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  • IDEA X 102.149 Release Notes
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IDEA-63563 (Feature)

add "tip of the day" for using Ctrl-Alt-Space to complete static methods

IDEA-63722 (Feature)

New macros in external tools.

IDEA-63113 (Feature)

grails run config should allow using the internal coverage

IDEA-63314 (Usability Problem)

Git Annotate shortens name to middle name

IDEA-62716 (Usability Problem)

"Upgrade Needed" message does not make it clear that there is a 30 day evaluation option, and the title should be "License Upgrade Needed"

IDEA-63988 (Usability Problem)

AltGr key combinations are not working properly

IDEA-60982 (Usability Problem)

Ability to copy URL from Changes panel > Subversion Working Copies information

IDEA-57797 (Usability Problem)

Edit changelist: "comment" field should have wrapping

IDEA-63665 (Usability Problem)

Rename "Column Mode" action to "Column Selection Mode"

IDEA-62637 (Usability Problem)

Settings / Plugins: allow to save changes in enabled/disabled plugins set without restart (regression)

IDEA-27174 (Performance Problem)

IDEA 9.0 repeatedly freezes 3-5 seconds for no reason

IDEA-62223 (Performance Problem)

100% CPU usage if run idea64.exe

IDEA-63730 (Performance Problem)

Long delays on a right-click on a class name in the editor

IDEA-63681 (Cosmetics)

Settings -> Version Control -> VCSs -> Git -> SSH Executable tooltip text incorrect

IDEA-63527 (Cosmetics)

Color preview for HTML/CSS notation colors

IDEA-62683 (Cosmetics)

Refactor > Rename: Improve error message

IDEA-63849 (Cosmetics)

"Move to another changelist" cosmetic issue

IDEA-64084 (Cosmetics)

Inspection "Xml Highlighting" description

IDEA-63133 (Task)

Map help buttons of the Libraries and Usage Scope pages of the settings dialog (under JavaScript)

IDEA-63121 (Bug)

Move WelcomeScreen.CreateDirectoryProject & WelcomeScreen.OpenDirectoryProject from PlatfromLangActionManager.xml

IDEA-57213 (Bug)

Support @AspectJ template for parameter annotations

IDEA-61525 (Bug)

On activating IDEA frame by mouse click, the focus always goes where it was before deactivating

WI-4384 (Bug)

Symfony command line

IDEA-26580 (Bug)

Last symbol in a line can be not displayed in diff view

IDEA-62470 (Bug)

Could not save Project: NullPointerException

IDEA-63224 (Bug)

Debugger problem: breakpointer is unavailable for changed code in IDEA > 9.0.1

IDEA-61628 (Bug)

Properties: Rename refactoring: Provide name conflicts detection

IDEA-63316 (Bug)

Undo that undoes file creation should always show confirmation

IDEA-61701 (Bug)

"Update Info" pop-up dialog is too small for the content

IDEA-62753 (Bug)

Completing method call with ';' when pair bracket autoinsertion is off

IDEA-63818 (Bug)

Updating copyright not working

IDEA-60918 (Bug)

Coverage results popup: cannot delete entries

IDEA-63145 (Bug)

Invalid operation for read only resultset

IDEA-57086 (Bug)

Path Variable for hidden directory thrown away at startup

WI-4096 (Bug)

Smarty: wrong error recognition for situations like {$smarty.capture.$capture_name}

IDEA-62661 (Bug)

IDEX 10 ultimate trial can't start after installation with upgrade from IDEA 8.0.4

IDEA-51434 (Bug)

unshelf turns added files into unversioned

IDEA-52534 (Bug)

Groovy named argument lists may be empty

IDEA-62107 (Bug)

FocusKiller" library not found or there were problems loading it.

IDEA-63561 (Bug)

IJ suggests some fields are eligible for reclassification to method scope, but not others on par

IDEA-53705 (Bug)

Project structure dialog - make UI resizable

IDEA-61147 (Bug)

Rename of XML element gives strange comment in popup (and fails to rename later)

IDEA-49625 (Bug)

Smart completion suggest variables for private overloaded methods

IDEA-63065 (Bug)

Idea 10 intermittent hangs

IDEA-62562 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA crashes when trying to move a file

IDEA-62874 (Bug)

Unable to create a Module Library containing Jar Directories

IDEA-63979 (Bug)

Diamond operator: good code shows red

IDEA-62529 (Bug)

Operator '==' cannot beapplied to ....

IDEA-62901 (Bug)

Goto Dialog symbol flickering

IDEA-61421 (Bug)

Inspection of @GuardedBy does not allow this.field notation.

WI-4081 (Bug)

Indentation issue with Smarty

IDEA-58826 (Bug)

JAXRS/Jersey view navigation support to handle other templates but JSP?

IDEA-62896 (Bug)

Popup ignores real IDEA window location in case when it doesn't fit screen

IDEA-63770 (Bug)

Missing a way to turn spellchecker off for commit text field.

IDEA-63593 (Bug)

Bug in extract method

IDEA-56040 (Bug)

Auto-boxing/unboxing inspection glitch

IDEA-62177 (Bug)

Parser showing error with concatenated JPA queries

WI-3171 (Bug)

Ctrl+click on field name in sql file: PhpStorm opens data source panel but doesn't scroll to field

IDEA-62846 (Bug)

Adding a Library to a Favourites group has no effect

IDEA-63738 (Meta Issue)

Build 99.32 is missing for affected versions in Youtrack

IDEA-63231 (Bug)

Status/Result in unit tests runs is not updated

IDEA-55454 (Bug)

Java UML: run "show dependencies" under progress w/ cancel button

IDEA-63016 (Bug)

CPU spikes and OOM errors generated on build 99.18

WI-3899 (Bug)

Smarty 3: foreach index => value syntax not recognized

WI-4210 (Bug)

Return value of type prevents selection is required

IDEA-62466 (Bug)

Error while starting IDEA: cyclic dependency in FileBasedIndex

IDEA-54071 (Bug)

Jboss remote deploy does not find ear Artifact

IDEA-62803 (Bug)

DSL script execution error notification, repeating infinitely...

