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IDEA-64422 (Feature)

Add an overwrite all/skip all option when copying external resources/files into a project

WI-4248 (Feature)

Gutter context menu: add more menu items OR make it customizable via Settings | Menus & Toolbars

IDEA-64449 (Usability Problem)

Commit->Comment->"Message History" has no keyboard shortcut anymore

IDEA-64193 (Cosmetics)

A misprint in Conflicts console

WI-3597 (Cosmetics)

Choose Declaration ambiguity

IDEA-64353 (Bug)

statusbar widgets do not show tooltips despite getTooltip() being overridden

WI-4134 (Bug)

Tabs not consistently added in editor

IDEA-63436 (Bug)

idea freezes/crashes with 100% cpu spiked

IDEA-64216 (Bug)

Spelling: "destructor", "destructors" words are not in dictionary

IDEA-63396 (Bug)

"Open project in THIS window" VS two frames = problem

IDEA-64051 (Bug)

Create Java class doesn't work properly if name of created class isn't the name entered in the dialog

IDEA-64218 (Bug)

Synchronize on frame activation does not work

IDEA-64407 (Bug)

New Inspections profile can't be added

IDEA-64404 (Bug)

100% CPU usage if editor is opened

WI-4782 (Bug)

Move UML provider from JS to Flex plugin (WAS: Strange diagram provider)

IDEA-58581 (Bug)

"File already exists" reported on attempt to create new File or new HTML/XHTML file same named as a package in current directory

IDEA-64261 (Bug)

Python module fails to build

IDEA-52274 (Bug)

idea.bat fails if path to in IDEA_PROPERTIES contains spaces

IDEA-52534 (Bug)

Groovy named argument lists may be empty

IDEA-63833 (Bug)

Kill Process under Windows doesn't work properly

IDEA-63806 (Bug)

Extract Method Object fails

IDEA-64205 (Bug)

Rename table alias in DB console is not working

IDEA-64336 (Bug)

SQL comment a row (Ctrl-/) incorrectly works for MySQL

IDEA-64325 (Bug)

While indexing, autoscroll from source works, but scroll from source not

IDEA-63584 (Bug)

Error on IDEA restart with installation in a path with spaces (observed with WinXP)

IDEA-64148 (Exception)

AssertionError at TimedComputable.dispose() on project closing

IDEA-64004 (Exception)

Throwable at ChangeSignatureGestureDetector$1.dispose() on reopening a project after changing Settings / File Types

IDEA-64389 (Exception)

Throwable at IdeEventQueue.removeIdleListener() on File Cache Conflict dialog

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-31147 (Feature)

Auto-unboxing suggestion

IDEA-64338 (Feature)

exnteding a calss whose constructor throws exception

IDEA-63493 (Bug)

Grails: Complilation error is marked erroneously implementing Collection<T>

IDEA-63728 (Bug)

Persistence Query API Problems - Cannot resolve query parameter incorrect

IDEA-60975 (Bug)

Unknown Android XML attribute: "style" and "layout"

IDEA-62015 (Bug)

Whether enum realizes implemented interface is not inspected

IDEA-64419 (Bug)

Infer nullity: Misses references enclosed in casts

IDEA-64186 (Bug)

InnerClassMayBeStatic: Do not warn about making inner classes of anonymous classes static.

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-13072 (Feature)

JavaDoc format

IDEA-63732 (Bug)

Copyright: leading white space is ignored

IDEA-61811 (Bug)

Formatter: Don't generate <p/> for blank lines from <pre>...</pre> section

IDEA-61895 (Bug)

Javadoc formatting: "Wrap at right margin" removes line breaks

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-64390 (Exception)

List of plugins was not loaded: The reference to entity "id" must end with the ';' delimiter.



WI-4798 (Bug)

CSS word-spacing property is not allowed a negative value

WI-3418 (Bug)

Incorrect color highlighting in .less files

IntelliJ Platform


WI-2852 (Cosmetics)

'Go to test' action should be disabled when there's no implementation for the language in the context

WI-4440 (Cosmetics)

'Open Module Settings' action in project view does nothing, so it should better be hidden

WI-2853 (Bug)

Unable to create project from existing files [in case of recursive symlink]

WI-2019 (Bug)

File Templates and using ##

WI-4431 (Bug)

wrong root element in html5

WI-4828 (Bug)

OS X [LaunchRunner Error] The main class "com.intellij.idea.Main" could not be found.



