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WI-1663 (Cosmetics)

Setting - Editor - File template. Not refresh on change

WI-1662 (Task)

Map Help IDs to pages of the New Project from Existing Files Wizard

IDEA-54340 (Bug)

Deadlock while trying to execute large bunch of text using cmd.exe in console

WI-1856 (Bug)

Zen Coding is broken again in CSS

IDEA-55722 (Bug)

NPE throws if Show Implementations Action calls on virtual PSI element.

IDEA-54906 (Bug)

"Run" button in "Run | Run... | <Some configuration> | Edit..." dialog doesn't work

IDEA-27103 (Bug)

ExternalResourceManagerImpl#removeResource() only updates mapping, but not resource locations

WI-2271 (Bug)

© symbol highlighted red in HTML 4.01 transitional document

IDEA-54692 (Bug)

Map help button of the Spring facet to the specified mapId

IDEA-56462 (Bug)

public static final fields not supported in HQL

IDEA-55470 (Bug)

Undefined Path Variables error is shown if for some files svn:keywords revision property is set

WI-2436 (Bug)

phpStorm don't support some of jQuery methods

IDEA-55158 (Bug)

Deadlock during xml file read

WI-2106 (Bug)

WebStorm - Allow disabling the check of JSDoc tags

WI-2101 (Bug)

phpStorm - Method wrapping not working as I expect

IDEA-53888 (Bug)

Error when typing in console

IDEA-51452 (Bug)

Cannot edit scopes

WI-2160 (Bug)

"Add field" quick-fix adds field before the class body

IDEA-54366 (Exception)

Exception on clean installation startup

WI-2244 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException: Argument 1 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/psi/impl/source/tree/CompositeElement.replaceChild must not be null

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-55568 (Feature)

Allow AsyncResult to return value when rejected



IDEA-54176 (Task)

Add a Help button and map a help ID



IDEA-53214 (Feature)

Add support for HTML5

IDEA-51117 (Bug)

Quirks mode: inspection-specific settings are not saved

IntelliJ Platform


WI-1474 (Feature)

Implement Code Style->Wrapping for PHP and JavaScript

WI-1450 (Feature)

Add hotkey for opening @link from phpdoc/jsdoc in default browser

WI-1244 (Feature)

"Collecting files" state should be more informative

WI-1729 (Feature)

Show first comment line when folded

WI-541 (Feature)

IDs aren't autocompleted from "label for=ID"

WI-850 (Feature)

Add "Show in Finder" (Mac) & "Open in Explorer" (Win) on right-click for a file node.

WI-1941 (Usability Problem)

Relaunching application Wrong project is opened

WI-1834 (Usability Problem)

Project settings - Code style options layout error

WI-843 (Usability Problem)

Please add "Rename" functionality in the "Files" menu

WI-2463 (Usability Problem)

When trying to lauch just-created run configuration-by-location, check if it's invalid and show dialog

WI-1907 (Performance Problem)

XHTML editing performance problem

WI-2502 (Cosmetics)

Spelling/typo "Not Logged To Subversion" -> "Not logged in to Subversion"

WI-308 (Cosmetics)

Blank lines created after CSS optimization

WI-2117 (Bug)

Some groups of tokens missed in custom colors settings

WI-1905 (Bug)

Data Sources can't connect to jdbc

WI-11 (Bug)

In files with php extentions and htmls + php inside comments dont work properly

WI-1757 (Bug)

SQL query inspection error (MySQL dialect)

WI-1933 (Bug)

Last javascript function in file can't be folded

WI-1249 (Bug)

Structure window shows outdated info

WI-1985 (Bug)

Directories settings page is buggy in 95.136

WI-1804 (Bug)

mootools support and javascript validator

WI-713 (Bug)

PHP Debug: long text variables value is truncated

WI-1461 (Bug)

Bad php inclusion formatting

WI-2543 (Bug)

Sqlite VIRTUAL TABLE ... USING support

WI-1750 (Bug)

Wrong error in sql (mysql) file is shown

WI-2212 (Bug)

Xdebug validation results dialog dissapears if I pop up progress window

WI-1631 (Bug)

The IDE cannot find and highlight the opening or the closing <span> tag

WI-2353 (Bug)

Absent bracket not detected in .sql file

WI-2356 (Bug)

Zen-Coding + Undo = Exception, template text lost.

WI-2076 (Bug)

MySQL dialect wrong inspection

WI-1470 (Bug)

autocomplete error in css

WI-1500 (Bug)

CSS optimization skips "!important" property

WI-1835 (Exception)

Thread errors: "Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only"

WI-2479 (Exception)

Exception when trying to comment html code

WI-656 (Exception)

Inspections colors settings need to be made a platform feature (Trying to change colors for Inspector inpossible and results in error)



IDEA-53573 (Feature)

javascript: recognize native "JSON" object

IDEA-54872 (Feature)

Method separators don't work in ActionScript

IDEA-55976 (Usability Problem)

Code completion activated by a period in comments

IDEA-24850 (Usability Problem)

'Complete Current Statement' behaves differently in JavaScript/ActionScript code than in Java code

IDEA-54741 (Bug)

javascript live template full of end of line

IDEA-55965 (Bug)

AIOOBE in CompletionLookupArranger

IDEA-55954 (Bug)

JavaScript parser doesn't consider JsDoc @config

IDEA-56370 (Bug)

Spelchecker reacts on every key in json fixture file

IDEA-56105 (Bug)

Assignment of called function expression represented wrong in Structure Tool Window

IDEA-54525 (Bug)

JavaScript structure window showing structure locally used (not declared) objects