IDEA-61098 (Bug)

f7 shortcut does unexpected

IDEA-60771 (Bug)

Changing color scheme provided unproperly when console in running

IDEA-62286 (Bug)

It is impossible to delete VCS settings

WI-4593 (Bug)

Mercurial doesn't commit

IDEA-58891 (Bug)

A resize pointer shows through the context menu

IDEA-63262 (Bug)

autocompletion blocks live template shortcut

IDEA-62152 (Exception)

Throwable at ChangeSignatureGestureDetector$2.dispose() on closing and opening a project

IDEA-61921 (Exception)

Changing Gant/Gradle jars externally makes IDEA produce exceptions until restart

IDEA-61464 (Exception)

CME at com.intellij.codeInsight.AnnotationUtil.isAnnotated

IDEA-53381 (Exception)

NPE in ProgressWindow

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-62737 (Cosmetics)

Info.plist copyright year is still 2009

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-62872 (Feature)

"Multiple variables in one declaration" should (optionally) warn about multiple variables in for-loop declarations

IDEA-24662 (Feature)

Inspection to find+fix simplifiable @SomeAnnotation(value = "foo") declarations

IDEA-62745 (Feature)

disable "overloaded methods with the same number of parameters" for overridden inherited methods

IDEA-62403 (Feature)

Implement new inspection "double literal cast to float could be float literal"

IDEA-62947 (Feature)

Inspection: add tiles facet for use with SpringMVC

IDEA-61858 (Bug)

"Unnecessarily qualified statically imported element" false positive

IDEA-63811 (Bug)

Inline variable (via quick fix) with array initialiser leads to invalid code.

IDEA-62400 (Bug)

"Weaken overly strong cast" sometimes doesn't consider consequences

IDEA-62401 (Bug)

"int literal cast to long could be long literal" inspection doesn't work on negative numbers

IDEA-63139 (Bug)

strange popup info in configure inspection

IDEA-63666 (Bug)

Bean inspection fails to recognize @Qualifier used in conjunction with @Autowired

IDEA-61808 (Bug)

Incompatible types error not detected by code analysis

IDEA-61451 (Bug)

Nullability misses enum parameter used in switch statement

IDEA-63336 (Bug)

'Unnecessarily qualified statically imported element' fails for assignments between two variables with the same name.

IDEA-57528 (Bug)

malformed format string not flagged as such

IDEA-26396 (Bug)

IDEA should highlight dangerous usages of MessageFormat.format method

IDEA-64085 (Bug)

Inspection "Annotator": "null" locations in inspections results tree

IDEA-62788 (Bug)

Inspect Code fails on Class

IDEA-64071 (Bug)

Wrong inspection of boxing

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-60930 (Usability Problem)

"Simple methods in one line" not working properly with JavaScript

IDEA-41163 (Performance Problem)

reformat ~1MB xml file very slow in selena m2

IDEA-63443 (Performance Problem)

Formatter: Improve formatter performance during operations that require big number of small changes

IDEA-63688 (Bug)

Indentation after 'case' uses spaces, even when tabs should be used

IDEA-62859 (Bug)

"Reformat code"/"Optimize imports" aplies on whole project if dialog is disabled.

IDEA-62997 (Bug)

Java formatter fails to indent correctly for next-line shifted when method has preceding comment

IDEA-63703 (Bug)

IDEA 10.0.1 does not properly format method call statements that contain

IDEA-63014 (Bug)

Exception opening Settings->Code Style->General panel

Code Navigation


IDEA-62834 (Cosmetics)

Java: goto super/implementations popups are not completely consistent



WI-3209 (Bug)

CSS Data URI get Errors

WI-3807 (Bug)

Wrong CSS inspection: required and invalid pseudo classes not found

WI-3804 (Bug)

CSS @font-face src incorrect code inspection

WI-3803 (Bug)

CSS @font-face font-family incorrect code inspection

WI-4588 (Bug)

CSS inspection bug, marks wrong property

WI-4386 (Bug)

The IDE makes all the images path in the background-image property broken on file/folder move

WI-3749 (Bug)

Incorrect CSS Inspection: "selection never used" inside CSS Media Queries

WI-3805 (Bug)

CSS @font-face src is overriten incorrect code inspection

WI-4056 (Bug)

CSS: "box-shadow" with value "none" marked as incorrect

IntelliJ Platform


WI-4218 (Usability Problem)

Always getting PhpStorm.exe access denied on windows/apply patch.

WI-4378 (Bug)

Autocomplete issue: Zen Coding abbreviation expanded instead of autocompletion

WI-2028 (Bug)

CSS3 text-shadow property is not allowed a value of 'none'

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-62549 (Bug)

Velocity parser fails for a dash after an "#end"



IDEA-61986 (Feature)

javascript: provide Ctrl-W step that selects members of array literal without enclosing square brackets

IDEA-61660 (Feature)

JS-Support: New Intention "Convert anonymous function to named function"

IDEA-63597 (Feature)

javascript in HTML: alt-up / alt-down does not work inside <script> tag

IDEA-63076 (Usability Problem)

javascript: oversized Ctrl-F1 popup

IDEA-62439 (Cosmetics)

Please change language name from "JavaScript Object Notation" to "JSON"

IDEA-63127 (Bug)

false positive on mismatched bracket in string

IDEA-24174 (Bug)

JavaScript editor always showing .value as deprecated

IDEA-22269 (Bug)

JavaScript completion index support should be configurable

IDEA-63815 (Bug)

Unresolved variable or type in JsDoc Toolkit comment.

IDEA-63333 (Bug)

JS library is not visible under the External Libraries node

IDEA-63206 (Bug)

Javascript: Inline Local Variable (Ctrl+Alt+N) refactoring does nothing

IDEA-63435 (Bug)

Detect problems with semicolon autoinsertion for expression / variable statements

IDEA-63598 (Bug)

javascript: "Vector without type cannot be instantiated" inspection should not fire for regular JavaScript

IDEA-63832 (Bug)

@deprecated tag deprecates too many items in JS

IDEA-60336 (Bug)

Inspection of bool-keys objects in JavaScript

IDEA-63599 (Bug)

javascript: good code yellow: slice can be called without arguments

IDEA-63293 (Bug)

JavaScript Editor: Move Statement Up/Down does not work well with if() statements without braces

Flex Support


IDEA-58879 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: no variants provided for "case"

IDEA-58272 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: when completing inside argument list, trailing comma should be inserted if there's a subsequent parameter without default value

IDEA-52444 (Feature)

Support generating a flex facet per module defined in FlexMojos pom

IDEA-58956 (Feature)

flex: supress warning "Unused constant" for "Embed Font"

IDEA-54648 (Feature)

flex: inspection and (bulk) QuickFix for functions without explicit access modifier

IDEA-56194 (Usability Problem)

JS move static members, create class from usage / on UML, create subclass/interface, extract superclass/interface, create Flex skin: allow to choose directory for new class

IDEA-25364 (Usability Problem)

flex: "function has no return type": make "Add Type to Declaration" QuickFix more useful

IDEA-54280 (Usability Problem)

flex: ctrl-w inside function/field should include step that selects function with its asdoc

IDEA-55175 (Usability Problem)

flex: "Go To..Next Method / Previous Method" inconsistent with Java editor

IDEA-62786 (Usability Problem)

"Choose Implementation of" method show the inspected method, instead of classes

IDEA-62344 (Cosmetics)

Create field without prefix when invoking quickfix for unused constructor parameter

IDEA-62620 (Cosmetics)

incorrect message

IDEA-63123 (Bug)

Flex component event handlers Refactoring problem

IDEA-57815 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: using ctrl-shift-enter to choose variant does not work

