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  • IDEA X 96.974 Release Notes
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IDEA-57454 (Feature)

JAXRS / Jersey support for implicit views

WI-2488 (Feature)

New PHP file dialog: file extension combo box could suggest user-defined extensions

IDEA-57179 (Usability Problem)

Noisy tooltip

IDEA-57055 (Performance Problem)

Slow JPSs

IDEA-57133 (Bug)

Unable to add custom font to font list

IDEA-56852 (Bug)

Quick Documentation Lookup: angle brackets are doubled inside <pre>

IDEA-57043 (Bug)

Status bar: selected symbols number shows result of previous selection (when selecting with Shift)

IDEA-56849 (Bug)

IntelliJ Freezes

IDEA-56875 (Bug)

Eclipse Integration: Duplicate exclude folders added to .eml on vcs update

IDEA-57238 (Bug)

Exception when creating project with DMServer support

IDEA-56943 (Bug)

IDEA X: @NotNull annotation on enum constructor parameter produces invalid byte code

IDEA-56949 (Bug)

Memory leak after closing all projects

IDEA-57706 (Bug)

Recording macros with certain symbols, HTML-escapes them after reload of IDE

IDEA-39655 (Bug)

External addition of library jar referred from module makes no effect until restart

IDEA-56867 (Bug)

tooltip for wrong parameter is unreadable for long packages

IDEA-56812 (Bug)

"New XML/HTML File" action should be dumb-aware

IDEA-57396 (Bug)

"line:column" vs. "line, column"

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-20900 (Feature)

Open API: Make database view pluggable

IDEA-53248 (Bug)

Posting Notification without specifying a project results in showing two balloons



IDEA-40597 (Cosmetics)

Old exploded directory is not erased on rebuild

IDEA-57490 (Bug)

Generate persistence mapping by database schema fails for Oracle views

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-52796 (Feature)

Stacktrace folding: auto-fold jUnit-Runner stuff

IDEA-57699 (Bug)

Incorrect -Dfile.encoding=windows-1251 is used when "All in package" tests are launched with "In whole project"

IDEA-56259 (Exception)

CME at java.util.AbstractList$Itr.checkForComodification

Code Navigation


IDEA-24540 (Feature)

Performance/usability improvements for "Go To ..." functionality

IDEA-57634 (Bug)

'Commit Changes' editor: make it possible to manage vertical vewport position via mouse3



IDEA-57545 (Feature)

Add support for custom "data-" attributes of HTML5 specification

IntelliJ Platform


WI-1136 (Feature)

Php tag must obey htmltag`s formatting rules

WI-2657 (Bug)

Annoying PHPDoc-stub double-generation bug

WI-2497 (Bug)

Cyclic autocomplete for words should work with empty prefix

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-57201 (Bug)

"Optimize imports" drops comments between import statements

Local History


IDEA-56493 (Exception)

Local History: Throwable at DiffPanelImpl.setContents() on closing Local History dialog while changes are loading



IDEA-57356 (Bug)

In JavaScript editor, "Inline Variable" refactoring does not produce correct result if the variable is subtrahend

IDEA-57039 (Bug)

Good code is red: Flex support/ActionScript:: no automatic semicolon insertion when line terminator is in comment

Flex Support


IDEA-57000 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: suggest accessible static members of the same type (aka typesafe enum pattern)

IDEA-53818 (Feature)

Provide quickfix to quickly create skin definition from usage

IDEA-56976 (Feature)

Allow to choose debugger version to use for debugging Flex/AIR/FlexUnit

IDEA-57694 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: filter variants inside if() statement

IDEA-51340 (Usability Problem)

Show usages should not include hits from ..._temp_flex_config.xml file

IDEA-55526 (Usability Problem)

flex: "Introduce Variable" dialog: inconsistencies with same Java dialog

IDEA-51923 (Usability Problem)

Temporary Flex configurations should not be stored in the project root

IDEA-56997 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: expression not offered if caret is on start character

IDEA-56999 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: applicable private methods of current class are not offered

IDEA-56855 (Bug)

File-local class is reported as unused if it's only usage is an explicit constructor call

IDEA-56670 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: no name or type suggested

IDEA-21113 (Bug)