IDEA-54388 (Exception)

NPE - processRefExpr

Flex Support


IDEA-51618 (Feature)

MXML code hinting should display custom components within a module and add the appropriate namespace

IDEA-26303 (Feature)

Implement "Copy Reference" action for Flex

IDEA-26308 (Feature)

Flex "Analyze stacktrace" action support

IDEA-54528 (Feature)

Generate getter/setter should replace field usages with accessor usages

IDEA-50280 (Usability Problem)

Order and execution of smart step into variants is wrong

IDEA-54336 (Usability Problem)

Flex debugger: XML values view is not user friendly

IDEA-53641 (Usability Problem)

Class hierarchy view: filter out items marked with [IDEA:ExcludeClass]

IDEA-54621 (Cosmetics)

Make ActionScript import folding similar to Java

IDEA-53640 (Cosmetics)

'Main class not found' error message is shown after I click cancel at 'Choose Main Class' dialog

IDEA-54299 (Task)

Make it easier to increase Flex compiler heap size

IDEA-51734 (Bug)

Smart step into works incorrect

IDEA-48256 (Bug)

Search for usages: rerun includes definition to the list of results

IDEA-54593 (Bug)

Unknown metadata tag "SkinPart"

IDEA-51424 (Bug)

Flex 4: support <fx:Component/> mxml tag

IDEA-54205 (Bug)

Create method from usage: generate unique parameters names

IDEA-53246 (Bug)

Need alternative location for config_for_tests.xml file to prevent "config_for_tests.xml not found" errors

IDEA-54567 (Bug)

flex: Ctrl-W fails to select AsDoc

IDEA-54568 (Bug)

flex: 'Remove unused method" QuickFix leaves asdoc of old method lingering around

IDEA-54346 (Bug)

flex: "add type to declaration" quickfix does not determine correct type for typed list literal

IDEA-54804 (Bug)

Do not red highlight conditional variable references in library sources

IDEA-54948 (Bug)

[IDEA:Flex] Debugger Variables scope not matching

IDEA-54791 (Bug)

flex: namespace field shows up twice in Ctrl-F12 / structure view

IDEA-54811 (Bug)

ActionScript Formatting of function is wrong

IDEA-54493 (Bug)

MXML editor does not mark compilation problem with missing outerDocument

IDEA-54085 (Bug)

flex: "surround with..." order of surrounders needlessly inconsistent with Java

IDEA-54086 (Bug)

flex: surround with if(): ctrl-shift-enter annoying behavior

IDEA-55541 (Bug)

Flex: go to declaration does not work on Accordion headerRenderer

IDEA-54339 (Bug)

Flex: Optimize imports does not honor CONFIG blocks

IDEA-54069 (Bug)

Caret is put in wrong position after 'Insert cast' fix is applied

IDEA-54845 (Bug)

Flex conditional breakpoints: suggest to stop in case of condition evaluation failure

IDEA-55680 (Bug)

Otpimization of Import statements in MXML files sometimes deletes necessary imports

IDEA-56117 (Bug)

Flexmojos 4 has different name for compiler configuration report file: target/...-configs.xml

IDEA-54535 (Bug)

Declarations in custom flex components is highlighted as error.

IDEA-54537 (Bug)

Idea can't understand XML comments in actionscript embedded xml.

IDEA-53625 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't recognize Alchemy SWC

IDEA-54995 (Bug)

Metadata attribute value can be reference expression, right now is not parsed correctly

IDEA-24717 (Bug)

support XML evaluation in Flex debug

IDEA-55872 (Bug)

[IDEA:flex] [IDEA:as3] bad code green - extra dot '.' char in front of array operator []

IDEA-54193 (Bug)

Flex conditional definitions like BUILD::Date should not be treated as class Date.

IDEA-26743 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: static namespace

IDEA-54282 (Bug)

flex: "surround with..." does not show expected surrounders if current statement does not have semicolon terminator

IDEA-26338 (Bug)

Import from Flex/Flash Builder: source folder is not imported if it is implicitly specified and equal to main project folder

IDEA-50809 (Bug)

Flex library compilation: do not try to include in SWC classes that do not exist

IDEA-54646 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: static final function

IDEA-54278 (Bug)

Extract function refactoring is placing new function between ASDoc and function declaration of exisiting function

IDEA-54279 (Bug)

flex: inline method leaves asdoc of old method lingering around

IDEA-54889 (Bug)

Generate Getter/Setter doesn't format correctly with AS3 metadata

IDEA-56154 (Bug)

Bug in IDEA mxml with empty state references

IDEA-54283 (Bug)

flex: mxml: invoking code completion for "navigateToUrl()" function inserts unused import

IDEA-54281 (Bug)

flex: ctrl-w should include a step that selects whole contents of class block without "class x { ... }" itself

IDEA-26522 (Bug)

Flex MXML: tags not highlighed as errors when they should be using Flex 4.

IDEA-55572 (Bug)

s:DataGroup is not aware of the fx:Component when auto complete

IDEA-25241 (Bug)

MXML tags without namespace prefix that point to non existing components are not highlighted as red.

