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IDEA-64675 (Bug)

Add Framework - groovy - Can't add Framework - Ok Button isn't active

WI-4899 (Bug)

Smarty 3: Escapes not recognized in strings

IDEA-64179 (Bug)

User Interface hangs during editing with Background Indexing

IDEA-64521 (Bug)

Good CSS highlighted red



IDEA-64916 (Exception)

Cannot open JSPx files: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.intellij.lang.jsp.JspxFileViewProviderImpl cannot be cast to com.intellij.lang.jsp.JspFileViewProviderImpl

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-63562 (Bug)

Incorrect indentation of JS code after formatting

PHP lang


WI-5006 (Task)

Add new constant JSON_ERROR_UTF8

WI-4263 (Bug)

join() returns wrong type

WI-4994 (Bug)

PHP: namespace imported without aliasing is not resolved

WI-4995 (Bug)

PHP: namespace imported without leading backslash is not resolved

WI-4575 (Bug)

Namespaces + parent::foo() causes "undefined method foo"

WI-4822 (Bug)

PHP: Namespaces bugs

WI-4986 (Bug)

Doc Comment before namespace declaration highlights as error by inspection

WI-4832 (Bug)

Code Reformat splitting strings should use concatenation

WI-5032 (Exception)

PHP: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException at FieldReferenceImpl.getName() on Code Analysis if there are dynamic filed references



WI-4997 (Bug)

[CSS3] border-radius error reporting



WI-4978 (Bug)

unable to indicate parameters in local JS Debug Configuration

Flex Support


IDEA-57859 (Cosmetics)

flex: unnecessary empty space between icons and label in completion popups

IDEA-65010 (Bug)

Good code marked red static constants and fields

OSGi Support


IDEA-64956 (Bug)

Intellij is taking 30 minutes to start

IDEA-64851 (Bug)

Osmorc facet settings opening causes out of memory sometimes



IDEA-64952 (Cosmetics)

UML: correct error message on attempt to create class in some library package

IDEA-64939 (Bug)

UML: if package contains subpackage(s), they are not shown on diagram after package expanding

IDEA-64943 (Bug)

UML: package nodes are not shown on diagram if their names clash

IDEA-64940 (Bug)

UML: if diagram contains package node, it is possible to add this package's subpackages to same diagram, but they cannot be expanded

IDEA-64944 (Exception)

CME at com.intellij.diagram.DiagramDataModel.removeAll

Version Control. Git


IDEA-64783 (Bug)

Can't use private repos in github

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-64906 (Bug)

Subversion + ssh: if in the SSh AuthenticationRequired dialog i select to save credentials, and in the VerifyServerKeyFingerprint dialog uncheck the 'add key to svn cache' option, then i get no server dialog on restart

IDEA-64905 (Bug)

Subversion + SSH: with private key authentication is used, ssh login information is not saved



IDEA-65049 (Bug)

Incorrect default paths when module file located not under content root

PHP debug


WI-4317 (Usability Problem)

XDebug zero configuration: "Resolve mapping problem" interface is confusing

WI-4787 (Usability Problem)

User setting to control debug mouse-hover tooltip pop-up, please.

PHP frameworks


WI-4842 (Usability Problem)

Show error stream when tool fails to execute

Code Coverage


IDEA-64868 (Bug)

Linux: IDEA in a path with space: Tomcat run configuration fails to start with code coverage

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