Formatting for auto-generated CDATA section in mx:Script blocks

IDEA-57689 (Bug)

as3 incorrect code listed on valid code

IDEA-56958 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: assignment of class reference to string

IDEA-57124 (Bug)

IDEA fails to set SDK for Flex facet when importing flexmojos-4 project with omitted Flex compiler dependency

IDEA-56847 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: better expressions presentation for anonymous functions

IDEA-56846 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: offered expressions inconsistent with Java editor

IDEA-56845 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: when automatically picking the expression to introduce, apply the selection in the editor (behind the dialog)

IDEA-56843 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: be more lenient when introducing from return statement

IDEA-57012 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: inserted type reference not shortened

IDEA-57016 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: function declared are returning SomeType actually returns Vector.<SomeType>

IDEA-57287 (Bug)

flex: ctrl-hover for locals renders bogus "internal" prefix

IDEA-57282 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: no filtering provided after "."

IDEA-57283 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: type not computed for Vector() global function

IDEA-57280 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: does not work unless in root package

IDEA-57281 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: name suggestions from parameter name not provided

IDEA-57592 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: missing suggestion after "["

IDEA-57693 (Bug)

mxml: annoying cursor repositioning after "introduce variable"

IDEA-56653 (Bug)

Flex debugger doesn't work properly when inspecting variable contents

IDEA-57298 (Bug)

flex: good code red: member function unresolved from vector initializer expression

IDEA-57587 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: missing name suggestions from [] expression on vector

IDEA-57103 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: should not fire from FQN reference in import statement

IDEA-57734 (Bug)

flex: vector support: good code red: "Initializer type Vector.<SomeType> is not assignable to variable type Vector.<>"

IDEA-57735 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: component type lost after introducing from "new Vector.<SomeType>()"

IDEA-57329 (Bug)

Flex debugger: incorrect stack frame navigation if there are >1 classes with the same name in different packages

IDEA-55180 (Bug)

[flex] [mxml] [as] "Force braces on if() always" is not applied when reformatting actionscript inside <script> tag in mxml

IDEA-56957 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable from class reference produces red code

IDEA-56956 (Bug)

flex: "Remove Unused namespace" QuickFix does nothing

IDEA-56938 (Bug)

Flex debugger: wrong call stack shown in Frames view if actual stack was changed since previous breakpoint hit

IDEA-57170 (Bug)

Methods with ... operator not overriden correctly

IDEA-56998 (Exception)

flex: smart completion: exception on invoking smart completion in argument list

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-56026 (Bug)

Mercurial: Merge: File Cache Conflict window on merge with conflicts

IDEA-56861 (Exception)

NPE from Mercurial

IDEA-56860 (Exception)

"Already disposed" exceptions from Mercurial

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Tomcat


IDEA-39095 (Feature)

Tomcat download option in the Application Server Configuration

IDEA-53756 (Bug)

Excluded folders should not be copied into the artifact

Project Configuration


IDEA-48774 (Usability Problem)

Module structure: random (question) order of facet-nodes in tree

IDEA-26715 (Bug)

Can't convert IDEA 8 project to IDEA 9 project if checked out from perforce

Version Control. Git


IDEA-55724 (Feature)

GIT: Allow switching multiple branches at once

IDEA-57089 (Feature)

git commit: amend option

IDEA-56884 (Feature)

Git: Rebase Interactive: multiple commit manipulations (move / action )

IDEA-57067 (Cosmetics)

Git: Checkout branches: misprint in Manage Branch Configurations window tooltip.

IDEA-57034 (Cosmetics)

Git Branch Status bar widget looks bad on Macs

IDEA-50534 (Bug)

Git: in Merge dialog that appears on pull --rebase the panels are mixed

IDEA-55966 (Bug)

Git operations not working

IDEA-57066 (Bug)

Git: Checkout Branches: awkward replacement in case of remote references

IDEA-57060 (Bug)

Git: Checkout branches: first underscore in branch configuration name isn't displayed

IDEA-52420 (Bug)

Git revert doesn't reset file content in IDEA until explicit 'refresh'

IDEA-57148 (Bug)

Git: Update: file isn't synchronized after cancelling update process with conflicts

IDEA-57074 (Bug)

Git: Checkout branches: non-consistent name proposing if one already exists

IDEA-57077 (Bug)

Git: Checkout branches: shelve wouldn't be created for configurations with same branches

IDEA-57049 (Exception)

Git: Checkout branch: AssertionError: at git4idea.checkout.branches.GitManageConfigurationsDialog$2.actionPerformed

IDEA-57047 (Exception)

Git: Init: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger.error

IDEA-57050 (Exception)

Git: Checkout branch: ISE at git4idea.checkout.branches.GitBranchConfigurations.createConfiguration

Ant Integration


IDEA-31757 (Feature)

Can Ctrl+Click to a class in XML except in ant.

