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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 EAP (201.7223.18 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-237181 IDE crashes on startup when FindBugs-IDEA plug-in is present
Bug IDEA-236549 EditorConfig with Kotlin preview prevents project from being opened (Project Disposed on project opening)
Task IDEA-236020 Invoke "Preview Intention" on PsiFile related to the original file
Exception IDEA-235922 Performance plugin exception in headless mode
AndroidFeature IDEA-233748 Merge AndroidStudio 3.6.0-Final into IJ
Bug IDEA-236203 Download progress indicator is not shown when Idea downloads layoutlib-resources on first open of android layout designer
Build. GradleBug IDEA-235737 Default Project language level changes back to 13 after running "Reimport" Gradle command
Bug IDEA-236605 Idea doesn't generate preview project structure for grade project with invalid ``
Bug IDEA-236062 Idea suggest Gradle JVM as 13 or lower if exists java 14 for Gradle 6.3
Bug IDEA-235948 Error letting IDEA "Build and run" Gradle project
Usability IDEA-235282 Gradle error on open project: Gradle may fail to build project from command line. Please specify JAVA_HOME environment variable or in
Build. MavenBug IDEA-147167 Duplicate entries in .iml files on re-import
Bug IDEA-227715 Maven pom.xml testResources causing wrong assignment of "MODULE_WORKING_DIR"
Task IDEA-236419 Unable to run Quarkus 1.3.1 with bundled Maven 3.6.1
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-1206 IG: DuplicateStringLiteral Suppression Ignored
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-235519 Cannot inject language 'Language: file-reference' because it has no ParserDefinition
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-233908 'No filters added' is always on SSR panel
CoreBug IDEA-236153 Maven dependency change triggers JDK detection in a loop
Core. File SystemException IDEA-234557 RejectedExecutionException: Already shutdown
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-235853 After Restore Default Settings invocation IDEA restarts with previously used vmoptions instead of clear default ones
Bug IDEA-237277 IndexOutOfBoundsException at enabling 'Render Documentation comments'
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-237175 IDEA 2020.1 Activation Window repeatedly requests activation when using Activation Code
Bug IDEA-236244 Confirmation dialog which appears on attempt to close License Activation is tiny (no text only buttons)
Bug IDEA-237100 Missing license validation error messages in the license dialog
Bug IDEA-235344 Licence server address is cleared when it's unreachable
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-236404 @NotNull PsiSubstitutor.EMPTY can be null
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-237407 Disabled plug-ins are no longer logged in idea.log
Bug IDEA-237554 Disabled plug-ins are shown as enabled in Settings | Plugins
Bug IDEA-235313 When IDEA is started with clear/imported configs but with not cleared plugins, the Plugins dialog displayed by 'Plugin updates available...' notification is incorrect
Bug IDEA-237113 IDE doesn't suggest update for incompatible plugin if update version is lower than existing plugin version
Bug IDEA-235901 Plugins settings broken in 2020.1 beta
Bug IDEA-234917 Updatable plugin is not shown after following "Plugin Updates Available" link from Welcome screen
Bug IDEA-235665 Unclear wording for update of paid plugin in IDE
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-235717 Validation settings use localizable strings as keys in configuration files
Bug IDEA-235968 Improper detection of JDK version
Core. Quick DocumentationUsability IDEA-235934 Change option for showing rendered javadocs to "Render all documentation comments"
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-233700 Inline rename suggestion is no longer shown after undoing changes
Bug IDEA-236875 No rename suggestion after erasing declaration name and typing-in another one
Bug IDEA-233425 Unnecessary Refactoring gutter after Undo signature change
Performance IDEA-235908 Moving directory takes forever
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-236969 Current run configuration is not shown in the combo box after project reopen if it is the only run config in the project and it is stored as a file.