IDEA-60325 (Bug)

Completion should not add brackets when they already exist and caret stands right before

IDEA-62921 (Bug)

Regression: showing zipped Flex documentation file is broken

IDEA-60856 (Bug)

bad code green: implicit variable declaration in "for" block

IDEA-63196 (Bug)

ambiguous view of string variable value in "Variables"

IDEA-59622 (Bug)

[MXML] Live templates won't work

IDEA-55866 (Bug)

[flex] [as3] bad code green - assigning null to Number

IDEA-62852 (Bug)

bad code green and good code yellow: function variable named as "arguments"

IDEA-57009 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: accepting variant with 'Tab' does not insert parentheses

IDEA-62855 (Bug)

Invalid code inspection behaviour for ActionScript: "Unused parameter"

IDEA-59126 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: incompatible assignment through ternary expression

IDEA-23922 (Bug)

Red code is green: inspection omits the case of "Comparison between a value with static type int and a possibly unrelated type Null"

IDEA-59877 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: operands of binary expressions expecting Number not validated

IDEA-59900 (Bug)

Refactor main class does not update in run

IDEA-62070 (Bug)

bad code green: Error: The includeIn and excludeFrom attributes are not allowed on the root tag of a component.

IDEA-62884 (Bug)

Deprecation replace wrong in Flex

IDEA-63074 (Bug)

flex: good code red: function declared with explicit untyped return type does not require return

IDEA-63324 (Bug)

use passed variable name as parameter name on "Change signature" quickfix

IDEA-63137 (Bug)

Compilation of CSS to SWF fails if classes are referenced from CSS

IDEA-63131 (Bug)

Bad class completion in Flex CSS

IDEA-63130 (Bug)

Flex Built-in compiler shell: -omit-trace-statements once set to true remains true forever

IDEA-62913 (Bug)

preserve parameter name on "Change signature" quickfix

IDEA-60335 (Bug)

Flex: Bad code green: "Function does not return a value" not caught

IDEA-61505 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: actionscript does not allow instance variable overriding

IDEA-63560 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: wrong variable type calculated for anonymous function call

IDEA-59742 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: duplicated attribute

IDEA-63080 (Bug)

flex: code completion: don't suggest language keywords or constants inside metadata tags

IDEA-60890 (Bug)

flex: "generate..getter" does not update field reference in constructor function

IDEA-59364 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: filtering for parameter of type Function suggest function names from JavaScript files in name module

IDEA-62956 (Bug)

If something went wrong and compiler/debugger classpath for Flexmojos SDK got empty it should be fixed automatically on next maven project reimport.

IDEA-63568 (Bug)

parentDocument is not supported as outerDocument

IDEA-62628 (Bug)

Change signature: propagate: no keyword highlighting for function keyword

IDEA-62626 (Bug)

Change signature: no 'false' option in completion list for default value column

IDEA-62606 (Bug)

no suggestion: internal static const from inner class

IDEA-58861 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: inaccessible class suggested (edge case)

IDEA-62511 (Bug)

AS change signature: don't allow to propagate parameters to event handlers

IDEA-59937 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: unresolved reference in dynamic class

IDEA-63807 (Bug)

Good code marked red - Class constructor

IDEA-63808 (Bug)

good code red - 'as' operator reports 'type reference required'

IDEA-63449 (Bug)

actionsscipt file never stops 'Performing code analysis'

IDEA-63986 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: "The attribute final can only be used on a method defined in a class"

IDEA-63152 (Bug)

Red code green: static method is not an implementation for an interface method

IDEA-48782 (Bug)

Refactoring and application entry point

IDEA-53998 (Bug)

Extract method should not be available for method declaration

IDEA-58222 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: var x:String = "aaa"; x++;

IDEA-62835 (Bug)

incorrect completion for "include" path

IDEA-26081 (Bug)

flex: gutter markers for interfaces are (needlessly?) inconsistent with Java

IDEA-63571 (Bug)

MXML: remove namespace declaration if it becomes unused after Move class refactoring

IDEA-59077 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: type not computed for some binary expressions when mixing operands of type int and uint

IDEA-61602 (Bug)

Auto completion fails for closures

IDEA-55703 (Bug)

Bad code is green: A namespace initializer must be either a literal string or another namespace.

IDEA-63695 (Bug)

Reuse existing FlexUnit run configuration if possible when launching from context (Ctrl+Shift+F10)

IDEA-63699 (Bug)

bad code green: Cannot specify state-specific value for MXML language attribute 'id'.

IDEA-63503 (Bug)

Create subclass: import statement is not inserted if class with the same name as parent class exists in default package

IDEA-62638 (Bug)

Change signature: SDK method should not be suggested to be propagated to

IDEA-63006 (Bug)

self-executing functions produce warning unused function

IDEA-60417 (Bug)

Switch statements allow more than one "default" (bad code green)

IDEA-62647 (Bug)

FCSH build warnings show as errors

IDEA-62670 (Bug)

"Create Field from parameter" requires 1-2 steps more now

IDEA-58927 (Bug)

flex: "Assign Parameter xxx to field" should only be offered if field actually exists

IDEA-51418 (Bug)

Flex 4: support private attributes

IDEA-56766 (Bug)

[flex] [mxml] bad code green - Call to a possibly undefined method showGraphs.

IDEA-61936 (Bug)

bad code green: Could not resolve <mx:includeIn> to a component implementation.

IDEA-49461 (Bug)

In AS/MXML some qualified references to certain classes do not require import statement

IDEA-63783 (Bug)

Flex: Invalid versionNumber tag when running FlexUnit tests

IDEA-57329 (Bug)

Flex debugger: incorrect stack frame navigation if there are >1 classes with the same name in different packages

IDEA-63991 (Bug)

Expression stops code analysis

IDEA-59593 (Bug)

Strange errors in mxml document

IDEA-63163 (Bug)

<fx:XML source="/path/relative/to/source/root/>: path starting with slash should be resolved relative to source root.

IDEA-63495 (Bug)

introduce constant: always as FQN, need to "replace with import statement"

IDEA-63496 (Bug)

introduce const with internal scope: must add internal modifier by default

IDEA-62162 (Bug)

incorrect place for quickfix "create parameter"

IDEA-64077 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: broken code from invalid selection

IDEA-61866 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: duplicate "dynamic" class attribute

IDEA-63469 (Bug)

ActionScript: autocomplete popup dissapears after typing ".get" word.

IDEA-56733 (Bug)

Missing warning: getMessage is not a recognized method of the dynamic class Error.

IDEA-63749 (Bug)

Flex: Code inspection: incorrect "Unused method" result.