IDEA-27831 (Feature)

Ant Imported build file resolution

IDEA-10572 (Usability Problem)

"Missing properties file" applies improper highlighting

IDEA-32432 (Bug)

Spurious closing angle brackets in xml files don't show up as errors

IDEA-35266 (Bug)

ant's ant task - says file does not exist in subdirectory, even though it does

IDEA-35233 (Bug)

Ant integration: refactor / rename imported ant target to existent name should add project prefixes to references

IDEA-35231 (Bug)

Ant integration: problems with references between ant.file.( property and project name

IDEA-27478 (Bug)

Bad ANT build.xml highlighting for conditional property

IDEA-35202 (Bug)

Jump to source from directory name performs superfluous actions

IDEA-35279 (Bug)

Ant integration: incorrect navigation to taskdef in case of nested tasks

IDEA-35859 (Bug)

Ant style task not recognized in ant editor

IDEA-34828 (Bug)

ANT support: Shrinking selection in XML collapses selection to nothing

IDEA-35323 (Bug)

Ant integration: taskdef resources are not reloaded on change

IDEA-31313 (Bug)

Ant builds do not pick up custom ProjectHelper classes



IDEA-50390 (Feature)

Generate build.xml script for new Android project

IDEA-23173 (Bug)

"skipping index file ...Thumbs.db" should not be concidered as error when building android project

IDEA-56753 (Bug)

Android dex warning Becomes Fatal Error

IDEA-57730 (Bug)

Ruby Plugin prevents Android debugging

Version Control


IDEA-55537 (Bug)

VCS: consider rework of changes view for performance

IDEA-56988 (Bug)

Changes tool window: show Diff: if user rejects to associate a file with a file type, then Show Diff is applied to the next file in list



IDEA-57215 (Bug)

@AspectJ: Annotation class in parentheses makes the lexer fail afterwards

XML editing


IDEA-57551 (Bug)

"Remove unused namespace declaration" should trim modified schemaLocation attribute value

IDEA-56951 (Bug)

IDEA X: Quick fix for "Unused XML schema declaration" is too eager

IDEA-56707 (Exception)

NPE at ChangeUtil.copyElement() on using Insert Namespace Prefix intention

Distribution packages


WI-2733 (Bug)

Unable to start PhpStorm program under linux ( Ubuntu 10.04 )

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-56779 (Usability Problem)

Need a way to refresh the TFS workspace list

IDEA-49027 (Cosmetics)

Create branch dialog: forbid empy target

IDEA-50461 (Task)

Please, add a Help button and map the help topic ID to the dialog box

IDEA-51035 (Bug)

Don​'​t show login dialog every time when server responds with an '​unathorized' status

IDEA-57710 (Bug)

TFS: merge fails if no mapping for source branch exist in the current workspace

IDEA-48238 (Bug)

Refresh file status after mappings changed

IDEA-55594 (Bug)

Don't make server calls in UI thread

IDEA-47398 (Bug)

When using authenticated http proxy with 'store password' = false, server browser tree does not load content

IDEA-57498 (Bug)

TFS integration doesn't work

IDEA-57070 (Bug)

When logged in with empty domain, I cannot unlock items that I've locked myself

PHP lang


WI-422 (Feature)

Parser doesn't report that interfaces may not include member variables

WI-256 (Feature)

Complete only Exceptions in catch() clause

WI-808 (Feature)

New inspection: using array() in const expression is not allowed.

WI-2128 (Feature)

Inspection: Only static scalar expressions allowed as (class)constants

WI-2755 (Feature)

Inspection: incorrect order of catch clauses

WI-2718 (Feature)

Inspection: Exception must be valid object derived from the Exception base class

WI-2710 (Feature)

Inspection: variable is assigned but never accessed

WI-2597 (Feature)

Unreachable code inspection.

