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IntelliJ IDEA 8.0 Technology Roadmap


This is not a complete list of new features planned to be implemented in IntelliJ IDEA 8. This is only an overview of major new technologies that we plan to support.

This is not a final plan. It will be updated as the development proceeds.



Advanced support for Python development and debugging is in development. Specific details concerning release of this functionality will be announced later.


Existing Ruby support will be improved, and a debugger for Ruby will be implemented. Specific details concerning release of this functionality will be announced later.


The existing Groovy plugin will be further improved, and we plan to bundle it with IntelliJ IDEA 8.


Scala support is in development as a separate plugin which is planned to be completed after the release date of IDEA 8, and is not going to be bundled.


Planned features for Flex support include:

  • Debugger
  • Compiler integration
  • Additional refactorings and code analysis features (also for JavaScript)
  • Adobe AIR support


Built-in support for SQL is in development. The following SQL dialects are planned to be supported:

  • SQL-92
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle

Web Development

JavaScript Debugger

A debugger for JavaScript based on the Mozilla browser engine is currently in development. Debugging of JavaScript code running in Internet Explorer or other browsers is currently not planned.

DOM Inspector

Template Languages

  • FreeMarker
  • Velocity

Enterprise Development

Partial Java EE 6

  • JSF 2.0
  • WebBeans 1.0
  • Glassfish 3.0 support
  • JAX-RS 1.0
  • Servlet API 3.0


Advanced support for JBoss Seam is currently in development. Features include:

  • Navigation and refactoring support
  • Inspections
  • Pageflow designer

Struts 2

XSLT / XPath support


Ability to inject support of spercified language info user identified fragments of user code 

GWT 1.5 


  • Spring 2.5
  • Spring Web Flow

Version Control Integration

Subversion 1.5

New features of Subversion 1.5 (merge tracking, changelists etc.) will be supported. An update supporting the new working copy format and server protocol will also be released for IntelliJ IDEA 7.

Team Foundation Server

A plugin supporting the version control features of Microsoft Team Foundation Server is currently in development. It is planned to be released for both IDEA 7 and 8.


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  1. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, I can't find ANYTHING useful for me. (thumbs down)

    1. +1 Yet another IDEA release with nothing for the code Java developer.

      1. Errm... read the first paragraph again:

        This is not a complete list of new features planned to be implemented in IntelliJ IDEA 8. This is only an overview of major new technologies that we plan to support.

        So tweaks to the Java editing wouldn't be included in this list.

      2. Well gee whizz...

        I am one of those Java code developers, and I'm working on a project that uses Grails for the back end with GWT+GXT for the front end.

        I'm pretty sure the updated Struts, Spring and Seam support will be useful for the VAST MAJORITY of J2ee shops, and the Flex/JavaScript/REST will be useful for many Web2.0/RIA developers.

        Support for FreeMarker/Velocity  is damn useful for many developers who know it's power, and SQL support will go down well with those who don't have a good free client on their platform (like me).

        I am most looking forward to Scala support, as I have been learning this cutting edge replacement for Java, as I suspect many other have, and over the past 12 months I have thrown together a couple of internal Ruby apps last year (using textmate at the time) so adding/improving support for Ruby certainly isn't useless either.

        Perhaps instead of complaining about IntelliJ putting in support for new technologies and languages, you could take it as a sign that perhaps learning and adding those technologies to your skill-set would be a good idea? Or do you think that the Java ecosystem is so stagnant that you'll be able to use the skills you came out of uni with for the rest of your life?

        As someone who is currently using GWT/GXT to build a 'Web2.0' fully asynchronous web-desktop type web-application I can predict that a *very* large change is coming.

        1. Anonymous

          SQuirreL SQL is a good free SQL client for your platform


  2. Anonymous

    hey, where's the Maven improvement? and JIRA integration support?

    Forget JBoss Seam sucks!!!

    I can't find anything useful for me too...

    1. There will be a lot of Maven improvements but they're not listed here because it's not a new technology but an improvement for existing ones.

      JIRA integration support is here:

      1. Anonymous

        Quite a few in the list that are improvementson existing technologies.  Hopefully, Maven integration will be supported fully.

    2. Anonymous

      Finally Seam support! Thank you! I was hoping for this in IDEA 7, but I guess Spring was requested more...

  3. Anonymous

    so no support for postgresql dialect?! (sad)

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, Postgres should be in that list, I agree, but still I use the current 3rd party SQL plugin with Postgres and it works great.