IDEA-63343 (Bug)

incorrect warning on "pull members up": Object will not be accessible

IDEA-63261 (Bug)

mxml / "rename * tag" fix - no effect

IDEA-63142 (Exception)

flex: IAE at ValidateTypesUtil.getHighlightTypeForTypeOrSignatureProblem



IDEA-62684 (Usability Problem)

JBoss: "create server descriptor" dialog doesn't show versions 5 and 6 in the list (only 3.x and 4.x are shown)

IDEA-63099 (Exception)

Cannot edit Application Servers if Spring TC server is configured

Project Configuration


IDEA-62939 (Bug)

GUI classes copied to the output are not always packaged to the artifact jar

Project View


IDEA-62224 (Bug)

Delete All Favoutires Lists Except X does not work

IDEA-62498 (Bug)

Unable to copy a file in the same directory using ctrl + drag-and-drop

Version Control. Git


IDEA-63690 (Usability Problem)

GitHub integration: RebaseMyFork: correct branch should be pre-selected in the Rebase dialog

IDEA-63411 (Cosmetics)

Github integration: move RebaseMyFork action to separate group

IDEA-61319 (Bug)

GitHub access behind proxy

IDEA-62579 (Bug)

git log: create patch doesn't work when commit contains binary files

IDEA-50318 (Bug)

Git: merge for files with spaces in path is performed with errors

IDEA-54753 (Bug)

Git: Unstash changes: Apply and pop actions fail.

IDEA-63508 (Bug)

Github integration: share project on github works incorrectly for maven multimodule projects

IDEA-61593 (Bug)

Git: cancelled commit changes removed changed files from changelist

IDEA-62643 (Bug)

'Tracked Branch' dropdown in "Current Branch" dialog is always empty

IDEA-63825 (Bug)

git conection refused

IDEA-60072 (Bug)

Git: synchronize after cherry-picking

IDEA-62474 (Exception)

NPE at git4idea.changes.GitCommittedChangeListProvider.getOneList

IDEA-62869 (Exception)

GitHub fails to save settings

IDEA-63648 (Exception)

Open in browser action throws exception

GUI Designer


IDEA-63830 (Exception)

NullPointerException when executing Form Snapshot

Ant Integration


IDEA-39323 (Feature)

Upgrade "Generate Ant Build" funtionality

IDEA-62656 (Bug)

Ant exec tasks fails to spawn (ant does not return) only when target is run in the Ant target side pane.



IDEA-60520 (Usability Problem)

possibility to set glassfish application context in run/debug deployment tab

IDEA-53753 (Bug)

Unable to start Glassfish v3 in debug (IU-95.24)

IDEA-54575 (Bug)

Log Window Does Not Filter Correctly

IDEA-54224 (Bug)

Glassfish v3 plugin always resets debugging port

IDEA-57464 (Bug)

Glassfish 3.0.1: web exploded artifact is incorrectly reported as not deployed if artifact path ends with ".war"

IDEA-63345 (Bug)

Exploded artifact can't be uploaded with Glassfish.



IDEA-51598 (Feature)

UML: filter by scope

IDEA-63151 (Usability Problem)

UML Diagram in Editor: use JBScrollPane with IDEA-style scrollbars

IDEA-62071 (Cosmetics)

Rectangular selection is not erased on drag

IDEA-63425 (Cosmetics)

Note shape is opaque

IDEA-64047 (Bug)

UML: attempt to delete generalization link ('extends') between interfaces fails

IDEA-62488 (Bug)

IdeaX UML: Incorrect Assosiations

IDEA-63264 (Bug)

UML diagram drag actions should not interfere with global undo stack

IDEA-56692 (Bug)

UML: in java modules, UML actions are not available in package menus

IDEA-63168 (Bug)

Undo should work for note adding/editing

IDEA-61897 (Bug)

Pressing Delete in 'edit node members' mode works incorrectly

IDEA-53796 (Exception)

NPE when editing UML



IDEA-62526 (Feature)

IDEA is not compatible with Android SDK tools r8 (can't add platform and emulator)

IDEA-62889 (Usability Problem)

Android layout autocompleter works not correct

IDEA-63070 (Usability Problem)

When in an Android project, import suggestions for Android classes should come first

IDEA-62330 (Bug)

Creating a new android module - having a "dash" in the module name prevents generating modules files

IDEA-63255 (Bug)

Error when compile Android project

IDEA-63072 (Bug)

Duplicate android-library dependency when I create android facet

IDEA-63965 (Bug)

Android emulator not started, IDEA deploys to the real phone connected via USB

IDEA-63966 (Bug)

Android module is rebuilt on Make without any changes after running configuration from independent Java module

IDEA-63247 (Bug) duplicate entry (XML file)

IDEA-61809 (Bug)

Resources compiled incorrectly when library projects used

IDEA-63804 (Bug)

Jar dependencies are handled incorrectly in library project

IDEA-64022 (Bug) is not generated where specified

IDEA-63533 (Bug)

Library projects should not be installable

IDEA-62367 (Bug)

Android deploy to device without serial number

IDEA-63381 (Bug)

Android project issues after upgraded from 9 to 10 - logcat and android platform

IDEA-63983 (Bug)

Doesn't recognize android bool and integer resources in xml

IDEA-63824 (Bug)

"Add string resource" doesn't work in some cases

IDEA-62734 (Bug)

Debug certificate expired on 12/2/10 10:51 PM error message

IDEA-62389 (Bug)

Duplicate File on compile

IDEA-62267 (Bug)

Logcat not visible immediately after creating new Android project

IDEA-62762 (Bug)

Can't upload file: null.

IDEA-63823 (Bug)

Impossible to store *.iml files in the same directory

IDEA-63744 (Bug)

Doesn't recognize android xml tags: key&row

IDEA-63745 (Bug)

Doesn't save latest file export location and file name

Version Control


IDEA-53748 (Usability Problem)

Tree structure for a change shows up collapsed in the changes view

IDEA-59836 (Cosmetics)

"Create new changelist" and "Add file to VCS" actions should have different icons, because otherwise it is non-intuitive

IDEA-60092 (Cosmetics)

Commit date not fully visible on "Changes" tab

IDEA-59757 (Bug)

Version Control: autodetect VCS root doesn't delete corresponding none mapping (PyCharm).

IDEA-62463 (Bug)

Git: when changelist contains only deleted files, Rollback is disabled for changelist

IDEA-60087 (Bug)

VersionControl: in NewChangelist dialog multiline comment entering is confusing

IDEA-62462 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ui.NewEditChangelistPanel.getName

Code Coverage


IDEA-61853 (Feature)

Code Coverage for J2EE Applications

IDEA-62811 (Feature)

feature request: turn off display coverage data dialog

IDEA-47270 (Usability Problem)

No way to load generated outside IDEA?