IDEA-54571 (Bug)

flex: "remove unused parameter" QuickFix breaks code (leaves trailing comma)

IDEA-54785 (Bug)

flex: "const" keyword not offered for completion where expected

IDEA-56525 (Bug)

'Extract method' refactoring should not be available when there's no method around

IDEA-54485 (Bug)

"Reformat Code" does not correct braces placement for JavaScript / ActionScript

IDEA-55217 (Bug)

flex: "quick show usages" popup does not show method/field/property names in title

IDEA-26456 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: "implements" attribute on <mx:Application> should only accept FQN interface references

IDEA-56129 (Bug)

Completion should suggest variants from namespace when completing after explicit namespace reference

IDEA-54508 (Bug)

Flex debugger: multiline string values are not shown in variables view or watches

IDEA-26351 (Bug)

mxml: renaming implicit event variable corrupts document prolog

IDEA-53878 (Bug)

flex: 'typos' are reported twice in mxml code

IDEA-54964 (Bug)

Autocomplete for Spark non visual components does not work

IDEA-54848 (Bug)

Flex: Rename of function causing an unrelated import statement to be renamed as well

IDEA-54264 (Bug)

Inline method should not inline methods hierarchy

IDEA-54269 (Bug)

Inline method: method body is not reformatted

IDEA-54268 (Bug)

Create constant out of an assignment expression generates red code

IDEA-56009 (Bug)

Move class / file in actionscript does not insert necessary imports when using star imports

IDEA-54549 (Bug)

IDEA should flag that resourceName is in a different resourceBundle than the one specified to resourceManager.getString()

IDEA-54823 (Bug)

Flex: Good code yellow - function recurses infinitely

IDEA-54822 (Bug)

Flex .mxml inspection, false complains about fx:XMLList in flex 4

IDEA-26546 (Bug)

import in mxml script block is highlighted as error

IDEA-53779 (Bug)

Generated imports lists are different for Flex 3 and Flex 4 language namespaces

IDEA-53880 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable (in mxml context) eats start sequence of CDATA

IDEA-53884 (Bug)

flex: cannot launch "Typo: Rename To" quickfix from mxml

IDEA-18890 (Bug)

Ctrl+hover tooltip shows information from SWC's, not from attached sources

IDEA-54643 (Bug)

flex: confusing presentation difference: new() expression resolving to class vs. resolving to ctor

IDEA-56325 (Bug)

Can't resolve types from obfuscated SWCs

IDEA-54034 (Bug)

E4X shows warnings

IDEA-54035 (Bug)

Type is lost in assignstatements

IDEA-55208 (Bug)

[IDEA:flex] [IDEA:as] Generate Getter/Setter produces incomplete code for untyped variables, e.g. Setter doesn't have void return type

IDEA-54513 (Bug)

Inline method should not even show dialog for a method from SDK

IDEA-55989 (Bug)

Good Code Red: RadioButtonGroup not allowed inside containers

IDEA-53336 (Bug)

flex: can't find usages of method

IDEA-54454 (Bug)

flex: good code red: member resolving should be aware that namespace fields are implicitly static

IDEA-55174 (Bug)

FLEX/MXML: good code red - using fxg components

IDEA-55273 (Bug)

[IDEA:flex] repeated exception when 'goto declaration' for a component in a library.swf file

IDEA-55179 (Bug)

[IDEA:flex] Show Usages of Function is showing the declaration as a usage

IDEA-55185 (Bug)

[IDEA:flex] [IDEA:mxml] bad code green - id attribute is not allowed on the root tag of a component

IDEA-50736 (Bug)

Report unused parameter if it's not the last one

IDEA-54786 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: final var/const

IDEA-51368 (Bug)

Structure view for AS file contains dynamic object properties at top level

IDEA-54783 (Bug)

flex: good code red: unresolved reference to trace() function in static function

IDEA-54780 (Bug)

flex: "Copy Reference" action should work for references, not only definitions

IDEA-54781 (Bug)

flex: Ctrl-Shift-Enter places semicolon in wrong place

IDEA-54070 (Bug)

Good code is red: string + number

IDEA-54074 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: access of inaccessible namespace

IDEA-54092 (Bug)

mxml: inline method corrupts code

IDEA-53208 (Bug)

MXML highlighting: components from Flex SDK sporadically become red

IDEA-25637 (Bug)

Flex itemRenderer Attribute Completion/Validation

IDEA-53378 (Bug)

Wrong typo warning highlighting in package definition

IDEA-54859 (Bug)

Good Code Red: When class exists in both SWC library and SRC folder good code is red if SRC version has code and SWC doesn't

IDEA-54529 (Bug)

No completion for 'use' keyword

IDEA-54088 (Exception)

flex: unwrapping empty block: IAE in RangeMarkerImpl

IDEA-25357 (Exception)

Applying "merge declaration and initialization" intention in ActionScript code removes type

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-20376 (Usability Problem)

Fix class casting inspection/intension

IDEA-54431 (Bug)

spellchecker treats some vararg declarations as typo

IDEA-52052 (Bug)

JPA inspections reporting good code as error when using XML based Hibernate configuration

IDEA-54464 (Bug)

spellchecker treats some generic declarations as typo

IDEA-54589 (Bug)

EJB QL Inspection incorrectly flags valid EJB QL

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Tomcat


IDEA-53513 (Bug)

Restart Server option no longer works

Project Configuration


IDEA-55421 (Bug)

Share default run/debug configuration not persisting

OSGi Support


IDEA-55501 (Performance Problem)

Osmorc: Too many pooled threads are spawned on multi-module maven project opening

IDEA-56021 (Bug)

OSGi Facets created for non-bundle Maven modules

IDEA-54704 (Bug)

OSGi: Directory-based bundles cause error on startup

GUI Designer


IDEA-26631 (Bug)

javac2 - IDEA generated Ant Files - can't configure javac2.classpath in IDEA

Version Control. ClearCase


IDEA-56179 (Bug)

ClearCase: correctly detect the ucm/base views

Ant Integration


IDEA-52314 (Bug)