    2. Anonymous

      +1 on the request for the support of the PostgreSQL dialect.

      1. Anonymous

        1. Anonymous

          +1 for PostgreSQL

          1. Anonymous

    3. Anonymous

      I encourage JetBrains to add one more sql dialact for PostgreSQL too. Many of us use pgsql with java or even ruby. My case, Flex + Java/Ruby + PostgreSQL for many projects.

       Please consider it!

  4. Anonymous

    Good work on the Scala plugin guys, be nice to see some "official" DVCS support also.

    1. Anonymous

      I was waiting for IDE support to start with scala. This is very good news.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi, guys.

    We already have Git plugin for IDEA. Check this out

  6. Very much looking forward for Scala plugin; SQL support is nice; other than that, nothing useful for me. However, apart from several missing features that I already reported to JIRA, Java support in IDEA7 is already perfect enough for me.

  7. Anonymous

    Git is wonderful, very good news there.  What about Problems view like Eclipse?  Sure it's hard, but it is possible.  I believe Sun would be 100% willing support you if JRE/JDK changes were require (or as last resort, what about IBM's compiler, that's how Eclipse does it, isn't it?).  Thank you, sincerely.

  8. Anonymous


    Spring 2.5, XSLT/XPath!

    But what about XSL-FO?! Why are you not going to support this technology?!

    And what about DB2 dialect support?

    Kind regards,


    1. What kind of XSL-FO support would you like to see in IDEA?

      DB2 dialect may be added if we have time for that, but it's not a primary priority for us.

      1. Anonymous

        > What kind of XSL-FO support would you like to see in IDEA?

        Apache FOP of course, because it is the most popular implementation of XSL-FO.

        Kind regards,


        1. Sorry, I still do not understand. Let me rephrase again: What exactly features would you like to see in IntelliJ IDEA that would make working with Apache FOP easier for you?

          1. Firstly - fo-tags complete.

            Secondly - scenario list. Each scenario should provide possibility to define:

            • path of XSL file
            • path of source XML file or option "use current editor file"
            • output format (XML, HTML, PDF, ...)
            • parameters definition
            • ....

            An implementation of this feature should be analysed and designed. I've written some ideas only. This is not special requirements, because they are required much more time than I have. But I know your guys could invent a good implementation of the feature because for the moment all that were implemented in IDEA are very good (smile)

            Kind regards,


            1. Anonymous

              This talk of parameters, output format and source XML file makes it sound more like you're talking about features for developing XSLT, not XSL-FO.

              But support for rendering the FO output of an XSLT sounds like a good idea anyway.  It could work via FOP using the renderer which paints to a graphics context, which would be more than enough for developing an XSLT which converts to XSL-FO.

      2. Anonymous

        Yeah, I vote for DB2 as well. We tend to use it a lot here at... IBM (wink)

  9. And it will be nice if there will diagram of XSD support in IDEA.

  10. Anonymous

    It would be nice to see some support for Apache Wicket. 

    A web framework that should fit nicely with IDEA beeing a java centric IDE.

    Can't really see why you guys chose JBoss SEAM, Struts, Air etc without looking at Wicket...

    1. Have you tried the existing WicketForge plugin? Does it suit your needs, or do you need something else / more?

      1. Anonymous

        I used WicketForge and wish to see next missed features:

        - create new from x.html or prompt for create that when go to declaration (implementation) pressed.

        - create new x.html from or prompt for create that when go to declaration (implementation) pressed.

        - undestand that panels may be described in same java file as the page one. Now plugin produce errors when u have X$Y.html and static page class Y containing in

        - switch between html and java when wicket id is not selected. Now plugin requires select one first.

        - undestand that control created by factory (for example some function createXXX(String id, args...)

        Unknown macro: { return new Button(id).setVisible(false); }

        ) and not produce errors in that case.

        - add swith to properties and back like go to declaration (implementation)

        - instead of switch between logically joined sources may be better to have tabbed pane below editor view.

  11. Anonymous

    This list of newly supported features is a NEAR DEAD BULLSEYE for what I need.  SQL Support (oracle and mysql in particular), Struts 2, Freemarker, XSLT/Xpath, GWT,  and JS debugger.   The other features that I don't use (presently/yet) like Jboss Seam are good choices too.

     Would be nice to support IE Javascript debugger sometime: but I guess that's probably on overly huge undertaking given the general lack of support for that.


