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IDEA-61437 (Feature)

GitHub functionality should also work on projects I collaborate on, but do not own myself

IDEA-58115 (Usability Problem)

No preselection of the only module when creating "Run Application" configuration

IDEA-61247 (Cosmetics)

UI glitch under GTK+L&F License agreement

IDEA-61245 (Cosmetics)

UI: background problem in Enter License Data dialog under GTK+ L&F

IDEA-61033 (Bug)

"Hang" with 100% CPU usage

WI-3907 (Bug)

PHP Surround With bugs

IDEA-57751 (Bug)

IDEA does not report error when private inncer class is used as generics

IDEA-25084 (Bug)

Output path is incompatible ...

IDEA-58850 (Bug)

"Mapping failed" obfuscated due to swallowed IOException

IDEA-51364 (Bug)

Completion for enum literals inside annotation parameters suggests primitive types

IDEA-61453 (Bug)

Latest X EAP 98.382 can't run grails test-app anymore

IDEA-60835 (Bug)

Autocomplete too intrusive

IDEA-61285 (Bug)

"GIT | Compare with latest repository version" fails

WI-3982 (Bug)

Git executable validation should not rely on filename

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-49078 (Usability Problem)

Inspections: on opening the settings dialog scroll to place selected node into the middle of the viewport

IDEA-57421 (Bug)

False positive "Declaration can have final modifier" inspection

IDEA-58085 (Bug)

Analyze / Inspect code results: applying quick fixes for spelling errors does not update the results tree

IDEA-20774 (Bug)

Inspection: Unused symbol

IDEA-56906 (Bug)

Suppress for fields annotated by 'FQN of annotation' has no effect

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-60781 (Bug)

After formatting cursor jumps from indented position to beginning of the line.

Code Navigation


IDEA-49802 (Usability Problem)

Make scope selection in "Call Hierarchy" sticky



IDEA-49534 (Bug)

Completion for the img tag fails on '.'

IntelliJ Platform


WI-3630 (Bug)

Formatting: big gap in php/html code mix

WI-3752 (Bug)

Settings: Code style settings not keeps between launches



IDEA-61342 (Performance Problem)

Introduce parameter freezes for 15 seconds before showing dialog if function name is not unique

Flex Support


IDEA-26695 (Feature)

flex: Ctrl-W in argument/parameter list: provide selection step that includes all arguments/parameters but excludes parentheses

IDEA-61504 (Feature)

flex: provide ctrl-w step that spans complete function parameter list, excluding parentheses

IDEA-61469 (Bug)

Inspection reports "unused Method"

IDEA-59924 (Bug)

flex: invalid completion variants after "this." and "super."

IDEA-60344 (Bug)

flex: addEventListener() handler signature inspection: "Change Signature" QuickFix simply removes parameter

IDEA-59593 (Bug)

Strange errors in mxml document

IDEA-61354 (Bug)

"i:" is automatically converted to "if", instead autocompletion would be expected.

IDEA-61292 (Bug)

ActionScript 3: method inlining broken

IDEA-61376 (Bug)

autocomplete in src attribute of Embed statement is broken



IDEA-50996 (Bug)

Artifacts: application.xml validation incorrectly verifies long paths in ejb/web URI

Project Configuration


IDEA-56817 (Usability Problem)

Run configuration: When creating a new run configuration, after selecting the main class, the configuration name should be filled in automatically

IDEA-60019 (Bug)

Web Artifacts: module library shouldn't appear in WEB-INF/classes directory in the default artifact

IDEA-60906 (Bug)

Paths in module file(*.iml) are not relative to module dir

IDEA-26195 (Bug)

Add application server library: incorrect scope

IDEA-46476 (Bug)

Settings: Compiler / Exclude: changing Recursively option does not switch changes to "modified" state

IDEA-58047 (Bug)

Web facet resources packaging doesn't honor Excluded folders

IDEA-51910 (Bug)

Artifact: when different artifacts copy same named file to the same output, only one file is processed

IDEA-51220 (Bug)

Artifacts: falsely shown 'missing from artifact' if module library contains Jar directory

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-11707 (Feature)

Export Junit/Run Results/Statistics.