"Generate Ant Build" uses explicit paths instead of ${basedir}-relative paths

IDEA-51623 (Bug)

Generated ANT Build includes test compile code in wrong target

IDEA-51621 (Bug)

Generated ANT build does not restrict libraries marked with Test Scope to only compile tests



IDEA-55839 (Usability Problem)

Members order in class shape is unstable

IDEA-51385 (Usability Problem)

UML node looses shaprness when pressing F2



IDEA-54300 (Bug)

android projects can't be compiled in located in path with spaces

Version Control


IDEA-54100 (Feature)

Pass Disposable to CheckinHandler.getAfterCheckinConfigurationPanel()

IDEA-56220 (Usability Problem)

Shelve: don't try to remove active changelist on shelving changes

IDEA-53894 (Bug)

IDEA is unable to show diff for shelved new files

IDEA-56029 (Bug)

Changing project VCS from Subversion to None doesn't update file status

IDEA-54697 (Bug)

Would you like to remove VCS root?

IDEA-44917 (Bug)

Shelve changes: after project reopening the Shelf tab changes its position in Changes view



IDEA-54632 (Bug)

AspectJ: "Highlight usages" does not highlight actual usages of method parameters in method body

IDEA-54063 (Bug)

AspectJ: provide autocompletion inside intertype declarations (method bodies)

IDEA-54408 (Bug)

AspectJ: live templates don't work in .aj files

IDEA-54065 (Bug)

AspectJ: find usages, refactor/rename cannot be invoked for members declared as intertype declarations

IDEA-54963 (Bug)

AspectJ: Cannot invoke "Change signature" refactoring from definition/reference in .aj file

IDEA-54314 (Bug)

AspectJ: type constructors defined in aspects are not recognized

IDEA-54582 (Bug)

AspectJ Support Highlighting incomplete

IDEA-54316 (Exception)

NPE at com.sixrr.guiceyidea.inspections.MultipleInjectedConstructorsForClassInspection$Visitor.visitMethod

Plugin: Spellchecker


WI-428 (Cosmetics)

Spellchecker shows suggestions twice when found typo in phpdocs

PHP lang


WI-1545 (Feature)

Undefined variable inside class method should be highlighted as error instead of warning

WI-156 (Feature)

Create New PHP Class dialog doesn't have input validation

WI-1869 (Feature)

Autoinject strings which starts from INSERT/DELETE with sql too

WI-1861 (Feature)

Code Formatter: Method Chaining

WI-671 (Feature)

Add error message for unclosed/incomplete code blocks

WI-2278 (Feature)

Implement Undefined variable inspection/initialize quickfix

WI-1112 (Feature)

New inspection: Dynamic function call variable should have string type

WI-1111 (Feature)

New inspection: Can't inherit abstract function

WI-522 (Feature)

Add inspections for Abstract methods correctness

WI-2089 (Feature)

Autocompletion of php comments like PHPDOC comments

WI-2107 (Feature)

PhpDoc autogeneration for @var tag.

WI-1598 (Feature)

Type inference for variables created through reference

WI-418 (Usability Problem)

Unable unfold "catch" block in try ... catch clause

WI-2029 (Usability Problem)

Ambiguous description of targets in Refactoring preview

WI-2085 (Usability Problem)

PHP block inside HTML element: Enter after a statement adds superfluous indent

WI-1749 (Usability Problem)

Don't reformat incorrect code

WI-2535 (Cosmetics)

folding settings spelling

WI-2282 (Cosmetics)

"Quit IDEA" shows in status bar

WI-1486 (Cosmetics)

PHP keywords missing

WI-2446 (Bug)

Keyword "static" should not be treated as an error

WI-1890 (Bug)

Invalid require_once() path parsing

WI-2380 (Bug)

all infix expressions detected as value write (should be only ++ and --)

WI-2126 (Bug)

variable with /** @var definition: refactor variable name in definition comment too

WI-809 (Bug)

Move statement Up/Down breaks identation (for Allman indent style code, at least)

WI-1763 (Bug)

Duplicate result in completion list

WI-1767 (Bug)

Case sensitive issue in mixing impements and extends for class.

WI-2239 (Bug)

Parsing of assignments in field declarations

WI-1226 (Bug)

HTML is injected into wrong HEREDOC literal

WI-2531 (Bug)

PHPDoc autogenerator creates duplicate definition

WI-2050 (Bug)

phpdoc parsing of complex type descriptions

WI-207 (Bug)

New PHP-class popup should ask for a Class name, not file name

WI-1830 (Bug)

Make html code completion behave in php editor as it behaves in html editor

WI-945 (Bug)

Find usages of __construct is not worked.

WI-1712 (Bug)

Type compatibility: expected resource, got string

WI-1864 (Bug)

Autocomplete class doesn't work for "F<caret>::func()"

WI-2175 (Bug)

"Add getter|setter" intention doesn't respect "static" modifier

WI-1889 (Bug)

Introduce variable for PHP not correctly work.

WI-1976 (Bug)

Completion looks strange

WI-1979 (Bug)

Incorrect code generated for class with no actual super.

WI-1877 (Bug)

Search for text occurrences in Refactor\Rename spoils php code

WI-2276 (Bug)

Re-implement Undefined variable inspection/resolve via PSI (uses editor now, broken actually)

WI-2370 (Bug)

Find usages: global $var; is guessed as value write

WI-2374 (Bug)

Smarty: if statement, negative numbers aren't supported by PhpStorm

WI-2005 (Bug)

Array autocompletion regression (continued)

WI-2007 (Bug)

Completion suggests class @property in file scope

WI-1620 (Bug)

If/else folding

WI-1751 (Bug)

PHP syntax highlighting shows error when referencing static property via fully-qualified namespace

WI-1930 (Bug)

Inspection for context of function declaration

WI-1527 (Bug)

object->property[IDEA:index] expression type for Array props type inference is not working.

