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IDEA-66454 (Bug)

'Run to cursor' shows breakpoint icon

IDEA-66453 (Bug)

Attribute completion should be suggested after completing a GSP tag name

IDEA-64502 (Bug)

Passing parameter nosplash to IDEA shows error dialog

PHP lang


WI-1083 (Bug)

PHP constants are case-sensitive

WI-5536 (Bug)

PHP: good code is red: const declaration inside a namespace

WI-5500 (Bug)

Enter in PHPDoc inserts wrong "comment end" sequence

WI-5503 (Bug)

Incorrect Inspection Warning - Undefined constant - null, true, false

WI-4555 (Bug)

expression enclosed in braces breaks type inference

WI-4671 (Bug)

PHP: Syntax error not warned in "define" function syntax

WI-5544 (Bug)

PHP code style: "align when multiline" option enables itself constantly

WI-5543 (Bug)

Complete Current Statement works wrong for sibling block structures (foreach etc)

Task Management


IDEA-66538 (Bug)

Interface freezes if YouTRACK server is not responsible



WI-5402 (Bug)

PHPStorm highlights the "arguments" variable as undefined



IDEA-53802 (Bug)

javascript: "Unwrap.." action eats surrounding <script> tags instead of unwrapping code

Flex Support


IDEA-65462 (Bug)

flex: invalid method generation if it tries to name parameter as "class"

IDEA-61225 (Bug)

flex: bogus parameter popup inside if() statement inside anonymous function

IDEA-66444 (Bug)

Debugger: cannot evaluate full value of XML variable

IDEA-66724 (Bug)

good code red: Interface can not be instantiated

IDEA-66218 (Bug)

Assign parameter to field: honor param order

IDEA-66467 (Bug)

"Unresolved variable or type registration" with ActionScript addEventListener when listener function protected.

IDEA-66042 (Bug)

Flex: assign parameter to field inspection adds assignment before call to super constructor

IDEA-66588 (Bug)

flex: Ctrl-Shift-Enter after import creates red code

Version Control. Git


IDEA-66465 (Bug)

Git checkout branch dialog doesn't have keyboard focus

IDEA-65218 (Bug)

Commit & push action: commit dialog does not fetch changes

IDEA-64198 (Bug)

Git: Rebase And Push do not honor user selection



IDEA-66558 (Bug)

IDEA freezes for quite a long time after setting a breakpoint in a GSP

IDEA-66522 (Bug)

Grails doman class dynamic methods should have icons in completion



IDEA-60449 (Bug)

Running JUnit tests in a module with an Android facet should not perform a full Android build

PHP debug


WI-5451 (Feature)

Xdebug: Add profiler bookmarklets to bookmarklets generator

WI-5120 (Usability Problem)

Settings / PHP / Servers: pressing Enter while editing a path on server closes dialog and discards modifications



WI-3082 (Performance Problem)

CSS inspections (in batch) are too RAM-heavy, too much time got spent in GC

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