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IDEA-64831 (Cosmetics)

A misprint in the Settings Panel

IDEA-64675 (Bug)

Add Framework - groovy - Can't add Framework - Ok Button isn't active

IDEA-64348 (Bug)

Avoid IJ hanging during browsing file system for project to open

IDEA-64687 (Bug)

Impossible to add an import statement when import section is collapsed

IDEA-64148 (Exception)

AssertionError at TimedComputable.dispose() on project closing

IDEA-64798 (Exception)

NPE at IdeDocumentHistory.getInstance() on clicking in Template text field of live template editor



IDEA-61028 (Bug)

JavaScript: Bogus entries for @class / function

IDEA-64878 (Bug)

JavaScript Extract Variable / Method Broken

IDEA-58999 (Bug)

Inline variable for JS has false positive detection on blocking uses in closures

IDEA-58693 (Bug)

javascript: code completion suggests names of mxml-backed classes and inserts bogus imports

IDEA-53666 (Bug)

javascript: "Inline variable" refactoring doesn't work in injected JSP context

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-64843 (Bug)

Subversion + SSH: impossible to login



WI-4946 (Usability Problem)

Implement an ability to define an object using JsDoc and @class

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-64501 (Bug)

Context menu keyboard button shows context menu, but focus is still in editor

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-64713 (Usability Problem)

Using a comma in code completion inserts a trailing space for method calls but not for variable names

IDEA-46360 (Bug)

Only annotations should be suggested after @ in the function parameters list

Flex Support


IDEA-63446 (Feature)

validation and completion of itemCreationPolicy and itemDestructionPolicy attribute values

IDEA-64840 (Cosmetics)

trimmed type name in tooltip

IDEA-64800 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: return expression in constructor

IDEA-64806 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: accessor nested inside function

IDEA-64756 (Bug)

flex: "good" code red: trailing comma in generic list initializer expression

IDEA-64755 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: "dynamic interface"

IDEA-64773 (Bug)

actionscript3 - keyword --> with(){}

IDEA-64735 (Bug)

Introduce field "create in current method" deletes entire line instead of just the statement you wrap

IDEA-64681 (Bug)

Externally changed SWC dependency does not cause module recompilation if 'Export' is checked

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-64779 (Bug)

Mercurial: after repository clone the default path is not written to .hg/hgrc

IDEA-64523 (Bug)

visible password in version control console



WI-2485 (Bug)

Go to declaration from HTML to CSS class does not work in some cases



IDEA-64305 (Bug)

Spring + AOP: correctly treat pointcuts that matches method with multiple arguments not annotated with given annotation (!@SomeAnnotation)

IDEA-64306 (Bug)

Spring + AOP: methods with parameters of primitive types are not considered on matching pointcuts with parameters not annotated with specified annotation (!@SomeAnnotation)



IDEA-64759 (Bug)

Grails plugin window not setting proxy as it should

IDEA-64741 (Bug)

Elvis inspection bug

IDEA-63583 (Bug)

Grails: IDEA should work correctly if installed grails plugin duplecates in '%PROJECT_ROOT%/plugins' and '%HOME%/.grails/1.3.5/projects/reportProject/plugins/'



IDEA-64641 (Cosmetics)

Error icon for 'Show details' action on UML diff diagram

IDEA-64704 (Exception)

Exception when typing in class file with diagram open

PHP lang


WI-4059 (Usability Problem)

PHP: code completion list contains superfluous empty entry for default namespace

WI-2652 (Bug)

namespace operator is not recognized inside namespace

WI-4963 (Bug)

Doc generation doesn't work at all when executing right under namespace declaration

WI-4913 (Bug)

$http_response_header shown as undefined

WI-4918 (Bug)

Major redraw issues with Run/Debug configuration screen



IDEA-64079 (Bug) is deleted when opening project

IDEA-64596 (Bug)

Cannot build project

PHP debug


WI-1394 (Usability Problem)

Add 'show variables addresses' option to the watch window context menu

Code Coverage


IDEA-64730 (Bug)

Code coverage: Emma: all lines are shown red (not-executed)

IDE Configuration


IDEA-64551 (Bug)

Inspections UI is empty at first

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