WI-2043 (Bug)

"Unused local variable" Inspection, does not recognize die($var) as usage

WI-2047 (Bug)

Completion suggest wrong results with scope resolution operator near instance

WI-1801 (Bug)

Smarty foreach error

WI-2298 (Bug)

increment, decrement must be highlighted as "write" access

WI-2341 (Bug)

"Smart indent" places excess tab before opening curly bracket

WI-896 (Bug)

Wrong errors in PHP HEREDOC for escaped characters

WI-588 (Bug)

"Highlight usages in file" does not highlight $var in global $var

WI-2144 (Bug)

?> is placed before } when auto-completing }

WI-1843 (Bug)

Smarty: offer completion of attributes names on empty space

WI-1842 (Bug)

Smarty don't offer to complete already defined attribute

WI-1682 (Bug)

Class member modifier stucks (until full fragment reparse)

WI-1969 (Bug)

"Add method" breaks interfaces

WI-1231 (Bug)

PHP inside JS literal - The IDE shows a php syntax error, while actually there isn't

WI-1961 (Bug)

Methods case issue in subclassing

WI-2261 (Bug)

structure pane A~Z locked on. It works even if not asked to work.

WI-2263 (Bug)

Introduced variable do not work for ternary operator.

WI-2268 (Bug)

Write access detection for parameters

WI-2034 (Bug)

SQL injection: invalid "Display Name" for "DELETE FROM" SQL statements

WI-2083 (Bug)

@property: refactoring not supported?

WI-1108 (Bug)

PHP 5.3 allows static function calls on variable class names

WI-1045 (Bug)

Refactoring namespaced classes and 'use' keyword

WI-1748 (Bug)

URI is not registered when using quote escapes

WI-1743 (Bug)

Fix autocomplete for abbreviated class names

WI-1921 (Bug)

Introduce variable expression selector doesn't know about php closures

WI-498 (Bug)

No search term in Find Usages popup title

WI-1634 (Bug)

define() isn't recognized if its not a top-level statement.

WI-2456 (Bug)

Wrong enter action handling inside heredoc/nowdoc

WI-1954 (Bug)

"If" with empty expression block is not recognized as error

WI-1950 (Bug)

Inspector does not handle wrong declaration of fields

WI-2280 (Bug)

Constant and Field with same name in same class

WI-1471 (Bug)

Undefined variable is not detected if written after reading.

WI-2486 (Bug)

"array to list" assignment does not consider right-side array used

WI-2413 (Bug)

Documentation popup: bad code snippet escaping

WI-2410 (Bug)

Please fix "generate override methods" action(for __callStatic)

WI-2418 (Bug)

Suggestion list for parent::<dynamic_parent_method> does not work

WI-1677 (Bug)

Function should be considered as valid callback

WI-2323 (Bug)

Unresolved type inference info inserted in @return in generated PHPDoc

WI-2327 (Bug)

No spaces between tag, type and param name in phpdoc hint

WI-2156 (Bug)

Parsing of constant initializers

WI-2157 (Bug)

When typing ( in php parameter infor popup should appear if corresponding option is set

WI-2527 (Bug)

Add field intention brokes class when setting parent fields in constructor

WI-2253 (Bug)

"unused local variable" for Capital Variable

WI-2024 (Bug)

Wrong enter action formatting

WI-1727 (Bug)

Nested instantatiation suggests wrong parameters

WI-723 (Bug)

alternate switch sysntax in multiple php fragments produces parser error

WI-1430 (Bug)

Type inference sometimes does not see classes from another files

WI-2422 (Exception)

AIOOBE at PsiBuilderImpl.eof() on reindexing included PEAR sources



WI-2505 (Bug)

Improve structure view support for JavaScript



WI-1381 (Bug)

Incorrect formatting of adjacent P and H elements generated with Zen Coding

WI-1915 (Bug)

"Split current tag" intention adds unnecessary whitespace in tag names



IDEA-54908 (Bug)

Inline refactoring on superclass creates invalid code

IDEA-54273 (Bug)

Refactoring actions should be hidden if they are not supported for any of the languages

Task Management


IDEA-55592 (Usability Problem)

Add "completes #id" to commit message for pivotal tracker

IDEA-54937 (Bug)

"Open Task" dialog endlessly shows "Updating..." status if no servers are configured.

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-55605 (Bug)

Freemarker: IntelliJ completely locks up on specific edit action in a Freemarker template

PHP debug


WI-1656 (Feature)

Please persist expand state in debugger variable inspector

WI-1476 (Feature)

Add option to validate XDebug setup before starting run configuration

WI-2166 (Usability Problem)

Please turn on "validate X-debug" by default

WI-2165 (Usability Problem)

Please switch "show memory address" for php debugger off by default

WI-1492 (Usability Problem)

Show reason when failed to detect server paths mappings

WI-919 (Usability Problem)

PHP console: allow to configure the current folder for PHP execution

WI-2189 (Usability Problem)

PHP console and PHP on server run configuration should be available when PHP sdk / server is not configured

WI-2254 (Cosmetics)

Run configuration / PHPUnit, PHPUnit on server: align file path fields

WI-1867 (Bug)

Validate Xdebug setup for the directory where script is about to be executed

WI-1573 (Bug)

PHP debugging isn't working. Fatal error in IDE.

