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  • IDEA 9.0.2 Release Notes
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You can find the summary of the release notes in a post on the IntelliJ IDEA blog.

No subsystem


IDEA-52386 (Feature)

Better top-level class detection for stubs generation

IDEA-50618 (Cosmetics)

Correct grammar in plugin description

IDEA-47194 (Cosmetics)

First unresolved directory in a file references in Java source is shown as resolved with Ctrl+mouse over

IDEA-53024 (Cosmetics)

IDEA Application icon has changed

IDEA-53616 (Bug)

Printing does not work at all in current IDEA release candidate

IDEA-51216 (Bug)

Please, correct the spelling in Settings - Project Settings - Version Control - VCSs - Git

IDEA-52256 (Bug)

"Submit Performance Report" action fails on Mac OSX/custom idea.log.path

IDEA-51788 (Bug)

Can no longer navigation from fully qualified java class names in XML files to corresponding source files.

IDEA-52785 (Bug)

Endless update in file tree view

IDEA-52324 (Bug)

Expand all in TODO list doesn't work

IDEA-51919 (Bug)

reformatting will apply on whole project!

IDEA-52067 (Bug)

NPE at com.intellij.ui.treeStructure.filtered.FilteringTreeStructure.getParentElement

IDEA-35645 (Performance Problem)

IDEA hangs when mouse hovers over large String in Debug-Frame tool window

IDEA-51654 (Bug)

References support for YAML text values

IDEA-53217 (Bug)

memory leak on MacOS

IDEA-52280 (Bug)

New in IDEA 9: hangs for 20-30 seconds when regaining focus

IDEA-25385 (Bug)

'add on demand static import' changes resolve target

IDEA-53003 (Bug)

IDEA deadlock (question) on startup

IDEA-52704 (Bug)

Delegate methodds with @Override

IDEA-53319 (Bug)

IDEA 9.0.1 Very Brittle With Deployments (corrupts projects, overwrites directories, ...)

IDEA-52291 (Bug)

False syntax error flagged in Java regular expression, "Redundant group nesting"

IDEA-26985 (Bug)

Bad code is green: overridden method is static final

IDEA-52203 (Bug)

Server not connected

IDEA-52501 (Bug)

IDEA won't close properly on MacOS

IDEA-52050 (Bug)

Run/Debug Configurations for applets: Idea doesn't see "Applet class"

IDEA-26514 (Performance Problem)

Javascript editing extremely slow

IDEA-53228 (Performance Problem)

Switched back to IDE and it was completely hung

IDEA-53227 (Bug)

Settings Dialog: Not all matching strings are highlighted when using the quicksearch field

IDEA-52084 (Bug)

File Template glitches.

IDEA-51753 (Bug)

AIOOBE when multiple tabless editor groups exist on task switch or project close (with bugfix patch)

IDEA-53082 (Bug)

spellchecker treats everying as english

IDEA-51630 (Bug)

IDEA locks output path and project cannot be rebuilt

IDEA-49056 (Bug)

RE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.EditorFactoryImpl.a

IDEA-53904 (Bug)

IDEA hung on opening Java project

IDEA-53906 (Bug)

Deadlock during shutdown

IDEA-48111 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: linking .iml to .classpath: moving JRE entry before source roots in Eclipse does not update dependencies in IDEA

IDEA-53160 (Bug)

Deadlock on open popup

IDEA-27037 (Performance Problem)

Slow performance when editing JAVA code

IDEA-26521 (Bug)

Exception during shutdown if more than one project was open

IDEA-52048 (Bug)

"Could not set package name for jsp files" message when creating an XHTML file

IDEA-24562 (Bug)

Quick documentation shows line break after parameter annotation

IDEA-52370 (Bug)

Problems injecting HTML into HTML (smile)

IDEA-23739 (Bug)

Quick JavaDoc confused by @code inline tag

IDEA-42152 (Bug)

Opening different project makes the font in documentation lookup smaller

IDEA-27047 (Bug)

DEL button pressing on UML diagram's object removes Maven Project

IDEA-42956 (Bug)

Throwable: at com.intellij.psi.impl.PsiManagerImpl.beforeChildRemoval(

IDEA-52671 (Bug)

Intelij locks up (un-responsive to mouse, keyboard, etc )

IDEA-51786 (Bug)

CDI: Injection, different jars(@Produces)

IDEA-53204 (Bug)

QL color settings: settings for Entity are ignored

IDEA-53110 (Exception)

One more NCDFE with copy/paste

IDEA-26538 (Exception)

MacOS - java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

IDEA-52614 (Exception)

Exception when opening a php file

IDEA-51587 (Exception)

Exception when starting IDEA

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-52696 (Performance Problem)

Slow SSR inspection performance

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-52976 (Feature)

Quick-fix for "Static method only used from one other class" inspection should suggest other class name automatically in Move Members dialog

IDEA-34452 (Feature)

If Ctrl-B to a string literal like "/a/b/c" is not supposed to find a resource - make inspection + add 'no suggestions" tooltip

IDEA-52288 (Feature)

ImplicitArrayToString inspection should work on System.out.printf() and String.format()

IDEA-52958 (Usability Problem)

Octal integer '00' - please provide "fix all" to fix all similar problems in file

IDEA-15209 (Usability Problem)

"Specify Inspection Scope" dialog: radio buttons should act as group (up/down key support)

IDEA-11222 (Usability Problem)

Improve usability of 'inspection quickfix submenu'

IDEA-49762 (Usability Problem)

Inspections: Hard coded string literal does not suggest to add @NonNls with dependancy to a module with annotations.jar

IDEA-23868 (Usability Problem)

MAIA: Code Inspection "call chain" links do not navigate

IDEA-52135 (Bug)

@SuppressWarnings("unchecked") does not work for "Raw use of parameterized class X"

IDEA-52030 (Bug)

"Replace for-each loop with indexed for loop" can produce inefficient code.

IDEA-26967 (Bug)

false positive with "Constant array creation expression can be replaced with array initializer" inspection

IDEA-52625 (Bug)

[IDEA:actionscript] Javascript/Unnecessary block statement shows false positive on static initializer block

IDEA-52144 (Bug)

"Unused declaration": suppress warning for class uses outer class when applied on inner class

IDEA-26944 (Bug)

Refused bequest inspection should be JUnit-4.5 aware

IDEA-20768 (Bug)

"Pointless arithmetic expression" intention must understand floating-point semantics

IDEA-51380 (Bug)

Add option to ignore trivial finalize() methods to "'finalize()' does not call 'super.finalize()'" inspection

IDEA-51351 (Bug)

false negative in "'finalize()' does not call 'super.finalize()'" inspection

IDEA-52407 (Bug)

Quickfix 'add braces' for Control flow without braces throws exception

IDEA-53280 (Bug)

Could not remove modules from project

IDEA-53049 (Bug)

<mx:Binding/> tags with static method calls cause inspection errors

IDEA-51944 (Bug)

IDEA treats 1.0/0.0 value as an error

IDEA-26807 (Bug)

"Checked exception instance not thrown" reported erroneously

IDEA-51945 (Bug)

dataflow "to here" analysis fails to consistenly display "method too complex to analyze" leading user to miss some important dataflow cases

IDEA-51627 (Bug)

incorrect warning for continue inside switch

IDEA-22281 (Bug)

Custom javadoc tags of form {@foo} are not recognized

IDEA-51755 (Bug)

Qickfix for "Instantiating object to get class object" fails with arrays

IDEA-52547 (Bug)

GWT: Missing attribute support in the UiBinder root element/node

IDEA-26781 (Bug)

inspection error with Set initialization

IDEA-51993 (Bug)

"CastConflictsWithInstanceof" Inspection bug

IDEA-52629 (Bug)

[IDEA:actionscript] false positive on "static const" vars by Javascript/Naming conventions/Local variable naming convention

IDEA-51965 (Bug)

Inspection "Overridden method call during object construction" eats memory

IDEA-52901 (Bug)

field can be local regression

IDEA-47680 (Bug)

Javadoc problems inspection: highlighting for absent @return description could be improved

IDEA-51338 (Bug)

Add option to ignore trivial finalize() methods to "'finalize()' declaration" inspection

IDEA-49030 (Bug)

IDEA complains that there is no margin-bottom in CSS3

IDEA-53075 (Bug)

False positive for "Implicit call to method 'toString' on array"

IDEA-52670 (Bug)

Inspection for convert field to local variable misbehaves with nested classes

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-24469 (Feature)

IDEA should report all failures reported by JUnit

IDEA-51557 (Usability Problem)

JUnit: forcefuly run @ignored test when I ask (select method/class and press 'run/debug')

IDEA-51397 (Cosmetics)

Unit Tests: when no test found in configuration the progress bar has only one green brick when '0 tests of 0 are Done'

IDEA-51487 (Cosmetics)

JUnit run configuration editor coverage tab: Tracing radio button should be disabled

IDEA-24815 (Bug)

JunitRunner fails silently when it cannot find method and runs all methods instead.

