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No subsystem


IDEA-55907 (Feature)

Provide more info in Could not save project dialog

WI-3547 (Cosmetics)

Slight wording problem in inspection description

WI-3494 (Cosmetics)

keymap set copy - wrong name assign

IDEA-59285 (Cosmetics)

In the Technologies page of the wizard, end the sentences with periods.

IDEA-59895 (Task)

Map help buttons of the SDK pages

IDEA-58384 (Bug)

Problem with generated source

WI-3556 (Bug)

PHP code preview in Code Style for Wrapping and Braces contains parse errors

IDEA-59781 (Bug)

Undo failed

IDEA-59659 (Bug)

Text shakes upon html file editing

IDEA-59456 (Bug)

Idea hangs up while edititng jsp file

IDEA-59607 (Bug)

URISyntaxException: Illegal character in path at index ... for JDK installed into path with spaces

IDEA-59967 (Bug)

Cannot copy file via clipboard from one project to another if original project is closed

IDEA-59602 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: importing project with linked folder: the order of source paths is changed

WI-521 (Bug)

<iframe> tag is highlighted as as deprecated.

IDEA-59493 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.codeInsight.completion.CodeCompletionHandlerBase.invoke

IDEA-59616 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.testIntegration.TestIntegrationUtils.findOuterClass

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-57605 (Bug)

Installer has copyright text 2000-2009 on the very first page for v9.0.3

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-59976 (Feature)

Inspection "prohibited exception declared": Should be able to ignore for TestNG test cases

IDEA-59280 (Bug)

Scope changes do not trigger recomputation of "Illegal package dependencies"

IDEA-59725 (Bug)

Supress fields annotated by .... is not working on EAP 98117

IDEA-59911 (Bug)

Exporting inspections profile saves old settings unless the changes are applied beforehand

IDEA-59634 (Bug)

"Iteration over 'keySet()' may be replaced with 'entrySet() iteration" auto-correct removes 'final' modifier

IDEA-26989 (Bug)

Improvement to "Throwable instance not thrown"

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-4384 (Feature)

Refactorings should obey "align when multiline"

IDEA-59894 (Feature)

Highlight code style settings change at preview text

IDEA-59628 (Bug)

code style/spaces within brackets now applies to new array creation with a length NOT specified

Code Navigation


IDEA-59307 (Bug)

quick javadoc does not display {@inheritDoc} in generic methods

IDEA-22915 (Bug)

{@inheritDoc} in generic param javadoc



IDEA-59789 (Bug)

Restrict Zen coding live templates applicability to the tag text

IntelliJ Platform


WI-601 (Feature)

Surrounding string/code with brackets, quotes

WI-3472 (Usability Problem)

Autocompletion colides with Live Templates

WI-1650 (Bug)

list-style-type values of upper-alpha and lower-alpha are incorrectly reported as invalid

WI-3540 (Bug)

Text selection problem (when selecting text with Shift+Down or Shift+PageDown to the end of file)

WI-3531 (Bug)

Selection disappearing when trying to select a part of code

Flex Support


IDEA-58884 (Feature)

Implement 'Create class/member' actions for ActionScript UML diagrams

IDEA-57961 (Feature)

[actionscript] [inspection] Warn if listener function doesn't have required event parameter

IDEA-59745 (Feature)

flex: expected quickfix "create class" not provided for unresolved FQN reference

IDEA-59773 (Feature)

Remember settings at 'Package AIR Installation File' dialog

IDEA-59776 (Feature)

Compile CSS file to SWF, maintain path

IDEA-59998 (Usability Problem)

Generate event handler does not add navigation anchor to event usage

IDEA-57100 (Usability Problem)

Need better defaults for creating a HTML Wrapper for Flex app

IDEA-57991 (Usability Problem)

Ugly Action Script Go To Class popup

IDEA-59890 (Cosmetics)

ActionScript: Pull Up and Push Down Refactoring dialogs discrepancy

IDEA-59985 (Task)

Integer color values shouldn't be highlighted as errors in Flex CSS

IDEA-59936 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: static constructor function

IDEA-59796 (Bug)

ActionScript: Introduce non-optional constructor parameter Refactoring breaks constructor's calls