WI-1884 (Bug)

PHP debugging paths detector does not support PHP 5.2

WI-2099 (Bug)

PHP debug: deployed file opens in the editor instead of project file (for a server mapped with mounted folder)

WI-1625 (Bug)

"Inspect" and "Copy Value" options in the debugger give a truncated version of a long string

WI-2187 (Bug)

Xdebug validation does not handle 'wait for Xdebug connection' case

WI-958 (Bug)

Debugger says "Connection error: invalid packet"

WI-1847 (Bug)

Debugger validation file should not be scheduled to subversion addition

WI-1887 (Bug)

Cyrillic (cp1251) strings are displayed incorrectly in debugger (Watches, Evaluate expression, Quick Evaluate expr. windows)

WI-1809 (Bug)

PHP console process is not destroyed when debugging stops if no Xdebug connection was established

WI-2170 (Exception)

Race condition NPE

CSS Editing


IDEA-54629 (Bug)

Valid Flex CSS property value is highlighted as error

IDEA-54878 (Bug)

Problem renaming to hyphenated CSS selector

IDEA-54824 (Bug)

CSS Reformat Code breaks font shorthand

IDEA-54213 (Bug)

CSS color values are not renamed



IDEA-18758 (Feature)

Hibernate AnnotationSessionFactoryBean configuration not parsed

IDEA-56142 (Bug)

hibernate: criteria api: ctrl-shift-f7 does not highlight persistent entity property usages

IDEA-20921 (Bug)

Hibernate inspection problem

IDEA-53370 (Bug)

Persistence QL inspection doesn't understand generics

Maven Integration


IDEA-54967 (Cosmetics)

New Project Wizard Label misspelled

IDEA-46413 (Bug)

Maven action buttons should be disabled if no maven project detected

IDEA-54011 (Bug)

Maven: SNAPSHOT overlay is not refreshed when the snapshot was updated

IDEA-53170 (Bug)

Maven: if some module and the module it depends on use different library versions, IDEA may use incorrect one

IDEA-51298 (Bug)

Maven: do not set 'exported' flag on Maven dependencies

IDEA-54254 (Bug)

Test dependency of another maven module is not added to junit classpath

WI specific


WI-749 (Feature)

Add 'JavaScript' to 'new file' list

WI-2435 (Performance Problem)

html+jsavascript injections in big PHP file make PhpStorm eat 96-98% CPU and doesn't do anything

WI-2010 (Bug)

Something wrong with parsing html in .htm file

WI-1902 (Bug)

Heredoc html injection bug

WI-2296 (Bug)

Empty lines in phpdoc hint

WI-1067 (Bug)

html/xhtml file templates are not visible in settings

WI-2313 (Bug)

Exception raised during project loading and project loading never stops and can't be canceled

WI-2080 (Bug)

<label for="" autocompletion list

WI-1740 (Bug)

Do not inject xml string with html

PHP test


WI-2205 (Bug)

Various fixes @ 'Generate PhpUnit test' action

WI-2203 (Bug)

Check PHP SDK version in PhpUnit run configurations

WI-1733 (Bug)

PhpUnit: E_WARNING: set_exception_handler() expects the argument (1) to be a valid callback

WI-1851 (Bug)

PhpUnit add custom working directory field in run configuration

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-55425 (Bug)

Perforce plugin should not log passwords as a plain text

IDEA-56215 (Bug)

Perforce: Resolve action isn't enabled for conflicted files

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-53885 (Bug)

Regexp: Surround with capturing group causes IDE fatal error



IDEA-54354 (Bug)

JSP EL completion should not suggest write-only properties (having only setter)

IDEA-55177 (Bug)

Inside JSP files, sometimes auto-complete stops showing any items in the popup

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-18427 (Bug)

@OrderBy with composite key value not recognized in Diana.

IDEA-53989 (Bug)

Editor allows production code in module A to reference test code in module B when A depends on B

XML editing


IDEA-54123 (Bug)

XML: comment command on empty line does nothing

IDEA-54404 (Bug)

java.lang.IllegalStateException: @NotNull method com/intellij/openapi/editor/impl/FoldRegionImpl.getPlaceholderText must not return null

IDEA-54275 (Bug)

XML Zen Coding gets re-enabled on restart

IDEA-53881 (Bug)

flex: mxml: bad code green: unmatched cdata end block not reported

IDEA-55074 (Bug)

External .xsd resource with path is not recognized

IDEA-54778 (Bug)

IDEA does not check that space char exists between attributes in XML files

IDEA-55230 (Exception)

Cannot reformat XML with invalid attributes

IDE Configuration


IDEA-26128 (Usability Problem)

Preselect selected live template group when adding new template

IDEA-54185 (Bug)

Sdk initialization shouldn't be performed in write action

IDEA-55628 (Bug)

Settings / Live templates: predefined template text is used instead of modified



IDEA-54428 (Feature)

JPA: Provide completion for Hibernate properties in persistence.xml if provide is Hibernate

IDEA-54969 (Bug)

jpaql: Rename refactoring should not fire confusing rename dialog from "select" keyword

IDEA-24847 (Bug)

JPA annotation mappings doesn't include entities inside jars

IDEA-54516 (Bug)

EJBQL alias and "not exists" commands

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Generic


IDEA-53929 (Bug)

JSR45 settings (Port Number) are refreshed every time after restart the IDEA

IDEA-55622 (Bug)

JBoss: hotswap doesn't work for exploded EJB if compiler output path = artifact output path

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-56245 (Feature)

