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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 EAP (192.4488.21 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-210635 Can't attach a project without .iml file in /.idea
Bug IDEA-195770 BPMN diagram layout.
Bug IDEA-214968 Run Anything recent project description
Performance IDEA-214793 TokenTypes loading could be eliminated from the initial startup
Usability IDEA-209479 Services view: it would be nice to provide navigation between database connection entry in Services and the corresponding editor tab
Exception IDEA-215280 Services view: exception on Database connection running after Database tab closing
Build. GradleBug IDEA-214706 Can't import gradle-based kotlin project created using SpringInitializr
Build. JPS (Compiling Project)Bug IDEA-214880 2019.2 EAP compilation fails with IllegalArgumentException in JPS
Bug IDEA-212329 Annotation processor is not invoked with java 9 modules
Build. MavenFeature IDEA-119931 Maven Groovy project not recognized properly
Code Analysis. DuplicatesBug IDEA-212709 Hide unrelevant options in `Duplicated code fragment` inspection options.
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-138441 Methods named like getters are wrongly treated as pure
Bug IDEA-214550 Intellij shows wrong error on generic methods due to another another argument wrong type.
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-182589 Copy settings back to IDE after disable sync plugin
Bug IDEA-210503 Freeze when trying to update IDE from "Settings" dialog
Bug IDEA-214809 Users which had old Mac OS keymap get switched to new keymap silently
Core. Platform APIFeature IDEA-214797 Allow using color palette in themes
Bug IDEA-210479 A race condition in module structure loading
Exception IDEA-214801 NPE at VirtualFilePointerImpl#toString
Core. Plugin ManagementException IDEA-214826 NPE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.NewListPluginComponent.updateEnabledState
Exception IDEA-210339 AE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.PluginUpdatesService.recalculateUpdates
Core. ProfilerTask IDEA-214653 Correct presentation settings in Java profiler's call tree
Core. Run | Debug. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-214641 Blank area in tool window when turn off all tabs
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-215015 Text "jitter" during typing in editor on Windows after dragging editor onto a different monitor
Bug IDEA-212623 Folding comments in Java out of FileHeader/Class blocks
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-211528 Diff change highlighting not propagated to inlay
Editor. Formatter and Code StyleException IDEA-214694 java.lang.Throwable: Control-flow exceptions (like ProcessCanceledException) should never be logged
Frameworks. GWTBug IDEA-212421 GWT compiler no longer works in plain IDEA projects (missing validation-api jars)
Bug IDEA-193374 GWT template project is created with incorrect web.xml
Frameworks. SpringBug IDEA-166549 Spring 5 Testing: no support for @SpringJUnitConfig#classes, @SpringJUnitWebConfig#classes
Bug IDEA-152493 Spring MVC + Freemarker: model attribute properties rename works icorrectly
Bug IDEA-152491 Spring MVC + Velocity: model attribute property rename (from vm template) is performed incorrectly
GroovyBug IDEA-214735 Groovy Editor displays errors for with constructor opening parenthesis on new line
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationBug IDEA-215000 Critical Startup Error while launching IDEA from scratch
Task IDEA-199662 Get rid of additional png files which are currently packaged with IntelliJ-based IDEs
Task IDEA-214695 Provide a special variant of svg product icon for 16x16 images
Java. Code CompletionBug IDEA-209627 Completion: method modifiers are not suggested for method if the previous method does not have semicolon
Bug IDEA-211192 In live templates no variables can be filled after completeSmart() variable
Bug IDEA-168309 Completion inside Class.forName starts suggesting root packages again when something unknown entered
Java. DebuggerBug IDEA-204665 Compiling evaluator fails with JDK 11
Java. Error HighlightingFeature IDEA-212082 "Extension methods are only allowed in interfaces" error should have quickfix to remove "default" keyword
Bug IDEA-214559 Generic exceptions with upper bound ignored when rethrown
Bug IDEA-123948 Constant condition and exceptions: false positive on MappedByteBuffer.getInt
Java. GUI DesignerBug IDEA-212715 Bug report + FIX: IntelliJ IDEA Community and Ultimate have a broken Snapshooter (Running your app with Enable capturing form snapshots throws ClassNotFoundException)
Bug IDEA-173805 NoClassDefFoundError: kotlin/reflect/KDeclarationContainer when trying to create a new GUI Form Snapshot
Java. InspectionsFeature IDEA-214748 Reflective access to nonexistent/not visible class member inspection: add a quick-fix
Bug IDEA-214714 `Synthetic accessor call` inspection creates redundant or invalid constructors
Bug IDEA-214845 Split Local Variable exception in switch expression
Bug IDEA-187209 JavaReflectionMemberAccess inspection: false positive at test method that try to test private static method in main code
Java. RefactoringsFeature IDEA-214619 Inline MyEnum.valueOf and
Bug IDEA-210815 Bug : Extract Variable in IntelliJ IDEA with ternary operator - suggested name not modified for all occurrences, extracted variable defined within 'then' block, even if it is used both in the 'then' and 'else' parts.