WI-2763 (Feature)

Inspection: using assignment instead of equality in conditions

WI-2720 (Feature)

Inspection: invalid foreach argument

WI-2482 (Feature)

Implement "Inline variable" refactoring for PHP

WI-2528 (Feature)

Please, add the "Add @property" intention.

WI-280 (Feature)

Add inspection on probably wrong string concatenation

WI-2661 (Usability Problem)

PHP: Refactor / Rename should suggest existing name for a variable

WI-2545 (Usability Problem)

UI Issue - PHPDoc Complettion Format

WI-1090 (Usability Problem)

All folds situated lower incorrect syntax are expanded on editing on the fly

WI-2660 (Bug)

Unused variables inside else part of if doesn't considered as unused

WI-2536 (Bug)

False positive in unused variable inspection <?=$var?> variable isn't considered as used

WI-2628 (Bug)

Lone continue statement - bad code is green

WI-2627 (Bug)

Lone break statement - bad code is green

WI-2575 (Bug)

Rename parent class name is bugged.

WI-2578 (Bug)

PHP Structure View: Display includes for the current file

WI-2499 (Bug)

DOMNodeList is missing public property length

WI-2466 (Bug)

Wrong enter action handling in (doc)comments in file scope

WI-2722 (Bug)

Block comment action does nothing, if the last character of selection is closing bracket of closing PHP tag

WI-2427 (Bug)

Abstract and final fields are not allowed

WI-2695 (Bug)

On Comment/Uncomment line action (Ctrl+Slash) in a line with only opening PHP tag the action is applied to the next line

WI-2694 (Bug)

PHP: block comment applied to a selection inside PHP element comments the whole line

WI-2697 (Bug)

PHP: Comment block applied to selected opening PHP tag produces incorrect code

WI-2693 (Bug)

PHP: block comment applied to a selection inside HTML element comments the whole line

WI-2776 (Bug)

Inline variable in PHP should preserve semantic

WI-2045 (Bug)

Identifiers 'parent' and 'self' cannot be class names

WI-2630 (Bug)

"Initialize with a value" Quick Fix for Undefined Variable inspection fails in some cases

WI-2634 (Bug)

False positive for Unused local variable, when usage is reference



WI-2708 (Bug)

Don't report "Invalid id reference" for "for" attribute in JavaScript string

WI-2803 (Bug)

Update JavaScript stubs

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-57109 (Task)

Map help buttons of the CVS dialogs to the specified ids.

Plugin: Spellchecker


WI-1431 (Feature)

Add spellchecker to 'Commit Changes' dialog box ('Comment' text area)



WI-825 (Bug)

Highlighting current scope doesn't work for html tags



IDEA-57355 (Feature)

Refactor / Move: moving super-node of GUI designer form and bound class in Project tree with mouse is disabled

IDEA-19372 (Feature)

Refactoring: Extract .tag file for static piece of JSP

IDEA-57319 (Usability Problem)

Rename local variable offers to rename too much when 'search text' and 'search comments;' are selected

IDEA-45452 (Performance Problem)

Extracting method called 'add' from another method called 'add'

IDEA-56926 (Bug)

"Introduce Field" creates field with unnecessary qualifier

IDEA-57027 (Bug)

Java: Inline variable bug

IDEA-57268 (Bug)

'Push members down' does not work for generic method (it throws an exception)

IDEA-57162 (Bug)

'Introduce Parameter' with 'Delegate via overloading method' option breaks code if method implements method in interface

IDEA-49827 (Bug)

Dragging file and class selected together into a package is enabled, but not processed

IDEA-57208 (Bug)

Bug in AutomaticRenamingDialog

IDEA-57032 (Bug)

Safe delete method parameter does not remove it from javadoc references

IDEA-24649 (Bug)

Can't move mixed selection of classes and non-class files to another package

IDEA-57351 (Exception)

IOE at PsiDirectoryImpl.checkAdd() on moving to different package text file and java file with several classes

IDEA-56306 (Exception)

"Extract Inline CSS..." refactoring throws exceptions

Web Services


IDEA-56711 (Usability Problem)

