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IDEA-55689 (Feature)

When creating a new class, add a checkbox for "make abstract"

IDEA-56419 (Usability Problem)

Add ability to launch IntelliJ to a specific project from command line if another project is already open

IDEA-56804 (Usability Problem)

Locate duplicates: cannot see filename in case of long file path

IDEA-60551 (Cosmetics)

Wrong backgroung in Quick Structure View under GTK+ L&F

IDEA-60549 (Cosmetics)

Inconsistent Copy dialogs for class and file

IDEA-60512 (Cosmetics)

Background artifacts in GTK+ L&F in commit dialog

IDEA-60468 (Cosmetics)

Wrong floating dialogs background under GTK+ L&F

IDEA-60463 (Cosmetics)

Move Members dialogs "Members to be moved" panel has white background

IDEA-58899 (Cosmetics)

Change default settings of Copyright plugin

IDEA-60485 (Cosmetics)

Wrong Navbar background under GTK L&F

IDEA-60680 (Task)

Map help buttons to each tab of the Artifacts page

IDEA-52923 (Task)

[PATCH] Port IDEA to cglib-2.2

IDEA-47113 (Bug)

Copyright plugin: deleted scope is shown in mapping table until Settings reopening

IDEA-51561 (Bug)

RM setups open ports which leak information

IDEA-60558 (Bug)

automatic code completion does not offer primitive types

IDEA-56986 (Bug)

Settings / External tools: disabled state of a tool is discarded

IDEA-58589 (Bug)

'null' keyword should be present in completion menu of Java editor

IDEA-59143 (Bug)

Idea doesn't accept VCS $Id and other similar tags in Copyright template

IDEA-42489 (Bug)

Settings / Keymap: shortcut filter does not work (Ubuntu)

IDEA-56992 (Bug)

Nested popup does not show for the second time when using mouse

IDEA-56856 (Bug)

Project files get corrupted after update (9.0.2 -> 9.0.3)

IDEA-60669 (Bug)

Native Mac restarter crash

IDEA-56772 (Bug)

decompiled stub shows top-level classes as "public static class Foo { ... }"

IDEA-58633 (Bug)

"Declaration Redundancy" inspection misses implicit constructor super() calls

IDEA-48062 (Bug)

Undo for renaming *.png file dosn't work

IDEA-51279 (Bug)

JSP, GSP: update copyright: existing comment in empty file is not found

IDEA-60196 (Bug)

Idea X IU-98.187 does not recognize Guava LinkedListMultimap class

IDEA-57904 (Bug)

Good code marked red

IDEA-60462 (Bug)

Eater of WhiteSpace

IDEA-60502 (Bug)

SmartType hang in generic type

IDEA-60668 (Bug)

Status bar text "hangs"

IDEA-60384 (Bug)

Plugin configuration form is frozen after second click on Apply or OK button when applying changes causes exception

IDEA-56280 (Bug)

Add New Facet

IDEA-60931 (Bug)

Tabs color goes away on restart

IDEA-46960 (Bug)

Copyright plugins: Settings / Copyright / mapping table / combo box problems

IDEA-57673 (Bug)

Error "';' expected" is not highlighted

IDEA-60338 (Bug)

Don't suggest getters/setters for Groovy properties until there's a get/set/is prefix

IDEA-34239 (Bug)

Mozilla preview causes native JVM crash on some Linuses

IDEA-60488 (Bug)

Leave the number of replacements done in the status bar longer

IDEA-60327 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertReadAccessAllowed

IDEA-55357 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.facet.FacetManager.getInstance

IDEA-60696 (Exception)


IDEA-60612 (Exception)

DefaultIdeaErrorLogger$ExceptionHolder at com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger.assertTrue

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-60156 (Feature)

Inspection: Detect assignment to @NotNull field from unannotated parameter

IDEA-60861 (Feature)

new "Synchronization on static field" inspection

IDEA-15184 (Feature)

Inspection "@NotNull/@Nullable" problems misses @NotNull getter for @Nullable field

IDEA-60153 (Feature)

InstanceVariableUninitializedUse should be able to ignore injection-annotated fields.

IDEA-60564 (Feature)

New inspection: "Unqualified inner class" (with quickfix)

IDEA-60561 (Feature)

New inspection: "Unnecessary outer class qualifier" (with quickfix)

IDEA-19522 (Usability Problem)

Default intention should be changed to something else

IDEA-60701 (Bug)

IDEA Locks Up

IDEA-58848 (Bug)

Inspection of @GuardedBy does not allow class-name.field notation

IDEA-60170 (Bug)

Generics: good code red and misleading errors

IDEA-60165 (Bug)

Generics: misleading warnings (Part 1)

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-58068 (Task)

Java Formatter: implement new spaces options: SPACE_BEFORE_ELSE/WHILE/CATCH/FINALLY_KEYWORD

IDEA-60237 (Bug)

Align fields groups annotated fields separately in same block.