  12. great news on the scala plugin, look forward to it.


    oracle pl/sql has syntax changes based on version (9i/10g etc), I think, how will you support that?
    oracle also has tons of optimizer "hints" that look like a comment, eg:

    SELECT /*+ ORDERED INDEX (b, jl_br_balances_n1) USE_NL (j b)
    USE_NL (glcc glf) USE_MERGE (gp gsb) */
    b.application_id , ...

    will you support those?


    postgres support, pl/pgsql
    mercurial dvcs support
    earlier scala plugin ;o)

  13. This is really exciting! A very ambitious feature list - I'm sure you'll enjoy implementing it as I will enjoy using it!

    I have a small feature request probe regarding packaging: would it be possible for you to maintain an APT and YUM repositories for us Linux users? Netbeans is available in Ubuntu and Debian repositories (I believe Fedora's too, haven't verified though)

    This would make it super easy for people to install and evaluate IDEA (just click, install and you can evaluate it for 30 days!)

    Keep up the great work,

    1. Anonymous

      Second that rpm distribution request. YUM updates rule.

    2. Anonymous

      Yeah, I would love to see it also. Having official APT repo would make linux user's life super-easy. And Intellij would attract a lot of new people cause installing would be so easy...

    3. Back in the IntelliJ 3/4 days I actually maintained a yum/apt RPM repository for Fedora which was used by a few people, however it was legally dubious as I was technically redistributing commercial software (which was useless without a key mind you).

      Some of the problems faced back then was also bundling a JDK, or forcing a user to setup JPackage as well, without it being in the 'master' repositories it wasn't just a simple click-install.

      These days I only use Ubuntu linux (and prefer to use my Mac) so no longer have the repo.  Would be nice to see it return thou in a more official capacity.

  14. Anonymous

    Some good features there! But I can't see "vast performance improvements" in the list. That's implicit, right? (smile)

    1. Anonymous

      +1 on startup speed. Its dead slow compared to Eclipse 3.3. Sorry but it is.

  15. Good list of features, especially the Seam and the SQL support is much appreciated!

  16. Anonymous

    yes! Flex support. Go go go!

  17. Anonymous

    No J2ME Stuff;

    That is a bit sad; It would be really nice if PREPROCESSING was added.

  18. The only thing I'd like are some core refactorings:

    • Do essential things first (opening project), then the rest (indexing, syntax highlighting, detecting facets, etc). This would speed things up considerably!
    • Remove all the modal and blocking screens. Make Maven refresh similar to synchronize files (ctrl+alt+Y?): just a background process


    1. Anonymous


      Its a real pain if you are loading a massive project in one frame that you can't work in another frame until the project has finished loading because of the modal screen.

  19. Anonymous

    OSGi Bundle development would be nice.

    Support for OSGi as a deployment platform similiar to how you can deploy to web container.

    1. +1 for OSGI support. OSGI is taking fast (see recent Spring Application Platform announcement).

    2. Anonymous

      +1 OSGi supporting would be very useful

      1. Anonymous

        I'd love OSGi support. +1 for OSGi

    3. Anonymous

    4. Anonymous

      Agreed.  Osmorc (the third-party OSGi plugin) is great, but it would be nice to have the core team working on this.  Will be especially useful since I see GlassFish v3 is on the list anyway.

    5. +1. OSGI support for standalone and web based applications.

  20. Anonymous


    I would add some issues :-D

    Engine template: Webmacro (tags, sintax...)

    There is something own of Eclipse: RCP with SWT/JFace. A better support from IDEA 8?

    Integration with IAS/OC4J Server

    Try debug JSP pages and debug JavaScript (put breakpoints...)


  21. Anonymous

    Looking forward to the plugin supporting the version control features of Microsoft Team Foundation Server! Any idea when it will be available?

  22. Anonymous

    I would like to see support for Drools and JRules. 


  23. I know the technology is very new, but you might want to look into supporting the new SpringSource Application platform. They already have a tool set for Eclipse. I am going to request that they consider providing some support for Idea.

