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  • IDEA X 98.486 Release Notes
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IDEA-60571 (Feature)

Improved fix for "make auto-unboxing explicit"

IDEA-61494 (Feature)

Allow to toggle "Use soft wraps" on a per-file basis

WI-3603 (Feature)

Structure window (PHP tab): add additional overlay icons for abstract and final class methods (in addition to static icon overlay)

IDEA-38259 (Usability Problem)

JetConnect: with no unread messages status bar shows no icon, but mouse click works

IDEA-51310 (Usability Problem)

Analyze stacktrace should not replace contents of Run tool window

IDEA-38191 (Usability Problem)

RSS reader could be not a modal dialog, but a tool window

IDEA-34593 (Usability Problem)

Feature lost from 5.0 to 6.0 -> same java class in both view panels via vertical split + CTRL N

IDEA-61229 (Usability Problem)

Increment/Decrement Height/Width actions should be dumb-aware

IDEA-61956 (Cosmetics)

Big padding between options in Settings - Editor

IDEA-55224 (Cosmetics)

Redundant ampersand in "servlet-name" label in New Servlet dialog

IDEA-51805 (Cosmetics)

Find usages dialog is too wide sometimes

IDEA-47141 (Task)

Generic include management facility

IDEA-55124 (Bug)

Can' restrict location of applicability of a GDSL

IDEA-59716 (Bug)

JSP Page Imports

IDEA-49959 (Bug)

Please, correct the spelling in the Generate Schema From Instance Dialog box

IDEA-59058 (Bug)

Deletion of package across all modules bug

IDEA-50622 (Bug)

Finishing basic class name completion with tab erases generics and constructor args

IDEA-52988 (Bug)

"Field can be local" inspection can't be customized to respect field injection annotations

IDEA-59575 (Bug)

SIOOBE at LocalFileSystem.findFileByPath()

IDEA-53284 (Bug)

Automatic Code Inspection continues to show warning despite @SuppressWarning instructions

IDEA-55727 (Bug)

JBossAS 6 shutdown support broken

IDEA-53092 (Bug)

Autocompletion after ctrl+z broken for some special variable names

IDEA-56467 (Bug)

save as live template inserts generics twice

IDEA-48308 (Bug)

xxxx is not presented in JRE Emulation liberary

IDEA-49839 (Bug)

StructurePopup (ctrl-F12): cannot switch off inherited methods filter for inner classes

IDEA-40430 (Bug)

JetConnect: all messages get "not read" status in case of starting without network connection

IDEA-48587 (Bug)

Static import inspection & intention action problems

IDEA-50590 (Bug)

When completing a field with qualifier casting, caret is placed inside typecast

IDEA-60393 (Bug)

HTML HREF inspection doesn't know tel URIs

IDEA-50099 (Bug)

build_searchable_options fails when target file does not exist

IDEA-61981 (Bug)

Generate javadocs: no documentation is generated for project located in path with spaces

IDEA-54071 (Bug)

Jboss remote deploy does not find ear Artifact

IDEA-57237 (Bug)

Ctrl+Shift+F10 in a Gant script always suggests to choose between Application and Groovy Script configurations

IDEA-60633 (Bug)

INRE on reindexing with jsp file opened

IDEA-26640 (Bug)

False positive on "access outside of declared guards" inspection

IDEA-26644 (Bug)

Unguarded field access false positive: access in constructors

IDEA-59958 (Bug)

can not shut down or restart jboss server

IDEA-60410 (Bug)

Idea X EAP high CPU usage

IDEA-56417 (Bug)

IDEA restarter does not work (regression)

IDEA-61484 (Bug)

Cursor keys in comment in bug reporting window iterate thru bugs, not the comment's text

IDEA-49917 (Bug)

Please, add Help buttons and map IDs to the following dialog boxes

IDEA-51746 (Bug)

Groovy: pressing Enter inside braces in string literal doesn't produce multiline string

IDEA-38261 (Bug)

JetConnect: dialog columns are not correctly adjusted with different appearance settings (look and feels)

IDEA-61863 (Bug)

Delete doesn't work for BMP entity bean classes in EJB view

IDEA-57602 (Bug)

Copy-paste sometimes doesn't work for files/directories between IDEA windows

IDEA-48746 (Bug)

IDEA restarter does not work the second time

IDEA-61915 (Exception)

Gant: NPE at AppletConfigurationProducer.createConfigurationByElement() on attempt to run empty gant script

IDEA-59154 (Exception)

IAE at java.awt.image.DirectColorModel.createCompatibleWritableRaster

IDEA-57717 (Exception)

IllegalStateException: Attempt to mutate in notification

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-61750 (Cosmetics)

Expiration date on the splash screen should not be localized.