IDEA-63675 (Usability Problem)

"Choose Coverage Suite to Display" dialog: add mnemonic to No Coverage button

IDEA-63676 (Usability Problem)

"Choose Coverage Suite to Display" dialog: sort suites in some reasonable order

IDEA-63588 (Usability Problem)

"Choose Coverage Suite to Display" dialog: with no suites selected Ok action is disabled

IDEA-63587 (Usability Problem)

"Choose Coverage Suite to Display" dialog: on opening set focus to the coverage tree

IDEA-48840 (Usability Problem)

Code coverage: run configuration could produce not more than one coverage suite

IDEA-64063 (Usability Problem)

Choose Coverage Suite to Display dialog: "Emma Coverage" and "IDEA Coverage" super-nodes order is non-determinate

IDEA-63591 (Usability Problem)

Code coverage: on deleting a suite file the suite is still available in "Choose Coverage Suite to Display" dialog

IDEA-63590 (Usability Problem)

"Choose Coverage Suite to Display" dialog could be still shown when no suites are configured

IDEA-63620 (Task)

Map help button of the Coverage page of the Settings dialog

IDEA-56785 (Bug)

Coverage: merging suites requests

IDEA-64056 (Bug)

Code coverage: changing coverage runner does not update the coverage suite data file name

IDEA-61334 (Bug)

IDEA coverage has % values for source folders containing only XML files

IDEA-64099 (Bug)

Code coverage: running a configuration of already shown suite hides all other suites results



IDEA-63054 (Bug)

HTML 5 support bug with xhtml files

XML editing


IDEA-62212 (Bug)

Required namespace prefix is not added on required subtags generation with Alt-Ins

IDEA-61012 (Bug)

handle xsd:include

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-63644 (Feature)

Nice to have stop button for Tomcat which will stop it in a right way i.e. all destroy() methods of servlets will be called.

IDEA-62476 (Bug)

Stopping a JBoss server using the "stop" button does not terminate the Java process.

IDEA-62821 (Bug)

Can't configure "remote staging" for remote jboss

IDEA-25807 (Bug)

Glassfish v3 Configuration: Admin-Port field missing

IDEA-63341 (Bug)

Resin integration is broken since Intllij Idea 10 final

IDEA-24857 (Exception)

Error deploying to geronimo server

PHP lang


WI-4425 (Feature)

PHP: ffmpeg extension stubs

WI-4310 (Feature)

Provide an option that would suppress unused parameter inspection for methods/functions with empty body.

WI-2559 (Feature)

PHP Autocompletion in Smarty {if}

WI-2247 (Usability Problem)

code formatting in smarty templates .tpl not reformatting the html the same as in .html or .php files

WI-1319 (Bug)

Bad code is green: no warning for undefined magic method calls

WI-4304 (Bug)

phpdoc @method tag support is wrong

WI-4429 (Bug)

zf create project broken for dir with spaces

WI-4161 (Bug)


WI-4342 (Bug)

PHP: reference to private member defined in parent class is green

WI-3987 (Bug)

PHP: Inline Variable Refactoring: a warning could be shown on attempt to inline string variable used as class name in instantiation expression

WI-3985 (Bug)

PHP: Inline Variable Refactoring inlines incorrect usage if reference to variable is assigned to another variable

WI-4129 (Bug)

PHP: Introduce Variable Refactoring with "Replace all occurrences" option enabled shouldn't replace class constant initializer with new variable reference

WI-3977 (Bug)

PHP: Inline Refactoring: a warning could be shown on attempt to inline a variable used as variable function

WI-4104 (Bug)

PHP: "Add method" quick fix does nothing for unresolved methods of imported classes

WI-4458 (Bug)

PHP: Introduce Constant Refactoring applied to a function call within a namespace creates a constant defined with 'const' syntax

WI-4710 (Bug)

In Smarty syntax "reference expected"

WI-3700 (Bug)

PHP: Refactor / Rename of a file does not update resolved reference in include statement

WI-986 (Bug)

Wrong inspection: access type for interface method must be omitted

WI-4391 (Bug)

new SQLite3('database.db3'); reports missing arguments error.

WI-4332 (Bug)

Do not move include_path folders residing inside project sources to library scope

WI-4383 (Bug)

Incorrect Inspection Error For Static Method / Properties

WI-4437 (Bug)

Symfony commands with confirmation

WI-4432 (Bug)

Multiple assignment weird formatting

WI-4271 (Bug)

PHP: function inside method: $this erroneously resolved to the method's class

WI-4224 (Bug)

No autocomplete for php interfaces.

WI-4695 (Bug)

Wrong declaration of ArrayObject constructor

WI-4423 (Exception)

PHP: AssertionError at PhpRefactoringUtil.getFirstNotConstantChild() on Introduce Constant Refactoring applied to constant from outer namespace



WI-4511 (Feature)

Automatically add a link to documentation depending on JS library (framework)

WI-3561 (Feature)

Multiline comments folding in JS like in PHP

WI-4374 (Usability Problem)

JSDoc @Param default value containing an array and spaces are not shown correctly

WI-4373 (Usability Problem)

Multiple JSDoc @throws are not shown correctly

WI-3872 (Bug)

MooTools - Unresolved function or method $$()

WI-4630 (Bug)

Javascript Documentation does not work when functions are declared with single var statement

WI-4574 (Bug)

Deleted JavaScript library remains in library scope



IDEA-61831 (Feature)

Introduce Variable should suggest variable name from setter call name

IDEA-62186 (Usability Problem)

missing checkbox "remove no longer used parameter" if introduce parameter affects >1 ocurences

IDEA-63085 (Bug)

Can't introduce constant for a this constructor parameter

IDEA-62953 (Bug)

Refactor | Rename fails with exception for Flex AS

IDEA-62051 (Bug)

[Java] Safe Delete method should not count static imports as usages

IDEA-62451 (Bug)

"Introduce Field" refactoring generates error code!!

IDEA-62126 (Bug)

[Java] "Inline Method" for static method does not remove static imports for the method

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-62536 (Bug)

Ignored JUnit test shows as still running

IDEA-62424 (Bug)

Exception stack traces and System.err output from the same thread are intermixed, do not obey happens-before relationships

IDEA-62899 (Bug)

JUnit: intention to add "junit.jar" to classpath provides obsolete version

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-56010 (Bug)

change colors in dependency matrix



WI-4407 (Bug)

Incorrect autocompletion for HTML ID (not case sensitive)

WI-1590 (Bug)

Duplicate " in HTML attributes <a href="#""> in a PHP file

WI-3974 (Bug)

Cannot resolve file warning on skype links



IDEA-51287 (Usability Problem)

Condition field should support extended completion in case of using instanceof

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-62996 (Bug)

Copying (CTRL-C) a changed entity from the "Show Changes View" includes inappropriate text.

IDEA-56878 (Bug)

version history, version sorting is wrong

IDEA-57598 (Bug)

CVS: diff from Changes tool window does not show differences

IDEA-53760 (Bug)

Error on CVS commit

IDEA-63997 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.ToolWindowManagerImpl.a

Task Management


IDEA-56497 (Usability Problem)

IDEA is trying to access JIRA with bad password every 5 minutes

IDEA-62880 (Usability Problem)

YouTrack integration broken in idea X

IDEA-63144 (Bug)

Issue list in new task dialog sorts incorrectly

Compiling Project


IDEA-63219 (Bug)

Intellij 10 does not re-compile when I click on Run for Tomcat configuration

IDEA-62364 (Bug)

Build Artifact is not working anymore.