    1. Anonymous

    2. Anonymous

    3. +1

      Most of our work these days uses OSGi and Spring Dynamic Modules; support for control/management of the OSGi container (especially around bundle updates) would be very useful. Other features we could use:

      • Bundle creation (perhaps tight integration with the 'bnd' tool)
      • Bundle dependency analysis
      • Support for multiple containers (knophlerfish, equinox, felix, etc.)
      • Container management (a GUI controller with similar functionality to the 'console' in most containers)
      • Spring Dynamic Modules aware refactoring (for instance, service properties renaming in filter expressions)
      • Fragment support (clean way to mark a module (or a section of a module) as a fragment hosted by another module)
      • Compilation phase that pays attention to the 'import' and 'export' visibility of the involved bundles
      • Version metadata on packages
      1. Anonymous


        That would be a killer cos each day, I have to generate my bundle (with maven) and remove debug about 50 times a day.


      2. Anonymous

    4. Anonymous

    5. Anonymous

      +1. Yep Jetbrains try to stay on top of Spring for once.

      1. +1 OSGi is really going to be huge and S2AP support would be VERY useful, maybe by integrating what has already been done on Osmorc plugin.

  24. Anonymous

    Ruby and Flex integration/debugging  is a huge plus for me!!  We use Flex, Java, and Ruby all the time here.  Flex build is such a drag to use.

  25. Anonymous

    optimized svn revision fetching! i want IDEA to do not fetch all revisions if e.g. i select "specified revision" from the svn dialogs. fetching only a configurable size makes the gui more fluent. the opening dialog should have the possibility to fetch more/all revisions.

  26. I use the StringTemplate templating engine quite a lot (from the guy that created ANTLR...).  It's a very simple grammar, any chance of adding support for it at the same time as you add support for Freemarker and Velocity (it's even simpler than these two...).

    It has two default lexers for tokens (dollar signs and angle brackets, to limit use for escape characters based on the target, please make sure you can indicate which lexer will be used on a template-by-template basis) and can be used in template files, template group files, and in string literals.



    1. Anonymous

      Hi. ANTLR / StringTemplate guy here (Terence Parr). I'd be happy to help get this working.

  27. Java 7 doesn't really have a formal specification (or delivery timeframe) so things like (possible) closure syntax, superpackages and the like obviously can't be supported.  If it were to be released during the shelf-life of IDEA 8, would there be a least source-level compatibility added (even without adding new features), or is it better to assume that an upgrade to IDEA 9 (or even 10!) is necessary to work with Java7-specific stuff?



  28. Anonymous

    Great to hear that Scala probably is going to be supported later in 8.0.x. In the mean time is it possible to provide a quick fix for the sad state of affairs of the Scala plugin that's available? (Doesn't work at all for me -- and neither no one else, judging by the comments on the download page -- on my Mac with IntelliJ 7.0.3)

    +1 for Scala


  29. Anonymous

    That is a bit sad; It would be really nice if PREPROCESSING was added.

    AGREE ! NetBeans 6 has support for it, add it Please... 

  30. Anonymous

    UML editor will be great...

  31. PostgreSQL support for the SQL module please!

  32. OSGI support would be great. Specifically around Spring's application platform.

  33. Guice support would be swell.  Although treatable as pure Java, and in that sense already supported, to provide the same understanding of Guice annotations and wiring conventions that you do for Spring would really help.

  34. Anonymous

    Sure wish the IDE was faster to start and less sluggish to use.  And I'm on a quad-core WinXP machine with 3 gigs.

    Flex debugging?!  Sweet!  JavaScript debugging too?  Awesome!

    Love Groovy plugin too, works great in mixed Java/Groovy projects.

    Ruby/Python ... uh, that's cool.  Might play with those when hacking Trac or Rails.  Scala support seems like it could be a community thing for now.

    Wish it was easier to set up a new project.  Or even just open a file for editing without spending 20 minutes creating a whole project structure.

     Love IntelliJ, keep up the great work! 

    1. Anonymous

      This is off-topic but still... I was lamenting about IDEA's sluggishness just like you but found this:

      edit your idea.exe.vmoptions file (make a backup first just in case)


      -server combined with -Dsun.awt.keepWorkingSetOnMinimize=true turns your IDEA into a snappy beast. IDEA will take a little longer to start with -server though and will consume more memory (roughly 1.5 times in my case) but it'll be worth it. -Dsun.awt.keepWorkingSetOnMinimize=true stops IDEA acting like an idiot after you keep it minimized a while (JVM issue)

      I have 3 gigs ram just like you on WinXP with dual-core.