IDEA-52351 (Bug)

JUnit runner "fails to fail" when org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender and Seam are used

IDEA-24545 (Bug)

IDEA loses test results of tests with multiple failures

IDEA-52890 (Bug)

Can't debug Junit 4.4 tests

IDEA-27168 (Bug)

IDEA fails to run JUnit test with $ (dollar) in the package name

IDEA-27082 (Bug)

Race condition + heavy resource usage in JUnit runner

IDEA-26463 (Bug)

Running a single test method of a @RunWith-style JUnit test does not work if @RunWith is inherited from a parent class

IDEA-27198 (Bug)

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when using JUnit3

Code Navigation


IDEA-51864 (Feature)

Tooltip for overridden method in enum reports "anonymous", but should report the ENUM value instead

IDEA-19020 (Usability Problem)

Slices pane: provide better layout when docked left/right

IDEA-22915 (Bug)

{@inheritDoc} in generic param javadoc

IDEA-52336 (Bug)

Goto Matching Brace is not recorded as a navigation action in Back/Forward history

IDEA-39126 (Bug)

JavaDoc parse is wrong for enumerated declarations



IDEA-47946 (Bug)

No code completion for css selector for html with full content included

IDEA-52842 (Bug)

Unknonw HTML tag should not trigger for XML namespace mappings

IDEA-52004 (Bug)

HTML Editor can't resolve file within conditional comments

IDEA-25930 (Exception)

CSS support not working for a long time...

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-15597 (Feature)

Javascript - Reformat Code doesn't respect Force Braces ON code style settings

IDEA-52569 (Usability Problem)

Live templates are not working according to context

IDEA-53776 (Bug)

Reformat ActionScript: lot of spaces between else and if should be replaced with a single one

Local History


IDEA-39864 (Bug)

After file creating undo + redo it is impossible to restore the file contents by redo



IDEA-53575 (Feature)

javascript: "complete statement" action should add closing parentheses

IDEA-52271 (Bug)

Exception in Javascript file structure

IDEA-53572 (Bug)

javascript: Ctrl-Shift-Enter does not always insert semicolon

IDEA-53583 (Bug)

CodeComplete in javascript file produces code with error

IDEA-52350 (Bug)

javascript comment parsing bug

IDEA-54087 (Bug)

javascript: ctrl-shift-enter does not add closing parenthesis

IDEA-53441 (Bug)

StackOverflowError from JavaScript parser

IDEA-53564 (Bug)

Java project support for AS2 classes

IDEA-26878 (Bug)

Actionscript: Code indention within switch/case

IDEA-26681 (Bug)

JavaScript: "Unresolved function or method jQuery()" when I put jQuery source to the project

IDEA-27270 (Bug)

Javascript inspection error (Unresolved Type) for browser objects

IDEA-52054 (Bug)

StackOverflowError while editing JavaScript

IDEA-53426 (Bug)

Not possible to turn off "Incorrect Parameter Name" warning

IDEA-53690 (Bug)

javascript: "Introduce Variable": provide better naming suggestions when introducing variable from indexed array access

IDEA-27045 (Bug)

Javascript editor breaking when doing some prototype templating

IDEA-53594 (Bug)

javascript: 'create function' / 'create method' intentions produce red code

IDEA-52676 (Bug)

Pointless arithmetic is not so pointless

Flex Support


IDEA-53800 (Feature)

Surround with if: put boolean expressions into condition block instead of body

IDEA-53801 (Feature)

Create field from usage: guess int type by int-related operations

IDEA-51954 (Feature)

IDEA should download asdoc not javadoc for maven flex artifacts

IDEA-52405 (Feature)

New Flex module wizard: create different sample applications for different Flex SDK versions

IDEA-51571 (Feature)

Provide style property reference from UICompoinent.setStyle() call

IDEA-51693 (Feature)

Need an action to package AIR installation file (*.air)

IDEA-51580 (Feature)

Flex CSS: provide reference from UIComponent.styleName to the style definition in CSS file

IDEA-53892 (Usability Problem)

Create field from usage seems not to contribute to navigation location stack, so that immediate Ctrl+Alt+Left invocation does not bring me back to the usage

IDEA-26811 (Usability Problem)

Flex: event handler is not created directly

IDEA-53047 (Usability Problem)

Flex compiler classpath in Flexmojos SDK may miss some important jars

IDEA-53239 (Usability Problem)

Help Button on Flex Facet dialog does not open Flex Facet Settings help page

IDEA-51652 (Cosmetics)

Unintuitive handling of autocompletion for parameterized types

IDEA-51657 (Cosmetics)

Add option to formatter for having single space before type reference

IDEA-51777 (Cosmetics)

Collection iteration live templates: suggest the same counter name for consecutive loops

IDEA-51780 (Bug)

Autocompletion after ":" in case statements

IDEA-26204 (Bug)

flex: "quick definition lookup" for function defined in mxml doesn't use highlighting

IDEA-52827 (Bug)

Flex: No error when comparing String to other type

IDEA-53757 (Bug)

No highlighting for anonymous function missing return type

IDEA-51739 (Bug)

Code highlight is not updated upon modification

IDEA-51735 (Bug)

Good code marked red: field reference is not recognized

IDEA-51736 (Bug)

Flex formatting: not enough indent for static block

IDEA-51732 (Bug)

Good code marked red: String coercion to Boolean

IDEA-26277 (Bug)

flex: Ctrl-W misses step that selects all lines inside block

IDEA-51651 (Bug)

Autocompletion after ":" in strings and comments

IDEA-52754 (Bug)

Unexpected highlighting problem

IDEA-51774 (Bug)

Pressing space after autoshowing completion on : inserts unexpected variant

IDEA-52254 (Bug)

Unable to complete MXML-class name in skinClass property

IDEA-26755 (Bug)

mxml: completion variant for field expands to mxml FQN

IDEA-26756 (Bug)

flex: good code yellow: use of "default xml namespace" directive

IDEA-53036 (Bug)

REGRESSION: Good code red for equality checks

IDEA-52596 (Bug)

good code is red - accessing local var before the declaration (allowed in actionscript)

IDEA-53245 (Bug)

Implementing interfaces with the [IDEA:Bindable] tag causes IEventDispatcher inspection errors

IDEA-53717 (Bug)

Create method from usage does not scroll to newly created method in Mxml file

IDEA-51610 (Bug)

Don't suggest to replace with import a package name that looks like fqn

IDEA-52856 (Bug)

[IDEA:actionscript] Good code is red - "Duplicate declaration" for implemented methods of IEventDispatcher

IDEA-52857 (Bug)

[IDEA:actionscript] good code red - "Variable type Object is not assingable to type String" when using Object typed var in for-in loop to iterate over an array

IDEA-53667 (Bug)

No 'infinite recursion' inspection for getters

IDEA-53661 (Bug)

Inline method: usage is highilighted incorrectly

IDEA-27032 (Bug)

flex: extract field: "initialize in class constructor" not applicable in mxml context

IDEA-52241 (Bug)

Flex Support: Good code red for Button labelPlacement="left"

IDEA-52568 (Bug)

Move *.mxml file in Flex not treated as refactoring

IDEA-26866 (Performance Problem)

Stop using FCSH

IDEA-51668 (Bug)

Instance field is marked unused if only static methods access it

IDEA-27149 (Bug)

wrong namespace added when editin mxml flex 4 component ( spark component )

IDEA-47992 (Bug)

'Comment line' action in mxml file may lead to unexpected result and exception

IDEA-26145 (Bug)

flex: "Unwrap.." selection behavior inconsistent with Java

IDEA-53046 (Bug)

Selecting Flex SDK on multiple Flex facets only saves on one

IDEA-52665 (Bug)

Code generation inserts new method or field improperly with ASDOC

IDEA-52661 (Bug)

Code complete opening automatically when typing comments and string literal in Flex

IDEA-52668 (Bug)

Quick-fix "Create method" in MXML throws an exception

IDEA-48132 (Bug)

Flex: Check the type attribute of Event tag

IDEA-52057 (Bug)

JS pull up: remove 'overrides' modifier when pulling up to the interface

IDEA-51578 (Bug)

IDEA deadlock

IDEA-52597 (Bug)

good code marked red - actionscript declaration of static const inside static initializer

IDEA-52396 (Bug)

Good code red: Initializer type Vector.<foo.Bar> is not assignable to variable type Vector.<Bar>

IDEA-53869 (Bug)

Itar: should not suggest duplicate instance variable name

IDEA-52690 (Bug)

Flex: bitwise shifts marked in red

IDEA-52244 (Bug)

Mxml: attribute "id" of components inside <mx:Repeater> tag must be resolved to Array

IDEA-22403 (Bug)

Wrong order of items in array is displaying in debug mode

IDEA-52023 (Bug)

Highlight usages does not work for ActionScript in MXML Script block

IDEA-51400 (Bug)

[IDEA:DefaultProperty] annotation of parent class is not taken into consideration

IDEA-26252 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: rhs of 'as' operator should be type expression

IDEA-52654 (Bug)

Idea loses custom compiler configuration file settings after restart

IDEA-26552 (Bug)

flex: no completion for keyword 'dynamic'