Don't download SoapUI plugin under modal progress, use background task for that

Compiling Project


IDEA-51729 (Feature)

Ability to include exploded JARs in artifacts

IDEA-25719 (Feature)

Add option to quickly create an application from a module in artifacts

IDEA-55836 (Bug)

Using an annotation processor breaks my build within Intellij

IDEA-57345 (Bug)

"Error: null" during make (NPE in ArtifactsCompilerInstance.deleteFiles)

IDEA-56939 (Bug)

"Rebuild Project" often fails in X

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-19648 (Bug)

Exporting project as a jar and exporting supporting libraries does not generate a proper file for JAR

PHP debug


WI-2195 (Usability Problem)

PHP debug: Watches view: commands to add and remove a watch could be added to context menu



IDEA-15912 (Bug)

@MapKey property name always tagged with an error



IDEA-57772 (Task)

IDEA: Maven Project tool window has been changed

Maven Integration


IDEA-57382 (Cosmetics)

Provide correct capitalization

IDEA-54927 (Bug)

Stack trace and hangs up when adding a Maven module

IDEA-54658 (Bug)

Keymap customization: improve presentation of Maven target nodes

IDEA-53197 (Bug)

Project Structure dialog won't close after adding module



IDEA-57083 (Feature)

SQL: HSQLDB: not quoted reserved words as table and column names are green

IDEA-56909 (Bug)

"create text table" marked as error for HSQLDB Dialect

IDEA-57408 (Exception)

SQL console: NPE at JdbcEngine.getColumnDescriptors() on attempt to create a column of unknown type

IDEA-56882 (Exception)

NPE at ServiceManager.getService() on Test Connection in Data Source Properties dialog



IDEA-56189 (Bug)

Ctrl-N functionality broken in 9.0.3 RC1, 2, 3 & GA builds

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-57266 (Bug)

Error 'Type parameter is not within its bound' is not highlighted

IDEA-57261 (Bug)

Error 'Type parameter is not within its bound' is not highlighted

IDEA-57262 (Bug)

Error 'Type parameter is not within its bound' is not highlighted

IDEA-57342 (Bug)

Error 'inconvertible types found : pck.D<capture#816 of ? extends java.lang.Integer> required: pck.D<? extends java.lang.String>' is not highlighted

IDEA-57288 (Bug)

False error 'Type parameter is not within its bound'

IDEA-57637 (Bug)

'Commit Changes' editor: Fix text selection processing when cursor moved to the bottom of editor

IDE Configuration


IDEA-57414 (Bug)

Imported code inspections lost after restart

IDEA-56866 (Bug)

Data source database names no longer work when the name contains a hyphen

GWT Support


IDEA-37443 (Feature)

Add code folding for GWT JSNI methods

IDEA-53371 (Feature)

'Go to declaration' should understand GWT CssResource interfaces and go to the corresponding class in the css file

IDEA-54826 (Usability Problem)

Improve auto completion support in UiBinder files

IDEA-57724 (Bug)

gwt: jsni: "inline" temporary highlighting cannot not removed after invoking inline

IDEA-56145 (Bug)

GWT: some elements not available for code completion in UiBinder template

IDEA-26864 (Bug)

Generate Ant Build File with GWT and Artifacts don't copy files

IDEA-55684 (Bug)

gwt: incorrect indentation after "complete statement" action

IDEA-55686 (Bug)

gwt: incorrect indentation after "unwrap" action

IDEA-55683 (Bug)

gwt: incorrect indentation after /*-{

IDEA-55138 (Bug)

GWT compile module undo takes a lot of time

IDEA-56844 (Bug)

Modules are not sorted for run/debug GWT configurations

IDEA-55375 (Bug)

gwt: "Introduce Variable" in JSNI does not add expected line break

IDEA-56327 (Bug)

DOCTYPE ui:UiBinder SYSTEM "" is always red

IDEA-54424 (Bug)

t's ok not to have GWT service in web.xml if the service is abstract

IDEA-26896 (Bug)

Build artifact doesn't work correctly fro gwt modules

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-57160 (Bug)

IDEA 9.0.3 wants to login to the wrong svn repository.