      On-topic: Python support, YAY! The only thing i miss when developing in python is IDEA :/

      1. Anonymous

        Still off-topic, but I add also the following properties:


        I have no problems with stability, and the application is snappy as never before, even on slow CPUs in 4 year old notebook PCs. The CompileThreshold flag is to make the server jvm behave more like the client. It is normally much higher, resulting in longer time-to-top-speed. Note that on windows, the -server flag does not take effect unless you start intelliJ using the idea.bat file. idea.exe will use the client jvm no matter what. Note also that fragmented hard drives and antivirus programs also are sources of much delay. Make sure all development workspaces, library jars and intellij's internal databases for parsed files are located in directories that are ignored by your antivirus program.

  35. Anonymous

    please, don't wast time by improving Seam features... improve more on Spring features...

    1. Anonymous

      "Please do exactly what I want, I don't care about anyone else"

      You wouldn't be wasting your time improving Seam features.  Nor would you improving Spring features.

  36. Anonymous

    We have to use standalone C++ for some things. NetBeans has pretty great support for C++, but it's not IDEA!

    It would be wonderful if IDEA would support C++, if only to make it easier to debug a Java app that has JNI pieces.

    1. Unfortunately implementing decent quality C++ support will take far more resources than we have now.

  37. Anonymous

    I am dreaming about an IDEA that is a competitor platform for Netbeans and eclipse RCP, I can base my applications on.

    1. Why do you think it would be better than NetBeans RCP?

      1. Anonymous

        I had to work with eclipse RCP and could not avoid to get to some of the internals. Tried to find some info how better it would be to build something on NB's platform. Not too much available, but a slight advantage appears on NB's side. I also must use eclipse IDE and does not know too much about NB apart what I read. Again that is in favour of the latter. So comparing these pair of platforms and their "flagship" products (IDEs) I can't help to bring in IDEA. What I learnt from first-hand experience is that IDEA is worth the money. A product so excellent can not be based on crap code. The next step in deduction is natural(smile) : it would be benefitial for customers (software developers) to rely on that (and for the company to extend their business, of course by way of appropriate licensing/pricing).

        1. Unlike Eclipse and (to a lesser degree) NetBeans, IDEA was not architected to be a general purpose platform. The code is not crappy for what it does, but it is most likely not flexible enough for whatever you might want to do with that code. And we do not see much business value in refactoring the code to be usable as a general purpose application platform.

          1. Anonymous

            It's a pity... But thanks for making it clear!

  38. Anonymous

    It would be really good to have support for RichFaces.

    1. Anonymous

      I just released product with JSF and RichFaces using IDEA 7. Worked great but we did have occaisional confusion of the auto-complete feature for the attributes. Other than that, I really liked the support.

  39. Yes, it's very good and very popular.

    1. would be really great

  40. Anonymous

    +1 OSGi - in particular support for Spring Application Platform.  For our company this would be the main reason we would upgrade to version 8.0 - everything else of the list is not of particular interest to us right now.

    1. Anonymous

      +1 Spring and OSGi is the players in the java world currently.

  41. Anonymous

    +1 for OSGI - Spring

  42. Anonymous

    Hi there,
    Would it be possible to improve the intellisense(Code Completion) feature, to activate as you start typing like in VS 2008 in place of pressing CTRL+SPACE.


    1. Check the settings in Settings | Code Completion | Autopopup

      1. Anonymous

        That works only when you press DOT(.), what I am talking about is to start autocompletion as soon as user starts typing like in VS 2008.


  43. Anonymous

    +1 for Spring Application Platform (OSGi)

  44. Anonymous

    It would be nice if GWT came with a GUI builder.

    1. We don't currently have any plans to provide a GUI builder for GWT.

      1. Anonymous

        This would be a dealbreaker for us - we are forced to use Eclipse since it integrates with GWT Designer ( and there's no GWT GUI plugin for IntelliJ. I know at least one other startup with exactly the same reasoning.

        1. Anonymous

          GWT Designer is awful. It's ok when you're writing small applications using built-in components.

          1. Anonymous

            What's awful about it? I have been using it for a few months and think it works pretty well. I especially like the fact that I could create my own composites and resuse them. The code round tripping was pretty nice. I was also able to use some nice widgets from GWT-Ext and found their on-line forum to be very helpful. The only downside is that it is Eclipse-only. An IntelliJ version would be great, and I would use that, if it were available.

  45. Anonymous

    Python support would be great! Will it include debugging and/or support for a web framework like Django?

    1. Yes, debugging will be included. Support for specific Web frameworks will most likely be added in future versions after the initial release.