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-57163 (Feature)

InstanceofChain inspection should ignore libraries.

IDEA-53732 (Feature)

"Magic number" inspection cannot ignore constant initialization

IDEA-62006 (Cosmetics)

Redundant whitespace in inspection problem description

IDEA-37280 (Bug)

Incorrect undo message dialog appeared after suppressing problem undo

IDEA-61858 (Bug)

"Unnecessarily qualified statically imported element" false positive

IDEA-61782 (Bug)

UNUSED_SYMBOL: Configure Annotations

IDEA-61662 (Bug)

Inspection "Class is a singleton" - false positive

IDEA-61066 (Bug)

"Overly broad 'catch' block" inspection displays false warning, causing quick fix to produce invalid code

IDEA-61612 (Bug)

Supress annotated 'private field is never assigned' does not work anymore

IDEA-61010 (Bug)

Inspection "for loop replaceable with 'for each'" produces code that works differently when I am using custom iterator with paramers

IDEA-53606 (Bug)

"'for' loop with missing components" inspection fails to handle multiple Iterator control variables

IDEA-61127 (Bug)

bad inspection for IF statement

IDEA-61468 (Bug)

NPE from DuplicateStringLiteralInspection.checkStringLiteralExpression on headless inspections run

IDEA-54096 (Bug)

"Cast conflicts with instanceof" should ignore generic type.

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-11707 (Feature)

Export Junit/Run Results/Statistics.

IDEA-56916 (Bug)

Running jUnit-Tests: tests tree keeps entries expanded randomly (question)

Code Navigation


IDEA-55880 (Bug)

Quick Documentation Lookup -> candidate selection window -> generic signatures may not display correctly

IntelliJ Platform


WI-4093 (Usability Problem)

PHP: "Create New PHP File/Class" dialogs navigation using "Tab" button skips comboboxes

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-56018 (Bug)

Reformatting Flex code does not honor "Special 'else if' treatment" setting



IDEA-54572 (Feature)

Provide "suspicious variable/parameter name combination" inspection for JavaScript and Flex

IDEA-61020 (Feature)

JavaScript Library: Need feature to attach source folder

IDEA-61681 (Feature)

JavaScript: support for "use strict"

IDEA-61698 (Bug)

JSON file type is broken

IDEA-60394 (Exception)

JavaScript: Throwable at JSBracePostFormatProcessor$JSBraceEnforcer.visitJSForStatement() on opening Code Style/Wrapping and Braces settings for JS if "Ensure right margin is not exceeded" option is enabled

IDEA-54373 (Exception)


Flex Support


IDEA-27246 (Feature)

Libraries are not included in output file

IDEA-60294 (Feature)

Suggest to create/run/debug Flex run configuration from HTML file context if it looks like swf wrapper

IDEA-60499 (Usability Problem)

Parameter Info not displayed when no closing paren

IDEA-57952 (Bug)

[flex] [actionscript] [mxml] Refactor->Move... ActionScript class creates BAD CODE if class was referenced in MXML using xmlns namespaces

IDEA-60322 (Bug)

Introduce field: don't add meaningless expression

IDEA-59788 (Bug)

ActionScript: incorrect usages highlighting on inlining var/const defined out of the current file; Throwable at JSInlineSettingsBase.addRangeHighlighterForPsiElement()

IDEA-60427 (Bug)

ActionScript: Change Signature -> Add Parameters Refactoring inserts incorrect default value when adding a non-trailing parameter

IDEA-61404 (Bug)

good code red: unresolved variable systemClasses

IDEA-58500 (Bug)

flex: strange dialogs after invoking 'rename' on 'arguments' reference

IDEA-61622 (Bug)

Consider Brackets as Array

IDEA-59902 (Bug)

In MXML, instance as ClassName casting is not recognized and is reported in IDE as error

IDEA-60667 (Bug)