IDEA-56745 (Bug)

Error: svn: authentication cancelled

IDEA-56694 (Bug)

Subversion: After choosing not to store credentials in plain text rather spooky error balloon would pop-up

IDEA-56695 (Bug)

Subversion: Store the password in plaintext? dialog is shown even if credentials are already cached

IDEA-56693 (Bug)

Subversion: Store the password in plaintext? dialog is shown twice

IDEA-57114 (Bug)

Subversion: Authentication Required dialog blocks Store the passphrase in plaintext?

IDEA-57118 (Bug)

Subversion: store username and realm even if storing password is forbidden

IDEA-57119 (Bug)

Subversion: store username and realm if user doesn't agree to store password in plaintext

IDEA-56714 (Bug)

IDEA 9.0.3 EAP builds (including 413) generate extensive amount of simultaneous SVN sessions/connections and don't close them



IDEA-48990 (Feature)

Show debugger related actions in context menu

IDEA-57743 (Feature)

Double click on breakpoint in breakpoint list should do "Go to"

IDEA-57742 (Feature)

Delete key should delete breakpoint selected in the breakpoint list

IDEA-56925 (Bug)

Remote debugging broken (linux, tomcat)

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-56359 (Feature)

Soft wrap: commas could append previous symbol when wrapping

IDEA-56459 (Usability Problem)

Soft wrap, editing: "Duplicate line" action invoked from wrapped part of a line could duplicate the whole logical line

IDEA-56413 (Usability Problem)

Soft wrap, editing: Shift+Delete could cut logical line, not visual one

IDEA-56499 (Cosmetics)

Soft wrap: editor gutter is incorrectly repainted after right panels closing

IDEA-56452 (Bug)

Soft wrap: color setting doesn't affect soft wrap symbols in console

IDEA-57223 (Bug)

Soft wrap: selection of wrapped part of a line is incorrectly repainted

IDEA-57227 (Bug)

Soft wrap: current line highlighting broken for last line in a file

IDEA-57341 (Bug)

Soft wrap: remove ability to fold wrapped lines in editor

IDEA-56352 (Bug)

Soft wrap: content of folded code is incorrectly displayed if it is wrapped; visual defects appear

IDEA-57026 (Bug)

Duplicate Line, Cut actions don't work for last line in file; IndexOutOfBoundsException at SegmentArrayWithData.getSegmentData() on duplicating only line in file

IDEA-56403 (Bug)

Soft wrap: visual defect on wrapped part of line selection

IDEA-56366 (Bug)

Soft wrap: "Go To Line" could go to logical line, not visual one, if code is wrapped

IDEA-57632 (Bug)

Show vertical scroll bars at 'Commit Changes' editor if necessary

IDEA-57636 (Bug)

'Commit Changes' editor: Make 'Ctrl+Sift+Right/Left Arrow' shortcut work with commit message text

IDEA-57748 (Bug)

Soft wrap: Fix the problem with typing just after 'before soft wrap' sign

IDEA-56508 (Bug)

Soft wrap: caret is incorrectly repainted on editor resizing; unnecessary bottom scroller appears

IDEA-57140 (Bug)

Soft wraps are not applied to console sometimes

IDEA-57672 (Bug)

Soft wrap: Correct processing of the last document line inserted via 'Undo' action

IDEA-56457 (Exception)

Soft wrap: AIOOBE at DefaultSoftWrapApplianceManager.a() on resizing the panels in "Clipboard vs Editor" dialog

IDEA-56450 (Exception)

Soft wrap: IllegalArgumentException at SoftWrapDocumentChangeManager.syncSoftWraps()

IDEA-57040 (Exception)

Soft wrap: IllegalArgumentException at SoftWrapDataMapper.adjustVisualPosition() on Folding/Collapse All action if there is nested foldable block

IDEA-57165 (Exception)

Soft wrap: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at EditorImpl$EditorSizeContainer.a()

IDEA-56409 (Exception)

Soft wrap, editing: AIOOBE at EditorImpl$EditorSizeContainer.changedUpdate() on removing a code that doesn't fit editor's width and height

IDEA-56346 (Exception)

Soft wrap: Throwable at CaretModelImpl.moveToOffset() on editor resizing

IDEA-57025 (Exception)

Soft wrap: IndexOutOfBoundsException at SegmentArray.getSegmentStart() on editor narrowing

IDEA-56405 (Exception)