IDEA-51762 (Bug)

Good code is red: Cannot resolve file 'AuthService'

IDEA-52295 (Performance Problem)

Parallel compilation: Always recompiling and not breaking on error

IDEA-53771 (Bug)

Actionscript 'Spaces near type reference' setting is not restored on dialog reopening

IDEA-25504 (Bug)

Flex: open declaration shows double entry

IDEA-53683 (Bug)

Good code red in equality check

IDEA-52777 (Bug)

"source" attribute value of mxml component is not always a file reference

IDEA-52251 (Bug)

Wrong custom class import as tag in MXML (when root tag is a spark component)

IDEA-54001 (Bug)

ArrayElementType metadata tag causing invalid getter and setter generation for annotated variable

IDEA-50700 (Bug)

Ctrl+Q for ResourceManager.getClass() shows nothing

IDEA-51422 (Bug)

Flex 4: support <fx:Library/> and <fx:Definition/> mxml tags

IDEA-53551 (Bug)

Error should not appear stating that a remote URL is not accessible in case of 401 response

IDEA-51659 (Bug)

0x0E is handled like a "confusing floating point literal"

IDEA-52974 (Bug)

flex: resolve components from custom/missed scheme in mxml namespace URI

IDEA-52064 (Bug)

Code hinting does not work inside addEventListener() code

IDEA-48785 (Bug)

Flex: asdoc support: Ctrl-Q for element with the @inheritDoc comment should show the inherited documentation

IDEA-27058 (Bug)

suggestion: mark invalid metadata tags during code editing in Flex

IDEA-51635 (Bug)

protected static consts / code completion

IDEA-53396 (Bug)

Reformat code breaks empty CDATA section in MXML

IDEA-26737 (Bug)

mxml: "create namespace declaration" quickfix does not scroll editor

IDEA-26734 (Bug)

flex: incorrect 'variable xxx implicitly declared' warning for variable declared in mxml

IDEA-52460 (Bug)

Editing mxml file with spark root tag: incorrect completion and highlighting for classes from not declared namespaces

IDEA-53268 (Bug)

Flex metadata: support compression attributes for Embed tag

IDEA-51592 (Bug)

Instance field should not be accessible from static method of an MXML component

IDEA-26534 (Bug)

mxml: extracting method from event attribute doesn't shorten references

IDEA-26995 (Bug)

Debugger doesn't work

IDEA-26392 (Bug)

expressions in mxml Binding tag are marked as error

IDEA-53764 (Bug)

Global functions are not found via Go to symbol

IDEA-51334 (Bug)

Static modifier of a top-level function/variable/constant should be highlighted

IDEA-51562 (Bug)

Cannot change Flex SDK

IDEA-53114 (Bug)

Namespace prefix is generated incorrectly

IDEA-51990 (Bug)

Compilable code is red (destination attribute of <mx:Binding/> tag)

IDEA-27017 (Bug)

flex: 'pull up' dialog: selection logic inconsistent with Java, allows operating on invalid selection

IDEA-51416 (Bug)

Flex 4: support <fx:Private/> mxml tag

IDEA-54030 (Bug)

Good code red: ActionScript source   is handled as wrong character

IDEA-54032 (Bug)

Good code red: Getter/Setter with different namespaces are marked as an error

IDEA-25782 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: override static

IDEA-25784 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: inconsistent accessor/mutator property types

IDEA-52122 (Bug)

spelling correction in ActionScript is broken

IDEA-51440 (Bug)

Duplicate setter declaration is not highlighted as error

IDEA-52636 (Bug)

good code red - Returned expression type Object is not assignable to type Boolean

IDEA-52637 (Bug)

metadata attribute red - IDEA doesn't recognize metadata tag Deprecated attribute "message", says "Unknown metadata attribute"

IDEA-52638 (Bug)

good code red - "Unresolved variable" when extra parenthesis surround type cast

IDEA-52883 (Bug)

[IDEA:mxml] good code red - private member variable declared in script is unresolved reference

IDEA-51683 (Bug)

When completing function call with semicolon, semicolon is inserted before the brackets

IDEA-52869 (Bug)

[IDEA:actionscript] good code marked red - actionscript declaration of public/private/protected static and member variables inside static initializer

IDEA-52904 (Bug)

[IDEA:Flex] declaring local variables in switch statement

IDEA-52863 (Bug)

MXML corrupts when I rename with Shift+F6 assetable .png file

IDEA-52862 (Bug)

Wrong highlighting property hostComponent as incorrect in SparkSkin subclass

IDEA-52865 (Bug)

[IDEA:actionscript] good code red - 'is' operator with expression which resolves to datatype is flagged as "Type reference required"

IDEA-52866 (Bug)

[IDEA:actionscript] good code red - "Missing return statement" even though code always returns before end of function

IDEA-53659 (Bug)

Incompatible override due to return type mismatch is not reported in some cases

IDEA-22393 (Bug)

Not possible to add variable to watch list from conext menu

IDEA-26388 (Bug)

Error running tests

IDEA-51925 (Bug)

mx namespace is not correct for Flex 4 components

IDEA-52412 (Bug)

Flex: IDEA not error higlighting incorrectly referenced embedded files

IDEA-26664 (Bug)

location of generated code (fields)

IDEA-26158 (Bug)

flex: simplifiable if statement: quickfix leaves dangling braces

IDEA-25737 (Bug)

flex: quickfix for unused local variable leaves empty lines behind

IDEA-51586 (Bug)

Good code is red: Array is highlighted as incompatible return type

IDEA-53379 (Bug)

Non-static members of any class autocomple as static and its not hightlight as error in the code editor.

IDEA-48743 (Bug)

Asdoc from source: the first word is missing for the @return description

IDEA-52178 (Bug)

Coercion of Object to XMLList is marked red

IDEA-51797 (Bug)

Unused selector warning for inline CSS

IDEA-26506 (Bug)

XMLList in XMLListCollection shown red

IDEA-25458 (Bug)

Flex: Report as error different access types for accessor functions (like Flash compiler does)

IDEA-21206 (Bug)

"Usages of" ignore "Show import statements"

IDEA-53774 (Exception)

exception in iter

IDEA-51486 (Exception)

"MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name com.intellij.lang.javascript.JavaScriptBundle" on every IDEA start



IDEA-45261 (Usability Problem)

Graphs: 'show selected nodes with dependencies' option should not be 'on' by default

IDEA-52258 (Bug)

IJ 9 claims JEE6, but not everything is present

IDEA-48993 (Bug)

Select In (Alt + F1) problems with focus in Java EE view

IDEA-52278 (Bug)

JBOSS AS 6 M2 gives jndi port conf warning

IDEA-52679 (Exception)

Blame Java EE Integration

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Tomcat


IDEA-53750 (Bug)

ClassNotFound Exception when debuging web application in Tomcat

Project Configuration


IDEA-51132 (Feature)

Support eclipse path variables used in paths to src

IDEA-25499 (Usability Problem)

artifacts config: UI for easy configuration of exploded wars

IDEA-50718 (Usability Problem)

Artifact editor: starting the drag and drop of multiple selection drags the single item

IDEA-51382 (Usability Problem)

If a library contains an external Javadoc entry IDEA will always treat the library as changed

IDEA-27190 (Usability Problem)

Artifacts: Add context action to create .jar archieve from module output

IDEA-51901 (Cosmetics)

Typo in Subversion settings dialog

IDEA-27189 (Bug)

Artifact should have been renamed with all references if I change it's name

IDEA-53107 (Bug)

Facet settings can not be applied sometimes

IDEA-51749 (Bug)

"Could not save project" error message may occur after deleting module imported from Maven

IDEA-53855 (Bug)

Eclipse: Maven_1 dependencies not recognised after import from eclipse.

IDEA-53742 (Bug)

Eclipse dependency storage is broken

IDEA-53844 (Bug)

Deadlock while modifying project structure

IDEA-27194 (Bug)

Artifacts should delete old-named artifacts file wher I press apply button

IDEA-53008 (Bug)

Setting missing path variables somehow removes modules from a project.