IDEA-59336 (Bug)

Reformat Code not honoring "next line" brace placement setting for method braces

IDEA-60781 (Bug)

After formatting cursor jumps from indented position to beginning of the line.

IDEA-58969 (Bug)

"Reformat selected text" doesn't work for JavaDoc

IDEA-60399 (Bug)

Code formatting breaks when you break a line in a inner parameter list

Code Navigation


IDEA-60593 (Bug)

Search not updated when selecting "Show inherited members" in File Structure Popup



WI-3845 (Cosmetics)

CSS Class highlighting issue

IntelliJ Platform


WI-3687 (Usability Problem)

Positioning problems of autocomplete tooltip and top of monitor

WI-3740 (Bug)

XML Zen Coding is missing in select template menu



IDEA-34053 (Bug)

HTML Preview plugin does not work on Fedora 5

Flex Support


IDEA-59801 (Feature)

Terminate All Unterminated Statements in Class

IDEA-60438 (Usability Problem)

Flash Builder import: ask path variables only once

IDEA-60455 (Performance Problem)

frequent short editor freezes while scrolling through flex code

IDEA-60496 (Bug)

ActionScript: Change signature -> Add parameters Refactoring applied to a function with rest parameter inserts 'null' to argumentless function calls

IDEA-60414 (Bug)

ActionScript: Change constructor Signature Refactoring doesn't modify constructor calls of the form 'super()'

IDEA-60425 (Bug)

ActionScript: Change Signature dialog: "..." (rest) parameters type is error-highlighted

IDEA-60433 (Bug)

ActionScript: Change Signature -> Change visibility Refactoring applied to a function with custom visibility doesn't remove namespace prefix from the function usages

IDEA-60431 (Bug)

ActionScript: "Change Signature" quick fix shouldn't change rest parameters to normal ones

IDEA-60535 (Bug)

ActionScript: Extract Superclass Refactoring: "File already exists" error dialog doesn't actually cancels the refactoring; NPE at JSPullUpHelper.moveMembersToBase()

IDEA-60723 (Bug)

Flex debugger: incorrect line number shown in Stack Frames view

IDEA-60664 (Bug)

ActionScript: "Change Signature" quick fix applied to function call with argument of Function type does nothing

IDEA-60900 (Bug)

Import Flash Builder project: respect custom namespaces and manifest files

IDEA-60731 (Exception)

ActionScript: IOE at JSExtractSuperProcessor.renameOriginalClass() on Extract Superclass/Interface -> Rename original class Refactoring if new name clashes with existing file name

IDEA-60691 (Exception)

ActionScript: IllegalArgumentException at JSTypeImpl.createType()

IDEA-60418 (Exception)

ActionScript: NPE at JSChangeSignatureProcessor.preprocessUsages() on Change Signature Refactoring applied to nested functions

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-60258 (Usability Problem)

Show Mercurial-specific operations (push etc.) in vcs quick operations popup

Project Configuration


IDEA-56948 (Bug)

Search functions do search in sub-directories of .idea directory

IDEA-60205 (Bug)

Creating a java SDK on Mac does not include docs.jar

IDEA-60504 (Bug)

Sharing a run configuration should make it permanent

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-21530 (Feature)

Make idea restart after plugin installation on Linux

Ant Integration


IDEA-60377 (Bug)

IDEA X: ant: Incomplete support for <tsamp><filter>

IDEA-40997 (Bug)

Ant integration: completion does not work in environment properties references



IDEA-54375 (Feature)

UML : add options to hide canonical informations like Object

IDEA-60915 (Bug)

UML scopes combobox does not update when adding/removing scope

IDEA-60310 (Bug)

UML: MavenDependecies graph loses attached notes and layout after project reopening



IDEA-56050 (Feature)

Android facet does not support Maven project

IDEA-60543 (Feature)

No error icon indication in file view

IDEA-56580 (Feature)

Please provide option to set the filename of the apk for upload to the emulator

IDEA-27010 (Feature)

Need a way to specify -Xmx for android compiler

IDEA-60472 (Cosmetics)

Informational message about thumbs.db is truncated

IDEA-60555 (Bug)

I/O Error when installing apk on emulator

IDEA-59209 (Bug)

Android AIDL parcelable declaration causes source class to be deleted

IDEA-59866 (Bug)

Android: Allow debugger to connect to already running application

IDEA-60376 (Bug)

OOME, fixed memory limit

IDEA-59904 (Bug)

IDEA freezes in device chooser window on refresh of device list

IDEA-60479 (Bug)

After rebuild IDEA still checks for changes when you run make

IDEA-59087 (Bug)

Why try to deploy android app w/o -r on emulator?