ActionScript: Inspections: "Type mismatch problem" doesn't detect type mismatches with closures

IDEA-61630 (Bug)

incorrect error: callback should have single parameter with single type

IDEA-60713 (Bug)

bad code green: cast: object to class

IDEA-60299 (Bug)

Missing warning: type Vector.<XXX> is not assignable to Boolean

IDEA-59700 (Bug)

ActionScript: Inline Function Refactoring incorrectly processes instantiation expresisons if function is accessed through class instance

IDEA-61104 (Bug)

insert live template: type always as FQN, need to "replace with import statement"

IDEA-59832 (Bug)

ActionScript: Extract Function Refactoring incorrecrly infers resulted type as void if applied to assignment expressions with untyped variable

IDEA-61061 (Bug)

MXML: Live template $END$ not ending in proper location

IDEA-62045 (Bug)

Choose class dialog: respect 'show non-project classes' checkbox

IDEA-50680 (Bug)

In injected context tooltip for TODO shows all CDATA text

IDEA-59411 (Bug)

Introduce field dialog: hide 'Initialize in' chooser when creating element out of class

IDEA-61189 (Bug)

Can't use relative paths in Flex compiler config with new compiler shell in IDEA X EAP

IDEA-61795 (Bug)

smart complete for vector: element type always as FQN, need to "replace with import statement"

IDEA-61557 (Bug)

ActionScript / JavaScript editing: unwanted keyword code completion while typing in single-line comments

IDEA-61720 (Bug)

Extract anonymous function generates invalid code

IDEA-61428 (Bug)

good code red: object accessor type vs * accessor type

IDEA-61976 (Bug)

UML + Flex: don't suggest to create constructors in mxml components

IDEA-61607 (Bug)

Deadlock on Windows 7

IDEA-60646 (Bug)

ActionScript: Introduce Variable Refactoring with "Replace all occurrences" option enabled breaks try-catch block

IDEA-60647 (Bug)

ActionScript: Introduce Variable Refactoring applied to code in "if-else" block doesn't replace occurrences in "if" block

IDEA-59495 (Bug)

ActionScript: Extract Function Refactoring applied to initialization expression results with uncompilable code if initializer is parameter/variable

IDEA-60863 (Bug)

Flex: Optimizing imports results in broken code

IDEA-59139 (Bug)

flex: type calculation for binary expressions can cause inadvertent logic changes (through "introduce variable" action and "add type" quickfix)

IDEA-25309 (Bug)

flex: extract method: don't insert superfluous semicolon

IDEA-59454 (Bug)

ActionScript: "Add type to declaration" quick fix applied to dynamic function suggest to insert type in wrong place

IDEA-60809 (Bug)

ActionScript refactoring actions should not be suggested for plain Javascript

IDEA-59592 (Bug)

ActionScript: Introduce optional Parameter Refactoring fails if applied to array literal

IDEA-59298 (Bug)

ActionScript: Inline Method Refactoring looses beginning and trailing comments

IDEA-61979 (Bug)

Flex + UML: new field in .as class or .mxml component creation: type selector doesn't work

IDEA-60103 (Bug)

ActionScript: Inline Refactoring applied to a class property could be aware of private/protected class members the property is referenced to

IDEA-61354 (Bug)

"i:" is automatically converted to "if", instead autocompletion would be expected.

IDEA-61867 (Bug)

ActionScript: Inline Method Refactoring looses beginning and trailing comments if there is only one line of code in function body

IDEA-61865 (Bug)

ActionScript: Inline Method Refactoring breaks code if function body starts with multiline block comment

IDEA-56732 (Bug)

Missing error: Array used where a Boolean value was expected. The expression will be type coerced to Boolean.

