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No subsystem


IDEA-57881 (Performance Problem)

Applications that write a lot to console might run much slower in IDEA X

IDEA-25759 (Cosmetics)

Clean installation of 9.0 Beta Ultimate

IDEA-57222 (Cosmetics)

JavaFX: weird 'create new' icons in the popup menu

WI-2825 (Task)

Update code samples for code-style settings

IDEA-57299 (Bug)

Exception in console when running org.intellij.plugins.groovy tests in the classpath of groovy-mvc

IDEA-57232 (Bug)

Eclipse Integration - IntelliJ changes the .classpath file on startup

WI-2785 (Bug)

apply patch treats all patches as empty

IDEA-58247 (Bug)

Unable to rename package

WI-3021 (Bug)

"Attribute is not allowed here" inspection appears incorrectly for HTML5 data- attributes.

WI-2864 (Bug)


IDEA-57804 (Bug)

JavaFX: NPE at org.jetbrains.javafx.lang.psi.impl.resolve.JavaFxResolveProcessor.isNamesEqual

IDEA-56614 (Bug)

Coverage plugin loading fails

IDEA-57933 (Bug)

Bug in Html/Javascript editor

IDEA-58286 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't start

WI-489 (Bug)

Bundle wapforums DTDs for xhtml mobile 1.0, 1.2

IDEA-58443 (Exception)

Stacktrace when I cloned a java bean (build 96.1097)

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-53292 (Bug)

Incorrectly reported "collection updated but never queried"

IDEA-43040 (Bug)

Bug in intention "Manual array to collection copy"

IDEA-57951 (Bug)

False positive on "collection contents queried but never updated"

IDEA-56799 (Bug)

Incorrect result "Manual array to collection copy" inspection

IDEA-58106 (Bug)

"Infinite recursion" inspection breaks with tautological if's

IDEA-57911 (Bug)

Changes to classname in "JUnit test method without any assertions" are ignored

IDEA-58079 (Bug)

"Manual array copy" false positive

IDEA-57925 (Bug)

"Instance variable might not have been initialized" inspection false positive

IDEA-37361 (Bug)

Inspection 'Manual array to collection copy' false positive

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-54745 (Feature)

Errors when running JUnit tests concurrently: Wrong test finished. Last started...

IDEA-47103 (Feature)

Allow junit test runner to use multiple threads (on multi-core machines)

IDEA-57106 (Bug)

Cannot run "All in package" JUnit tests

IDEA-16367 (Bug)

An operation got OutOfMemoryError when more than 400 MB is free.

IDEA-56805 (Bug)

JUnit tests do not start when Code Coverage is turned on



WI-411 (Feature)

Default (famous, most used) font family names autocomplete need.

WI-2391 (Usability Problem)

"Unknown CSS property" inspection should knew about webkit and other browser extensions

IntelliJ Platform


WI-2928 (Usability Problem)

Open in browser action has no default text and description

WI-2883 (Performance Problem)

Completion in html file is UNBEARABLY SLOW when xmlns:xi="" in use and lots of xi:include exists

WI-2910 (Bug)

Trim whitespace from the line when using Surround with Zen Coding

WI-3029 (Bug)

zen-coding abbreviation "b+b" doesn't work in inline css

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-56863 (Feature)

Option to hard-wrap text automatically when typing reaches right margin

IDEA-56242 (Bug)

Align When Multiline > Fields/variables groups does not align correctly when using tabs

IDEA-57936 (Bug)

Not-compiling code after reformating in Java

IDEA-58075 (Bug)

Make it possible to configure formatter to align fields in columns



IDEA-55270 (Feature)

Inject SQL Language to HTML5 JavaScript SQL calls

IDEA-56218 (Bug)

JavaScript Inspection: Error Level for 'Unneeded comma'

IDEA-58416 (Bug)

JavaScript: "Extract function" dialog: "OK" button is always disabled

Flex Support


IDEA-57581 (Feature)

flex: introduce variable: provide pluralized name suggestions when introducing from Vector.<T> type

IDEA-57862 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: should suggest "true" and "false" literals for assignment to boolean

IDEA-57871 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: provide filtering for vector type

IDEA-57873 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: provide specific filtering for vector method parameters

IDEA-47521 (Feature)

Implement quickfix for 'incompatible implementation, should have signature...' inspection

IDEA-57011 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: provide completion after "new" for assignment to vector

IDEA-55889 (Feature)

SWC library compilation: need ability to easily exclude folder and/or source file from compilation.