IDEA-59893 (Bug)

Cannot select paths in Android facet module settings that lie outside main project directory

Version Control


IDEA-60572 (Usability Problem)

Version Control: Annotations: It would be nice to disable View menu in 'show additional info' mode

IDEA-60573 (Bug)

Version Control: Annotations: with all View options switched off and 'remove highlighting' on annotations menu is unavailable

Code Coverage


IDEA-44955 (Feature)

Coldfusion Language Support



IDEA-46270 (Bug)

Web preview grabs focus on typing in editor (Ubuntu, Windows)

IDEA-46441 (Bug)

Web preview is not updated when opens in undocked mode

IDEA-46391 (Bug)

Web preview: moving to top does not correctly update the view

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-50236 (Feature)

Resin 4.x support

IDEA-47770 (Bug)

Resin: after failed attempt to deploy browser opens two times

IDEA-60779 (Bug)

Latest build can't start JBOSS

PHP lang


WI-1927 (Feature)

Inspection: unused arguments in methods/functions.

WI-2966 (Bug)

Unused local variable less descriptive now

WI-3000 (Bug)

Static variables inside methods/functions should NOT be marked as unused

WI-3636 (Bug)

Empty foreach: $key highlighted as unused but $value not

WI-2753 (Bug)

Editor Colors PHP Constant not accepting the value



IDEA-60785 (Bug)

Attempting to run Tomcat run config fails with UOE

IDEA-60882 (Bug)

Unable to start Tomcat via IDEA (98.300)

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-60291 (Bug)

junit statistics: sorting does not update display of column "Test"



IDEA-60486 (Usability Problem)

Caret position after "Introduce Variable" refactoring

IDEA-60159 (Cosmetics)

Override/Implement action when caret in the end of line

IDEA-60494 (Bug)

Change Signature Refactoring considers varargs to be invalid

IDEA-59822 (Bug)

Rename module/directory dialog shows error on cancel

IDEA-60450 (Bug)

Bug in move class refactoring

IDEA-58352 (Bug)

Change signature: when propagating parameter, false positive conflict with local variable is detected for existing parameter

IDEA-56484 (Exception)

NPE during method renaming

Web Services


IDEA-60263 (Feature)

Web Services: RESTful web services: check that the provided @DefaultValue value matches the type of query parameter etc it is used with

IDEA-60262 (Bug)

Web Services: RESTful web services: if same-named path templates are used on class and method level, rename should be correct for them

IDEA-60255 (Bug)

Web services: RESTful web services: 'template is never used' inspection for unused path template in method's annotation should suggest to create corresponding method parameter, not field

Compiling Project


IDEA-58886 (Bug)

Spurious "Class file is corrupted" messages in the log

PHP debug


WI-3373 (Usability Problem)

PHP debug: Zend: do not indicate PHP run command as a new output

WI-3840 (Bug)

PHP debug: Zend: debugger client is searched on server machine before searching on client

PHP frameworks


WI-3750 (Usability Problem)

Settings / PHP / Zend Framework: Path to zf tool: the chooser could allow selecting file, not directory

Maven Integration


IDEA-59224 (Exception)

UOE org.jetbrains.idea.maven.dom.converters.MavenDependencySystemPathConverter$MyFileReferenceSet.getDefaultContexts



IDEA-24605 (Feature)

Datasources: new JDBC data source: only suggest libraries that contain JDBC drivers

IDEA-60365 (Cosmetics)

Data Source Properties > Schemas & Tables: make table rows selectable

IDEA-60503 (Bug)

Data Source: SQLExceptions when scanning tables



IDEA-54723 (Task)

Create reference page for Console Folding

IDEA-59680 (Task)

Update topic "New Project Wizard. Technologies page" to reflect the possibility to define application server

IDEA-59273 (Task)

Update topic "Updating a Running JavaEE Application"

IDEA-57383 (Task)

Update reference page for Flex facet settings

IDEA-60173 (Bug)

Provide reference page for Clone Mercurial Repository dialog

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-26959 (Feature)

Add Code Completion For AspectJ ITDs

IDEA-56269 (Bug)

Ctrl-space completion in the middle of an expression gives garbled parentheses

IDEA-60681 (Bug)

new code completion is too aggressive in some cases

IDEA-58858 (Bug)