IDEA-61777 (Bug)

Good code red: non-visual component should be allowed in root tag of <itemRenderer>

IDEA-59398 (Exception)

ActionScript: ClassCastException at VarOrFieldInliner.handleVariable() on inlining loop iterator variable

IDEA-60429 (Exception)

ActionScript: NumberFormatException at JSInsertCastFix.applyFix() on "Insert Cast" quick fix when casting a string to a numeric type

IDEA-59579 (Exception)

AcrionScript: Introduce Parameter Refactoring applied to closure suggests incorrect parameter value; AIOOBE at JSIntroduceParameterHandler.getReplacementExpression()

IDEA-59400 (Exception)

ActionScript: NPE at VarOrFieldInliner.removeDefinition() on applying Inline Refactoring to for-loop iterator variable

IDEA-62005 (Exception)

Exception opening diagram for some 'src' folder

IDEA-59289 (Exception)

JavaScript/ActionScript: IllegalArgumentException at JSIntroduceParameterHandler.createDialog() on Introduce Parameter Refactoring called from main menu

IDEA-61975 (Exception)

CCE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.inspections.JSUnusedGlobalSymbolsInspection$1.visitJSReferenceExpression

IDEA-61974 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.util.ActionCallback$

IDEA-50163 (Exception)

When rename action is invoked for package keyword in case of default package, exception is shown

IDEA-60104 (Exception)

ActionScript: AIOOBE at VarOrFieldInliner.inlineUsage() on inlining a variable/field initialized with a closure



IDEA-61403 (Bug)

Web Beans: it would be nice to support 'webbeans' facet

IDEA-26446 (Bug)

Show Execution Point action doesn't work correctly with multiple debug sessions

IDEA-60734 (Bug)

On JavaEEApplication facet adding to created module don't create empty <module> tag in application.xml

IDEA-51547 (Exception)

ClassCastException: com.intellij.facet.impl.autodetecting.model.DetectedFacetInfoImpl cannot be cast to com.intellij.facet.impl.autodetecting.model.FacetInfoBackedByFacet

IDEA-61523 (Exception)

RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.jetbrains.plugins.webDeployment.transport.WebDeploymentTransportService

Project Configuration


IDEA-60990 (Cosmetics)

Add an arrow to the Scope dropdown

IDEA-57680 (Bug)

Settings / Artifatcs / New Web/EJB/Java EE application exploded / from modules always get the name from the first module in the list

IDEA-15323 (Bug)

Give warning when adding a new existing module to project that has same content root as prior module

Project View


IDEA-58219 (Bug)

Drag and Drop and Copy and Paste between Projects are both broken

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-13709 (Usability Problem)

Outdated plugins are disabled even after an update

GUI Designer


IDEA-61435 (Exception)




IDEA-59625 (Bug)

Glassfish 3.1 fails with NoClassDefFoundError com/sun/enterprise/admin/cli/remote/RemoteSuccessException



IDEA-61878 (Feature)

Rename resource to/from 9-patch should not be treated as rename

IDEA-61727 (Performance Problem)

Major Memory Leak

IDEA-61447 (Bug)

XML validation does not take into effect styles

IDEA-61939 (Bug)

Built-in Android AAPT generator doesn't run

IDEA-61126 (Bug)

Can't run Android Tests because they're not deployed

IDEA-61994 (Bug)

Logcat eating 100+% cpu

IDEA-61489 (Bug)

Missing layout_width on TableRow is marked as error

IDEA-61222 (Bug)

Proper Javadoc support for android

Version Control


IDEA-60368 (Task)

Add a Help button to the Create Patch dialog box and map a Help ID to it

IDEA-24858 (Bug)

VCS Edit->Cut Action on file managed by VCS should checkout file

IDEA-59768 (Bug)

Patch Applier: "Override" should be "Overwrite"



IDEA-55547 (Feature)

AspectJ: support "inline" refactoring

IDEA-54710 (Feature)

AspectJ: allow setting breakpoints in .aj files

IDEA-54797 (Bug)

AspectJ: NPE in RefMethodImpl.<init> when running Analyze..Inspect Code

IDEA-55811 (Bug)

AspectJ: 'create' field quickfix creates field of incorrect type

IDEA-54050 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.psi.impl.PsiClassImplUtil.obtainFinalSubstitutor

IDEA-55807 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.codeInsight.generation.GenerateMembersUtil.positionCaret



IDEA-52413 (Bug)

Resolve of column name in @Table doesn't work if table name not explicit specified

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-60657 (Bug)

Cannot add JBoss 5.1.0 EAP application server

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-51912 (Feature)

Support TFS 2010

PHP lang


WI-3573 (Feature)

undefined variables can be resolved by declaring them global

WI-3997 (Usability Problem)

PHP: "Add constant" quick fix could place the caret to inserted definition

WI-4103 (Cosmetics)