IDE Configuration


IDEA-63628 (Bug)

Custom variables dialog no longer pops up for File Templates

IDEA-63022 (Bug)

disabling plugin asks to enable it dependencies

IDEA-63186 (Bug)

Commit with 'update copyright' also changes committed .idea files

PHP debug


WI-4604 (Usability Problem)

Debugger automatically opens to many sessions

WI-4549 (Usability Problem)

PHP debug: XDebug: if server mapping was not provided, breakpoint does not work until next debug session

WI-4291 (Usability Problem)

PHP Debug: Automatically resolve/fill all mappings if Deployment type is Local

WI-4297 (Usability Problem)

PHP Debug: Starting a debug session opens multiple debug windows

WI-3370 (Usability Problem)

PHP debugger: do not write default debugger="XDEBUG" attribute into configuration xml file

WI-4316 (Usability Problem)

XDebug always breaks at first line

WI-4561 (Usability Problem)

Settings / PHP / Servers: Apply collapses the tree

WI-4530 (Usability Problem)

PHP debugger window: "Configure path mappings" action is often shown out of view

WI-4503 (Usability Problem)

PHP Remote Debug run configuration: selecting a server in Servers dialog does not set the value

WI-4528 (Cosmetics)

Run configurations / PHP Remote Debug, PHP Web Application / Break at first line: remove colon from the label

WI-4535 (Task)

Try to register all unregistered breakpoints after updating of server mappings

WI-4296 (Bug)

PHP Debug: Condition on Breakpoint is ignored

WI-4295 (Bug)

PHP Debug: Debugging stops at muted breakpoints

WI-4513 (Bug)

Settings / PHP / Servers: Apply works only once for a server name

WI-4058 (Bug)

Settings / PHP / Browser Toolbar Debug Mappings is in modified state unreasonably

WI-4312 (Bug)

using xDebug getting Data in variables with depth of 3 is not working

WI-4551 (Bug)

PHP Web Application run configuration: changes in Start URL field are applied even on Cancel

WI-4552 (Bug)

PHP Web Application run configuration: false positive "Malformed start URL" when server port is non-default

WI-4326 (Bug)

Debugger won't shutdown

WI-4621 (Bug)

XDEBUG_SESSION_START get parameter is not added to URL if configured start URL contains a query string

WI-4366 (Bug)

PHP debug: Zend: command line debug does not start (Cannot find debugger with id: ZEND_DEBUGGER)

WI-3877 (Bug)

PHP debug: Zend: breakpoints sometimes does not work

WI-4572 (Bug)

Fix run to cursor

CSS Editing


IDEA-61688 (Bug)

"Selector * never used" warning in @media block in STYLE element

Maven Integration


IDEA-51330 (Usability Problem)

Maven: Add dependency should download on background

IDEA-63044 (Performance Problem)

Maven dependencies graph is slow

IDEA-22342 (Bug)

Maven: "Insert dependency" only insert first chosen dependecy if more than one was selected

IDEA-63660 (Bug)

Unable to generate Maven diagram

IDEA-62513 (Bug)

POMs added as modules even if they aren't referenced from selected parent

IDEA-61391 (Bug)

[Maven] When using autocomplete in a pom, IntelliJ allways comments that "IntellijIdeaRulezzz" ...



IDEA-63254 (Bug)

Data Source Properties dialog: closing without focusing of Schemas and Tables page clears the selection on that page

IDEA-58170 (Bug)

Database table editor: Can't edit datetime columns

IDEA-60984 (Bug)

Data Source Properties dialog: Schemas and Tables page: selection of schemas is not saved for MySQL

IDEA-62776 (Exception)

Sybase Data Source throws an exception when connecting to a database



IDEA-63705 (Usability Problem)

Invalid "Keyboard Shortcut Reference" entries

IDEA-63937 (Usability Problem)

Live Template Variables vs Text. how to escape $ (Dollar sign) in template text?

IDEA-63651 (Task)

Update Android run/debug configurations reference

PHP test


WI-4017 (Bug)

PHPUnit traces do not include the entire stack trace

WI-4084 (Bug)

Problems with "Generate PHPUnit Test..."

WI-4253 (Bug)

PHPUnit test cases not recognized

WI-3779 (Bug)

PhpUnit shows errors that should be suppressed during shutdown

WI-4592 (Bug)

Fix console view for local PHPUnit

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-62465 (Usability Problem)

introduce variable hard to use when down casting

IDEA-63851 (Bug)

"Replace << with *" intention breaks the code

IDEA-55220 (Bug)

Missing access modifier in methods created via "Intention"

IDEA-63138 (Bug)

"Split into declaration and assignment" intention breaks code on for loop initialization

IDEA-62848 (Bug)

"Bring into scope" quickfix breaks when multiple variables are declared in one declaration

IDEA-61892 (Bug)

Bug: with errors in the code "Invert if condition" removes existing code

IDEA-64092 (Bug)

Formatting is broken when adding an inner class form an intenion

Google App Engine


IDEA-63068 (Bug)

Google App Engine Dev mode cannot compile JSPs

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-62711 (Usability Problem)

Autocompletion in generics defaults to confusing result.

IDEA-51529 (Usability Problem)

Space isn't inserted when completion is finished by '=' symbol

IDEA-62339 (Cosmetics)

Incorrect singularization "cookies -> cooky". Should convert to "cookie"

IDEA-62725 (Bug)

Autocomplete does not include closing parenthesis and adds improper semicolons

IDEA-61289 (Bug)

Code Completion is endlessly reloaded if several IDEA frames are opened

IDEA-63529 (Bug)

second smart completion error when first one finds one single matching element

IDEA-46360 (Bug)

Only annotations should be suggested after @ in the function parameters list

IDEA-62180 (Bug)

Unable to type in code generation

IDEA-61337 (Bug)

Don't suggest default-package classes in non-default package context

IDEA-56612 (Bug)

code completion for catch argument must suggest only exception classes

IDEA-58920 (Bug)

smart autocomplete adds invalid semicolon to nested method calls

IDEA-63392 (Bug)

Smart code completion generates incorrect code

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-48413 (Usability Problem)

Group by packages toolbar button is not shown for Find in Path results, but the option works

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-40786 (Feature)

In JSF tag attributes must generally be deferred value expressions, but IDEA does not flag as error immediate evaluation expressions.