IDEA-59785 (Bug)

In Flex Module if variable name starts with dollar($) character, its name is resolved as "this" while debugging (in "variables preview" window)

IDEA-59830 (Bug)

ActionScript: Introduce Field Refactoring applied to string literal looses initialization value

IDEA-59340 (Bug)

flex: rename variable: make name suggestions more consistent with Java editor

IDEA-59259 (Bug)

Wildcard type should be treated as work-anywhere type

IDEA-59632 (Bug)

flex: preview for css color is missed

IDEA-59128 (Bug)

flex: quickfix "Add explicit internal modifier" offered again after invoking it

IDEA-59686 (Bug)

ActionScript: Inline Refactoring applied to function/variable referencing static class member results with uncompilable code for usages accessed from class instance

IDEA-59211 (Bug)

Smart Type missing MouseEvent.CLICK as a String option

IDEA-26107 (Bug)

flex: 'Unnecessary semicolon': "fix all" does nothing

IDEA-26485 (Bug)

flex code marked in red when it shouldn't

IDEA-59358 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: "static class { ... }"

IDEA-59741 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: multiple visibility modifiers specified on class or interface

IDEA-59584 (Bug)

Flex run configuration for html wrapper causes "Could not find SWF file to add to local-trusted sandbox"

IDEA-59377 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: no variants provided where expected

IDEA-59951 (Bug)

Good code red: Inner classes are not allowed

IDEA-56686 (Bug)

Usage of ActionScript Object dynamic properties marked as error

IDEA-59743 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: "dynamic" attribute on field

IDEA-60002 (Bug)

Generate event handler should not produce red code when invoked for existing argument

IDEA-59567 (Bug)

"Change signature" command is enabled for JS, though such refactoring is not available

IDEA-59672 (Exception)

SIOOBE at com.intellij.javascript.flex.maven.FlexMojos3FacetImporter.reimportFlexFacet

IDEA-59827 (Exception)

ActionScript: NoClassDefFoundError: uml.JSNodeContentManager on opening Select Methods to Propagate new Parameters dialog if UML plugin is disabled.

IDEA-59531 (Exception)

flex: AIOOBE in JSChangeUtil.createExpressionFromText()

IDEA-59656 (Exception)

ActionScript: AIOOBE at JSChangeSignatureProcessor.refactorCall() on Change Signature Refactoring -> add parameters applied to function with optional parameter

Project Configuration


IDEA-59461 (Usability Problem)

ctrl-E used twice in Project Settings - Modules - Dependencies

IDEA-42961 (Usability Problem)

New module wizard: Library Downloading Settings: "Pick from disk" button always opens file chooser with preselected project directory

IDEA-41797 (Usability Problem)

Log File Woes II: Path to idea specific app server base is hardcoded

IDEA-51381 (Usability Problem)

Select any of the shared run configurations when opening project with no workspace.xml

IDEA-59316 (Cosmetics)

New Module wizard/Facets configuration page: path for downloaded library jars is shown incorrectly

IDEA-59840 (Bug)

Project Structure dialog: cannot delete a library not used in the project

IDEA-59596 (Bug)

JPA facet: library downloading from JetBrains server failed

IDEA-59612 (Bug)

IntelliJ on latest version of Java on Mac does not recognize the system JDK

IDEA-43012 (Bug)

New module wizard: Library Downloading Settings: "from Maven repository" field does not save changes on switching between facets

IDEA-60005 (Bug)

Project Name customization

IDEA-59669 (Exception)

AE at LibraryImpl.getFiles() on removing just created library (third case)

IDEA-59517 (Exception)

AE at LibraryImpl.getFiles() on deleting just added library

Version Control. Git


IDEA-47375 (Bug)

Git: changes in files should be detected without explicit save or refresh

Ant Integration


IDEA-59060 (Feature)

Ant integration: on "Failed to load types" error with a taskdef / typedef somehow show what class is not found

IDEA-59110 (Bug)

Ant integration: property defined inside a target is not resolved

IDEA-59064 (Bug)

Ant integration: "Failed to load types" for successfully running task (cactus, antcontrib)



IDEA-59636 (Task)