IDEA-57863 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: suggest "this" where applicable

IDEA-57991 (Usability Problem)

Ugly Action Script Go To Class popup

IDEA-57099 (Cosmetics)

New Flex Module wizard should suggest module name as sample application file name

IDEA-57585 (Bug)

flex: vector support: return type of pop() and shift() not correctly recognized

IDEA-58468 (Bug)

flex: introduce constant: does not allow to introduce some expressions

IDEA-26326 (Bug)

mxml: "Edit ECMA Script Level 4 Fragment" doesn't use ecma4 dialect

IDEA-56540 (Bug)

Incorrect Refactoring and Find Usage

IDEA-27182 (Bug)

ASDoc lines starting with <ident>: are ignored

IDEA-57860 (Bug)

flex: vector support: introduce variable: component type still lost in some cases

IDEA-58410 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: applicable static constants not offered in non-static context in same class

IDEA-58411 (Bug)

flex: inline rename: bad name suggestions, and inconsistent with 'introduce variable'

IDEA-57949 (Bug)

Getting many "unused class" and "unused method" warnings with constructors and interface implementations in ActionScript project

IDEA-57879 (Bug)

Extract Method creates bad code when there is a return point in extracted code.

IDEA-57059 (Bug)

Good code may become red if 3rd party SWC libraries contain Flex framework classes (as well as SWCs from Flex SDK)

IDEA-47988 (Bug)

Creating Java module + Flex facet from 'Project Structure' dialog leads to incorrectly shown Flex Compiler Settings until dialog is closed.

IDEA-57001 (Bug)

flex: inconsistent presentation of completion variants

IDEA-57857 (Bug)

flex: "assign parameter 'xx' to field" QuickFix offered for all variables (instead of just parameters)

IDEA-54573 (Bug)

flex: "set return type to void" leaves code red

IDEA-58358 (Bug)

Flex 4.5 Compiler Problem

IDEA-58281 (Bug)

Flex compiled resource bundles don't seem to work on SWF projects when compiled by IDEA with flexmojos

IDEA-57570 (Bug)

"Cannot resolve symbol" in MXML when adding a dependency to a module with a custom namespace (manifest file)

IDEA-57590 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: in variable initializer, don't suggest variable itself

IDEA-56735 (Bug)

[flex] [as3] Extract Function of loop block containing 'continue' statments produces bad code

IDEA-57809 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: invalid inaccessible variants are suggested

IDEA-58332 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.flex.presentation.FlexIconProvider.getIcon

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-58246 (Exception)

Mercurial: NPE at org.zmlx.hg4idea.command.HgErrorUtil.getLastErrorLine

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Tomcat


IDEA-47963 (Feature)

Allow running additional web application with local tomcat integration

Project Configuration


IDEA-58432 (Usability Problem)

Remove 'Context artifact' option from Web and Ejb facet settings

IDEA-56953 (Bug)

Eclipse linkedResources ignored

Version Control. Git


IDEA-57188 (Exception)

Git: NPE at git4idea.history.GitUsersComponent.getUsersList

Ant Integration


IDEA-57945 (Bug)

Ant: Refactor / Rename a property deletes prefix from references

IDEA-57989 (Bug)

Ant: references to targets included multiple times are not resolved



IDEA-58156 (Cosmetics)

UML cosmetics

IDEA-58017 (Bug)

Maven dependency graph: "Find" -> GoTo dep takes 1-2 secs

IDEA-57823 (Bug)

