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  • IDEA X First EAP Release Notes
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  • Faster indexing speed
  • UI/UX Improvements
    • New scrollbars
    • Improvements for Mac OS X (native-like status bar, IDE restart, etc.)
    • Soft wrap in the editor (work in progress, use at your own risk)
  • Java
    • Faster method usage search
    • New formatting options (alignment in columns, relative indents)
  • Spring
    • Spring Web Services support
    • Spring testing support
    • Spring integration with JSRs and languages: JSR-330(CDI), Groovy, etc.
    • extended placeholders support
    • new live templates (patterns and frameworks)
    • intelligent resources support (smart completion and warnings for resource types)
  • JavaScript / ActionScript Support:
    • Smarter introduce: allow to extract fragment of E4X literal / arbitrary well-formed binary expression (e.g. b + c in a + b + c), suggest variants when no selection
    • Introduce parameter refactoring for function.
    • Create parameter fix on unresolved variable.
    • ActionScript: create field / assign to field fix available on unused parameter.
    • ActionScript: inline one function call and leave the method option.
    • ActionScript: rename access property functions renames field and vice versa.
  • Flex Support:
    • Flex and FlexUnit run configuration: select browser or Flash Player to launch your application with (IDEA-49795)
    • Flex and FlexUnit run configuration: option to place your SWF file to the local-trusted sandbox (IDEA-51966)
    • Settings | Compiler | Flex Compiler: option whether to include debugging info into compiled SWF/SWC (IDEA-52692)
    • Compile CSS to SWF (IDEA-54169)
    • Extract interface, Extract superclass actions
    • Reworked 'New ActionScript Class' / 'New Flex Component' actions that support file templates
    • 'Go to symbol' feature now works in MXML components
  • Version Controls Support
    • Git support improvements, including 'Git Log' view.
    • Mercurial support
  • Application Servers
    • Option in the module wizard to quickly create a run configuration for an application server
  • Groovy
    • Change Method Signature refactoring working for both Groovy&Java code
    • Compiler: navigation from the generated stubs to the Groovy classes
    • HotSwap for Groovy classes
    • Easy Grape dependencies downloading
    • Groovy++ list->object, map->object, closure->object conversions, traits support
    • In-place rename for local variables
    • Gant: Ant task names completion (requires Ant Support plugin enabled)
  • Grails
    • GSP: completion for attributes "action", "controller", "template", "contextPath", "plugin"
    • GSP: resolving variables defined in tags like g:each, g:set, etc.
    • GSP: support javascript in tags like "onSuccess", "onFailture", etc.
    • Preliminary debugging of GSP pages.
    • Completion for value of action/controller parameters in built-in methods redirect(), render(), forward(), chain().
    • Source and javadoc jars detection for Ivy dependencies if they exist in the local Ivy cache.
    • Renaming related artifacts together (e.g. renaming matching .gsp together with a controller action, renaming matching test classes together with production ones, etc.)
  • Language Injection
  • Database & Persistence Frameworks Support
  • Android Support
    • Navigation to original resource from its usage in Java code
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  1. Don't forget the align "fields/variables groups" feature.

  2. Mouse event not responsible in the package explorer.

    1. Please report bugs to our issue tracker:

      1. After restarted,it works again.

  3. Jay

    I don't know where's the good place to ask this, but when to expect Ruby plugin for IDEA X?

    1. Jay, the best place to ask about Ruby support is at the dedicated forum:

      We plan to release Ruby plugin soon. Most likely with the next RubyMine 2.5 EAP, later this week or early next week.

  4. I'm missing Android on the list above.
    What I really would like to see to improve the current Android support in IDEA, is a UI designer for Android.

    Currently I'm using Eclipse for the visual UI design of Android layouts. The UI designer in Eclipse leave a lot to desire, so there are plenty of room for improvements.

    For example: populating lists with dummy data, attaching row layouts to lists, support for designing dialogs and menues, support for designing user defined widgets, visual design of shape drawables (including gradients) and more.

    1. Jens,

      Thanks for the ideas. The best way would be to create feature requests in our issue tracker:

      Or, to vote for them if they are already there.