UmlChangesProvider.accept should accept file extension



IDEA-58596 (Performance Problem)

cpu snapshot

IDEA-54698 (Task)

Map help button of the Android facet to the specified mapId

IDEA-56047 (Bug)

Logcat skipping some lines

IDEA-58228 (Bug)

Android projects incremental compilation is not working

IDEA-58227 (Bug)

Android projects compilation is very slow

Version Control


IDEA-56639 (Cosmetics)

Graphical glitch in Changes tool window

IDEA-59721 (Bug)

Bad Path in "Apply Patch" dialog

IDEA-58010 (Bug)

cannot clear repository change list filter

IDEA-59613 (Bug)

Weird behavior in reverting a single line

IDEA-58771 (Bug)

Crashing IDEA X

IDEA-59563 (Bug)

Filter-by combo presents aggregated list of options with no hint about which category each option is in

Code Coverage


IDEA-59648 (Bug)

"'Coverage data outdated" message for just created class



WI-3621 (Task)

"Optimize shorthand property" should work for "-moz-border-radius"

WI-3077 (Bug)

HTML5 tag <menu> is not deprecated

WI-3582 (Bug)

box-shadow property doesn't support inset keyword

WI-2830 (Bug)

CSS: -moz-border-radius expands incorectly

WI-3583 (Bug)

box-shadow property doesn't support negative sizes



IDEA-59999 (Cosmetics)

Import database schema dialog: checkboxes jumps a bit righter on moving mouse pointer over them

IDEA-59675 (Task)

Map Help ID's to tool windows

IDEA-59843 (Bug)

Import Database Schema: SOE at ComponentManagerImpl.getComponentFromContainer(), the import is impossible

PHP lang


WI-3489 (Feature)

Amend Structure window to display elements in order of appearance in file by default (when no sorting by visibility and/or alphabetically selected)

WI-905 (Feature)

Do not complete wrong constructs ('print' etc) in class declarations

WI-367 (Feature)

Implement the Analyze External Stacktrace functionality

WI-3548 (Usability Problem)

PHP Auto Code completion should not invoke within comments

WI-3569 (Bug)

Don't mark assignments to reference parameters as unused, if not used after assignment

WI-2570 (Bug)

When variable is called $parent, it is treated specifically

WI-3544 (Bug)

Autocomplete show suggestions even in strings

WI-3013 (Bug)

Missing field icon and wrong field visibility icon in Structure tool-window

WI-3499 (Bug)

function declaration duplicate in elseif clause

WI-3502 (Bug)

Array Variables defined implicitly (via element) write are considered as undefined.

WI-3084 (Bug)

PHP&Javascript mix: Ctrl+/ works wrong



WI-3534 (Bug)

JavaScript intention "Split AND-ed if" is broken then used with "in" javascript statement

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-21228 (Feature)

Validate "expected" parameter of @Test: checked exception should be thrown somewhere in test method body



IDEA-58304 (Usability Problem)

Refactor / Move: moving several java classes from the same file and a plain text file is disabled

IDEA-58300 (Bug)

Refactor / Move: undo moving a text file and one class from java file does not return the class into its file

IDEA-59826 (Bug)

Change Signature: Impossible to close/cancel Select Methods to Propagate New Parameters dialog after 'Searching for callers' progress in canceled

IDEA-59501 (Bug)

Refactor / Change Signature breaks existing Javadoc

IDEA-59572 (Bug)

ActionScript refactorings (extract class/interface, pull members up, push members down) are not accessible when invoked from Project view for an Mxml file

IDEA-58301 (Exception)

Refactor / Move: AE at PsiManagerImpl.moveFile() on moving java class with its file

Task Management


IDEA-58397 (Bug)

github task integration

IDEA-58071 (Bug)

Issues completion in VCS commit comment field is broken

Compiling Project


IDEA-19250 (Bug)

Missing path variable doesn't take effect when the project is first loaded

IDEA-59585 (Bug)

Run and Debug buttons sometimes stay disabled even if no processes are curently executed

IDEA-55836 (Bug)

Using an annotation processor breaks my build within Intellij

PHP debug


WI-3405 (Bug)