UML: the edited note text is not updated without F5

IDEA-57827 (Bug)

UML: visual artefacts on using Magnifier view for elements close to left/upper diagram edge

IDEA-57820 (Exception)

CCE at org.jetbrains.idea.maven.ext.uml.MavenUmlColorManager.getEdgeColor

IDEA-58329 (Exception)

CCE at



IDEA-56383 (Bug)

Compiler error messages are truncated

IDEA-57983 (Bug)

Android: new project/module is created with incomplete structure

IDEA-58277 (Exception)

NPE at AndroidModuleWizardStep.<init> on new module creation

Version Control


IDEA-58419 (Bug)

Visual data sorting doesn't correspond to real one in File History ToolWindow

IDEA-55100 (Bug)

Update dialog blocks children

IDEA-53164 (Bug)

files randomly disappearing from changelist



IDEA-54910 (Bug)

AspectJ: "highlight usages" in JPAQL injected in .aj does not work as expected

Code Coverage


IDEA-58033 (Bug)

Code coverage disappears after make with failure

IDEA-56800 (Bug)

ProjectRunConfigurationManager component: "coverage" extension: "merge" attribute is misplaced



IDEA-55781 (Usability Problem)

Merge actions for creating HTML, XHTML and HTML5 files

Plugin: Spellchecker


WI-586 (Usability Problem)

Spellchecker quick-fix items order: Make 'Change to' the first item

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-58259 (Bug)

Issue with TFS in Intellij 10 EAP: no work items are returned by query

IDEA-58050 (Bug)

TFS 2010: Checkin policies are not loaded from server

PHP lang


WI-2857 (Feature)

Formatting one line blocks

WI-2079 (Feature)

"Go to Symbol" doesn't handle quoted names of Database Tables/Columns correctly

WI-2886 (Feature)

Please provide usage classification for find usages

WI-2729 (Feature)

implement all placeholders for Zen Coding

WI-76 (Feature)

"Complete current statement" (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) doesn't work in PHP code

WI-2836 (Feature)

Annotation: Cannot instantiate interface

WI-2291 (Feature)

A way (and an option in Settings) to disable autocompletion of php comments like PHPDOC comments

WI-2893 (Usability Problem)

All folds after typing switch are expanded on the fly

WI-2862 (Performance Problem)

When doing code inspection on large project, it slows right down when all memory is used up

WI-2999 (Bug)

"Quick Documentation" ( Ctrl + Q ) doesn't display the "@throws" info.

WI-2863 (Bug)

Unreachable statement wrongly reported after a "or die()"

WI-3007 (Bug)

setter intention on constant

WI-3006 (Bug)

Unused variable wrong detection inside multiassignment expression

WI-3005 (Bug)

Unused variable inspection should not consider increment as usage

WI-2881 (Bug)

Refactoring - wrong approach

WI-3015 (Bug)

Wrong tidy_get_output prototype

WI-2762 (Bug)

Wrong parsing of empty() lang construct

WI-2996 (Bug)

Incorrect inspection 'Unused local variable' for $_POST

WI-2061 (Bug)

Php param Inspection fails for functions that have required parameters after optional.

WI-2868 (Bug)

Doc Block above classes and in classes

WI-2790 (Bug)

PHP: comment block and uncomment block currupts code when selection contains opening or closing PHP tag and no PHP code

WI-2944 (Bug)

PHP: statement completion incorrectly handles block statements not the last in surrounding block

WI-2955 (Bug)

Unused variable false positive while usage is in try/catch block with docblock

WI-2952 (Bug)

PHP: statement completion: with function definition before the assignment superfluous new line is inserted

WI-2237 (Bug)

PHP Inspector strtok

WI-3010 (Bug)

PHP&Javascript mix: comment works wrong

WI-2943 (Bug)

PHP: statement completion does not work for echo statement

WI-2614 (Bug)

"Surround with.." is not working if code block started with comment.