IDEA-62450 (Usability Problem)

html5 data- attribute

IDEA-62960 (Bug)

Opening brace in method declaration is always placed on the new line, ignoring code style (JavaScript)

IDEA-62993 (Bug)

Formatter gives too much indentation in JavaScript files when using next-line shifted

Flex Support


IDEA-62787 (Feature)

"Jump to source" is not working in flex debugger

IDEA-59475 (Feature)

flex: provide "Mismatched query and update of collection" inspection (for Array and Vector)

IDEA-21403 (Bug)

import namespace on override method in not imported namespace

IDEA-58261 (Bug)

Refactoring - {} and [] do not form expressions for refactoring

IDEA-64229 (Bug)

flex: ugly error message for duplicated attributes

IDEA-64355 (Bug)

regression: "implementation of" for class outside source roots

IDEA-59119 (Bug)

flex: copy reference: does not work properly from vector reference

IDEA-59338 (Bug)

Moving Embedded assets breaks embed path

IDEA-53669 (Bug)

Generate event handler quickfix and intention work incorrectly if event constant is declared not in event class

IDEA-64251 (Bug)

Incorrect generation of overrided function with non default namespace.

IDEA-64459 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.psi.impl.JSReferenceExpressionImpl.bindToElement

Project Configuration


IDEA-44597 (Feature)

Add a visual dependency graph which aims and guides the user to eliminate duplicate dependencies in a multi module project.

IDEA-64058 (Bug)

Run configurations dialog: temporary configurations: Share is enabled to set, but not saved

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-64384 (Usability Problem)

JUnit: creating Pattern configuration from a context sets "Classpath and JDK" to "no module"

IDEA-64387 (Usability Problem)

JUnit: Pattern configuration created from a context of classes from different modules always fails

IDEA-61549 (Bug)

Unicode in package and classnames: issues with unit testing

IDEA-61549 (Bug)

Unicode in package and classnames: issues with unit testing



IDEA-64466 (Bug)

UML + Flex: don't allow to draw extends links to final classes

IDEA-61918 (Bug)

UML diagram does not allow package expansion anymore

IDEA-64322 (Bug)


IDEA-64320 (Bug)

Don't allow to draw extension link from class to itself

IDEA-64190 (Exception)

UML: Throwable at UmlPresentationModelImpl$1.getModificationCount() on editing code of ActionScript class shown on diagram

IDEA-64160 (Exception)

NPE at



IDEA-52372 (Feature)

Wrong completion for android:name on <application> in the manifest

IDEA-60256 (Bug)

Application name in AndroidManifest.xml not updated when moving application class to a different package

IDEA-64298 (Bug)

Android Library Module doesn't build AIDL files

Version Control


IDEA-64255 (Feature)

File name completion in VCS Commit dialog comments

IDEA-64199 (Usability Problem)

Revert action does nothing if multiple changelists are selected

Code Coverage


IDEA-64101 (Usability Problem)

Code coverage: in prompt dialog would be better to change "Cancel" to "Do not show"

IDEA-64098 (Usability Problem)

Code coverage: "Do not show this dialog in the future" is ignored when the choice is Cancel (Do not show)

IDEA-64350 (Cosmetics)

"Choose Coverage Suite" dialog enhancements

IDEA-64280 (Bug)

Settings / Coverage: "Do not apply collected coverage" is automatically changed to "Show options" on opening the page

IDEA-64099 (Bug)

Code coverage: running a configuration of already shown suite hides all other suites results

IDEA-64113 (Bug)

Code coverage: showing 2 suite results indicates lines covered with the 2nd suite as uncovered

IDEA-64324 (Bug)

Code coverage: IDEA runner: editor and project tree indication for 2 suites is wrong

XML editing


IDEA-64126 (Bug)

XML attribute PSI: Problems with double- vs. single quotes

PHP lang


WI-2709 (Feature)

Improve undefined variable inspection : variable might be undefined

WI-2367 (Feature)