Regression: Incorrect behavior on method name autocomplete if the next statement has a cast

IDEA-60505 (Bug)

Autopopup code completion generates invalid code

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-55018 (Bug)

Attribute 'antfile' of Ant Task 'ant' Not Looked Up Relative To 'dir'

IDE Configuration


IDEA-60480 (Feature)

Reorganize soft wrap options

IDEA-60332 (Bug)

Check box in General page of the Settings dialog always retuens to the checked state

GWT Support


IDEA-53890 (Feature)

Add 'Update resources on frame deactivation' for GWT resources

IDEA-54814 (Bug)

GWT hosted mode page update doesn't work for HTML file outside WAR directory



IDEA-55969 (Cosmetics)

Inconsistency: can put line breakpoint in dumb mode with the balloon saying it's impossible

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-56385 (Feature)

"Duplicate Line or Block" keyboard shortcut separated into two shortcuts "Duplicate Line" and "Duplicate Block"

IDEA-57819 (Bug)

Avoid unexpected fold regions expansion on 'Delete' processing

IDEA-57731 (Bug)

Don't expand fold regions on new javadoc addition

IDEA-57230 (Bug)

How to access custom file template during new java file creation?

IDEA-56661 (Bug)

Deadlock between java file classes cache and class inner declarations cache

IDEA-60186 (Bug)

Exception in repaint thread

IDEA-60304 (Bug)

Automatic closing brace addition in wrong location

IDEA-60236 (Bug)

Bad interaction: Wrapping and unterminated javadoc comments



IDEA-48155 (Feature)

Spring MVC: Resolve/completion in JSPs for values passed through ModelAndView map from controller

IDEA-48164 (Feature)

Spring MVC: References to views in return values of methods annotated with @RequestMapping

User Interface


IDEA-60570 (Usability Problem)

"Master Password Dialog" should open with focus in first input field

IDEA-56928 (Cosmetics)

No tooltip for action

IDEA-60541 (Cosmetics)

Pull Up, Extract Superclass dialogs: typo in tooltip

IDEA-59133 (Cosmetics)

Confusing message text in Copyright Profiles/Validate

IDEA-56378 (Cosmetics)

New scrollbars are not aligned in editor

IDEA-34785 (Bug)

Show Quick Definition: icon for contained file does not use IconProvider, but filetype icon instead

IDEA-41602 (Bug)

Refactor->Rename throws NPE with GTK LaF + JDK 1,6

IDEA-60684 (Bug)

GTK look and feel: Settings / Deployment / Add server: combobox is rendered with defect

IDEA-42937 (Bug)

Linux: file chooser: the long file list in expanded directory twitches

IDEA-59142 (Bug)

Copyright profile reported as valid results into invalid code

Version Control. Git


IDEA-24911 (Bug)

"show history" on git not helpfull for merge conflict commit



IDEA-48674 (Feature)

First basic completion shouldn't show generic DefaultGroovyMethods(Object, ...), show them on second one

IDEA-60331 (Feature)

Grails: Support Filters

IDEA-60557 (Usability Problem)

Grails - GSP edit, pls turn off code complete for html text

IDEA-56186 (Usability Problem)

Show the suggestion list in Run Grails target pop-up window without waiting for Ctrl+Space

IDEA-60559 (Bug)

Slashy string as map key incorrectly flagged as syntax error

IDEA-60604 (Bug)

Controllers and Domains properties should not e resolved in static context.

IDEA-60598 (Bug)

Two 'it's in completion in a nested closure

IDEA-60753 (Bug)

Groovy: Change Signature -> Remove Parameter Refactoring doesn't remove method arguments before closure inline

IDEA-60191 (Bug)

A Groovy script containing a Runnable main class doesn't have the "Run" or "Debug" actions

IDEA-60319 (Bug)

IdeaX - cast in Groovy incorrectly flagged as error

IDEA-60603 (Bug)

Groovy: Code Completion for "def" keyword is missing

IDEA-59367 (Bug)

When completing top-level method calls, insert nothing instead of space and '('

IDEA-60672 (Bug)

class name completion after 'new' in Groovy

IDEA-60761 (Bug)

Groovy: Change Signature -> Remove the only parameter Refactoring could add "()" to method calls with omitted parentheses

IDEA-60613 (Exception)

Groovy: Code Completion for aliased classes instantiation expression inserts braces with wrong offset; SIOOBE at GroovyInsertHandler.handleInsert()

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-45530 (Bug)

"Create inner class from new" in super() call context should create static inner class

IDEA-58290 (Bug)

Quickfix to change variable initializer type deletes anonymous inner class methods

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