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WI-3061 (Feature)

Support XHTML5

IDEA-58119 (Bug)

JavaFX: Assertion at org.jetbrains.javafx.lang.psi.impl.JavaFxTypeElementImpl.getType

IDEA-58100 (Bug)

SOE at at org.jetbrains.javafx.lang.psi.impl.JavaFxVariableDeclarationImpl.getType

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-19001 (Bug)

Structural Replace must ignore extra white spaces and line breakes in html code



IDEA-58469 (Bug)

On new module creation with facet selecting, project/module/global library is not created from the downloaded jars

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-58664 (Bug)

Blank Lines Before method body also appear inside try/catch/finally's {}

IDEA-58491 (Bug)

JS '{' brace indented wrongly in object initializer

IDEA-55782 (Bug)

Python: Reformat breaks long lines incorrectly



IDEA-58645 (Exception)

JavaScript: IllegalArgumentException at ResolveProcessor.fixGenericTypeName() on quick doc lookup called from closure declaration

IDEA-58482 (Exception)

JavaScript: AssertionError at JSDocumentationProvider.getDocumentationElementForLinkStatic() on quick doc lookup

IDEA-58369 (Exception)

JavaScript: IncorrectOperationException at FormatFixer.doReformat() on applying intentions in read-only files

IDEA-58472 (Exception)

JavaScript: NPE at JSBaseIntroduceHandler.replaceExpr() on Introduce Variable refactoring if resulted code needs braces

Flex Support


IDEA-58465 (Feature)

flex: introduce constant: include name suggestion from parameter name if expression is method call argument

IDEA-57007 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: provide filtering after "throw new"

IDEA-58502 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: provide suggestion inside generic list initializer

IDEA-58592 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: provide filtering inside while() expression

IDEA-58516 (Feature)

Flex: add support for Spring ActionScript metadata

IDEA-58762 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: no variants offered for "Function" type

IDEA-58607 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: improve proposals for event handling methods

IDEA-58646 (Performance Problem)

flex: slow autocomplete in MXML after 96.974

IDEA-57858 (Cosmetics)

flex: "private" lock icon rendered for locals in completion popup

IDEA-57814 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: filtering not working as expected

IDEA-58702 (Bug)

flex: code completion: package sometimes missing for type variants

IDEA-58703 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: completion for event types not working where expected

IDEA-58705 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: variants not provided where expected

IDEA-58553 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: vector component type based name suggestions not offered for expressions like "vector.reverse()"

IDEA-58498 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: completion after "new" inside Vector.<T>#push() does not shorten references

IDEA-58555 (Bug)

Flex conditional compiler variables are not resolved if set using '+='

IDEA-55522 (Bug)

flex: completion proposals after "new" keyword should use class icon, not method icon

IDEA-55864 (Bug)

Add support to import "linked resources" variables from Eclipse/FlexBuilder when importing flex projects

IDEA-58503 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: inconsistent variant presentation

IDEA-58504 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: no variants offered for return expression if target type is Vector.<T>

IDEA-58528 (Bug)

Bad code green: no initializer allowed for rest parameter

IDEA-58632 (Bug)

Bad code is green: Object is not assignable to String

IDEA-58630 (Bug)

Create parameter quickfix throws exception when parameter value is null

IDEA-58695 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: exception when completing after "break"

IDEA-58696 (Bug)

flex: code completion: after "break" and "continue" offer applicable labels, not keywords

IDEA-58511 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: no variants offered where expected

IDEA-58615 (Bug)

flex: copy reference does not copy function parameter type as expected

IDEA-58617 (Bug)

Bad code is green

IDEA-58612 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: no variants provided where expected

IDEA-58405 (Bug)

flex: duplicate completion suggestions

IDEA-58361 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: ExcludeClass metadata tag should be respected

IDEA-58763 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: no variants offered inside ternary expression

IDEA-58605 (Bug)

flex: code completion: type variants should show containing package in completion popup entry

IDEA-58608 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: event types not suggested where expected

IDEA-58778 (Bug)

Wildcards "*" should be valid types for setters (good code red)

IDEA-58613 (Exception)

flex: smart completion: IAE at LookupItem.<init>

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-58246 (Exception)

Mercurial: NPE at org.zmlx.hg4idea.command.HgErrorUtil.getLastErrorLine

Project Configuration


IDEA-57389 (Bug)

UI for selecting and viewing dependencies on libraries is not user-friendly

Version Control. Git


IDEA-58518 (Bug)

Exception when requesting history for



IDEA-53187 (Feature)

Possibility to go to resource when ctrl+click on generated R constant

IDEA-58584 (Feature)

Run Android SDK/AVD manager from "Tools" menu

IDEA-51812 (Bug)

Android emulator setup requires IDEA restart before it works

IDEA-25794 (Bug)

Process is not closed after application installation

IDEA-51743 (Bug)

Android: own widgets are not supported in xml

IDEA-52766 (Bug)

Maia 94.426 automatically rebuilds dependent APKs for android, but does not deploy them

IDEA-58376 (Bug)

Android unit test works, but Idea UI fails

IDEA-24744 (Bug)

Sometimes apk installation fails with '- exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: Bad address (14) -'

Version Control


IDEA-55386 (Feature)

Mercurial support

IDEA-58669 (Bug)

Exception when Show History, no file history shown

PHP lang


WI-3075 (Usability Problem)

PHP: global function is shown with field icon in Structure window/popup

WI-2962 (Bug)

Reflection API stubs need update

WI-3074 (Bug)

PHP: statement completion: semicolon is not inserted after property declaration

WI-3127 (Bug)

Incorrect Warning - Unused Local Variable - foreach using by reference

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-57193 (Bug)

Regression: JUnit statistics table has no header row



IDEA-24583 (Feature)

Integrate "Infer nullity annotations" into IDEA

IDEA-58426 (Bug)

Regression: incorrect handling of rename/safe delete of method that implements or overrides other method.

