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IDEA-62165 (Feature)

autocompletion enhancement

IDEA-61655 (Usability Problem)

Enter license data dialog: "License key" field is multistring

IDEA-60904 (Cosmetics)

Wrong background while debugging in frames list under GTK+L&F

IDEA-61247 (Cosmetics)

UI glitch under GTK+L&F License agreement

IDEA-61245 (Cosmetics)

UI: background problem in Enter License Data dialog under GTK+ L&F

IDEA-60468 (Cosmetics)

Wrong floating dialogs background under GTK+ L&F

IDEA-62194 (Cosmetics)

Wrong background in tab switcher

WI-3766 (Bug)

zf tool shoud support optional parameters

IDEA-61495 (Bug)

Evaluation License Expired dialog: Enter Key button works like OK

WI-3898 (Bug)

Smarty 3: missing keywords

WI-3919 (Bug)

PHP Code Style "Intent 'case' branches" has no effect

IDEA-62198 (Bug)

Incorect autoreplace for -> System.arraycopy

IDEA-62209 (Bug)

I can't generate JavaDoc (from Tools menu) anymore!

IDEA-60300 (Bug)

Project structure dialog very slow to load and manipulate for large project

IDEA-61567 (Bug)

Groovy and grails New SDK not stored for later use (regression)

IDEA-57926 (Bug)

Improve usability for resizing quick javadoc

IDEA-62218 (Bug)

Inner enums completion

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-62008 (Bug)

Double-checking locking on volatile is still reported as warning

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-62036 (Bug)

Running tests in IDEA 10 is 40% slower than in IDEA 9

IntelliJ Platform


WI-2813 (Feature)

download db connector automatically

WI-4237 (Bug)

Switcher shows closed unnecessary files



IDEA-61617 (Bug)

jQuery code completion not visible when jQuery is aliased.

IDEA-61563 (Bug)

Unresolved function or method $() for JQuery 1.4.4

Flex Support


IDEA-61982 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: usages of "arguments.caller"

IDEA-49461 (Bug)

In AS/MXML some qualified references to certain classes do not require import statement

IDEA-60667 (Bug)

ActionScript: Inspections: "Type mismatch problem" doesn't detect type mismatches with closures

IDEA-62119 (Bug)

Autocompletion suggests "Function" instead of "function"

IDEA-56342 (Bug)

Flex: good code red. Class is not recognized as an implementor of IDataInput or IDataOutput

Project Configuration


IDEA-22150 (Bug)

Library with non-existing jars is not highlighted as invalid in module Dependencies

IDEA-59969 (Bug)

Project or Global library rename via ModuleDependencies tab should work properly

Version Control. Git


IDEA-62268 (Bug)

no git init in default project

IDEA-61969 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.b



IDEA-61809 (Bug)

Resources compiled incorrectly when library projects used

IDEA-25216 (Exception)

"Write end dead" error if phone was plugged off while logcat is running

Version Control


IDEA-61692 (Bug)

IDEA hangs on loading file history when I unshelve changes (98.430)

IDEA-26224 (Exception)

Null Pointer Exception



IDEA-61851 (Bug)

Bad code green: access from inter-type methods to non-static aspect members

IDEA-55808 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.impl.quickfix.CreateFromUsageBaseFix.positionCursor



IDEA-62035 (Bug)

Hiberante plugin not work with 3.6 hibernate



IDEA-60926 (Performance Problem)

Typing very slow in Spring XML file while typing class names (98.309)

PHP lang


WI-4122 (Bug)

Wrong formatting of non-class constants defined with "const" keyword (PHP 5.3.0+)

WI-4128 (Bug)

PHP: Introduce Variable Refactoring with "Replace all occurrences" option enabled called in a file with several namespaces places resulted definition before <?php tag if occurrences are found more than in one namescapce

WI-4156 (Bug)

PHP: relative reference with 'namespace' keyword to default namespace function/class is not resolved

WI-4152 (Bug)

Wrong inspection: unused variable in foreach with reference if there is a space between & and $

WI-4163 (Bug)

PHPdoc parsing bug with pre-formatted code

WI-4177 (Bug)

Assigning by reference to global unused bug



WI-3222 (Bug)