Subversion: Merge From: merge all together a sequence of selected for merge revisions

IDEA-55933 (Performance Problem)

Latest EAP extremely slow to load (2 mins versus 15 sec)

IDEA-54861 (Performance Problem)

AWT-EventQueue blocked on Subversion worker thread

IDEA-55244 (Bug)

Subversion - "Show History" fails (silently) with NullPointerException

IDEA-54941 (Bug)

subversion: typo: "file have tree conflict(s) and can not be committed"

IDEA-56282 (Bug)

Subversion: Merge from: some modified files from merged revision appear in non-active changelist

IDEA-55339 (Exception)

SVN: The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open

IDEA-56437 (Exception)

Subversion: NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.dialogs.SvnInteractiveAuthenticationProvider.requestClientAuthentication



IDEA-50491 (Feature)

Trim long string values by default

IDEA-55641 (Bug)

Stop when debugger is on breakpoint doesn't work

IDEA-54660 (Bug)

When displaying a Map in Debug with a null value an error occurs.

IDEA-50656 (Bug)

Show linefeed and tab characters in string values



IDEA-20141 (Usability Problem)

In Apply Patch dialog, Crtl-D doesn't work as a shortcut for Show Diff button



IDEA-55095 (Bug)

Autowire highlighting ignores bean's "primary" attribute

IDEA-25752 (Bug)

spring + hibernate facet. AnnotationSessionFactoryBean.packagesToScan not supported

IDEA-54328 (Bug)

'Fix all Spring Injection Value Style Problems' does not work properly

User Interface


IDEA-53534 (Usability Problem)

On closing Settings dialog with Language injection page current reopening sets focus to Resources page

IDEA-51802 (Usability Problem)

Checking a box in Code Style/Spaces makes the preview to scroll down

Version Control. Git


IDEA-24999 (Usability Problem)

Support global "path to git" in Maia

IDEA-53782 (Cosmetics)

Git: confusing error on attempt to commit with empty commit message

IDEA-53768 (Cosmetics)

Git: SSH Key Passphraze dialog: don't display & symbols

IDEA-55232 (Task)

Add a Help ID to Password Safe page (Settings | IDE Settings | Password Safe)

IDEA-51195 (Bug)

Git: unable to commit 700 files

IDEA-52522 (Bug)

Git: the .ssh/* filea located in $HOME are not read

IDEA-55587 (Bug)

Git: save information about known hosts in %HOME% directory if provided.

IDEA-53784 (Bug)

Git: when login dialog is cancelled, don't show it again twice

IDEA-53957 (Bug)

Git: do not run git rm command for unversioned files

IDEA-55741 (Bug)

Invalid master password for Password Manager

IDEA-55858 (Bug)

Git: disable Change Tracked Branch button for <none> if there is't any tracked branch for current branch

IDEA-53724 (Bug)

Git: Password Save: the changed master password cannot be used

IDEA-53723 (Bug)

Git: Password Save: with 'do not save' global option no 'save password' option should be available in SSHPasswordLogin dialog

IDEA-51582 (Bug)

Git: IOException occurs on deleting empty directory

IDEA-53721 (Exception)

ISE at com.intellij.ide.passwordSafe.impl.providers.EncryptionUtil.encryptKey



IDEA-41471 (Bug)

Idea thinks setter methods of EL ValueBindings/ValueExpressions are unused

IDEA-56393 (Bug)

JSF components support with s:convertDateTime

IDEA-55742 (Bug)

EL code completion badly broken

IDEA-53018 (Bug)

Reformat code breaks EL-Expressions



IDEA-54029 (Feature)

Maven Grails: on importing and initializing maven grails pom run configuration could be created

IDEA-54204 (Feature)

Grails 1.3: isDirty() GORM method could be resolved

IDEA-49581 (Feature)

Add Code Completion for GSP tag attributes names

IDEA-54566 (Feature)

groovy: Ctrl-W misses step that selects all lines inside block

IDEA-54548 (Feature)

Allow to specify custom environment variables in Grails/Griffon run configuration

IDEA-47937 (Feature)

[IDEA:Grails 1.1] add <tmpl> gsp tag support

IDEA-53975 (Usability Problem)

Grails: Maven Grails SDK is suggested for new module, but does not cause create-app

IDEA-54173 (Usability Problem)

When Grails synchronization makes no action nothing is shown to user

IDEA-54214 (Usability Problem)

Maven Grails: on installing a plugin the application cannot be run until adding a Groovy SDK to the plugin module

IDEA-54145 (Task)

Support Grails 1.3 command line test-app format

IDEA-55810 (Bug)

Grails: Folder target should be exclude from project content.

IDEA-54898 (Bug)

Grails 1.3.0 unit tests fail but IDEA always says "All tests passed"

IDEA-55243 (Bug)

Grails 1.*: Synchronize Grails Settings does not add plugin module until project reopening

IDEA-54361 (Bug)

wrong warning "Access to 'count' exceeds its access right"

IDEA-55086 (Bug)

grails run config ignores -Xmx setting

IDEA-54229 (Bug)

Class complete uses FQN with Groovy

IDEA-54061 (Bug)

Grails: Synchronize Grails Settings adds a plugin content root on one invocation and removes it on the next one

IDEA-53922 (Bug)

Maven / Grails support: compiling taglib test fails: HttpServletRequest not found

IDEA-54237 (Bug)

Can no longer compiler Grails source code with Intellij9 9.0.2

IDEA-54997 (Bug)

Grails SpringCache plugin dependencies not added to IDEA project

IDEA-54991 (Bug)

Unable to run Griffon app in IU-95.105

IDEA-53914 (Bug)