IDEA-58572 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.refactoring.changeSignature.ChangeSignatureGestureDetector.childReplaced

Task Management


IDEA-58420 (Bug)

Throwable at com.intellij.tasks.github.GitHubRepository.getIssues

IDEA-58425 (Bug)

Tasks: GitHub server: automatically remove leading/ending spaces in urls

Web Services


IDEA-24806 (Bug)

WebServices support:make "generate java code from wsdl" support soap header

WI specific


WI-3162 (Usability Problem)

Please recognize duplicated file extensions like filename.php.php and save as filename.php

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-43317 (Feature)

Complete static members from classes that are already mentioned in import block as static import

IDEA-58604 (Bug)

smart completion for class name renders double package label

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-58658 (Bug)

XML files: highlighting analysis does not complete while the completion list is opened

IDEA-58454 (Bug)

Bogus "Inconvertible types; cannot cast" error in IntelliJ editor



IDEA-56553 (Feature)

Thread dump in debugger should show locks held by each thread

IDEA-49817 (Feature)

Option to filter out useless calls from debugger call stack

IDEA-58402 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: do not try to print variable fields when variable itself is null

IDEA-56687 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: 'Jump To Object Source' jumps to incorrect location

IDEA-58378 (Bug)

Debug button in Debugger ToolWindow allows to start several processes

IDEA-55450 (Bug)

Debugger type renderer problem with DateFormat



IDEA-58493 (Bug)

Settings->Injections: clicking on entry opens wrong detail editor

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-56384 (Feature)

"Delete Line" action should delete lines of selection [if it is present]

IDEA-23828 (Usability Problem)

Ctrl-Tab Switcher should recognize all cursor keys

IDEA-58535 (Bug)

Infinite - or excessive - loop in IntelliJ

IDEA-58606 (Bug)

Unable to select text from caret to the end of line with SHIFT+DOWN arrow if caret is placed at last line

IDEA-58625 (Exception)

Exception on paste



IDEA-44533 (Feature)

Spring 2.5: process the components scanning filters (context:component-scan element contents)

IDEA-58400 (Bug)

Spring: component-scan: include-filters and exclude-filters of 'regex' type are not supported

User Interface


IDEA-58236 (Usability Problem)

Ctrl-tab switcher stays open if keys released quickly

IDEA-26394 (Usability Problem)

Switcher window and mouse hover getting in the way

IDEA-49626 (Bug)

Navigation by Ctrl-Tab: items selecting by mouse doesn't work

IDEA-58597 (Bug)

Incorrect descriptions in plugins manager



IDEA-45378 (Feature)

Consistent rename of MVC entities

IDEA-46503 (Feature)

Support Grails 1.1. features

IDEA-40926 (Feature)

Make GSP aware of model returned from controller

IDEA-46886 (Feature)

"Go to | Test" (Ctrl-Shift-T) should work for Groovy classes

IDEA-57833 (Feature)

Groovy/Grails Refactoring Map to class

IDEA-57510 (Usability Problem)

Methods of classes from java.util not navigable by ctrl-click

IDEA-58292 (Performance Problem)

Grails: Find Usages applied to variable defined via g:set tag is incredibly slow

IDEA-57513 (Cosmetics)

Enum methods: values() highlighed as non-statically-typed, valueOf() type not instantiated

IDEA-57752 (Cosmetics)

"Rename to Java" Description Incorrect

IDEA-57219 (Bug)

Groovy: Overriding a method returning a primitive value, yields a method returning object type

IDEA-57867 (Bug)

Package declaration not updated when Groovy class is moved

IDEA-57865 (Bug)

Groovy method name with a single dollar sign is treated as error

IDEA-58657 (Bug)

Constructor call resolved to wrong (base class) constructor

IDEA-56991 (Bug)

Bug with formatting of classes utilizing subtypes

IDEA-57505 (Bug)

Support collection members

IDEA-57333 (Bug)

Gant: "Optimize unused import statements" intention does nothing

IDEA-48784 (Bug)

"Assignment is not used" groovy inspection false positive for method parameters

IDEA-58543 (Bug)

Support Quartz-plugin

IDEA-58699 (Bug)

compile errors with app-info plugin located in project

IDEA-47088 (Bug)

Incorrect data flow for variable assigned in getter method

IDEA-58539 (Bug)

Support Grails-Codecs

IDEA-51475 (Bug)

Grails Domain to Controller link bug

IDEA-51379 (Bug)

Compiling a .gant file in a module without Groovy library fails with not a user level error message

IDEA-58055 (Exception)

Groovy: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at GroovyPsiElementFactoryImpl.createMethodFromText() on "Convert to method" intention applied to closure with explicit type

IDEA-58289 (Exception)

Grails: PIEAE at GroovyOverrideImplementUtil$ on "Implement methods" quick fix called in GSP if several methods selected

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-55747 (Bug)

Reverse direction of for loop produce wrong code

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-58519 (Bug)

Intention for 'serialVersionUID' field not declared 'private static final long'

IDEA-58768 (Bug)

Minor problem with "serialVersionUID" inspection

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