Soft wrap, editing: typing on line split border replaces wrap sign with line feed; AssertionError at SoftWrapModelImpl.beforeDocumentChangeAtCaret()

IDEA-56987 (Exception)

Throwable at EditorImpl.logicalToVisualPosition() on opening a database console

IDEA-57125 (Exception)

Soft wrap: Throwable at EditorActionUtil.moveCaretToLineEnd() on pressing End in a wrapped line with tab characters if the last "word" in the line is a single symbol



IDEA-15833 (Feature)

Supplying persistent unit name completion for LocalEntityManagerFactoryBean

IDEA-40807 (Feature)

spring + resources: provide a "classpath:" completion variant when the caret is on start of reference

IDEA-57438 (Usability Problem)

Spring testing: Generate Bean Dependency: provide some sensible reaction for situations when no context is found

IDEA-57138 (Bug)

IntelliJ does not detect a custom stereotype (for component scanning)

IDEA-57448 (Bug)

Spring: rename is not enabled for 'value' attribute of @Component annotation

IDEA-57430 (Bug)

Spring testing: generate bean dependency in test classes: use existing qualifier in case of generating dependency to one of multiple beans of same type

IDEA-17802 (Bug)

Autowire and Explicit Wiring in Spring shown twice.

IDEA-24435 (Bug)

Spring: take autowire value into consideration when displaying the navigation gutter

IDEA-57450 (Bug)

Spring: rename is incorrect for dependency qualifier value/resource name if the component name is used as qualifier value/resource name

IDEA-57468 (Bug)

spring testing: good code red: use of spring 3.0 annotation parameter "value" not recognized for @ContextConfiguration

IDEA-57460 (Bug)

Spring WS: incorrect beans are generated by Alt-Ins/Patterns/SpringWSEmbeddedHTTPServerTransport/HTTPServerfactoryBean pattern in case of non-empty namespace prefix

IDEA-57461 (Bug)

Spring WS: Alt-Ins/patterns/SpringWS*: payload endpoint pattern is generated incorrectly in case of non-empty prefix set for namespace

IDEA-57664 (Bug)

Spring: property placeholder using as 'alias' attribut value of 'alias' element is treated incorrectly

IDEA-57567 (Bug)

Spring WS: 'Spring Web Service MessageDispatcherServlet errors' inspection should not report errors for non-default config file location (check servlet init params)

IDEA-57584 (Bug)

spring testing: dependency navigation gutter icons not provided when using @ContextConfiguration value() parameter

IDEA-57497 (Bug)

Spring WS: Alt-Ins: PayloadRootQNameEndpointMapping and SoapActionEndpointMapping template beans are generated incorrectly if non-empty prefix is set for beans namespace

IDEA-57555 (Bug)

Spring WS: PayloadRootQNameEndpointMapping bean: provide some warning if the local part of mapping key (request payload element's qualified name) is not found

User Interface


IDEA-35109 (Feature)

File->Reopen Project: SHIFT-Click to open project in new window w/o going through confirmation popup

IDEA-21675 (Usability Problem)

Default and active buttons in the open project frame confirmation

IDEA-56927 (Cosmetics)

Wrong tooltip for readonly status button

IDEA-56931 (Bug)

unable to remove components added to status bar using com.intellij.openapi.wm.StatusBar#addCustomIndicationComponent



IDEA-40142 (Task)

Use another index.jsp template for new JSF project

IDEA-57255 (Bug)

New Expression Language unsupported



IDEA-49089 (Feature)

Support Grails domain class mappings DSL

IDEA-57432 (Feature)

report 'create new instance of built-in types'

IDEA-56967 (Feature)

'Groovy library is not configured ' warning

IDEA-48793 (Feature)

Add "Optimize imports on the fly" for .groovy files

IDEA-49115 (Feature)

Support Grails domain class constraints DSL

IDEA-51444 (Feature)

Resolve&completion in named URL mappings and corresponding GSP attribute values (Grails 1.2)

IDEA-51795 (Feature)

Smart completion for groovy casts is not working

IDEA-51414 (Feature)

Resolve&completion for simple type converter methods in Grails 1.2

IDEA-49047 (Feature)

Support Grails Criteria DSL

IDEA-49732 (Feature)