Variable defined with global isn't recognized as defined

WI-2378 (Feature)

Do not consider variable inside isset() as undefined

WI-2655 (Feature)

Find usages of parent class constructor - no results

WI-3040 (Feature)

Add compact() function support for unused local variable inspection

WI-4749 (Cosmetics)

Blemish in PHPDoc-comment for constructors

WI-4757 (Bug)

Mark uninitialized variables as undefined when using combined assignment

WI-4724 (Bug)

Smarty templates formatting: The IDE removes existing indentation when typing "{"

WI-2368 (Bug)

Undefined variable is not detected if incremented or decremented

WI-2382 (Bug)

Parameter info doesn't work on self() constructor

WI-4730 (Bug)

Find usages on class gives no results.

WI-4831 (Bug)

$_SESSION Flagged As "Undefined Variable"

WI-1692 (Bug)

Missing 'undefined variable' when variable exists in both sides of assignment

WI-4713 (Bug)

Param type inspection does not check inherited constructor call due to multiresolve.

WI-4824 (Bug)

102.194 - Use of list() should not require initialization

WI-4799 (Bug)

Wrong indentation while typing inside file

WI-4814 (Bug)

Variable defined in included file is considered as undefined again

WI-4813 (Bug)

Arrays defined via setting first element ($arr['a'] = 'a'(wink) are broken again

WI-4118 (Bug)

Wrong error on $var() call on $var of type having __invoke implemented

WI-3923 (Bug)

Variable isn't considered as undefined if used in both parts of expression



WI-4716 (Bug)

JS autocomplete not always updated right away on JSDoc/comment changes

WI-4795 (Bug)

JavaScript library settings are not opened if F4 key is pressed when a library is selected under External Libraries

WI-4764 (Bug)

XML.replace assumed instead of String.replace

WI-4763 (Bug)

Assigned expression type } is not assignable to type int

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-64111 (Bug)

UI Deadlock when updating and rolling back concurrently



IDEA-64091 (Feature)

Provide word completion in the in-place renaming box

IDEA-63845 (Bug)

rename method refactoring does not detect as problem final method with the same signature in super class

IDEA-64409 (Bug)

Safe Delete shouldn't show "Usages found" warning dialog if all usages are within the file being deleted

IDEA-64406 (Exception)

Exception renaming migration with opened structure view

IDE Configuration


IDEA-56150 (Usability Problem)

Add option to reopen all open projects

IDEA-61674 (Cosmetics)

Settings->Colors&Fonts->Debugger has unnecessary editor preview panel

IDEA-64123 (Exception)

Plugin manager: exception when trying to disable red plugin by pressing 'space'

PHP debug


WI-2462 (Feature)

feature request: a~z sorting on the debug pane 'variables' and 'watches'

WI-4771 (Feature)

Provide possibility to set a list of files which would be ignored for debug

WI-4451 (Exception)

PHP debug: Zend: NegativeArraySizeException at ZendDebugUtil.readPacket() when SSL encryption is on in Zend browser toolbar settings

WI-4691 (Exception)

PHP debug: NPE at PhpXDebugStackFrame.computeStackVariables() / ZendStackFrame.computeLocalVariables() on stopping debug

CSS Editing


IDEA-58783 (Bug)

CSS: Lenient parsing of underscore and hash hacks

IDEA-63230 (Bug)

CSS: allow "embedded" JSP expressions

IDEA-54104 (Bug)

JSF resources support missing partly in CSS

Maven Integration


IDEA-64210 (Cosmetics)

Provide more feedback when Maven Toggle "Skip Tests" mode is selected



IDEA-63963 (Bug)

Update statement result not displayed in the database console



IDEA-56295 (Task)

Improve Hibernate documentation

IDEA-59682 (Task)

Document Database table editor and viewer

IDEA-63162 (Task)

Update reference page for "Mercurial"

Code Navigation


IDEA-22870 (Bug)

Certain navigation actions not recorded, meaning that "go back" (ctrl-alt-left) doesn't take you back where you were



IDEA-63826 (Usability Problem)

Generate JavaDocs with no output directory

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-61253 (Bug)

Braces misplaced with auto-completion of abstract class.