IDEA-61324 (Usability Problem)

JUnit statistics table: double-click should navigate to Test

IDEA-60642 (Bug)

Instantiating tests is 3x slower in IDEA X than in IDEA 9



IDEA-61540 (Cosmetics)

UML Configuration: please add 'human-friendly' names to providers

XML editing


IDEA-61299 (Bug)

XSLT: completion of xsl:choose generates red code (no namespace prefix)

PHP lang


WI-3107 (Feature)

Create directory if file name contains /

WI-4021 (Feature)

PHP: code after namespace declaration could be not indented

WI-3460 (Usability Problem)

PhpStorm always adds 2 extra tabs after "?>"

WI-3998 (Cosmetics)

PHP: Introduce Refactorings: typo in warning tooltip

WI-3965 (Bug)

Unused local variable when using only $name in foreach ($_SERVER as $name => $value)

WI-3153 (Bug)

autofilling phpdocblock for missing parameter on wrong location



WI-4074 (Bug)

Report syntax errors on C-like default argument parameters



IDEA-20077 (Performance Problem)

IDEA eats CPU when starting Tomcat run configuration



IDEA-57427 (Bug)

Renaming of type parameter: Problem detected where none exists

IDEA-61074 (Bug)

Extract Function leaving behind code

Version Control. Git


IDEA-51314 (Usability Problem)

GIT: Tagging should give some feedback

IDEA-59833 (Cosmetics)

"Add Snapshot" action name is non-intuitive (it should be better "Add to Git" or something)

IDEA-60369 (Bug)

misc.xml frequently changes because of ProjectKey GitRepositoryLocation

IDEA-59587 (Bug)

Git: after file is moved its status is 'added' until refresh

IDEA-59641 (Bug)

Git: externally commited file isn't unmarked until explicit refresh

IDEA-58707 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.getComponent

Maven Integration


IDEA-55271 (Bug)

Maven dependencies with scope provided not included in classpath for JSP validation

IDEA-61455 (Bug)

Maven: support LATEST and RELEASE versions for module dependencies

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-24049 (Cosmetics)

introduce field does not allow object versions of primitives



IDEA-53485 (Usability Problem)

Web/Ejb Facets: do not list test folders in source roots section



IDEA-20130 (Bug)

Settings search not working with slash character

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-48622 (Usability Problem)

Duplicated static fields in smart completion list

IDEA-58084 (Bug)

static method import via completion: reduce noise by collapsing overloaded matches from same containing class

IDEA-49848 (Bug)

JAVA: bad completion proposals

IDEA-61448 (Bug)

Mouse selection in code completion dialog is not recognized

IDEA-49333 (Bug)

Completion inserts extra brackets

GWT Support


IDEA-57422 (Bug)

GWT ui:style field="foo" in ui.xml not related to @UiField "foo" in java class

IDEA-60627 (Bug)

GWT plug-in: conflict of dependencies

IDEA-25818 (Bug)

GWT i18n improvement (don't complain about duplicate methods)

IDEA-49921 (Bug)

issue with JSNI method detection with generics

IDEA-50276 (Bug)

Not every string literal is recognized as a css style name



IDEA-55168 (Bug)

Debugger does not release log files after debugging session is complete

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-58070 (Performance Problem)

Soft wrap: Improve soft wraps performance

IDEA-61275 (Bug)

Editor: the folded class comment should not be auto-expanded on class declaration edititng

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-44958 (Bug)

Deployment configuration: with Use default = On custom VM parameters are still used

User Interface


IDEA-61426 (Bug)

Spelling error - "Please entrer an abbreviation" in XML Zen Coding dialog

IDEA-61356 (Bug)

Running an application with opened editor: focus is inconsistent

Google App Engine


IDEA-25489 (Performance Problem)

IDEA becomes very slow after stopping the GoogleAppEngine



IDEA-49738 (Feature)

Grails: support Gant features in .groovy files from scripts directories

IDEA-61031 (Bug)

Cannot collapse comments anymore

WI specific


WI-3728 (Bug)

generated phpdoc for __construct has broken indent

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