"@return" phpdoc for SimpleXMLElement::xpath()

WI-4044 (Bug)

PHP: relative references with 'namespace' keyword are red

WI-4091 (Bug)

PHP: Introduce Constant Refactoring invoked in a script with a namespace places resulted definition BEFORE the namespace declaration

WI-4039 (Bug)

PHP: definitions of same named functions from same named namespaces in different super-namespaces conflict (good code is red)

WI-3964 (Bug)

Unused local variable when using only $content of list($header, $content)

WI-4180 (Bug)

incorrect warning marker on globale namespace functions

WI-3922 (Exception)

PHP: Introduce Constant Refactoring: NPE at PhpRefactoringUtil.getFirstNotFieldChild() on introducing a constant in a class that has no functions



WI-3575 (Bug)

Call hierarhy broken if JS function invoking from HTML code.

WI-3024 (Bug)

Strange behaviour of "Move statement ..." activity in JavaScript code



IDEA-61820 (Bug)

Setting "make" of Tomcat run configuration builds whole project, not just necessary modules

IDEA-47468 (Bug)

idea unable to kill stuck tomcat process

Plugin: Deployment / FTP..


WI-4137 (Cosmetics)

Typo in hint for "Upload here" action

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-57550 (Cosmetics)

CVS SSH Password dialog has label with text "label"

IDEA-57932 (Exception)

CVS support: IOE at ChangeListStorageImpl.readPrevious() on attempt to show diff

Task Management


IDEA-59859 (Feature)

Docked Nav Bar should show Task Selector

IDEA-25164 (Bug)

"Open Task"-dialog should be updated with current JIRA tickets also during the time it is opened

IDEA-58953 (Bug)

Cannot add task when JIRA is not up

IDEA-55912 (Bug)

task management hangs after typing a space

IDEA-55274 (Bug)

Wierd Exception when opening a project in a new window.

IDEA-61049 (Bug)

YouTrack issue suggestions in Open Task not updated

IDEA-61635 (Bug)

Completion upon Creating new Task is awkward

IDEA-53279 (Exception)

LogConfigurationException: Invalid class loader hierarchy on opening project with configured tasks servers

Web Services


IDEA-55874 (Bug)

Web service method problem: Class java.lang.Class not public or does not allow instantiation

IDEA-57021 (Bug)

XJC generation error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/tools/xjc/XJCFacade

Compiling Project


IDEA-56392 (Bug)

Make it possible to compile IDEA CE from sources exposed as tarball

IDEA-53169 (Bug)


IDE Configuration


IDEA-25697 (Bug)

On windows, opening a second project doesn't maximize the window

IDEA-58003 (Bug)

Idea X EAP does not set the selected code style schema when importing settings from Idea 9

IDEA-59162 (Bug)

IDE settings lost when switching to IDEA X

IDEA-51564 (Bug)

Restore Defaults button restores ALL menus, not just selected one!

PHP debug


WI-1766 (Usability Problem)

When I switch between active debugging sessions, execution point should be updated or hidden at least

WI-4003 (Usability Problem)

PHP debug: "Incoming debugger connection" dialog could show the port number

WI-3400 (Usability Problem)

Settings / PHP / Debug / Default debugger (XDebug, Zend) seems to be useless

WI-4064 (Bug)

debugger includes files twice when using require_once and include_once on same file in separate places

CSS Editing


IDEA-60639 (Exception)

Exception when highlighting CSS file from Flex SDK



IDEA-61618 (Bug)

Correctly treat EJB classes deleting



IDEA-61416 (Task)

Run/Debug Configurations dialog: the Edit defaults button has been replaces with the Defaults node

IDEA-57112 (Bug)

[Context Help] There is no Help button for the New Action dialog

IDEA-48659 (Bug)

Documentation popup: Pressing 'back' does not update popup caption

IDEA-25111 (Bug)

Shelve Changes Dialog has no help



IDEA-60797 (Usability Problem)

Introduce Field should default to setUp method location when triggered in setUp method

IDEA-61311 (Usability Problem)

New inline Introduce Variable: Support type casts

IDEA-24554 (Usability Problem)

Rename parameters: Change mnemonic to alt-a

IDEA-57221 (Usability Problem)

Do not reuse 'search in comments' and 'search for text occurrences' options for different kinds of elements

IDEA-61605 (Usability Problem)

Introduce Field creates setUp() method at end of class

IDEA-61228 (Usability Problem)

Inline Quickfix for "Redundant variable" should not show dialog

IDEA-61861 (Usability Problem)

introduce field: add current name to the top of list

IDEA-61530 (Bug)


IDEA-56011 (Bug)

Introduce field fails in case of constructor parameter

IDEA-61830 (Bug)

Replace constructor with builder refactoring doesn't allow to place the builder in the default package.