IDEA-52243 (Bug)

Copy global library to project level not working

IDEA-27203 (Bug)

creating artifact break all web run configurations

IDEA-53826 (Bug)

Eclipse integration doesn't resolve module libraries

IDEA-51887 (Bug)

Auto-fill JavaDoc URL

IDEA-53081 (Bug)

Language injection settings not found through search in the project settings panel

IDEA-53172 (Bug)

JDK is not in the dependencies of the Module after importing Eclipse project

IDEA-51152 (Bug)

Facet name can be changed only once

IDEA-51999 (Bug)

Global librares of IDEA 8 are not imported to IDEA 9

IDEA-46540 (Bug)

CME from on search in settings

IDEA-53188 (Bug)

Eclipse project linking corrupts .classpath files

IDEA-46492 (Bug)

NPE from com.intellij.application.options.colors.ColorAndFontOptions.isDefault() on erasing search criteria in Settings

IDEA-52070 (Bug)

Import from Eclipse does not work - displays "Unknown modules detected" and cannot build, cannot find libraries

Project View


IDEA-52453 (Bug)

No Icon for .xsd files that are read locked in Project View

IDEA-19975 (Bug)

Unable to create new Java objects (classes, interfaces, packages, etc) in Favorites view

IDEA-53040 (Bug)

Structure view shows non-boolean properties starting with "is" incorrectly

IDEA-25711 (Bug)

Tree view for custom scope is not updated immediately on class declaration changes

IDEA-52545 (Bug)

Project view: "generate...MobileResourceBundle" should not appear if J2ME plugin is disabled

IDEA-19738 (Bug)

The "Copy Reference" cannot work

Version Control. Git


IDEA-51533 (Task)

Map ID reference.VersionControl.Git.PushActiveBranches to the Push Active Branches Dialog box

IDEA-51425 (Bug)

IDEA invokes git.exe with invalid command line: filenames that start with '--' should be escaped

IDEA-51437 (Bug)

Line separators should be checked for files to be stashed on the update

IDEA-51542 (Exception)

Throwable at git4idea.commands.GitHandlerUtil.runInCurrentThread

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-52098 (Bug)

Unparseable since-build version causes Plugin Manager failures



IDEA-51265 (Usability Problem)

UML: F4 on a member item from should lead to member, not to containing class

IDEA-51525 (Usability Problem)

Save UML diagram dialog should ask to replace the existing file

IDEA-52698 (Bug)

UML Show Dependencies : hide 'uses' arrow

IDEA-51342 (Bug)

Uml project config: reset and modified state are handled incorrectly

IDEA-50944 (Bug)

UML: saved uml diagram files (*.uml) are created with winows-style linebreaks on linux

IDEA-52980 (Exception)

Exception when trying to view module dependency diagram

IDEA-52463 (Exception)

Attempt to show changes on UML diagram from file history causes exception



IDEA-26751 (Feature)

Please provide an option to make one android module depends on another

IDEA-50474 (Feature)

Completion "item -> Ctrl+Space -> android:item"

IDEA-53416 (Usability Problem)

Logcat tab is always in Split Mode

IDEA-24164 (Bug)

Please update R in background (non-UI thread)

IDEA-53173 (Bug)

Creating the new project with Android module type on top of existing source tree overwrites existing files

IDEA-51742 (Bug)

Android: full name for widget is marked as wrong in xml

IDEA-52068 (Bug)

Android, Completion: 'class' attribute values are duplicated in list of choices

IDEA-52648 (Bug)

Android: Non user-friendly error dialog appears on attempt to enter non existent directory in destination APK path

IDEA-52228 (Exception)

AssertionError at exportSignedPackage.ApkStep.createApk() on creating new key while extracting signed android package

Version Control


IDEA-51543 (Feature)

Add Quick Search to Commit View popup

IDEA-27577 (Feature)

CVS Annotate: Color editor background by revision or author

IDEA-27603 (Feature)

Indicate which branch is being worked on

IDEA-51297 (Usability Problem)

Apply Patch: Show file choosed dialog as soon as I use 'Apply patch' action.

IDEA-52040 (Task)

Map F1 and help button of the New Changelist dialog

IDEA-27179 (Bug)

Repository view of Changes shows wrong dates

IDEA-50621 (Bug)

Changelists with empty names should not be created

IDEA-53042 (Bug)

VCS: Adding directory in subversion causes 'project view' to redraw window and loose current directory.

IDEA-47285 (Bug)

Local changes diff with a not recognized file extension

IDEA-52576 (Performance Problem)

Very slow Changes view update

IDEA-52477 (Performance Problem)

Git integration waits too long on Swing thread when file history is shown in toolwindow

IDEA-51285 (Bug)

Local Changes Update should not prevent IDEA exit

IDEA-36107 (Bug)

VersionControl: for project with multiple added modules UpdateProject works incorrectly

IDEA-52634 (Bug)

Cannot Rename Changelist While Indices Are Being Built

IDEA-51396 (Bug)

Tasks: if conflicted file is opened in 2 editor tabs, tasks toolbar actions (switch changelist/move changes/ignore) don't make toolbar disappear

Code Coverage


IDEA-46562 (Usability Problem)

Analyze->Code Coverage: Coverage Suites has no quickselection

IDEA-52391 (Bug)

Emma classes/methods % coverage is displayed incorrectly in "Project" and "Package" view

IDEA-52734 (Bug)

running test with IDEA coverage runner throws exception on OSX

IDEA-48239 (Bug)

Code Coverage + Spring 3.0 = Exceptions

XML editing


IDEA-52619 (Usability Problem)

Zen Coding should be enabled in Editor | Smart Keys

IDEA-26409 (Bug)

Major regression (again): valid XML with schemas gives errors

IDEA-50044 (Bug)

XML code completion original behavior dropped

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-52492 (Bug)

TFS: CustomCheckinPolicies: no policies are evaluated for all projects if one of projects overrides global options so that no policies are evaluated

IDEA-52476 (Bug)

TFS: CustomCheckinPolicies: consider policies configured in overriding project settings only if globally policies are not evaluated



IDEA-26871 (Bug)

Constantly getting "Could not save application settings: null"

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-51844 (Usability Problem)

CVS: provide some message if Import fails since user has no write access to selected repository

IDEA-52137 (Bug)

CVS: UpdateProject doesn't work for multiroot project with default VCS mapping

IDEA-52132 (Bug)

CVS: Repository/Incoming views show nothing for projects with versioned paths below project root

IDEA-52616 (Bug)

CVS: Browse Changes: only last change is shown for same file

IDEA-51710 (Bug)

CVS Compare compares with wrong version

IDEA-51905 (Bug)

CVS: Update Project and Repository/Incoming views don't work if the VCS rooot is set to <Project Root>, but the project root itself doesn't contain CVS admin files

IDEA-50684 (Bug)

CVS: should not be possible to import to cvs if connection fails

IDEA-33826 (Bug)

CVS: it would be nice if CheckProjectStatus recognize the packages added on server

IDEA-33943 (Bug)

CVS: cvs tag is performed twice for comitted file

IDEA-33937 (Bug)

CVS: incorrect behavior on CVS Roots dialog cancelling



IDEA-51781 (Bug)

Seam's @Create and @Destroy methods are reported as unused

IDEA-21652 (Bug)

EL: No parameter info (for seam enhanced EL), no quick documentation

IDEA-24771 (Bug)

Seam/RichFaces tags red/broken since build 9920

IDEA-51699 (Bug)

Navigation from seam .page.xml files broken in version 9

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-50121 (Feature)

Dataflow: Show usages of the variable (not only the flow)

IDEA-24326 (Bug)

Analyze Backward Dependencies: Scope not added to bottom dropdown

IDEA-27228 (Bug)

Analyze dependencies on whole project trows thousands exceptions like that

Version Control. ClearCase


IDEA-52025 (Bug)

ClearCase: Update Project action doesn't work

IDEA-26679 (Bug)

Clearcase fails if dosn't have any default (active)activity associate with the project and it goes to offline mode



IDEA-40700 (Feature)

Refactor / Inline parameter: usages with a static non final field and static method are not allowed to inline

IDEA-13418 (Feature)

When renaming a non static field which is in UPPER_CASE suggest the camelCase equivelent.

IDEA-39608 (Feature)

Refactor / Inline class: collisions with getClass()

IDEA-19440 (Feature)

convert anonymous to inner: suggested naming could be smarter

IDEA-39741 (Feature)

Renaming a parameter should trigger renaming all parameters in inheritance hierarchy

IDEA-36989 (Feature)

Introduce Constant loses @nonNls

IDEA-24248 (Feature)

On Introduce Parameter Object refactoring, preserve JavaDoc description for the parameters

IDEA-51545 (Feature)

Delete Method Implementations dialog (e.g. that is shown on safe delete): show method's body

IDEA-46563 (Feature)

Push Members Down should be able to create subclass

IDEA-46683 (Usability Problem)

Search for callers in "Propagate parameters" of "Change Method Signature" dialog is not cancelable

IDEA-48261 (Usability Problem)

Smarter accessibilty detection for inner class created by Introduce Parameter Object

IDEA-39083 (Usability Problem)

Refactoring / Inline class: just show a warning if class is not used, and probably do nothing

IDEA-39290 (Usability Problem)

Refactor / Move to inner: respect code style options for imports

IDEA-20416 (Usability Problem)

Refactor->Extract Interface usability

IDEA-19002 (Usability Problem)

Refactor: encapsulate fields performs slow search

IDEA-52582 (Usability Problem)

Double-click should accept selected instance parameter in Convert to Instance Method dialog

IDEA-51690 (Usability Problem)

Rename Field: do not offer to rename corresponding method parameters if I have added/removed a prefix (set in code style)

IDEA-52078 (Usability Problem)

Refactor / Inline parameter: if modified method has many usages of inlined parameter, make "Replace with local variable" = On by default

IDEA-39296 (Cosmetics)

Refactor / Move to inner: do not warn about package local class accessibility if it is moved into public interface

IDEA-52832 (Cosmetics)

Pull Members Up dialog keyboard shortcut conflict

IDEA-52007 (Cosmetics)

Undo move several classes: message speaks about only the first class

IDEA-53622 (Task)

Map help button of the Replace Constructor with Builder dialog box

IDEA-40703 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: process the case where local class participates in the argument

IDEA-40666 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: "this" as the argument is inlined

IDEA-21988 (Bug)

Refactoring Type Migration. Conversion List<List<Type>> to List<Type>[] works incorrectly with method get().