Wrong inspection on immutable groovy class' constructor: cannot be applied to LinkedHashMap

IDEA-53915 (Bug)

Grails: AE at GrailsSettingsService.getProjectWorkDir() on attempt to run create-app when creating new module

IDEA-54470 (Bug)

Grails 1.3: wrong warning "isDitry() cannot be applied to String"

IDEA-55254 (Bug)

Groovy++: breakpoints in traits are ignored

IDEA-51476 (Bug)

Grails: config option values with embedded code are ignored

IDEA-53955 (Bug)

Grails, Griffon: application name is not passed to command line when running create-app

IDEA-55192 (Bug)

Grails 1.3: plugin dependencies are not added to grailsPlugin module on plugin installation if there were no plugins installed to the application

IDEA-53262 (Bug)

Grails reporting version as null

IDEA-54212 (Bug)

Maven Grails: Run Grails Target dialog has no completion

IDEA-53988 (Bug)

debugging a gradle build script for gradle 0.9 is not possible

IDEA-54158 (Bug)

At Grails 1.2.2 and latest, test classes can use the suffix "Test" instead of "Tests".

IDEA-55237 (Bug)

Groovy++: trait methods accessed via trait instance could be resolved

IDEA-55121 (Exception)

Grails: NPE at MvcModuleStructureUtil.getJarUrls() on removing dependency to plugin module

IDEA-55608 (Exception)

Grails: IllegalArgumentException at MvcFramework.getInstalledPluginVersions on removing application module

IDEA-55240 (Exception)

Groovy++: IllegalArgumentException at GrTypeDefinitionImpl.add() on applying Inline Refactoring to traits

IDEA-53981 (Exception)

Grails: NCDFE on attempt to run a test method



IDEA-54592 (Feature)

Add "Search for" to "Database Console" result window

IDEA-18998 (Usability Problem)

Refresh tables of data sources doesn't import Oracle synonyms

IDEA-54227 (Usability Problem)

Provide way to disable auto-commit in Database Console

IDEA-55426 (Cosmetics)

Refresh tables in data source fails with funny named indices

IDEA-55277 (Bug)

Good code is red: HQL alias in WITH

IDEA-54662 (Bug)

In SQL console, date and time column values are displayed as timestamps

IDEA-54084 (Bug)

Good SQL is red

IDEA-54990 (Bug)

mysql: strange Ctrl-P popup for now()

IDEA-48717 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: reference to alias defined in UNION query in parenthesis is not resolved

IDEA-54583 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: limit ? marked in red

Plugin: Deployment / FTP..


WI-1397 (Feature)

Notify if default [IDEA:deployment target] server is not found/invalid on project opening

WI-1996 (Usability Problem)

Settings / Deployment / Options: on checking on "Overwrite permissions" the value could immediately replace "none"

WI-2172 (Usability Problem)

Automatical upload: move local file removes old node in Remote Host view, but does not show new one

WI-1981 (Usability Problem)

FTP deployment: Upload fails, if FTP cache is not in sync with the server

WI-1982 (Usability Problem)

After changing permissions of an item in Remote Host tool window it still shows old permissions

WI-2342 (Usability Problem)

Settings -> Deployment: open default host instead of first in the list by alphabet

WI-1735 (Usability Problem)

What format of SFTP private keys is used?

WI-1744 (Usability Problem)

Export remote servers

WI-735 (Performance Problem)

Choose Deployment Path is very slow (SFTP)

WI-1874 (Performance Problem)

Don't execute MDTM for every file (was: PhpStorm internal ftp client is very-very slow)

WI-959 (Performance Problem)

Remote host view works very slow (SFTP)

WI-1922 (Performance Problem)

FTP/SFTP: Do not load child folders files lists or do it in background

WI-2266 (Cosmetics)

Remote host: Compare with local version could update file properties in the tree view

WI-2220 (Cosmetics)

Deployment context menu group is shown twice in custom scopes

WI-1897 (Bug)

Can't add a remote project accessible via network share

WI-1898 (Bug)

Error at "downloading project files stage" of remote project accessible via ftp

WI-1995 (Bug)

Select in Remote Host does not move focus from the connection combo box to the file

WI-1949 (Bug)

Download is recorded in local history as 'external change'

WI-384 (Bug)

(S)FTP upload: support filenames with national symbols

WI-1274 (Bug)

Don't store (S)FTP password if auth failed

WI-2392 (Bug)

FTP Deployment: Auto Upload: on file move to folder that doesn't exist on server upload fails

WI-1983 (Bug)

Invalid descendent file name "web/.htaccess" during creation of remote project

WI-2319 (Bug)

"Upload changed file automatically": item not existent on server is not processed

WI-1848 (Bug)

Warning label is not updated

WI-2265 (Bug)

Settings / Deployment / Options / "Delete target item if source one is missing" does not affect the download

WI-2421 (Bug)

FTP Deployment: don't display redundant actons for folders in ChooseDeploymentPath dialog

WI-1980 (Bug)

Force refresh of remote files when building list of operations for upload/download (was: FTP download: remotely deleted directory and file are restored)

WI-1855 (Bug)

Tools/Deployment menu should not show 2 same-named 'upload to <server>' actions (if there's a single server configured)

WI-2423 (Exception)

NPE at com.jetbrains.plugins.webDeployment.config.WebServerConfig.getPresentablePath

WI-1956 (Exception)

FileSystemException at org.apache.commons.vfs.impl.StandardFileSystemManager.configure

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-54515 (Bug)

JavaScript Debugger Broken in 9.0.2

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