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-64188 (Bug)

private inner-class not allowed within an enum inner-class.

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-64026 (Bug)

freemarker: recursive macros not recognized

GWT Support


IDEA-62556 (Feature)

log dev mode url to console

IDEA-60679 (Feature)

Please provide a "Launch in Browser" button within the new embedded GWT Development-Mode



IDEA-51134 (Feature)

Refactor / rename could work for JSP taglib prefix

IDEA-64213 (Bug)

EL validation in JSP inspection: do not show quick fixes to create not existent property for library classes

IDEA-64174 (Bug)

JSP Debug is broken in IDEA v10

IDEA-58213 (Bug)

jsp: "unused namespace declaration" inspection: usages of "xmlns:fn="" namespace inside ${} EL expressions not recognized

IDEA-59744 (Bug)

JSP: Auto-import of tag broken

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-61429 (Bug)

TestNG: IDEA can't parse testng suite referencing other suits



IDEA-54327 (Usability Problem)

struts-default.xml is not included in facet by default



IDEA-64021 (Bug)

Only plain text dialect available in "data source properties" and "database console properties" windows

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-59553 (Feature)

Make it possible to select code blocks via clicks on gutter

IDEA-64254 (Performance Problem)

Console: Improve console performance in case of cyclic buffer usage and great number of small frequent changes

IDEA-64471 (Bug)

Soft wraps: Don't show horizontal scroll bar when enter is pressed at the end of soft wrapped line

IDEA-64060 (Bug)

Closing brace is put at ther wrong indentation when editing a text file

IDEA-64061 (Bug)

Erratic editor keystroke behavior

IDEA-61221 (Bug)

Problem with line break in JavaDoc comment

IDEA-63678 (Bug)

External changes not detected and lost (overwritten on frame deactivation)

IDEA-60106 (Bug)

Console: when console if overflown current view port should not jump back and forth

IDEA-59943 (Bug)

[ActionScript] Live Templates corrupt? Multiple insertion of $SELECTION$ - Tags doesn't work anymore.



IDEA-64191 (Bug)

Spring + AOP: incorrect highlighting for some annotation names in pointcut expressions

IDEA-64259 (Exception)

CCE at com.intellij.aop.psi.AopBinaryExpression.acceptsSubject

User Interface


IDEA-63284 (Cosmetics)

Filenames with_underscores are not escaped properly in menus

IDEA-62771 (Cosmetics)

Update info dialog usability

Version Control. Git


IDEA-49197 (Usability Problem)

Better progress reporting for 'git pull'

IDEA-63053 (Usability Problem)

No progress feedback in Git Clone

IDEA-63697 (Bug)

GitHub integration: hang up on attempt to add new remote on RebaseMyFork action



IDEA-50363 (Feature)

GSP: page/contentType directive could be improved to work with encoding

IDEA-63701 (Usability Problem)

Dublicate auto-complete popup items

IDEA-61454 (Cosmetics)

Special symbols in javascript inside GSP should be escaped with backslach

IDEA-63838 (Bug)

Moving groovy script to package causes package annotation loss

IDEA-63220 (Bug)

[null] makes IDEA go nuts

IDEA-63490 (Bug)

TODO statement in javadocs is only recognized when //-commented TODO is present

IDEA-62156 (Bug)

Suggestion list "def" problem

IDEA-62329 (Bug)

count{} doesn't remember the type of "it"

IDEA-64291 (Bug)

groovy parsing get stuck and is wrong

IDEA-64293 (Bug)

Last quote breaks when auto-complete was called with Tab key

IDEA-63556 (Bug)

Package suggested in closure

IDEA-64176 (Bug)

grails support: valid code flagged as error in a gsp - javascript section

IDEA-62590 (Bug)

IDEA highlights one variable as unused and as used in defferent place.

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-63303 (Feature)

Collapsing of multiline //-style comment feature request

Plugin: Deployment / FTP..


WI-4780 (Bug)

File is [automatically] uploaded 3 times when undoing it's deletion

WI-4717 (Bug)

Settings / Deployment / Options / Upload external changes: content of externally created directory is not deployed

WI-4778 (Bug)

Undesired changes are uploaded to server when downloading with 'upload external changes' option is on

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