IDEA-13684 (Bug)

When renaming a class, rename variables can break code

IDEA-52076 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: method parameter declaration of the context cannot be moved correctly and does not raise a conflict

IDEA-52622 (Bug)

Static attribute initializer is lost when using extract class refactoring

IDEA-39208 (Bug)

Inline inner class changes code semantics

IDEA-12598 (Bug)

Copy class doesn't work correctly between modules

IDEA-40731 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: check for visibility issues

IDEA-39274 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline class: inlining RValue with "this reference only" option produces incorrect code

IDEA-51941 (Bug)

Error in CMP field rename

IDEA-40732 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: handle the case when argument expression throws an exception

IDEA-40733 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: array argument: actions on array's members are ignored

IDEA-50135 (Bug)

Move method can incorrectly create private method when it is used in another class

IDEA-21328 (Bug)

Refactoring: "rename method" does not remember the state of "Search for text occurrences" checkbox

IDEA-39285 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline class: non-default constructor processing: only the first assignment of each variable in constructor's body is inlined

IDEA-51633 (Bug)

Moving of JSF XHTML files allows only packages as target instead of folders

IDEA-52195 (Bug)

Encapsulate field should move javadoc to newly created methods or ask

IDEA-52192 (Bug)

Type Migration fails to migrate RHS

IDEA-52969 (Bug)

Extract constant produces compile error

IDEA-52532 (Bug)

Duplicating an @interface inserts "public abstract" in front of every member

IDEA-51069 (Bug)

Inlining varargs-methods creates unnecessary temporary variable

IDEA-39353 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline class: methods with parameters of inlined class are processed incorrectly

IDEA-22871 (Bug)

Rename refactor gets confused when combining rename-getter with rename-from-interface

IDEA-51711 (Bug)

Extract Method adds erroneous unnecessary parameter

IDEA-40651 (Bug)

"Move inner to upper level" does not offer to pass outer class instance if inner class references protected methods of superclass of outer class

IDEA-51952 (Bug)

Paste of class to different project is redirected to the same project

IDEA-50022 (Bug)

Throwable inlining a constructor

IDEA-52898 (Bug)

Refactoring/Type Migration results with error when changing List of bounded wildcard type to array of incompatible type

IDEA-21227 (Bug)

Refactoring -> Type Migration causes fatal error when changing Collection of Wildcard type to Object[].

IDEA-51577 (Bug)

Safe Delete Method: I'm not offered to delete method implementations of there are usages found despite I press 'ignore usages'

IDEA-11833 (Bug)

Rename Inheritors can be a little smarter with naming conventions

IDEA-52164 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: assignment to local variable between its declaration and the call causes the incompilable code

IDEA-52169 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: visibility limitations could raise a conflict

IDEA-20816 (Bug)

Push Down Member does not handle super accesses correctly

IDEA-20700 (Bug)

Renaming Local Variable Can Lead to Shadowing By Field

IDEA-23984 (Bug)

Rename parameter does not work correctly if a parameter starts with the same letter as the parameter prefix

IDEA-26029 (Bug)

Introduce Constant action may create private field in a new class and make code invalid (visibility does not update)

IDEA-52377 (Bug)

Invalid method: PsiMethod when running Extract Class

IDEA-39729 (Bug)

Refactor / Move class to inner: preview shows only usages of one file in case of multiple move

IDEA-52550 (Bug)

Pull member up refactoring pulled @Override annotation

IDEA-43009 (Bug)

Move instance method changes code semantics when moving method to a class, which has a field with the same name as the method's parameter

IDEA-53078 (Bug)

Push Members Down Refactoring is allowed for Enums - senseless code is produced

IDEA-52171 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: reference to static member moved to different class is incorrect in case of "Replace with local variable" = On

IDEA-52170 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: moving non-static member access to static context could raise a conflict

IDEA-42195 (Bug)

Refactor / Safe delete: method is deleted from implemented class when deleting from only one interface inheritance branch

IDEA-52982 (Exception)

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at DirectoryAsPackageRenameHandler$1.doAction() when renaming package that corresponds to multiply directories

IDEA-52841 (Exception)

Throwable at MigrationRootsTreeCellRenderer.customizeCellRenderer() on editing code with Migration Panel opened

IDEA-52903 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException at ListArrayConversionRule.evaluateCollectionsType() on converting raw List to array

IDEA-53073 (Exception)

Throwable at InlineConstantFieldProcessor.preprocessUsages() on inlining Enum instance

Task Management


IDEA-52001 (Feature)

YouTrack integration: add "Mark issue as 'in progress'" option

IDEA-51737 (Cosmetics)

Issues completion list: no need to have issue title in braces

IDEA-51839 (Cosmetics)

Tasks: the deleted server entry with empty url appears incorrectly in the previously entered entries list

IDEA-51824 (Bug)

Task list menu unavailable with scroll bar

IDEA-50585 (Bug)

Tasks: removed tasks should not be recreated

IDEA-52190 (Bug)

I'm not able to open new JIRA TASK

IDEA-52652 (Bug)

[IDEA:Tasks] Error during dispatching of java.awt.event.InvocationEvent

IDEA-52775 (Bug)

Task list YouTrack query is not stored

IDEA-50727 (Bug)

Tasks: MoveChangesToActiveChangelist appears twice

IDEA-51828 (Exception)

Frequent exception from TaskManager plugin

Web Services


IDEA-52555 (Cosmetics)

Bad spelling in REST Client

IDEA-52782 (Bug)

Erroneous wsdd.dtd

IDEA-51764 (Bug)

When I try to generate java sources from wsdl I get an error (see attach)

CSS Editing


IDEA-27039 (Feature)

support for css3 pseudo-class selectors

IDEA-46110 (Feature)

Support for CCS3 HSL color codes

IDEA-51180 (Feature)

Highlight missing brace in css file

IDEA-51072 (Usability Problem)

css autocompletions puts semi-colon inside close parenthesis

IDEA-51794 (Usability Problem)

Reformat breaking Firefox specific css

IDEA-33867 (Usability Problem)

"Extract Embedded Css" should be in Refactor menu, not intention menu

IDEA-52930 (Cosmetics)

doubled hash sign for colours in css gutter

IDEA-38432 (Cosmetics)

CSS: non-curved braces without pair brace are resolved as matching to curved braces

IDEA-49254 (Bug)

RubyMine - CSS parser not parsing line-height properly

IDEA-49253 (Bug)

CSS: unknown -moz-border-radius-bottomleft/right/...

IDEA-49178 (Bug)

Unable to rename CSS class in class attribute

IDEA-48472 (Bug)

Move statment Up/Down doesn't work properly for css code

IDEA-51076 (Bug)

Parameters info in css works inside brackets only.

IDEA-52710 (Bug)

negative values in CSS3' text-shadow directive aren't invalid

IDEA-49170 (Bug)


IDEA-50404 (Bug)

Unknown vendor-prefixed CSS properties should be checked as property without vendor-prefix

IDEA-45297 (Bug)

CSS color completion inserts names not hex values

IDEA-27197 (Bug)

CSS formatter breaks css @page pseudo-classes

IDEA-52150 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.psi.css.CssSupportLoader.isInFileThatSupportsEmbeddedCss

Tapestry Support


IDEA-26518 (Feature)

Provide an easy way to navigate forth and back between a page/component class and its template

IDEA-52910 (Bug)

Autoinsert pairing brace when typing ${ in tml file

IDEA-51349 (Bug)

Tapestry t:id attribute should be allowed for all tapestry tags



IDEA-50243 (Usability Problem)

HQL console: add a setting to output results into the same tab

IDEA-52472 (Bug)

Hibernate console: with partial results shown accordingly to "Result Set Page Size" Previous page is enabled instead of Next page

IDEA-53224 (Bug)

HQL Console - unable to add parameters



IDEA-51663 (Usability Problem)

Settings -> Resources -> "Project checkbox" not explained

IDEA-13126 (Usability Problem)

Quick documentation lookup (Ctrl+Q) problem

IDEA-51631 (Task)

Add description of the "sort alphabetically" button in the search for usages results tool window

IDEA-52000 (Bug)

No help for the "New Changelist" dialog



IDEA-51908 (Feature)

Grails 1.2: 'build', 'test' and 'provided' dependency scopes could be supported

IDEA-50459 (Feature)

Mirror Grails 1.2 dependencies

IDEA-38524 (Feature)

Add quickfix to escalate inaccessible member visibility

IDEA-51893 (Feature)

Quick Fix "Create Field" when using Groovy named parameters

IDEA-51520 (Feature)