IDEA-61739 (Bug)

Regression: Introduce constant uses method name instead of variable name

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-61568 (Feature)

"Convert if to switch" intention should be able to convert to JDK1.7 string switch

IDEA-61564 (Feature)

"Convert switch to if" intention should handle jdk7 string switch statements

IDEA-56511 (Usability Problem)

Please reorder intentions

IDEA-21175 (Usability Problem)

Add "Show intention description" option for intentions popup

IDEA-61443 (Bug)

New 'Run Query in Console' doesn't recognize escape characters

IDEA-59925 (Bug)

"implement interface" / "create subclass" intention should not suggest production source directory if invoked from type in test source directory



IDEA-52016 (Bug)

Can't deploy exploded war to JBoss

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-49650 (Cosmetics)

javadoc class name completion: don't use FQN if the class is imported

IDEA-52529 (Bug)

enum member not suggested while adding a static array right in the enum class

IDEA-51318 (Bug)

Wrong completion variants layout in evaluate dialog

IDEA-58655 (Bug)

Ctrl+shift+space completion sometimes scrolls editor up

IDEA-61806 (Bug)

Basic completion susbtitutes too much text

IDEA-53883 (Bug)

Anonymous classes and Ctrl+Shift+Space completion may cause IDE Fatal error

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-25963 (Usability Problem)

"Javadoc pointing to itself" warning - should be possible to disable this

IDEA-61708 (Bug)

Code highlighting is disabled after creating MXML component

IDEA-61380 (Bug)

When typing, running inspection is not cancelled if it's running for different project

XML editing


IDEA-61480 (Bug)

DocBook5: complains about xlink:href in <link>

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-48503 (Bug)

Unit test output tool rendering of expected/actual is too greedy and mistake jmock assertion output for normal junit assertion output

GWT Support


IDEA-55493 (Feature)

gwt: improve presentation for java reference variants in jsni

IDEA-61745 (Bug)

Stepping over the line (which handle procedure to Oracle DB) in debug mode is very slow

IDEA-58273 (Bug)

GWT warnings about modules not being inherited when the are

IDEA-42675 (Bug)

GWTTestCases implicitly inherit the JUnit module, but Intellij warns on use of classes imported from that module

IDEA-24829 (Bug)

Maia 10781 gwt-module inheritance failure

IDEA-61491 (Bug)

UPA validation errors in UiBinder

IDEA-61424 (Bug)

CssResource Issues intention should check parent interfaces for style method names

IDEA-56729 (Bug)

GWT plugin totally broken in EAP

IDEA-61460 (Bug)

ClientBundle @Source with static final constant instead of literal causes exception

IDEA-61412 (Bug)

Code complete for gwt-image doesn't work any more in @sprite

IDEA-61410 (Bug)

non-first properties are parsed incorrectly in gwt css @sprite

IDEA-61487 (Bug)

ClientBundle methods that return an ImageResource are always marked as unused

IDEA-57670 (Bug)

GWT uibinder must understand inheritance on the java side of the ui.xml / java pair.



IDEA-59263 (Performance Problem)

Performance problems with EL variables resolving

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-60637 (Usability Problem)

"Import into subversion" window usability problem

IDEA-57628 (Bug)

"Checkout from Subversion" dialog should have Cancel button



IDEA-60038 (Usability Problem)

"Kill server" option should be available after "Stop" server is pressed

IDEA-61548 (Bug)

Toggling line breakpoint by clicking on a gutter doesn't work before debugger has been touched

IDEA-61180 (Bug)

When file is renamed, breakpoint file path is not updated

IDEA-59070 (Bug)

GroovyHotSwap plugin prevents debug launch in Tomcat

IDEA-50339 (Bug)