EditorBug IDEA-236584 List bullets are cropped in rendered documentation
Bug IDEA-236689 Vertical scroll bar is shown unnecessarily in editor hover popup
Bug IDEA-236411 LightEdit: Non-project file protection message on attempt to edit a new file
Bug IDEA-231883 LightEdit: Unable to close tab with Command + W
Usability IDEA-236536 Javadoc icons enabling/disabling comes into effect only after file reopening
Usability IDEA-236518 New javadoc rendered view doesn't display multiple authors
Cosmetics IDEA-236952 LightEdit: Remove "Show Context Actions" from context menu
Exception IDEA-236548 LightEdit: opening binary files should not fail
Editor. Code CompletionPerformance IDEA-235762 Spring Data JPA Query by Method Name Performance Issue
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-235890 Delete lines above 'in-editor Javadoc rendering' deletes Javadoc
Bug IDEA-234928 Modified file is not saved automatically by IDE on frame deactivation if it was opened in LightEdit previously
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-236039 Intention preview: always unavailable on the last line in a file
FrameworksFeature IDEA-236664 Selenium: add support for FluentLenium library
Feature IDEA-236038 JMS: message queue references for JMSContext usages
Feature IDEA-232069 Microservices: custom highlighting for UrlPath and MQ references
Bug IDEA-237699 Selenium: identifiers highlighting background is visible in active row
Bug IDEA-235441 Quarkus project creation. Project creation fails if version field contains `&` or `<` symbol
Bug IDEA-236855 Selenium: find usages action shows two elements for Allure owner
Bug IDEA-235887 Quarkus project creation. The project is not generated with the "failed to create directory" error for some Artifact values
Bug IDEA-236604 Project web starters. Exception when searching among dependencies.
Bug IDEA-236873 HTTP Client: Can't generate requests for all endpoints in endpoint source (Helidon)
Cosmetics IDEA-234239 Microprofile: hide category pane and selected dependencies pane in new project wizard
Cosmetics IDEA-234192 Project starters: gap between list and selected extensions is too big
Cosmetics IDEA-236132 Wrong place of external link icon in new project starters
Task IDEA-236636 Selenium: new project dependency updates for 2020.1.1
Frameworks. QuarkusBug IDEA-235913 Quarkus: No warnings for private method and consume/produce annotations absence
Usability IDEA-234051 Quarkus: Sort top 5 categories in new project wizard
Task IDEA-236227 Quarkus project creation. Provide guide-links for Quarkus extensions
Frameworks. SpringBug IDEA-225083 Spring boot annotation processor documentation link returns 404 error
Bug IDEA-233348 Intellij Ultimate 2019.3.3 cannot detect some Spring Annotations e.g. @Autowired, @Component, @Service
Exception IDEA-236013 NPE at JamAnnotationAttributeMeta$Single.getJam in SpringRabbitQueueBinding
GroovyFeature IDEA-235611 Please make `logback.groovy` into a File Type so we can associate it with files with other names.