PHP debug: Zend: with Debug all pages = true the session anyway ends after loading the start page

WI-3466 (Bug)

The "Validate Xdebug configuration before launch" option is not available for "PHP on Server" type of configuration

WI-3504 (Bug)

Adding/removing breakpoints doesnt work after first page pass in ZendDebugger

GWT Support


IDEA-56088 (Feature)

gwt: provide development mode runner integrated within IDEA



IDEA-44846 (Feature)

Enable internationalize refactoring in GSP

IDEA-52117 (Feature)

Grails: would be nice to find usages of properties

IDEA-49320 (Feature)

Grails application: a controller could have icons against action closures on editor gutter to navigate to views

IDEA-49111 (Feature)

Injected service/bean name completion in Grails artifacts

IDEA-49731 (Feature)

Grails: properties defined in controller could be resolved in view files

IDEA-51514 (Feature)

Move statement to move lines in multiline Groovy string literals

IDEA-45610 (Feature)

Recognize the type of transparently injected service/bean

IDEA-48692 (Feature)

Resolving controllers in gsp

IDEA-50414 (Feature)

Grails: a number of Groovy inspections does not work in scriptlets of .gsp

IDEA-49749 (Usability Problem)

GSP: Refactor / Inline adds superfluous spaces around GSP expressions

IDEA-53868 (Usability Problem)

Grails: on creating a gsp file in Grails view it is not opened in the editor

IDEA-52434 (Usability Problem)

'Groovy is not configured' message should be followed by a corresponding 'Add framework support' dialog

IDEA-44296 (Usability Problem)

Waring of access scope of property in between a grail's controller and its integration tests

IDEA-50024 (Cosmetics)

Grails plugins dialog can be unproperly resized vertically

IDEA-46382 (Cosmetics)

On creating Grails application run configuration non-grails module may be set as Grails application

IDEA-59975 (Cosmetics)

Need tooltip at the gutter icon

IDEA-59624 (Bug)

Basic completion in groovy parameter type works differently from other places

IDEA-49744 (Bug)

GSP: "Assignment is not used" false positive for a value assigned in a scriptlet and used in expression

IDEA-58934 (Bug)

IDEA can not recognize Grails services as spring beans

IDEA-50394 (Bug)

GSP: Inject language intention is available, but does nothing

IDEA-50791 (Bug)

New module wizard, technologies: without configured Groovy SDK some labels are missed

IDEA-53129 (Bug)

Grails render method should accept any converter as its non-named parameter, not just String

IDEA-59756 (Bug)

Cannot implement a Java interface with generified return type in Groovy

IDEA-49697 (Bug)

Find / Show / Highlight usages for gsp tags never finds any

IDEA-59367 (Bug)

When completing top-level method calls, insert nothing instead of space and '('

IDEA-59846 (Exception)

AE at EquivalenceChecker.getStatementType() on .gsp with mixed scriptlet, gsp expressions, html

IDEA-59008 (Exception)

GDSL: ClassCastException at dsl.holders.NonCodeMembersHolder.<init> if .gdsl script contains method/property name with embedded code



IDEA-58149 (Feature)

Database table editor needs filter

IDEA-59681 (Usability Problem)

Data Source: copying data source does not preserve "Dialect" value

IDEA-59837 (Bug)

Data Source Properties dialog: always reports "No drivers found" for selected individual jars

IDEA-58310 (Bug)

Data Source: copying data source does not preserve "Default Run Configuration" value

IDEA-59916 (Bug)

Data Source Properties dialog: on every reopening driver class selection is reset to the first item in list



IDEA-50485 (Task)

Document the meaning of bold entry in file history panel

IDEA-52875 (Task)

Help: missing description for Settings->Compiler->Java Compiler: "Javac in process"

IDEA-57816 (Bug)

Update documentation on JPA and Hibernate console

PHP test


WI-2275 (Bug)

PhpUnit: @expectedException PHPUnit_Framework_Error

Google App Engine


IDEA-24339 (Usability Problem)

IDEA should show error in 'Messages' window if GAE datanucleus bytecode enhancement fails with an exception

IDEA-50403 (Bug)

duplicate jdoconfig.xml on the classpath during unit tests

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-59939 (Usability Problem)