Smart step into handler from a wrong debug session is invoked



IDEA-61794 (Bug)

Language injection in non-Java languages doesn't work



IDEA-61308 (Bug)

Struts2 text tags not linked to resource bundle entries

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-61700 (Bug)

Add soft wraps support to VCS window

IDEA-61781 (Bug)

Soft wrap: deadlock on typing very long word at last line in editor with wrapped code

IDEA-55255 (Bug)

Ctrl-Left-click in editor goes to the wrong overloaded method

IDEA-59740 (Bug)

Paste in column mode incorrect when 2 rows selected

IDEA-61798 (Bug)

After using RM for a while, I sometimes lose part of the chrome

IDEA-61559 (Bug)

Editor deadlock during typing

IDEA-61870 (Bug)

Why java.lang.String comes from yaml-plugin?

IDEA-60526 (Bug)

Soft wrapping still not usable

IDEA-61515 (Bug)

Avoid OutOfMemoryError in case when application that performs huge output to stdout/stderr is running under IJ

IDEA-61832 (Bug)

Code Folding: visual glitches in editor when working with classes that have copyright comment + class comment, folded by default

IDEA-55073 (Bug)

Unable to paste a copied method reference into (a comment in) another project

IDEA-61677 (Bug)

Editor word wrap sometimes repeats lines

IDEA-60081 (Bug)

Soft wrap enabled causes diff view artifacts

IDEA-56517 (Exception)

Exception while indexing large java files

IDEA-61926 (Exception)

Soft wrap: Throwable at CaretModelImpl.moveToOffset() on typing very long word on last wrapped line

IDEA-60542 (Exception)

Exception from soft wrap

IDEA-61715 (Exception)

Soft wrap: IndexOutOfBoundsException at SegmentArray.getSegmentStart()

IDEA-61972 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.CaretModelImpl.moveToOffset

IDEA-61528 (Exception)

Soft wrap: ArithmeticException: / by zero at SoftWrapApplianceManager.calculateWidthInColumns() on code formatting

IDEA-61763 (Exception)

AIOOBE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.softwrap.mapping.SoftWrapApplianceManager$ProcessingContext.onNonLineFeedSymbol

IDEA-61164 (Exception)

AIOOBE + SOE in soft wrap

IDEA-61040 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.softwrap.TextChangeImpl.advance



IDEA-61882 (Feature)

spring: treat "location" attribute of <jdbc:script> as Resource pattern

IDEA-62012 (Feature)

spring: plugin should contribute @Scheduled annotation to unused method extension point

IDEA-61916 (Bug)

spring: bean completion variants in Spring EL should get bean icon

IDEA-61885 (Bug)

spring: missing smart completion for @data-source attribute of <jdbc:initialize-database> element

IDEA-59207 (Bug)

File-level inspection suppression for XML not working?

IDEA-61555 (Bug)

spring: ugly cltr-hover "Dom Spring Bean Psi Target ..." for spring bean references

IDEA-61423 (Bug)

Spring Test class with @Resource: good code red

IDEA-61733 (Bug)

Regression: @Autowired beans configured in @Configuration class

IDEA-55691 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.util.xml.impl.DomAnchorImpl.createAnchor

User Interface


IDEA-60914 (Feature)

ctrl+tab switcher should display recent files if no tabs are visible

IDEA-52542 (Feature)

Enable drag and drop of files within editor split groups.

IDEA-61488 (Feature)

Allow to un-mark directories marked as test or source roots

IDEA-61828 (Usability Problem)

Invert Ctrl+Mouse wheel behaviour for editor

IDEA-50248 (Usability Problem)

By default Settings dialog has minimal size

IDEA-24560 (Cosmetics)

Use anti-aliasing settings in quick javadoc

IDEA-62026 (Bug)

'Module Settings' action is missing in module context menu

IDEA-62027 (Bug)

intellij locks-up on startup when logging in to sync server

IDEA-61312 (Bug)

Javadoc paragraphs in quickdoc are shown the same way as line breaks

IDEA-46020 (Bug)

Full screen mode: with modal dialog opened it's impossible to switch to different application

IDEA-60638 (Bug)

Dialogs with user input validation: error message hides another component (regression)

IDEA-57964 (Bug)

Confusing "Create ..." action in context menu

IDEA-61736 (Bug)