The "nested functions" inspection reports anonymous functions even with "include anonymous functions" turned off

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-58430 (Cosmetics)

CVS: annotate for file cuts author name

IDEA-60306 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.cvsSupport2.changeBrowser.CvsCommittedChangesProvider.getOneList

IDEA-59649 (Exception)

NPE at java.util.Calendar.setTime

Task Management


IDEA-58397 (Bug)

github task integration

IDEA-26828 (Bug)

Unable to delete task

Compiling Project


IDEA-58713 (Exception)

SOE at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.getComponentFromContainer

PHP debug


WI-2194 (Feature)

PHP debugger: code completion in debugger views could be introduced

WI-4040 (Exception)

PHP debug: Watches: adding a watch and typing causes AE at CodeCompletionHandlerBase.insertDummyIdentifier()

Maven Integration


IDEA-54411 (Feature)

maven: introduce property: make selection a bit smarter

IDEA-54707 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA not saving files prior to executing run/debug configuration with 'run maven goal before launch' option



IDEA-62220 (Usability Problem)

Cannot delete multiple Data Sources

IDEA-61957 (Cosmetics)

sql: "DDL Data Source" might be a less confusing name for "SQL Data source"



IDEA-58461 (Task)

Replace hard-coded shortcut with actionId

IDEA-52809 (Task)

Add topic re toggling writable status

IDEA-57720 (Task)

Update online documentation about Eclipse needing to import resulted .classpath files into its workspace

IDEA-58951 (Task)

Update editor reference

IDEA-57068 (Task)

Update reference page for Editor. Appearance

IDEA-52219 (Task)

Update Groovy Gradle documentation

IDEA-60763 (Task)

Run/Debug Configuration: <App Server> topics need to be revised

IDEA-55775 (Task)

Reflect Mercurial support in docs.

IDEA-58947 (Task)

Update reference of the "Application servers" page

IDEA-58949 (Task)

Update "Debugger" reference

IDEA-54677 (Meta Issue)

Update Groovy/Grails documentation

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-58084 (Bug)

static method import via completion: reduce noise by collapsing overloaded matches from same containing class

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-16377 (Feature)

"Highlight Usages in File" now only highlights when there are less than 100 matches

IDEA-57147 (Exception)

ClassCastException at JavaFindUsagesHandler.addElementUsages() on Find Usages applied to package private class fields

GWT Support


IDEA-57451 (Feature)

GWT style input should handle { paired with }

IDEA-60755 (Usability Problem)

gwt-maven-plugin + gwt 2.1.0 maven features support

IDEA-61424 (Bug)

CssResource Issues intention should check parent interfaces for style method names

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-61902 (Bug)

Exception while editing Java code

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-53255 (Usability Problem)

Editing JAVA_OPTS in RunConfiguration's Startup/Connection tab

IDEA-62127 (Bug)

Remote staging for Jboss remote debug required

User Interface


IDEA-61025 (Bug)

Item Tooltips: weird rendering artifacts in tables when hovering mouse over the cell with an expandable item

IDEA-60714 (Bug)

Empty Test message disappears on table repaint, e.g. on column click

IDEA-61370 (Bug)

Wrong entry run when Run/Debug -> Edit entry is chosen

IDEA-62069 (Bug)

Implement method dialog list highlighting hides deprecated method strike out



IDEA-60919 (Performance Problem)

Groovy: IDEA freezes for ~5 seconds when typing Groovy code

IDEA-62130 (Bug)

Groovy: Stack overflow exception thrown during resolving reference

IDEA-62089 (Bug)

Autocomplete: slowly typing "1f," produces "1fCollection,"

IDEA-62018 (Bug)

Suggestion list conflicts with Live Templates

IDEA-62098 (Bug)

Default Groovy methods return value subtype inspection

IDEA-62148 (Bug)

Grails Maven support: taglib and taglib test are not compiled

IDEA-62169 (Bug)

Activation of autopopup suggestion eats the following "this"

IDEA-49697 (Bug)

Find / Show / Highlight usages for gsp tags never finds any

IDEA-61946 (Bug)

Suggestion lists after "static" keyword insert a full class name

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