug)

Inspection suggests use of diamond operator for anonymous inner class declarations

IDEA-72847 (Bug)

Regression: Annotations configured in "private field assigned but never accessed" are ignored

IDEA-73434 (Bug)

Inspection "non-serializable field in seralizable class" does not allow me to exclude subclasses of external library class

IDEA-71791 (Bug)

false positive for "contents of array are written to, but never read" inspection when array is returned by clone

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-72317 (Feature)

Java Formatter: Separate 'Space before array initializer left brace' for annotation arguments and arrays

IDEA-71823 (Usability Problem)

Problem with Code Style

IDEA-72791 (Bug)

Critical bug in Code formatting (Java source files)

IDEA-72321 (Bug)

Java Formatter: Respect 'space before method call parentheses' for anonymous class constructor

Code Navigation


IDEA-71896 (Bug)

Go To Class * (star) issue

IDEA-71428 (Bug)

Navigation bar scrambling

Compiling Project


IDEA-73695 (Feature)

Separate growl notifications for compilation completed with or without errors

IDEA-71870 (Bug)

Corner case gives VerifyError with @NotNull annotation and Java 7



IDEA-73619 (Usability Problem)

Data Sources: schema autocomplete in database console

IDEA-73426 (Usability Problem)

SQL console properties: Data Export: Values Separator: Tab is impossible to specify

Distribution packages


WI-7319 (Usability Problem)

Linux: fsnotifier has no executable permissions

WI-6942 (Bug)

WebStorm-2.1.2.tar.gz contains 2 WebStorm-107.403/bin/ files

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-71528 (Usability Problem)

Case sensitive completion option not working

IDEA-73128 (Performance Problem)

Editing any file in latest IntelliJ EAP with Java 7 is unbearably slow

IDEA-61796 (Bug)

Undoing completion leaves caret hanging

IDEA-71128 (Bug)

IDEA 10 code completion makes writing tests harder

IDEA-71644 (Bug)

Auto-import behavior changed in 10.5

IDEA-25979 (Bug)

Case insensitive Basic Completion need to work for class names

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-72690 (Bug)

Auto Collapse File Header Code Folding seems broken

IDEA-72044 (Bug)

Incorrect colorization of output

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-71193 (Bug)

Incredibly slow syntax highlighter, code completion and etc

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-72350 (Bug)

unable to create getter for field

IDEA-72807 (Bug)

"Replace with specific exception" action deletes throws keyword

Flex Support


IDEA-69036 (Feature)

Quick fix to create View for Mobile AIR application

IDEA-71054 (Task)

air mobile sdk: please, add mobile.swc from themes/Mobile to SDK classpath

IDEA-71028 (Task)

Support "Fast" packaging mode for iOS mobile AIR applications

IDEA-72514 (Bug)


IDEA-72150 (Bug)

Flex: good code is red: shapes elements inside <fx:Component> mxml tag are marked as not allowed

IDEA-71183 (Bug)

Add EventHandler for the CustomEvent problem in mxml.

IDEA-72600 (Bug)

MXML tag <fx:DesignLayer/> is red

IDEA-71873 (Bug)

Good code red in case of spaces around Vector type

IDEA-71067 (Bug)

Flex: compilation with fcsh and Flex SDK 4.5 results in error if path to user home is space separated

IDEA-72195 (Bug)

Support conditional compiling variables set as Additional compiler options using space separator (e.d. -define CONFIG::DEBUG true)

IDEA-72403 (Bug)

Airmobile development, debugger cannot connect to android device (port 7936 error).