Use soft wrap in run output inconsistent behaviour

IDEA-61673 (Bug)

settings: custom plugins under PHP category

IDEA-61847 (Exception)

NPE at javax.swing.plaf.synth.SynthComboBoxUI$SynthComboBoxRenderer.getListCellRendererComponent

Version Control. Git


IDEA-61849 (Bug)

Git Log: provide border for details tab

IDEA-56699 (Bug)

Git: exiting from idea takes too long

IDEA-61566 (Bug)

DeadLock on git update

IDEA-55857 (Bug)

Git log: user filter adding causes exception

IDEA-60100 (Bug)

Not all users are available in adding user filter in Git history view

IDEA-61678 (Bug)

"Push Active Branches" does not work

Maven Integration


IDEA-61583 (Feature)

maven: introduce variable: smarter name suggestion

IDEA-56965 (Usability Problem)

If VM Parameters string is too long "3 dots" button becames invisible

IDEA-61527 (Bug)

Cannot create IDEA project due to InvalidVirtualFileAccessException

IDEA-60133 (Bug)

generated-sources/test-annotations should be added to modules test sources

IDEA-56673 (Bug)

Maven: File is too big to be filtered. Most likely it is a binary file and should be excluded from filtering.

WI specific


WI-2682 (Bug)

Impossible to move row in the javacript array with Ctrl+Shift+Up/Donw



IDEA-46943 (Feature)

Grails target dialog box history

IDEA-47090 (Feature)

Groovy Editor: Add inspection/quick fix to rename file to match class name, create new file with class name

IDEA-56287 (Usability Problem)

Provide better notification in the Grails plugins dialog box

IDEA-61347 (Cosmetics)

Groovy: Introduce Variable/Constant dialog: typo in Type combobox if expression the refactoring is applied to is of Map type

IDEA-61407 (Bug)

Groovy: completion of overloaded method does not work correct

IDEA-61952 (Bug)

Auto-wrap String bug

IDEA-61959 (Bug)

Abscence of inspection on private constructors in Groovy

IDEA-60009 (Bug)

"Run Grails target" input height too small

IDEA-61785 (Bug)

Groovy: @GrabResolver annotation is not processes

IDEA-55119 (Bug)

Maven Grails 1.2.0: compiling a project results in IAE at org.slf4j.LoggerFactory.<clinit>()

IDEA-61719 (Bug)

Elvis auto-formatting indentation problem

IDEA-61329 (Bug)

interface ... extends <other interface> is considered error in Groovy

IDEA-56749 (Bug)

Groovy Grape: artifact is not grabbed until adding and grabbing a new one

IDEA-56975 (Bug)

Groovy/Grape gets thrown off when specifying dependencies that don't exist in a repository

IDEA-60902 (Bug)

Groovy: false error "Variable 'args' already defined" is shown for variables and closure arguments named "args"

IDEA-49478 (Bug)

Groovy: rename with search in strings does not process GStrings

IDEA-61876 (Bug)

Autocompletion popup problem

IDEA-61872 (Bug)

Enum .values() inspection problem

IDEA-61879 (Bug)

Enter suggestion autopopup inconsistency

IDEA-58739 (Bug)

Grails: Content block tag [<content>] is not recognized

IDEA-60747 (Bug)

Groovy: Change Signature -> Change return type Refactoring applied to untyped method should insert type instaed of "def" keyword

IDEA-60746 (Bug)

Groovy: Change Signature Refactoring never changes return type to String

IDEA-62019 (Bug)

Autocomplete: typing "2 in " produces "2 instanceof "

IDEA-60607 (Bug)

Groovy: Code Completion for "if" keyword is missing

IDEA-61639 (Bug)

Autocompletion usability issue

IDEA-61738 (Bug)

Idea X fails to run any Griffon command starting with 0.9.2-beta-1

IDEA-61345 (Exception)

Groovy: NPE at GrIntroduceConstantDialog.doOKAction() on Introduce Constant Refactoring called from script context

IDEA-61483 (Exception)

Groovy: ClassCastException at NewGroovyClassAction.doCreate()

IDEA-61350 (Exception)

Groovy: Introduce Constant Refactoring: RuntimeException at GroovyPsiElementFactoryImpl.createVariableDeclaration() on introducing package local constant

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