Change signature refactoring for Groovy

IDEA-56217 (Feature)

Groovy 1.7.3: set() and update() Date methods are not resolved

IDEA-51390 (Feature)

hasOne mapping support in Grails 1.2

IDEA-56826 (Usability Problem)

Generated Groovy constructor parameters should have types

IDEA-27066 (Cosmetics)

"Generate Constructor" doesn't generate nice Groovy code

IDEA-49579 (Cosmetics)

Support recognizing Collection type in Groovy

IDEA-57144 (Cosmetics)

Grails: quick navigation buttons could be the same color as editor gutter

IDEA-56864 (Cosmetics)

"it" parameter type highlight for Collection.find(Last)IndexOf {}

IDEA-56531 (Cosmetics)

inspection "Not all execution paths return a value" in validator closure, when using no "return"

IDEA-57181 (Bug)

Grails library jars are duplicated in classpath when runing gant script

IDEA-52215 (Bug)

Groovy: Method 'getMetaClass' is not implemented

IDEA-57166 (Bug)

Groovy Enum .values() error

IDEA-56950 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't consider types int and Integer as identical

IDEA-48890 (Bug)

Intentions: "Convert parameter to map entry" for closure parameters breaks code semantics

IDEA-53866 (Bug)

Grails: tests cannot be generated from .gsp file

IDEA-57084 (Bug)


IDEA-54171 (Bug)

Incorrect warning for 'bindData()'

IDEA-56885 (Bug)

Groovy: Refactor / Rename: Preview applies rename instead of opening preview

IDEA-56628 (Bug)

Missing incompatible assignment when conditionally returning from a method

IDEA-48404 (Bug)

Incorrect GString treatment

IDEA-24477 (Bug)

Refactoring + Groovy

IDEA-48499 (Bug)

Incorrect method name resolution

IDEA-49475 (Bug)

Groovy: infinite sequence of import statements is inserted on referring a class from not top-level directory, buth without package statement

IDEA-57098 (Bug)

'Assignment is not used' inspection should highlight the LHS part (i.e. identifier), not the expression

IDEA-48875 (Bug)

Intentions: "Convert parameter to map entry". Wrong warning window "Chosen name conflicts with parameter" is shown when trying to leave parameter's initial name

IDEA-48975 (Bug)

Inspection "Access to unresolved expression" false positive for method access from number conversion to primitive types

IDEA-51686 (Bug)

Groovy syntax parser does not recognize that indexing using array returns a slice

IDEA-50353 (Bug)

Wrong invalid method arguments warning in case of overloaded method

IDEA-54310 (Bug)

In a Grails project IDEA jumps to the groovyStubs instead the original groovy source in case of compile errors

IDEA-57197 (Bug)

Gradle ctrl-shft-F10 integration doesn't change context after initial choice

IDEA-57191 (Bug)

Grails module dependency broken (9.0.3)

IDEA-57564 (Bug)

Java rename refactoring changes unrelated Groovy code

IDEA-56919 (Bug)

[grails][groovy] false positive for "render as JSON"

IDEA-57101 (Bug)

Groovy array member access is untyped

IDEA-49293 (Bug)

code formatting for Grails domain class validation constraints leaves all text scrunched over towards the left hand margin. Hard to read...

IDEA-48389 (Bug)

Instance fields are visible from static methods

IDEA-53845 (Bug)

groovy: incorrect return value is ignored

IDEA-57189 (Exception)

Gant: ClassCastException at GrClosureSignatureUtil.mapArgumentsToParameters() on implicit "it" parameter usage in gant target

IDEA-56889 (Exception)

Grails: Throwable at CoverageEnabledConfiguration.get() on running test-app

IDEA-55234 (Exception)

Groovy++: PsiInvalidElementAccessException at GrTypeDefinitionImpl.getVisibleSignatures() on attempt to change definition of trait, that has instance in the code

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-57640 (Bug)

'Commit Changes' editor: Fix inconsistency with inspection popup appearance for soft wrap-introduced virtual space

IDEA-57267 (Bug)

QuickFix 'Implement methods' forgets to substitute type arguments to bounds

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-57151 (Feature)

Add inspection: Enum.ordinal() is dangerous to use

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-56932 (Usability Problem)

What the heck means "Select Profiles.ini file"

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