Usability IDEA-212266 `null` primitive vararg array is extracted into Boxed variable
Cosmetics IDEA-212191 "Dynamic references in code to method xxx" and "Occurrences found in comments, strings, and non-code files" are summed up
Task IDEA-214923 Switch off by default "Search in comments/non-java files" for methods and fields
Java. Tests. JUnitBug IDEA-211244 `@Testable` support does not correctly identify methods
Usability IDEA-214610 Shift+click on rerun for debug mode is not discoverable
Usability IDEA-209703 Rename "Import Test Results" and add a button for "Run Recent Tests"
JavaX. JSFBug IDEA-211320 faces-config.xml navigation diagram is not working
Plugin Development (DevKit)Bug IDEA-212261 IDEA UI Guidelines: "Action" text capitalization via resource bundle
Task IDEA-214817 Remove support for <helpset> from Devkit
Plugin. TerminalBug IDEA-151310 active tool window resize hot key dose not work
Bug IDEA-214782 Terminal cannot override IDE shortcuts when running with JBR 1.8.0_212 or JBR 11
ServicesBug IDEA-215095 Services view: with 'flatten services' on the 'group by type' should work or be disabled
Exception IDEA-215161 Memory leak detected: '
Services. DockerTask IDEA-193122 Docker: migrate to docker-java to v3.1.0
Services. SSHUsability IDEA-214834 Tools | Start SSH Session usability problems
User InterfaceBug IDEA-214885 2019.2 EAP: gradle task 'buildSearchableOptions' throws exception UIDefaults.getUI() failed for MyOptionButton
Bug IDEA-212788 Messages view freezes IDE
Bug IDEA-212035 Editor tabs change color even when a modal dialog is hovered
Bug IDEA-214800 Keymap switcher on Mac shows Windows keymap at first position
Bug IDEA-214821 Tabs: There is a double top border when database console is opened
Cosmetics IDEA-214996 New tabs UI: There is no border between database console/table editor and Toolbar/Navigation bar when tabs are hidden
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-199225 Console output doesn't combine folds when the prints happen some time apart
Exception IDEA-212586 Empty Exception Summary
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-214991 "Replace" field has increased height
Bug IDEA-214489 List drop own of Combobox with jbPopup remains when dialog is moved
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-211547 Search Everywhere: Items found in "Top Hit" section are invisible
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-215107 The cursor is gone after "Find in Path..." dialog
Usability IDEA-200871 Tool Window should NOT transfer focus unconditionally.