WI-3055 (Bug)

PHP: complete statement inserts block inside already typed parentheses

WI-2454 (Bug)

Method xpath in SimpleXML package is unrecognized

WI-2809 (Bug)

echo ; - no error shown

WI-2792 (Exception)

Throwable at DocumentImpl.createRangeMarker() on commenting PHP block very last in file



WI-2991 (Exception)

Exception during usage search and "rename" refactoring in JavaScript project

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-33824 (Bug)

CVS: cvsroot created for non-default port in 'conigure cvs roots' dialog is incorrect

IDEA-33844 (Bug)

CVS: BrowseCVSRepository: the contents of repository modules is not displayed

IDEA-33843 (Bug)

CVS:BrowseChanges dialog: sorting doesn't work properly

IDEA-33671 (Bug)

CVS: for the top-most versioned directory cvs check out is enabled but always fails

IDEA-33902 (Bug)

CVS: Get for file with ChangedOnServer status does nothing



WI-3027 (Bug)

One letter Zen coding shortcuts problem inside inline style

WI-2932 (Bug)

HTML Zen-Coding: | Character breaks IDE



IDEA-57353 (Feature)

Refactor / Move: on moving only one java class in file and a non-java file, the whole content of java file is moved

IDEA-57524 (Usability Problem)

Refactor / Move: moving resource bundle super-node in Project tree with mouse is disabled

IDEA-57365 (Cosmetics)

Refactor / Move dialog could be omitted for public class moved to its own package

IDEA-57366 (Cosmetics)

Refactor / Move dialog could be omitted for GUI form elements moved to their own package

IDEA-58152 (Bug)

Refactorings on UML diagram are not accessible

IDEA-57579 (Bug)

Refactor / Move: on attempt to move GUI form super-node and directory into package, directory is not moved

IDEA-45932 (Bug)

Safe deleting type parameter should not search for text occurrences

IDEA-57529 (Bug)

Refactor / Move: empty package moved as "everything from the directory" disappears

IDEA-58132 (Bug)

'Extract interface' action should not be available in plain XML file

IDEA-58181 (Bug)

Introduce variable should suggest plain names instead of incremented (variable1, etc) if class has a parent class with non-accessible (private) field with same name

IDEA-39622 (Bug)

Refactor / Move .iml file does not update .ipr file

IDEA-58083 (Bug)

Refactor / Move: on moving class referred from properties file by FQN the reference is not updated

IDEA-58109 (Bug)

Moving enum to upper level adds unnecessary semicolon after enum values

IDEA-57576 (Bug)

Refactor / Move: on moving resource bundle and java class only bundle is moved

IDEA-58257 (Bug)

Idea 96.1068 doesn't want to move files that are not java classes

IDEA-58387 (Exception)

'Make static' refactoring for an inner class fails with exception if a qualified 'new' expression is used

IDEA-57577 (Exception)

Refactor / Move: NPE at UsageInfo.<init>() on moving a package and class referred from properties file

IDE Configuration


IDEA-57688 (Usability Problem)

Users can't figure out how to edit keymap

PHP debug


WI-2922 (Exception)

Xdebug validation throws exception if web path mapping if configured for a single file

No Subsystem


IDEA-58243 (Bug)

Attach classes form repository does not remember last specified directory

Maven Integration


IDEA-58225 (Bug)

Attach classes from repository requires adding the ".class" extension when searching for a class in Artifactory



IDEA-58204 (Usability Problem)

SQL console does not scroll down when output exceeds the view port vertical space

IDEA-58255 (Usability Problem)

SQL console: fake extension is added to the data source name in the input editor

IDEA-46224 (Usability Problem)

JDBC console could set language to Generic SQL if data source dialect is unknown

IDEA-58196 (Usability Problem)

SQL console: keyboard shortcut for intention quick fix and Console Properties dialog conflict

IDEA-58231 (Bug)

Import Data Source does not import

IDEA-58147 (Bug)

Can't create new datasource

IDEA-58166 (Bug)

Database table editor: Configurable paging

IDEA-58167 (Bug)