Show Grails plugins-specific directories in Grails view

IDEA-24452 (Feature)

Autocomplete doesn't work in with context and GString expression

IDEA-39961 (Feature)

Check access modifiers compatibility

IDEA-52759 (Usability Problem)

When renaming Groovy class, also rename the file if their names are equal

IDEA-50141 (Usability Problem)

Running groovy class/script through Ctrl+Shift+F10 always runs newly created temporary run configuration

IDEA-50789 (Usability Problem)

Groovy: with search for property accessors usages every usage is reported three times

IDEA-52965 (Cosmetics)

Generated Groovy accessors should have property icon

IDEA-52721 (Cosmetics)

'Make Groovy method public' escalating shouldn't put explicit 'public' modifier

IDEA-50719 (Cosmetics)

Please provide unified font in the Grails and Griffon pages of New Project/New Module wizards

IDEA-50685 (Task)

Map help button of the Grails and Griffon SDK pages of the New Project/New Module wizards

IDEA-27065 (Bug)

Editor cannot resolve GDK methods invoked on uninitialized untyped variables (fields, parameters, local vars)

IDEA-50708 (Bug)

Compilation of java class that use groovy static inner class fails

IDEA-51822 (Bug)

GString to String coercion doesn't work for ternary method arguments

IDEA-53570 (Bug)

'groovy: final' should be parsed as an identifier in property access expression

IDEA-53571 (Bug)

resolve usages of statically imported properties to accessors

IDEA-52624 (Bug)

Returns from endless loops are not considered 'all execution paths' returning a value

IDEA-51640 (Bug)

Show Groovy inner classes in structure view

IDEA-26402 (Bug)

Cannot un-check "Add --classpath" in default Grails run configuration

IDEA-52183 (Bug)

If groovy library added to a project 'Method getMetaClass is not implemented' error will be shown for existing Groovy classes

IDEA-52366 (Bug)

Grails filters (residing in grails-app/conf) should be visible to source & test code

IDEA-53851 (Bug)

Groovy: static import with package prefix is not resolved unless all static members of the class are imported

IDEA-53140 (Bug)

Confusing message when removing groovy dynamic property

IDEA-24721 (Bug)

Compilation with @Immutable class fails

IDEA-52246 (Bug)

groovy control flow is still busted

IDEA-52353 (Bug)

Missing imports are not detected

IDEA-51918 (Bug)

Smart enter moves caret to parent code block in Groovy

IDEA-53921 (Bug)

Groovy: statically imported members of a class are not resolved if they are imported via .* syntax without package prefix

IDEA-52066 (Bug)

Make Gradle launcher class and libs configurable

IDEA-52954 (Bug)

IDEA stops responding while editing Groovy code

IDEA-26403 (Bug)

Maia 92.65 and 92.81 overwrite and destroy existing Grails run configurations on startup.

IDEA-52964 (Bug)

Assignment of a Groovy field treated as a declaration, resulting in double completion variants

IDEA-52720 (Bug)

Property access highlighting in Groovy broken

IDEA-25396 (Bug)

Code Fragment Evaluation, unable to evaluate static method calls when language is Groovy

IDEA-51949 (Bug)

Grails: IDEA tries to collect dependencies for applications with Grails SDK version less than 1.2.0 configured

IDEA-51820 (Bug)

size() method is not resolved for Groovy arrays

IDEA-53317 (Bug)

IDEA pops up a "Malformed url:




" dialog when running a grails app with --https

IDEA-53259 (Bug)

Incorrect "Cannot reference nonstatic symbol from static context" in Groovy

IDEA-51766 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't stop on breakpoints inside Gant targets

IDEA-52843 (Bug)

Cannot resolve Groovy boolean property in reading context

IDEA-24922 (Bug)

Grails run profiles "add classpath" resets to on, whenever you edit the profile

IDEA-52997 (Bug)

Groovy: good code is red. A field and a property of the same name are error highlighted

IDEA-53041 (Bug)

Auto-import no longer works

IDEA-51880 (Bug)

Invalid 'constructor result ignored' inside closure

IDEA-51686 (Bug)

Groovy syntax parser does not recognize that indexing using array returns a slice

IDEA-53877 (Bug)

IntelliJ 95.24 stops responding suddenly

IDEA-52410 (Bug)

Cannot compile project after updating from Groovy 1.7.0 to 1.7.1

IDEA-51639 (Bug)

Generate stubs for Groovy inner classes

IDEA-51638 (Bug)

Groovy Control Flow reporting many invalid warnings

IDEA-53582 (Bug)

Groovy: wrong warning "Method cannot be applied to Type" for generic inheritors methods

IDEA-51373 (Bug)

Groovy: statically imported class without package prefix is not resolved if all static members of the class are imported

IDEA-49723 (Bug)

Maia wants to check in grails plugins

IDEA-51932 (Bug)

Relax 'not all execution paths return a value', methods with unspecified return type may return nothing

IDEA-51930 (Bug)

Don't force Groovy closures to return a value via all execution paths

IDEA-52429 (Bug)

GDSL enclosingCall doesn't match method calls without parentheses.

IDEA-52544 (Bug)

Static aliased import doesn't work for fields

IDEA-52012 (Bug)

'Select word' on Groovy method call name should first select name+argument list and only then qualifier

IDEA-52006 (Bug)

Groovy: using '.class' in property name flagged as error (good code is red)

IDEA-53309 (Bug)

Good code is red: IntelliJ 9 + g:message args=.... in Grails applications

IDEA-52478 (Bug)

In case of same-named Groovy property and method, resolve to method from call expressions

IDEA-50010 (Bug)

Grails: hasErrors() method is not resolved in controller

IDEA-53762 (Bug)

Groovy: "Make public" quick fix inserts "def" keyword instead of "public"

IDEA-25214 (Bug)

Duplicate entries for "Show usages"

IDEA-50337 (Bug)

Grails: navigation from view without matching action leads to last edit position in the controller

IDEA-52519 (Bug)

Groovy properties are visible from Java code as public fields

IDEA-51934 (Bug)

Groovy constructor calls should be disambiguated by parameter count

IDEA-26642 (Bug)

Groovy missing return statement inspection

IDEA-53153 (Bug)

Anonymous inner class creation using generics appears red in Groovy code.

IDEA-53386 (Bug)

Groovy deadlock

IDEA-51929 (Bug)

Passing empty list to super Groovy constructor gives wrong incompatibility warning

IDEA-51924 (Bug)

Incremental Groovy compilation with untouched transitive dependencies results in NCDFE

IDEA-51903 (Bug)

Grails 1.2: 'Grails dependency configuration may be outdated, ...' info never disappears

IDEA-25856 (Bug)

Change Grails SDK? - Maia UI90.122

IDEA-53435 (Bug)

ClassNotFoundException when launching a groovy script located in module with imported groovy library

IDEA-50587 (Exception)

ClassCastException at JavaCodeStyleManagerImpl.c() when accessing groovy property from java code via getter

IDEA-53033 (Exception)

IndexOutOfBoundsException at GroovyEnterHandler.preprocessEnter() on pressing 'Enter' in groovy script

IDEA-52032 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException at BaseInspectionVisitor.registerError() on typing 'new' keyword in groovy script

IDEA-50536 (Exception)

Quick fix "Implement methods" for java classes that implement groovy interface cause NPE at GenerateMembersUtil.substituteGenericMethod()

IDEA-53580 (Exception)

Groovy: PsiInvalidElementAccessException at GrClassImplUtil.createBaseClassType() on deleting anonymously instantiated interface/abstract class

IDEA-51223 (Exception)

Groovy: IllegalArgumentException at GrTypeDefinitionImpl.add() on 'Inline super class' refactoring

IDEA-26706 (Exception)

Exception when no type is specified for a dynamic property

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Generic


IDEA-26140 (Feature)

"Update" dialog for running web app: "Restart server" option



IDEA-21789 (Feature)

Please add "show data" action to the table context menu

IDEA-46740 (Usability Problem)

JDBC console: on executing statements from editor make Output panel focused

IDEA-49006 (Usability Problem)

Keyboard shortcut assigned to SQL console actions are not configurable

IDEA-45091 (Usability Problem)

JDBC console: Next Page action could be improved

IDEA-51874 (Bug)

PostgreSQL : substring argument marked in red

IDEA-51676 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: count(star) marked in red

IDEA-49902 (Bug)

SQL console: on switching to the console caret goes from Output to Input panel

IDEA-52879 (Bug)

Running a DB statement brings up the run console

IDEA-26549 (Bug)

mysql: good code red: use of 'columns' instead of 'fields' for 'load data infile statement'

IDEA-52543 (Bug)

On opening different project a datasource is mapped to a configuration of previous project

IDEA-44773 (Bug)

SQL: MySQL: valid arythmetic expressions with INTERVAL are red

IDEA-51787 (Bug)

PostgreSQL : select now() - interval '1 year' marked in red

IDEA-52908 (Bug)

Database console "result set is closed" error

IDEA-45296 (Bug)

MySQL, SQLite: new table name provided in ALTER TABLE ... RENAME statement, RENAME TABLE statement is not resolved

IDEA-45897 (Bug)

SQL: CASE operator (expression) without parenthesis as an operand is red

IDEA-53203 (Bug)

QL color settings: setting an effect to identifiers makes them shown bold

IDEA-52527 (Exception)

NPE at CodeCompletionHandlerBase.doComplete() on basic completion in SQL console

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Glassfish


IDEA-26126 (Bug)

glassfish domain directory hard-coded to the [IDEA:glassfishhome]/domains (2&3)

IDEA-52316 (Bug)

Lack of version 6 of Java EE on Glassfish Server Descriptor

IDEA-26132 (Bug)

war get's deployed in glassfish v3 b72, but IDEA doesn't recognize



IDEA-52018 (Bug)

PsiTypeElement error when deleting overriding method with bad return type

IDEA-52378 (Bug)

StackOverflowError attempting to open "Weblogic Server tab for an EJB

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-26221 (Usability Problem)

Perforce JObs Error every time the commit dialog box is closed.