IDEA-57546 (Bug)

Impossible to set breakpoint in MXML files that contains item renderer

IDEA-71886 (Bug)

-link-report option is ignored by Built-in compiler shell

IDEA-72169 (Bug)


IDEA-71381 (Bug)


IDEA-69310 (Bug)

AS - good code marked yellow

IDEA-72441 (Exception)

Introduce field throws NPE



IDEA-70614 (Bug)

Optional VM parametsr for Synchronize grails settings

IDEA-72102 (Bug)

Grails view g:select tag with a constant list reports cannot resolve symbol for optionKey and optionValue

IDEA-71650 (Bug)

Griffon integration generating numerous exceptions (OS X)

IDEA-72408 (Bug)

Grails : Run Target Ignores Xmx

IDEA-71943 (Bug)

Stub generator resolves class name incorrectly

IDEA-73598 (Bug)

Grails: IDEA ignores system property 'GRAILS_OPTS'

IDE Configuration


IDEA-71958 (Usability Problem)

Make Patches.SLOW_GETTING_CLIPBOARD_CONTENTS property driven

IDEA-71831 (Bug)

Cannot get version 10.5.1 when refused to update in first time.



IDEA-71364 (Bug)

Edit Freemarker Fragment is buggy



IDEA-71718 (Bug)

Working with EJB 3.1



IDEA-71530 (Performance Problem)

Performance issues with refactoring/autocomplete/safe delete/find usages/etc.

IDEA-72522 (Exception)

Namespace renaming fails in jspx ans tagx files



IDEA-73002 (Bug)

Intellij hangs up - thread dump and log attached

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-71892 (Bug)

Firefox 5 crashes when debugging JavaScript

Maven Integration


IDEA-63043 (Bug)

Maven update remote indexes broken

IDEA-68421 (Bug)

Selecting Maven Goal in Before launch is not working

OSGi Support


IDEA-70952 (Bug)

OSGI: Settings/LibraryBundling: all ManifestEntries dialogs get extremely large size if contain empty line in the end

IDEA-70781 (Bug)

osmorc jarfileLocation reverts to absolute path

IDEA-71307 (Bug)

Osmorc Bundlor doesn't recognize Maven variables

PHP debug


WI-6970 (Bug)

Collect statistic about installed debug extensions

WI-6863 (Bug)

"Add to watches" should add a symbol under cursor, currently it adds only if it's in selection

PHP lang


WI-7187 (Usability Problem)

Don't replace delimeters from the similar group when 'Surround with on typing quote or brace' option is enabled

WI-6964 (Usability Problem)

Provide description for PHP internal file templates

WI-6965 (Usability Problem)

Provide ${FILE_NAME} variable for 'PHP File', 'PHP Class and 'PHP Inteface' internal templates

WI-7193 (Task)

Collect statistic about include path number

WI-6926 (Task)

Collect usage statistics about registered php file type associations

WI-6923 (Task)

Collect usage statistics about PHP versions

WI-6824 (Bug)

LibXMLError class stub is invalid

WI-6858 (Bug)

Autogenerated PhpDoc @return is wrong if method contains closures

WI-7261 (Bug)

Parser fails for PHP magic method called 'list' (or other keyword)

WI-7260 (Bug)

Autocomplete does not work after typing "::" in static calls

WI-6843 (Bug)

'\' prefix is not allowed in namespace declaration

WI-1666 (Bug)

static class completion do not check static for inherited static methods

WI-6286 (Bug)

Valid PHPDoc tag @returns not recognized

WI-6908 (Bug)


WI-4099 (Bug)

Autocompletion with phpdoc: array of object type hinting in the class properties

WI-6932 (Bug)

improve structure view for huge array element assignment lists

WI-6811 (Bug)

Missing Oracle Constant

WI-6898 (Bug)

'Type hierarchy' and 'Method Hierarchy' view doesn't show class inheritors if namespaces are used

WI-6875 (Bug)

wrong type inference for concatenating assignment operation

WI-6751 (Bug)

Code style settings. Do not to add space within method call parentheses if there is no arguments.