Make closing autocompletions on Esc fisrt

IDEA-59538 (Usability Problem)

Disable word completion in commit dialog

IDEA-57517 (Bug)

Completion cannot insert primitive type

IDEA-59431 (Bug)

autocomplete breaks column mode

IDEA-59729 (Bug)

New code completion and live templates conflict

IDEA-59720 (Bug)

Smart code completion does not respect parameter type

IDEA-59350 (Bug)

Double completion variance for static imported fields

IDEA-59371 (Bug)

JAVA: bad proposal in method signature auto-completion

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-56637 (Cosmetics)

Find Replace Dialog Fields Mac OS X highlighting selected field is inconsistent

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-59661 (Bug)

Over any word in Grails service produce tooltip "Spring bean"

IDE Configuration


IDEA-58700 (Bug)

Settings: File Colors incompletely searchable/indexed

No Subsystem


IDEA-57435 (Bug)

Use specified project name instead of directory name in case of directory-based project



IDEA-59748 (Bug)

JPA2: missing jpql support for methods resulting TypedQuery

IDEA-59819 (Bug)

Overriden methods of MappedSuperclass shown twice in Persistence and ER Diagram



IDEA-57055 (Performance Problem)

Slow JSPs



IDEA-59601 (Bug)

Full Indexing happens during Debugging

IDEA-59487 (Bug)

Debugger: Breakpoints in the editor are not updated on 'mute' action.

IDEA-59944 (Bug)

string concatenation in expression evaluation window is wrong

WI specific


WI-3513 (Cosmetics)

Java code on the image in Surround with... productivity hint

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-59553 (Feature)

Make it possible to select code blocks via clicks on gutter

IDEA-55388 (Usability Problem)

Shift-click inside selected text should reduce selection range

IDEA-53644 (Bug)

Quick Documentation error: The documentation for this element was not found...

IDEA-38358 (Bug)

Redo action applied up to "saved" file status keeps file modified

IDEA-59717 (Exception)

PyCharm Subversion commit dialog stops appearing

IDEA-59791 (Exception)

Removing file externally with having it opened in editor kills IDEA



IDEA-59614 (Bug)

Wrong inspection: @Bean methods are valid only when declared within a @Configuration annotated class

IDEA-59530 (Exception)

Stack trace when I went to go view Spring bean duplicates (98.95)

User Interface


IDEA-54957 (Feature)

Projects need to be more distinct

IDEA-57594 (Performance Problem)

Run Configuration availability should be performed asynchroneously from EDT

IDEA-12652 (Cosmetics)

Run/Debug configurations: "Edit Defaults" push button looks redundant

IDEA-24873 (Bug)

Project Wizard bad minimum window size

IDEA-59730 (Bug)

dnd: Dragging a file from external application is processed incorrectly when a group item is selected in IDEA project tree

IDEA-59727 (Bug)

Dropping .sql file to a data source is disabled (regression)

IDEA-55783 (Bug)

Diff window does not allow for win-W to close the window

IDEA-59881 (Bug)

Icons are not updating after indexing.

IDEA-59898 (Bug)

Drop and drag issues on MAC

Maven Integration


IDEA-60010 (Usability Problem)

Maven Settings/RepositoryServices tab: provide possibility to edit existing artifactory ro nexus service url

IDEA-57424 (Bug)

Deadlock starting up IntelliJ X (pom file parsing)

IDEA-58124 (Bug)

IDEA 9.0.3 - Can't resolve properties defined within profile

IDEA-18512 (Bug)

Maven integration does not take additionalClasspathElements of surefire plugin into account

IDEA-58116 (Bug)

Don't connect to server in EDT

IDEA-59903 (Bug)

Maven Settings/RepositoryServices : on multiple Test pressing for some repository url multiple processes are created

IDEA-59892 (Exception)

NPE at org.apache.maven.wagon.repository.Repository.<init>

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-59719 (Usability Problem)

Split into declaration and assignment intention should be available in entire variable initialization statement

IDEA-59989 (Bug)

"Convert for-loop to while-loop" generates an endless loop

IDEA-59582 (Bug)

intention Convert to Plain for double literal does not work

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