Database table editor: Copy Broken

IDEA-58168 (Bug)

Database table editor: Can't enter <null> in a cell

IDEA-58194 (Bug)

Data Sources: HSQL: error loading schemas from new created database

IDEA-58360 (Bug)

'Run Query in Console' doesn't ask for query parameters

IDEA-58370 (Bug)

database: datasource properties: "Table Names Pattern" is not remembered

IDEA-58308 (Exception)

SQL console: IAE at com.intellij.ui.SwingActionWrapper.<init>() on attempt to show result table



IDEA-19908 (Feature)

Smart completion for SQL (table relation and column type based)

IDEA-49603 (Bug)

SQL console doesn't starts while background indexing is in progress

PHP test


WI-2752 (Cosmetics)

Skipped tests shown twice

WI-2699 (Bug)

PHPUnit (XML file): runner can't find sources referred from XML suite



IDEA-23875 (Feature)

Option for IntelliJ to NOT build war or expload it



IDEA-58061 (Bug)

Last live template line not reformatted when using $END$ variable

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-57401 (Bug)

Repository listing in perforce is broken

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-54855 (Feature)

Provide ability to statically import methods through code completion

IDEA-58242 (Bug)

[AS3] AutoComplete function as a parameter generates also "()"

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-57978 (Bug)

Find Usages: no 'search in text/comments' option for fields

IDEA-58104 (Bug)

AspectJ: "quick show usages": strange rendering of references to class from injected JPAQL if Ctrl-M option is enabled

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-34906 (Feature)

inspection: Contents of collection are queued but never updated is working incorrectly

IDEA-57931 (Feature)

Use editor for managing commit message at vcs-diff panel

IDEA-57562 (Bug)

Error 'duplicate annotation' is not highlighted

IDEA-17525 (Bug)

Strange "JSF EL out of attribute" warning

XML editing


IDEA-58114 (Usability Problem)

Awkward naming of schema in "Generate schema from instance document"



IDEA-23341 (Feature)

Debugger: Interrupt Thread

IDEA-58046 (Feature)

Evaluate expression tooltip: Don't skip empty lines representations

IDEA-41226 (Feature)

Reference debugger-marked objects in expressions

IDEA-57994 (Usability Problem)

showing return values in the debugger

IDEA-58143 (Bug)

Expression Evaluation dialog: expression with unboxing does not evaluate.

GWT Support


IDEA-56327 (Bug)

DOCTYPE ui:UiBinder SYSTEM "" is always red

IDEA-58275 (Bug)

UiBinder files complaining about inner html elements of HTMLPanel such as <div>

IDEA-58220 (Bug)

gwt: html inside <g:HTMLPanel> marked red



IDEA-57947 (Bug)

jpa: non-transient fields not recognized as persistent in field-annotated entity class

IDEA-58103 (Bug)

quick show usages: "read"/"write" icons not shown if field is persistent JPA field



IDEA-35858 (Feature)

Inspection + fix: "unused taglib import"

IDEA-57301 (Feature)

jsp: extract tag: support "introduce parameter" inside tag files

IDEA-57970 (Bug)

JSP support is broken (usage search, code navigation, very slow parsing)

IDEA-58324 (Exception)

"PluginException: com.intellij.jsp.taglibs.actions.GenerateJspTagAction: attribute "anchor" should be defined" on startup

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-53288 (Usability Problem)

Idea should support standard Subversion layout

IDEA-56876 (Bug)

Browse Subversion Repository does nothing while indexing

IDEA-58413 (Exception)

Subversion: AIOOBE at java.util.ArrayList.get

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-58269 (Feature)

Enhance TestNG plugin to provide code completion for data provider names in specified dataProviderClass

IDEA-58270 (Feature)

Enhance TestNG plugin to include data providers from superclasses into list of potential code completions for dataProvider attribute

IDEA-57958 (Bug)

Listeners from TestNG run configuration defaults don't get copied to special run configurations (for class, method, ...)