IDEA-50818 (Bug)

Perforce: sometimes files modified without checkout appear as opened for edit

IDEA-50957 (Bug)

Perforce: Incoming changes are not shown (for some client versions?)

IDEA-25093 (Bug)

Set P4CONFIG=.p4config when running perforce if it's not already set

IDEA-52026 (Exception)

NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.perforce.application.PerforceManager.getClientRoot

IDEA-52071 (Exception)

NPE - PerforceManager.getServerVertionYear

J2EE.Deployment and Run.WebLogic


IDEA-51785 (Bug)

WebLogic: support debugging for managed server if its host differs from admin server's host

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-52374 (Task)

Release source of Tomcat plugin

IDEA-53071 (Bug)

groovy classes doesn't work in plugin projects anymore

Google App Engine


IDEA-23295 (Bug)

no auto-reload when running Google App Engine app locally

IDEA-25864 (Bug)

Password is not protected when uploading a google app engine application



IDEA-46516 (Usability Problem)

CSS Styles Preview window has no close button

IDEA-49988 (Bug)

Web view: the expanded tree cannot be collapsed by mouse or 'left' key

IDEA-25204 (Bug)

Can't find usages of filter or servlet

IDEA-51939 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't recognize web context after creating war archive artifact

IDEA-47253 (Bug)

"Cannot resolve servlet" warning is show only for html in web resource root

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-48775 (Usability Problem)

Code completion: loading Javadoc into quick doc pop up should be interrupted with typing

IDEA-52703 (Usability Problem)

Code completion auto popup causing problems when entering ActionScript ternary operator

IDEA-42829 (Cosmetics)

Tag completion: JSP: completion list is too wide

IDEA-27091 (Bug)

When finishing method lookup item with '(', put caret after this '(' even if method has no parameters

IDEA-51798 (Bug)

Create Local Variable from unresolved assignment produces invalid result if type is an inner class.

IDEA-38294 (Bug)

Deadlock when using autocomplete

IDEA-23600 (Bug)

Java CodeCompletion does not show static methods on instances

IDEA-53091 (Bug)

CamelHump autocompletion partially broken for variables with underscores in name

IDEA-51789 (Bug)

When "Insert pair bracket" on Editor->Smart keys page is off, IDEA still inserts both parentheses on autocomplete lookup, but overtype doesn't work

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-36812 (Usability Problem)

Add grouping by test/production classes in Find view

IDEA-51456 (Usability Problem)

Find Usages: add an option to sort members structurally.

IDEA-52651 (Bug)

Find in path no longer first checks for whole words

IDEA-52586 (Bug)

Why does \n in a replacement string not insert a newline character?

IDEA-51809 (Bug)

Project search with more then one file pattern

IDEA-25584 (Bug)

Back reference in regexp replacement doesn't work

IDEA-25984 (Bug)

Idea 9 Beta ran out of memory (2GB)while doing a "find in files" with 400 results

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-31848 (Feature)

More intelligent i18n handling

IDEA-19110 (Usability Problem)

Do not highlight all arguments if there is only a problem with one

IDEA-22821 (Bug)

Issue with recognizing Java 5 Generic methods

IDEA-52205 (Bug)

Good code is red: ambiguous reference with valid single import

IDEA-27090 (Bug)

EJB QL name resolution regression

IDEA-25874 (Bug)

Good code is red: Precedence of imported types vs. types in default package

IDEA-18617 (Bug)

Good code is red: Long number too large

IDEA-26371 (Bug)

Web Method problem: Class null not public or does not allow instantiation

J2EE.Deployment and Run.WebSphere


IDEA-47033 (Feature)

Support updating a deployed WebSphere application

IDEA-52226 (Bug)

WebSphere Integration plugin can't connect to local WebSphere 6.0 server

IDE Configuration


IDEA-41229 (Feature)

attach source directly from edit window

IDEA-52430 (Feature)

Keymap action name search improvements

IDEA-51831 (Bug)

Changing custom Colors & Fonts scheme corrupts default one

GWT Support


IDEA-26900 (Feature)

Support UIBinder functionality introduced in GWT 2.0

IDEA-53113 (Feature)

Maven+GWT: Support gwt sdk from maven repository

IDEA-26900 (Feature)

Support UIBinder functionality introduced in GWT 2.0

IDEA-52216 (Bug)

Gwt facet not included in "war" artifact after maven's project refresh

IDEA-40990 (Bug)

GWT support does not recognize resources from modules in jars

IDEA-52723 (Bug)

Inspection error: Native JavaScript support in GWT code embedded in GAE context

IDEA-26197 (Bug)

GWT hosted mode page update

IDEA-26990 (Bug)


IDEA-52884 (Bug)

GWT UiBinder UiFactory paramters not validated



IDEA-27144 (Bug)

Not all SQL highlighting is working for JdbcTemplate after updating to Spring 3.0.0



IDEA-43542 (Usability Problem)

JSP: smart completion suggests java class names in [IDEA:" "] operator

IDEA-51643 (Bug)

Correctly mapped Web Resource directory is highlighted in red for tagdir

IDEA-53535 (Bug)

Error message 'cannot resolve' is shown in JSP file if "<%= %>" construction is used

IDEA-27150 (Bug)

JSP error analysis never completes

IDEA-52373 (Bug)

JSP EL member completion suggests methods (which are invalid for JSP 2.0 EL)

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-51865 (Usability Problem)

Failed Subversion authentication usability problem

IDEA-51354 (Usability Problem)

Not logged to SVN notification: allow to copy message to clipboard

IDEA-50457 (Cosmetics)

Information on progress is strange

IDEA-26360 (Bug)

Performance and inconsistency issues with svn:externals and "Detect nested working copies"

IDEA-52722 (Bug)

IAE because org.jetbrains.idea.svn.SvnStatusUtil#isIgnoredInAnySense does not guard against null VirtualFile (with bugfix patch)

IDEA-47182 (Bug)

No-named action between "Set property..." and "Rollback"

IDEA-51873 (Bug)

Possible SVN startup Issue

IDEA-52333 (Bug)

Subversion: show 'authentication required' notification on attempt to create new branch

IDEA-52507 (Bug)

Subversion: Pending incoming changes aren't detected anymore

IDEA-27223 (Bug)

SVN lockout

IDEA-51936 (Bug)

IntelliJ hangs on synchronize

IDEA-52201 (Bug)

svn credentials not remembered



IDEA-36597 (Feature)

Autoboxing not used in Code Fragment Evaluation

IDEA-50234 (Usability Problem)

Breakpoints configuration dialog shouldn't show tabs if only one breakpoint panel is registered

IDEA-52821 (Bug)

Breakpoints don't work inside JDK classes if they are not in jars (regression since IDEA 7)

IDEA-52853 (Bug)

Debugger sometimes gets hung "Waiting for VM detach"

IDEA-31228 (Bug)

Navigation cursor jumps to another group in case of the first breakpoint list deletion

IDEA-22874 (Bug)

Cannot dismiss "Range is Too Big" dialog.