IDEA-63447 (Bug)

incorrect error highlighting with generics array

IDEA-64171 (Bug)

Bad code is green: incompatible types, found: int required: java.lang.Byte

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-63312 (Bug)

Css color values inside freemarker templates - good code red

IDEA-56633 (Bug)

Freemarker: good code red (Numerical interpolation)

IDEA-56564 (Bug)

Freemarker: rename variable crops is, get and set prefixes

IDEA-57750 (Bug)

Freemarker Parsing



IDEA-42892 (Feature)

JSP: EL: quick fix(es) for a variable with not resolved method / property could be provided

IDEA-61388 (Bug)

JSP: EL: when retreiving objects from Map, object type is resolved as of the key type

IDEA-61758 (Bug)

JSP: taglib prefixes not known immediately after returning from dumb mode

IDEA-58211 (Bug)

jsp: "remove unused namespace declaration" in JSPX should not reformat file

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-62203 (Bug)

SVN annotate doesn't show author's name

IDEA-62756 (Bug)

apply quick fix: change signature -> changes files are visible in Changes | Local only after force-refresh

IDEA-62864 (Bug)

Subversion: add sometimes does not add all the files from selection context

IDEA-63350 (Bug)

Show history. History is not shown.

IDEA-63939 (Bug)

SVN depth ignored?

IDEA-58622 (Bug)

Copying entry from "Locally Deleted Files" not works as expected

IDEA-62826 (Exception)

NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.history.SvnCommittedChangesProvider$RenameContext.accept

IDEA-59647 (Exception)

Subversion: AE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.RootsToWorkingCopies.getMatchingCopy

IDEA-53274 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.roots.impl.DirectoryIndexImpl.e

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-62539 (Bug)

TestNG: Auto-created Run Configuration has no name

IDEA-63621 (Bug)

Test runner: 1 293 555 299,578 s

IDEA-53676 (Bug)

Two entries for one test in test tool window

IDEA-62541 (Bug)

TestNG: Misleading result message: "7 of 7 Failed" when in fact only one test failed

IDEA-62540 (Bug)

TestNG: Bundled DTD is wrong (outdated?)

IDEA-62542 (Bug)

TestNG: No support for object factories

IDEA-55885 (Bug)

Test run result should not be success if pre/post operations fail (TestNG)



IDEA-64028 (Usability Problem)

"Compare with the Same Repository Version" should save changes to disk before invoking an external diff tool

IDEA-62703 (Bug)

Pressing Alt-Right in the diff viewer causes a window switch

WI specific


WI-4520 (Usability Problem)

Settings - Editor - Colors & Fonts - Scope based: Edit scopes... button won't click (click does nothing)



IDEA-62816 (Bug)

Struts2 inspection problem after updating to IDEA 10



IDEA-62427 (Bug)

Stop server does not work anymore (for tomcat)

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-64134 (Feature)

Soft wraps: Don't show horizontal scroll bar at editor with enabled soft wraps

IDEA-62589 (Usability Problem)

Soft wraps: the caret is shown in a position where nothing can be actually typed

IDEA-63384 (Usability Problem)

Idea locked up when I had invalid regex in the search box

IDEA-62432 (Performance Problem)

It's hard to type in medium-sized txt file if soft wrap is enabled

IDEA-62682 (Performance Problem)

Soft wraps: Improve 'undo' performance

IDEA-56893 (Cosmetics)

Right line in editor not rendered properly after unfolding.

IDEA-63514 (Bug)

Editor: Correct bookmarks processing

IDEA-63636 (Bug)

Soft wraps: Don't highlight soft-wrapped matching braces/parenthesis if caret is located at virtual space

IDEA-63631 (Bug)

Soft wraps: Editor doesn't correctly respond to soft wraps usage toggle all the time

IDEA-63633 (Bug)

Soft wraps: Correct keyboard selection processing when it intersects with soft wrap virtual space

IDEA-57768 (Bug)

Soft wrap: Correct vertical guide processing

IDEA-63036 (Bug)

Fold selection/code block produces visual artifacts

IDEA-62715 (Bug)

Automatic indentation doesn't work if you don't use braces

IDEA-62564 (Bug)

Avoid unnecessary indentation of newly inserted text on 'paste'

IDEA-62184 (Bug)

Indent guide disappears when adding comment

IDEA-62624 (Bug)

Soft wrap: error description is shown in incorrect place sometimes after editor resizing

IDEA-61472 (Bug)

IntelliJ removes BOM from UTF-8 encoded files.

IDEA-63617 (Bug)

Soft wraps: Correct caret positioning after commenting soft-wrapped line

IDEA-63970 (Bug)

Disabling "Smart Home" has no effect

IDEA-63574 (Bug)

WebIde very often slow down

IDEA-62421 (Bug)

Extra underline of indent space on soft-wrapped text

IDEA-62425 (Bug)

Soft wraps cause editor weirdness (displayed text does not correspond to that displayed under caret)

IDEA-63592 (Bug)

Column selection bug when interacting with virtual whitespace

IDEA-62922 (Bug)

Soft Wrap blinks during Editing and wrapped line navigation

IDEA-62629 (Bug)

Switching soft wraps On and Off from a console toolbar does not update another opened console properly

IDEA-63164 (Bug)

Editor: Restore caret position on trailing space stripping

IDEA-62781 (Bug)

SoftWrapping in Diff View: Breaks Background Coloring

IDEA-59660 (Bug)

"Show method separators" option adds extra line before generic method with more than one type argument

IDEA-63342 (Bug)

Soft Wrap acts weird on Japanese characters.

IDEA-63413 (Exception)

Soft wrap: IndexOutOfBoundsException at SoftWrapApplianceManager.doRecalculateSoftWraps()

IDEA-62830 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.softwrap.mapping.SoftWrapApplianceManager.a



IDEA-26670 (Feature)

spring 3.0: provide proper completion for "executor"/"scheduler" attributes of <task:annotation-driven>

IDEA-62903 (Feature)

spring mvc: provide resolving for <mvc:view-controller>/@view-name

IDEA-62902 (Feature)

spring mvc: provide resolving for <mvc:resources>/@location

IDEA-20909 (Usability Problem)

Spring: create namespace declaration reformats whole spring.xml file

IDEA-63840 (Usability Problem)

Spring MVC Inspection problem

IDEA-62930 (Performance Problem)

Slow error highlighting with 'Spring Support' plugin enabled

IDEA-61856 (Bug)

Spring MVC: cannot resolve reference to view when VelocityConfigurer's resourceLoaderPath is set

IDEA-61829 (Bug)

Default @ContextConfiguration doesn't find context file in resources folder

IDEA-44264 (Bug)

Spring: bean class creation intention doesn't work properly for inner classes

IDEA-58206 (Bug)

spring: "missing required properties" inspection does not work if <bean> is inside element like <mvc:interceptors>

IDEA-61924 (Bug)

Methods triggered by Spring default-init-method and default-destroy-method are shown as unused

IDEA-62200 (Bug)

IntelliJ does NOT recognise Spring's 'redirect:' prefix anymore!