Bug IDEA-228890 [groovy] Failed to infer type of lambda parameters
JavaBug IDEA-174043 Implement method with @NotNull/@Nullable array return type
Java. DebuggerBug IDEA-237222 Strange NPE suggestion from debugger dfa
Usability IDEA-235956 Debug: Do not step into JUnit 5 and Spock internal classes
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-236509 "Map is always empty" false positive when using a ternary operator and Map.compute
Bug IDEA-234820 Inspection 'Unnecessary unicode escape sequence' reports U+FFFD as unnecessary
Usability IDEA-234753 Inconsistent behavior of Java | Method metrics | Overly long method inspection
Java. RefactoringsBug IDEA-233185 No refactoring gutter after 'Inplace' rename
Bug IDEA-236793 Post-edit refactoring confuses rename parameter with signature change, when name fully changed
JavaX. AppServers. GlassFishBug IDEA-216528 Payara Server 5.192 cannot be started with JDK 11 from IntelliJ
JavaX. AppServers. TomcatFeature IDEA-233724 Add Apache Tomcat 10 support
Bug IDEA-221196 Tomcat 9.0.24 port out of range -1
JavaX. CDIBug IDEA-236094 CDI: @Observes parameter shown as unused
Lang. XMLBug IDEA-199733 Xml declaration should precede all document content wrongly shown for <?xml-stylesheet?> processing instruction
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-236157 Link in scratch file is broken
Usability IDEA-235915 HTTP Client: Move requests refactoring is not discoverable
Usability IDEA-235677 Provide more descriptive message about unknown variable in HTTP Client
Usability IDEA-235921 HTTP Client: Move Requests refactoring: provide more convenient way to select/deselect all requests
Cosmetics IDEA-235914 HTTP Client: Move HTTP Requests dialog looks bad with custom (enlarged) font
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-209282 IDEA Terminal uses wrong PATH environment variable when go plugin is installed
User InterfaceBug IDEA-220087 "Open new tabs at the end" preference has no effect whatsoever
Bug IDEA-237691 Kotlin update is failing on IDEA 2020.1
Bug IDEA-235925 Show file name and product name in Light Edit mode on Windows
Usability IDEA-235674 Close context menus and popups on the second click
Usability IDEA-231790 Small tooltips
Cosmetics IDEA-234710 Find in Path: Missing bottom border of a "Find" field
Cosmetics IDEA-236192 Large padding in dialogs in 2020.1
Cosmetics IDEA-235917 Selection looks weird when rendered doc is active
Cosmetics IDEA-236911 Re-word Search Everywhere tooltip
Exception IDEA-236507 Argument for @NotNull parameter 'c' of com/intellij/openapi/wm/impl/IdeFocusManagerImpl.requestFocus must not be null
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-236138 Node arrow is not visible after creating the connection
Performance IDEA-236848 ExpandableTextField performance is very bad for non-monospace case on macOS
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-235391 Some tool windows are not focused on opening
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-236105 Select In Project View does not work for the first time when Project View is Dock Unpinned
Version ControlBug IDEA-230833 Commit changes / Unversioned files - broken probably all functions like "Add to CVS", "Show Diff", ...
Bug IDEA-231108 Apply patch fails to add some new files to source control
Bug IDEA-1197 svn integration
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-235233 Selecting a group node in Branches resets all filters
No subsystemFeature WEB-30930 No icon for Firefox Developer Edition browser
Bug WEB-43906 Run prettier on save: freeze while saving file
Bug WEB-44978 .env.local, .env.development and other .env.* files have Text file type by default since 2020.1
Bug WEB-44485 JavaScript: inspection-based intentions don't work in scratch files
Performance WEB-44548 WebStorm 2019.3.4 stops responding after unfocused main window
Cosmetics WEB-44417 To update an Edge icon for Edge Chromium
DartFeature WEB-44567 Dart plugin: Support pub outdated action
Feature WEB-34709 Spelling typos are not shown in Dart string literals
Bug WEB-44896 Dart code highlighting flashes on typing in 2020.1
DebuggerBug WEB-44721 Go plugin breaks node debugger in Intellij Ultimate 2020.1 RC
Bug WEB-34979 Electron render process debugging for Angular app served by `ng serve` + electron '--serve' doesn't work
HTMLBug WEB-43138 Angular: image paths are incorrectly resolved in HTML file
JavaScriptBug WEB-43389 Quick Documentation: line breaks are not rendered in @example section
Bug WEB-44332 Typings resolution is broken when adding 'node_modules' to webpack resolve.modules
Bug WEB-44959 JSDoc: Inherited <pre> elements from another class are not displayed properly
Bug WEB-44541 Awful WebStorm type checking error: "Condition is always true since types '...' and 'null' have no overlap"
Bug WEB-44520 TypeScript: completion doesn't work for aliases inside generic parameters
Performance WEB-44844 CPU spikes when editing after updating to 2020.1
Usability WEB-40680 no method separators when using arrow functions
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-43773 Hammerjs events are not recognized in Angular templates
Feature WEB-43988 data properties of Vue single file component exported with module.exports not resolved
Bug WEB-44601 Angular: attributes contributed with @Attribute are sometimes not recognized.