WI-6929 (Bug)

phpStorm's internal declaration of tidyNode & tidy does not contain any properties of this classes

WI-6888 (Bug)

Parse error if namespaced constant used to initialize parameter

WI-6812 (Bug)

PHP debug constant not recognised

WI-6711 (Bug)

Comment with block comment not working (PHP)

WI-6933 (Bug)

Stubs for some of 'is_%typename%' core functions doen't contain '@return' section

PHP test


WI-6838 (Bug)

phpunit launcher doesn't work when used test suite loader class or file

WI-6830 (Bug)

'Generate PHPUnit test' action is broken for PHP 5.3

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-71699 (Cosmetics)

MacOS Bundle Identifier for Idea Ultimate is Community Edition?

IDEA-70883 (Task)

KnownIssues.txt file in IntelliJ IDEA installation contains outdated information

IDEA-71729 (Bug)

10.5.1 cannot install over 10.5, only over 10.0



WI-6815 (Bug)

Random freezes with enabled W3C CSS Validator Inspection



WI-6840 (Bug)

[javascript] unexpected 'Constructor call without new' inspection for Object() and Boolean() calls

WI-5499 (Bug)

False Positives in the "Accessor methods can not be nested inside other functions" Syntax Check

WI-6428 (Bug)

Windows: Out of memory Error after updating 2.01 -> 2.1

WI-7258 (Bug)

Allow documenting Javascript arguments with jsDoc @param

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-71433 (Bug)

platform prefix not set if running platform products as plugin SDK

Project Configuration


IDEA-71689 (Bug)

Eclipse project output outside content root IS valid using relative Linked Resources.



IDEA-72590 (Bug)

IDEA hangs indefinitely during "Encapsulate Variables" refactoring involving an enum

IDEA-72002 (Bug)

Refactor | Move does not work (AIOOBE)

IDEA-72876 (Bug)

Editor scrolls if I attempt to rename a method with wrong arguments

IDEA-72639 (Bug)

UI hangs while renaming several fields

IDEA-72170 (Bug)

Intellij 10.5, when converting anonymous inner class to named inner class the dialog does not allow editing of the created class name



IDEA-71750 (Cosmetics)

Settings / SQL Dialects: correct spelling of product name in the description

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-71725 (Bug)

Replace structurally -> Replace all does nothing

IDEA-71717 (Bug)

NPE in structural search

Task Management


IDEA-72260 (Bug)

Trac integration: fields added to query automatically break the functionality

IDEA-70997 (Bug)

Can't connect to JIRA

User Interface


IDEA-63174 (Bug)

Multile text field in the licence window

IDEA-71607 (Bug)

Eclipse keymap (control + click)

IDEA-72450 (Bug)

File chooser: Refresh does not work without Synchronize for changes made with not opened chooser

IDEA-68948 (Bug)

"Select Path" dialog does not show newly created files and folders.

IDEA-69584 (Bug)

Cannot open file when double clicked ("Cannot find file")

Version Control


IDEA-73175 (Performance Problem)

Slow editor performance on Mac

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-71825 (Bug)

cvs gets confused with multiple projects

IDEA-71297 (Bug)

Annotations gutter bar : Show Diff

IDEA-71495 (Bug)

CVS Browser is getting confused about mixed case directories

IDEA-26890 (Bug)

Problem with multiple CVS repositories in IDEA 9

IDEA-61539 (Bug)

CVS plugin does not perform checkout command

Version Control. ClearCase


IDEA-71411 (Performance Problem)

Clearcase stuck on "updating..." on startup or after project update.

Version Control. Git


IDEA-72767 (Performance Problem)

GitRootTracker.fixRoots() should run with progress

IDEA-65767 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't recognize Git status letter 'T'

IDEA-73139 (Bug)

Rename Refactoring on a Folder - Can delete all contents of a folder if you use it use it to correct casing in a folder name.

IDEA-71837 (Bug)

github import fails silently

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-72909 (Bug)

Mercurial annotate doesnt annotate the whole file

IDEA-72302 (Bug)

hg4idea: utf8 does not supported in commit messages

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-69935 (Bug)

SVN browser can't open some files

IDEA-71872 (Bug)

SVN Annotate fails for files with no revisions on current branch

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