IDEA-25005 (Bug)

Memory Leak using TestNG

IDEA-58165 (Bug)

Log outputs don't show up for TestNG tests

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-58002 (Bug)

Soft wrap: Avoid incorrect caret representation during typing on soft-wrapped line

IDEA-57010 (Bug)

Expanded folding preview is drawn incorrectly

IDEA-58117 (Bug)

Pressing 'End' after the end of line should go to the end of line in case of the plain text document

Version Control. VSS


IDEA-33758 (Usability Problem)

VSS: 'don't get local copy' checkout option is unsafe and confusing

IDEA-34163 (Bug)

VSS: after class refactor/move changes cannot be commited

IDEA-34109 (Bug)

VSS: add vssver.scc to the list og ignored files by default

IDEA-34110 (Bug)

VSS: don't show error messages on UndoCheckout invocation for folder if some files there are not checked out

IDEA-33863 (Bug)

VSS: rollback package rename is performed incorrectly



IDEA-57982 (Feature)

spring: resolve resource patterns for ClassPathXmlApplicationContext constructor parameters

IDEA-58208 (Feature)

spring security: provide completion for <sec:authorize>/@access custom tag attribute

IDEA-58393 (Bug)

Spring: no dependencies to components defined using <component-scan> filters are shown on graph

IDEA-58398 (Bug)

Spring: component-scan: components included via <context:include-filter> of 'assignable' type are not recognized

IDEA-18746 (Bug)

spring 2.5: bad code green: <context:include-filter>: "expression" attribute not validated for type="assignable"

IDEA-18747 (Bug)

spring 2.5: bad code green: <context:include-filter>: "expression" attribute not validated for type="annotation"

User Interface


IDEA-56401 (Usability Problem)

Dialog boxes (for example find class [Ctrl+n]) do not float above floating windows so are not always visible.

IDEA-57117 (Usability Problem)

on mac os some text entry fields are too small

IDEA-58236 (Usability Problem)

Ctrl-tab switcher stays open if keys released quickly

IDEA-56640 (Cosmetics)

OSX inspection filter highlights white on white

IDEA-46715 (Cosmetics)

Cosmetic issue in the Run/Debug Configuration drop-down list

IDEA-56857 (Bug)

Search term hidden in keymap preferences

IDEA-57972 (Bug)

Refactor->Copy: "To Directory" garbled

IDEA-57080 (Bug)

Unable to clear or view Notifications

IDEA-25258 (Bug)

"Go To..." popup needs some borders (Mac OS X)

IDEA-58069 (Bug)

Use correct combo box popup size for 'run configurations'



IDEA-42235 (Feature)

JSF Facelets: File needs to be both xhtml and jspx



IDEA-58185 (Feature)

Grails: Find Usages for variables defined via g:set tag could be added

IDEA-51853 (Feature)

Functional-Test Plugin Support

IDEA-50257 (Feature)

Variables defined in .gsp could be resolved

IDEA-56971 (Feature)

Groovy compilation errors are not linked to source files in console

IDEA-58292 (Performance Problem)

Grails: Find Usages applied to variable defined via g:set tag is incredibly slow

IDEA-57022 (Bug)

Enter after /** generates incorrectly formatted Groovydoc

IDEA-49791 (Bug)

Grails: variable defined in g:each tag is not resolved in the element's body

IDEA-58037 (Bug)

Tag countySelect without optional "from" attribute is marked as error

IDEA-58180 (Bug)

Grails: Inline Refactoring called in GSP scriptlet breaks code formatting

IDEA-58146 (Exception)

Grails: NPE at CreateLocalVariableFromUsageFix.positionCursor() on "Create variable" intention applied to unresolved reference in GSP

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-42131 (Bug)

Then generating constructor for the class which is implementing another class and has the fields with the same names and types I got a broken code

IDEA-58136 (Bug)

Remove Redundant 'else' bug

IDEA-58067 (Bug)

Create method fix inside assert statement creates method with wrong return type

IDEA-58140 (Bug)

create field for parameter: bug with arrays

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