IDEA-29038 (Bug)

Debugger: "Show maximum xxx array elements": somehow show that specifying max number > endIndex - startIndex + 1 doesn't have much sence

IDEA-34419 (Bug)

Same keyboard shortcut assigned to two actions in one dialog - Debugger options

IDEA-52746 (Bug)

Turn off ability to set up breakpoints in txt files



IDEA-45236 (Bug)

wrong .classpath after merge

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-54012 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.codeInsight.AnnotationUtil.isAnnotated

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-52528 (Feature)

Please create vertical indent lines

IDEA-15609 (Feature)

Quick Javadoc for method should always display class

IDEA-52558 (Feature)

vertical indent lines: Per file setting (like line numbers)

IDEA-12595 (Usability Problem)

"Method cannot be applied to "....." tooltip is unreadable for long signatures

IDEA-50343 (Usability Problem)

Suggestion for create new class dialog: Up/Down in name field changes kind

IDEA-52539 (Cosmetics)

numbered bookmarks allow multiple bookmarks with the same number within one file

IDEA-53143 (Bug)

code folder not visually obvious

IDEA-27211 (Bug)

IDEA 9 freezes while editing Groovy/Grails files and open project- oder grails-Tab

IDEA-51940 (Bug)

PSI error when deleting code block Similar to IDEA-48642 and IDEA-49000

IDEA-53794 (Performance Problem)

IU-95.24 Typing in editor in java class is slow, possibly related to flex/swf

IDEA-52564 (Bug)

The editor setting "Show method separators" doesn't work

IDEA-53283 (Bug)

Aggressive Code Folding

IDEA-36087 (Bug)

Add imports on the fly option does not work for JSP

IDEA-52729 (Bug)

Multi-stroke keyboard shortcut doesn't work anymore in 94.426

IDEA-51439 (Bug)

Live templates do not work in injected context

IDEA-52608 (Bug)

Add "Show vertical indent guides" option to "View" menu

IDEA-52872 (Bug)

Don't draw vertical guide over a collapsed region

IDEA-53012 (Bug)

code folding doesn't work anymore

IDEA-52559 (Bug)

JavaDoc error message "The documentation for this element is not found. Please add all the needed paths to API docs in Project Settings."



IDEA-52381 (Feature)

"fold" Spring PropertyPlaceholder placeholders

IDEA-52036 (Bug)

spring: bean name convention: allow dot (.

IDEA-52914 (Bug)

Strange double quoting in spring configuration file

IDEA-52563 (Bug)

spring: QuickFix for unresolved bean property always creates dumb property of type java.lang.String

IDEA-52240 (Bug)

spring: Inspection of constructor-arg tags appears to be reversed

IDEA-26669 (Bug)

spring 3.0: Ctrl-Alt-Space completion does not suggest elements from new spring 3.0 schemas

IDEA-51685 (Bug)

Good code is red when @Resource uses with @Controller

IDEA-52730 (Performance Problem)

IDEA very slow to parse my code - over 10 seconds for import intention

IDEA-46306 (Bug)

Spring Inspection - Red on right code

IDEA-51678 (Bug)

Spring support doesn't consistently recognise beans wired using @Resource annotation with name parameter

IDEA-26816 (Bug)

Spring bean with abstract="true" is a valid parent attribute value in another bean

IDEA-51315 (Exception)

ISE at com.intellij.aop.psi.AopPointcutExpressionFile.getAopModel

IDEA-27195 (Exception)

Exception when working with classes defined with AOP

IDEA-51744 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.xml.index.XmlNamespaceIndex.getNamespace

User Interface


IDEA-27757 (Feature)

Cannot copy text from Messages - Make dialog

IDEA-52106 (Feature)

add "Reveal in Finder" for Mac or "Open in Explorer" for Win, etc action to project view context menu

IDEA-53400 (Usability Problem)

Progress indicator doesn't work on Welcome screen

IDEA-20370 (Usability Problem)

Generate JavaDoc for specific Scope

IDEA-17650 (Usability Problem)

Splash screen is too agressive on Linux

IDEA-20943 (Usability Problem)

Run/Debug Dialog is too big on 15" MacBook Pro

IDEA-52640 (Usability Problem)

Run/Debug popup (alt+shift+f10/f9) should support numpad

IDEA-17941 (Usability Problem)

Error message: The documentation for this element is not found.

IDEA-12871 (Usability Problem)

Open dialogs and other dialogs should remember the size I like

IDEA-53142 (Cosmetics)

'Process annotations' action has invalid label when disabled

IDEA-27163 (Cosmetics)

Misspelling in context menu of Spring config text view

IDEA-48373 (Task)

"Select JDK" page of the New Project Wizard is not uniform

IDEA-52224 (Bug)

Changes Tool Window: Cannot Expand/Collapse Tree while Indices Are Being Built

IDEA-52223 (Bug)

TODO toolwindow shows items that have no todos in them

IDEA-52627 (Bug)

Icons for native files in project view flicker on "Save" action

IDEA-22315 (Bug)

Wrong buttons layout in the dialog window

IDEA-46693 (Bug)

AIOOBE from sun.awt.Win32GraphicsEnvironment.getDefaultScreenDevice() on turning on the second monitor

IDEA-26974 (Bug)

Inspection icon disappears on mouse over

IDEA-27025 (Bug)

menu bug

IDEA-26540 (Bug)

Quick lists missed from list of actions in keymap configuration panel

IDEA-41938 (Bug)

NPE from FileChooserDescriptor.isFileSelectable() in file chooser in case using path field with non-path chooser root

IDEA-51296 (Bug)

Cursor is lost after rerunning contents of the Run Pane

IDEA-40815 (Bug)

TODO is highlighting block comment end pattern

OSGi Support


IDEA-26817 (Usability Problem)

There was a problem when trying to bundlify file: ....

IDEA-51042 (Task)

Please map a Help ID to OSGI facet dialog box

IDEA-27101 (Bug)

Lots of popup boxes when compiling Apache Mina

IDEA-53964 (Bug)

Pax Runner not launched with proxy settings from IDEA

IDEA-49969 (Bug)

OSGi: libraries bundling doesn't work

IDEA-25883 (Bug)

bnd MANIFEST.MF generation does not work

IDEA-49862 (Bug)

OSGi support: Settings: on framework entry removing from frameworks list it should be removed from default project Settings



IDEA-53421 (Bug)

Support for Richfaces JSF loadScript and loadStyle tags

Maven Integration


IDEA-52760 (Feature)

Provide "download sources" button (next to "attach sources" button) when binary class is part of Maven dependency

IDEA-50395 (Feature)

Maven: provide inspection that checks incorrect usage of 'import' dependency scope

IDEA-48427 (Feature)

Maven: MavenProjects view: add extra goal to lifecycle - prepare-package

IDEA-21448 (Usability Problem)

Add dependency should insert dependency at cursor (not the end of the dependencies)

IDEA-52814 (Usability Problem)

Maven: OverrideParentDependency: show the artifactId as project node name if no name is specified for pom

IDEA-20803 (Usability Problem)

Exclude output paths is not checked by default in project settings

IDEA-52813 (Cosmetics)

Maven: ${} highlighted as red

IDEA-52825 (Bug)

Maven settings.xml is shown in "Go To File"

IDEA-52681 (Bug)

Maven: inspection of <configuration> element is overly eager

IDEA-44070 (Bug)

Maven: exceptions are thrown if the local repository is changed while working

IDEA-51415 (Bug)

Maven: set project's language level to the highest across the maven modules, but not higher.

IDEA-51718 (Bug)

Maven: new gmaven plugin is not supported

IDEA-51988 (Bug)

IDEA locked up after adding a maven module.

IDEA-51974 (Bug)

Got an exception during maven reimport

IDEA-52110 (Bug)

Maven plugin fails to initialize

IDEA-52893 (Bug)

Maven: OverrideParentDependency: show dependencies from grand-parents

IDEA-52895 (Bug)

Maven: Alt-Ins: don't allow to add the pom itself and its childs as its parent

IDEA-27237 (Bug)

Maven re-import removes exclusion of Maven's "target" folder and adds target/generated-sources/groovy-stubs/main as source folder

IDEA-53170 (Bug)

Maven: if some module and the module it depends on use different library versions, IDEA may use incorrect one

IDEA-52167 (Bug)

94.273: Maven "provided" scope jars no longer appearing on test classpath

IDEA-53422 (Bug)

maven: import settings not saved

IDEA-52838 (Bug)

Maven: Plugin dependencies should not be shown as managed

IDEA-53493 (Bug)

Good code is red: Maven POM editor doesn't understand <executions> element

IDEA-26523 (Bug)

Maven settings.xml local repository doesn't substitue environment variable

IDEA-44793 (Bug)

Maven: the goals unselected in run configurations should not keep 'before run' status in MavenProjects view

IDEA-44796 (Bug)

Maven: on setting 'execute before launch...' for some goal via Maven view the selected RunConfiguration should get corr.option checked

IDEA-51298 (Bug)

Maven: do not set 'exported' flag on Maven dependencies

IDEA-42264 (Bug)

Maven: the MavenProject view should be properly updated on setting 'execute before Run' for goals

IDEA-52894 (Exception)

Maven: StackOverflowError on cyclic inheritance detecting

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-52118 (Feature)

quick fix for javadoc: unresolved symbol

IDEA-20835 (Usability Problem)

"Move intializer to field declaration" and "Move initializer to constructor" move caret also

IDEA-52387 (Bug)

Convert to ThreadLocal intention breaks code

IDEA-52456 (Bug)

"Replace + with String.format() call" produces wrong format string with quoted char

IDEA-52457 (Bug)

"Replace + with .append() call" doesn't replace all + operators

IDEA-52663 (Bug)

Convert to AtomicInteger intention produces bad code

IDEA-52399 (Bug)

IDEA locks up on Create Property modal dialog error and must be killed via System task manger

IDEA-51404 (Bug)

Add unambiguous imports and Optimize imports on the fly do not work

IDEA-51404 (Bug)

Add unambiguous imports and Optimize imports on the fly do not work

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