Bug WEB-44766 Suggestions for ExtJs classes do not work
Bug WEB-44880 Class NgxsFeatureModule is not an Angular module
Bug WEB-43035 Code completion doesn't work with Angular plugin if `export default` is used
Usability WEB-44181 Don't use override completion for standard React component methods in TypeScript
Task WEB-44559 Angular: Enable 'Inaccessible component member in AOT mode' inspection by default
Task WEB-44730 I18n Angular plugin
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-44528 invalid error inspection for `delete window.Worker`
LintersFeature WEB-24452 Allow to run ESLint fix on save
Feature WEB-44070 Support ESLint 6.7 Suggestions API
Node.jsBug WEB-44507 WSL2: Node process can't be stopped from the IDE
Bug WEB-44714 Rubymine cannot find asdf-installed yarn executable
Bug WEB-44669 [pnpm] Code Completion and indexing does not work
Task WEB-44491 Get 'Can not enable node.js coding assistance' warning when debug via remote interpreter
SASSFeature WEB-37969 baseUrl in tsconfig.json is ignored when resolving Sass imports via ~file.scss
TypeScriptBug WEB-44859 Vue: "Optimize import" should keep "type" keyword
Bug WEB-44463 TypeScript service doesn't work when project is in WSL2
Bug WEB-44557 Can't find constructor usages of class from imported module while using Node.js and TypeScript
Bug WEB-44775 No method separators when using arrow functions in TypeScript
Bug WEB-44995 Can't start TypeScript service in projects with Yarn pnp when TypeScript is not in the root folder
Bug WEB-44613 Imports using typings inserted as `from "@types/<package>"` instead of `from "<package>"`
Unit TestsBug WEB-44698 WebStorm does not use the right mocha executable
DB AdministrationFeature DBE-7018 MySQL: ability to configure expired password
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-5439 Can not connect to MySQL using SSL CA root certificate
Bug DBE-10100 DataGrip drops the driver icon when a driver configuration is duplicated.
DB ConsoleBug DBE-9957 "Always Select Opened Element" in Services window can't be disabled
Bug DBE-10383 Can not copy cell parts from In-Editor results
DB Schema ViewsFeature DBE-8121 Dedicated node for trigger functions in the database tree view
Data Import & ExportFeature DBE-10484 A slightly pleasant usability for Dump Data dialog
Bug DBE-5082 CSV export doesn't escape a double quote
Bug DBE-10113 Some background tasks are not viewable / findable
Data ViewsBug DBE-9272 Cannot Save LOB from results of complex queries (double WHERE)
Usability DBE-1845 Automatic CSV data editor
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-10350 Filtered objects appears in search/database navigation
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-10467 Postgres formatting OFFSET clause
SQL GeneralBug DBE-10412 Index/Foreign Key Code Generation Name formatting
Bug DBE-10309 Oracle: create search index statement fails to execute from DataGrip
SQL GenerationBug DBE-10219 Deleting Column with Column-Owned Sequence Generates Unnecessary DROP Statement
Bug DBE-10431 Datagrip trigger charset
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-10410 Amazon Redshift MATERIALIZED VIEW Syntax Not Supported
Bug DBE-9695 Invalid highlight of automatically named columns
Bug DBE-10294 IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate considers GRANT ROLE TO USER being wrong in MariaDB
Bug DBE-10354 "SELECT FOR SHARE" syntax not supported by console
Bug DBE-10295 In PostgreSQL, `generate_series` is incorrectly highlighted as an error
SQL ResolveBug DBE-9952 PostgreSQL driver doesn't correctly handle "unnest" functions
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