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-215057 High contrast is selected, but IDE is in Darcula
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-214915 Home and end keys don't work in floating navigation bar
Version ControlFeature IDEA-182495 Show git file history for multiple directories in project view
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-214543 Deadlock when checking out new project from Git
Bug IDEA-214900 Synchronous execution on EDT: VcsRootProblemNotifier
Bug IDEA-214683 Git authentication does not work when username includes parentheses
Usability IDEA-208989 On project open gpg card password asked due to spawned 'git ls-remote'
No subsystemBug WEB-36536 JSX Emmet: custom components with names similar to HTML void elements are always expanded to empty tags
Bug WEB-39040 'Ensure breakpoints are detected...' in JavaScript Debug configuration is not saved when URL is empty
Bug WEB-39067 'Propagate to destructuring' shouldn't be available when declaration and usages reside in different files
Task WEB-39051 Disable Safe Write in WebStorm
CSSBug WEB-38874 postcss-simple-vars: add completion for imported variables
CoffeeScriptBug WEB-36037 CoffeeScript Syntax Error: Unmatched closing ')' -- when it is actually present
DartBug WEB-18864 Dart: update import statement on moving container file
JavaScriptFeature WEB-38976 Support Object.fromEntries()
Feature WEB-38945 Show available method signatures in the Go to definition popup
Feature WEB-38974 Support destructuring declarations in Vue.js and allow 'Propagate to destructuring' to propagate there and 'Rename' to rename properly
Bug WEB-38685 Structure view for JavaScript tests doesn't work with custom regions
Bug WEB-39011 Renaming destructuring declarations in catch-block fails with exception
Bug WEB-39054 Wrong warning in constructor of a class that extends null
Bug WEB-38583 Simple type hinting not working for Array.forEach()
Bug WEB-36104 Lookup items for import-completion and globals are mixed in the list with the same priority
Bug WEB-38647 Unresolved methods of mixins
Bug WEB-36595 No autocomplete for inherited static methods when class is "required" from a different file
Bug WEB-39022 Create missing default branch for switch should not add break when there's a return statement
Bug WEB-38953 Inner class methods returning class instance not resolved when chaining
Bug WEB-38056 'Flip if-else', 'Merge if-else', 'Remove braces', etc. all remove inner functions inside blocks
Bug WEB-39024 Change the "Switch statement is redundant" inspection to a weak warning
Bug WEB-39058 Function is not available in completion in its body
Bug WEB-39005 JS: incorrect rest param styling
Bug WEB-38700 Bad color for in some dark themes
Cosmetics WEB-39007 Postfix completion misprint
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-39092 Formatting doesn't remove spaces in for..of / loops
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-39056 PyCharm, new vue project wizard: missing checkbox 'Use default project setup'
Performance WEB-39053 Angular2ImplicitUsageProvider.isImplicitUsage is heavy
JavaScript. RefactoringFeature WEB-39096 Intention action to convert destructuring back to properly accesses when possible
Feature WEB-38295 'Inline' should handle functions with destructuring parameters
Bug WEB-39079 'Propagate to destructuring' breaks code when propagation target and source are in the same variable list
Bug WEB-37861 Cannot inline ES6 function property
Bug WEB-39026 Extract value does not detect duplicate values in ECMAscript / Typescript template strings
Bug WEB-39062 'Propagate to destructuring declaration': breaks code in case of arrow functions without parens
Node.jsFeature WEB-39055 Add `ci` to the list of commands in NPM run configuration
TypeScriptBug WEB-39027 Switch case items should not be shown when completion is invoked for qualified references
Data Import & ExportBug DBE-8323 Cassandra: incorrect blob data export as sql inserts
Data ViewsFeature DBE-5804 Preview BLOB content in table documentation
Bug DBE-8058 Can't edit table in data editor in Apache Cassandra using DataGrip
Usability DBE-8318 Filter History no longer showing up after 2019.1 release
SQL Format and StyleCosmetics DBE-8355 Different panel height for Generic SQL and Derby settings
Cosmetics DBE-8356 Extra separator between scheme chooser and option tabs in MS Windows
SQL HighlightingBug DBE-8277 Inspection: Table variable is never used
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