IDEA-20017 (Bug)

"insert...spring bean" does not respect caret location

IDEA-58232 (Bug)

[Java + AspectJ] Good code Red: When creating Spring configured Aspects using LoadTimeWeaving IntelliJ complains about the "aspectOf" factory method.

IDEA-60998 (Bug)

@Value with ${..} placeholders doesn't work

IDEA-41636 (Bug)

Property setting for class on test path not recognized in a Spring Framework config file

IDEA-57790 (Bug)

spring: test classes are resolved in production environment

IDEA-61482 (Bug)

spring mvc: view reference should consider additional annotations

IDEA-61733 (Bug)

Regression: @Autowired beans configured in @Configuration class

User Interface


IDEA-27317 (Feature)

Editor Tabs Drag'N'Drop

IDEA-61828 (Usability Problem)

Invert Ctrl+Mouse wheel behaviour for editor

IDEA-53621 (Usability Problem)

Cannot resize splitters in proect structure dialog

IDEA-63071 (Bug)

Wrong icons in classes in project panel

IDEA-52852 (Bug)

Settings panes can't be resized

IDEA-61202 (Bug)

On deleting file opened in the separate Editor window it should be closed

IDEA-54553 (Bug)

Command-M on Mac does not minimize IDEA window

IDEA-63011 (Bug)

Cancel button in "Plugins Changed" dialog should have different text.

OSGi Support


IDEA-62772 (Bug)

OSGI support: incorrect paths are used by compiler if project-wide osgi output directory or module output directory are used



IDEA-62574 (Feature)

Grails tags should be available in controllers.

IDEA-62501 (Feature)

Add "Environment variables" dialogue box to Run/Debug Groovy script configuration

IDEA-61888 (Feature)

Grails GSP editor to support navigation to related layout via meta tag

IDEA-61667 (Feature)

Shift+Enter functionality extension suggestion

IDEA-62949 (Feature)

Rerun failed tests for Grails and Griffon

IDEA-62594 (Feature)

Value of 'defaultAction' field should has a reference

IDEA-63103 (Feature)

Grails: Support tag 'meta'

IDEA-63332 (Feature)

Grails 1.3.6: Tags in the link namespace now support an attrs attribute.

IDEA-56317 (Feature)

Cannot set JVM options for Run Grails target

IDEA-64105 (Feature)

Grails-specifed variables should be available in BuildConfig.groovy and Config.groovy

IDEA-63119 (Feature)

Grails: Value of attribute 'style' should be shown as CSS style.

IDEA-49047 (Feature)

Support Grails Criteria DSL

IDEA-62584 (Feature)

Need support tag 'hasErrors'.

IDEA-62322 (Feature)

Grails: User should be ably to disable auto-creation web/spring facets, source roots and plugin-modules

IDEA-62581 (Feature)

Attribute 'optionKey' and 'optionValue' of 'g:select' tag should has reference.

IDEA-62538 (Usability Problem)

grails prompt not displayed in test console

IDEA-61490 (Usability Problem)

Gant: "Cannot determine type of" message for all predefined tasks

IDEA-59082 (Usability Problem)

Show inaccessible Groovy members on the second normal completion, not on the first

IDEA-63687 (Bug)

Stub generator creates incorrect stubs for package-info.groovy

IDEA-57183 (Bug)

Gant: Ant tasks are considered to be not applicable to String argument

IDEA-63199 (Bug)

Quick Documentation Lookup does not work in completion popups in embedded Groovy fragment

IDEA-63227 (Bug)

Cannot find local variable 'xxx'

IDEA-62571 (Bug)

Map key 'unique' does not exists in completion variant.

IDEA-63555 (Bug)

Field visibility in condition of if inside a closure bug

IDEA-63399 (Bug)

Navigation to view should support view defined via JSP.

IDEA-61810 (Bug)

Grails controller double-click should open related source

IDEA-60902 (Bug)

Groovy: false error "Variable 'args' already defined" is shown for variables and closure arguments named "args"

IDEA-59018 (Bug)

GDSL: after changing and activating a .gdsl script, all methods/properties added by the script becomes unresolved in .groovy script

IDEA-60093 (Bug)

GDSL keywords become unresolved after editing any groovy/gsp file in current project

IDEA-62988 (Bug)

IDEA 10.0 hangs

IDEA-49524 (Bug)

Renaming of grails domain class doesn't rename quick navigation buttons

IDEA-62590 (Bug)

IDEA highlights one variable as unused and as used in defferent place.

IDEA-63067 (Bug)

Invalid reported Introduce Variable name conflict

IDEA-62563 (Bug)

Groovy: Introduce Constant dialog: groovy classes are considered to be not acceptable for introducing a constant to

IDEA-63583 (Bug)

Grails: IDEA should work correctly if installed grails plugin duplecates in '%PROJECT_ROOT%/plugins' and '%HOME%/.grails/1.3.5/projects/reportProject/plugins/'

IDEA-60928 (Bug)

Grails: global plugin is added to grailsPlugins module only after project reopening or installing another plugin

IDEA-56520 (Bug)

TODOs in gsp files should be highlighted in blue on the scrollbar

IDEA-61873 (Bug)

Interface refactoring issue

IDEA-60908 (Bug)

Groovy: Change Signature Refactoring: adding a parameter after a Map one results with uncompilable code

IDEA-62250 (Bug)

Ternary operator return value inspection bug

IDEA-49998 (Bug)

Grails: uninstalling plugin does not remove corresponding web resource roots in GrailsWeb facet configuration

IDEA-63506 (Bug)

Incorrectly parsed Groovy 1.8 command syntax cases

IDEA-61813 (Bug)

import static problem

IDEA-49646 (Bug)

Groovy: Settings / Editor / Code Folding are ignored

IDEA-63548 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't recognize String methods on GStrings

IDEA-63549 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't recognize "this" inside GString expressions

IDEA-61732 (Bug)

All Groovy classes have icons of static classes

IDEA-63169 (Bug)

Expressions are not evaluated in watches window

IDEA-63643 (Bug)

Groovy type inference

IDEA-62933 (Bug)

Auto import for Groovy doesn't include classes whose name is equal to a JDK class

IDEA-61295 (Bug)

Groovy: Change Signature Refactoring -> Remove the only parameter of Closure type could add "()" to method calls with closure inline

IDEA-60913 (Bug)

Groovy: Change Signature Refactoring does nothing on changing exception type

IDEA-63292 (Bug)

Local variables refactor-renaming suggestion list ignores TAB as command to insert first suggested item

IDEA-63001 (Exception)

Refactor / Move class for Groovy class: IAE at LazyParseableElement.rawAddChildren() and corrupted sources



IDEA-20602 (Usability Problem)

SQL code completion without schema prefix

IDEA-25475 (Bug)

SQL: Ctrl-B does not clear existing selection in Datasources pane

IDEA-51458 (Bug)

Data source name is not updated in the tool window on renaming

Plugin: Deployment / FTP..


WI-4731 (Bug)

Deployed file length is not refreshed in some cases

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