  46. Anonymous

    +1 - Spring Application Platform!!!!!!!!

  47. Anonymous

    As soon as Scala is supported, I'll buy this product.

    1. Anonymous

      You can freely evaluate the product until 30 days after the final release.

      In addition, weekly builds of the Scala plugin are already available through the plugin manager.

      Submitting bugs and feature requests now will guarantee that the final product is that much closer to what you expect of it.

  48. Anonymous

    My vote goes towards fixing bugs and stabilizing the current product more than new functionality.

     In all honesty I think that IDEA 7.0 took a major step in the wrong direction in terms of adding a boat load of stuffs, but alot of the stuff that used to work in IDEA 6.0 doesn't work any more, or doesn't work as consistently as it used to work in IDEA 6.0. Performance in alot of cases has actually degraded due to numerous issues.

    Just my 2 cents

  49. Anonymous

    I'm waiting for Python/Jython support.
    When this feature will be available?

  50. Will Seam support include support for JBPM? This would make my life much better! Right now I have to use the Eclipse plugin, and it's missing a few features that would be really helpful (such as EL intellisense and script block intellisense) and has a few bugs that have to be coped with. Needless to say, I'd much rather do all of my development in IntelliJ!

    It looks like the Seam Pageflow Designer built for 8.0 could be heavily leveraged to extend support for a JBPM designer.

    This is what I do ALL DAY, and I'm sure it would provide a huge productivity boost for me.

    Thanks so much,

  51. Anonymous

    How about IDEA-Lite .... with all these additions, you can hardly type a line without getting GCed to hell, no matter how much memory you have...  definitely the editing experience must improve.

  52. Anonymous

    +1 for more/better GWT support.

  53. Anonymous

  54. Anonymous

    Допилите питон, ради всех богов...

  55. Anonymous

    • I would like to see Mercurial as first class vcs in idea (i.e. officially supported) it' so strange to see git here (sad) as it's more popular amon C developers not Java
    • +1 for Flex & Python support
    • BTW if jetbrains has resources for dynamic languages it would be nice to see support for R ( I belive there is strong buying potential here as it is the first class language for math statistic nowadays (read banks, not universities).
    1. Anonymous

      git is very popular with the Ruby crowd as well, which may be why it's being considered.  I'm drooling for git support for my Java project, as it'll let me retire svn entirely, but unfortunately it's not in the latest build.  Hopefully soon...soon...

  56. Anonymous

    OSGI and SPRING please!!!!

  57. Anonymous

    Thanks for all your great work.

     Unfortunately, in our large project (600+ classes) IDEA became slower in 6.x and slower yet again in 7.0.3 release, despite following GC tuning recommendations (I use -Xms256m -Xmx750m with the suggestions listed in this thread). I have had pauses over one minute when switching back to IDEA from another process (it wasn't even minimized, physical memory is not exceeded, and i have under 75 unmanaged files)

     If this generally holds true, if it gets any slower, I will no longer be able to tell everybody that IDEA is so much better then Eclipse (though my stomach churns at the thought)... if you cannot find ways to get the long pauses under control, it will eventually get too painful.


    1. Anonymous

      OMG 600 classes - a big project? (smile) Come on...

  58. I see that you are going to support OSGI. Would that mean that at some point it would be possible to use Eclipse plug-ins from IntelliJ? Or is that a huge undertaking? Perhaps it would make it easier to port Eclipse plug-ins even if they could never be used out-of-the-update, so to speak. I find your design much cleaner than Eclipse's and I like the support for Flex/ActionScript/AIR that is coming in 8.0. I find FlexBuilder rather underwhelming for the price and usually don't end up using a GUI builder for more than an hour or two at the beginning of a project, until I run up against its limitations, so lack of a Flex GUI builder is not a big deal to me. I like an environment that gives me refactoring and a quick way to jump from a reference to the implementation of a class or method, otherwise I'd just use Emacs, which has all of the editing power I need. I've looked at 7.0.3 and while its an improvement over Emacs for the project view as a whole, I'll think I'll hold off until 8.0 to purchase IntelliJ, to see how complete the support for Flex is.

  59. Anonymous

    My wish list that I am drooling for:


    • Better refactorings (especially surround type refactoring, extract to method, move to class)
    • Improved support for rspec
    • graphical debugger


    • Better refactorings

    Git - many talked about it, so it's great you're adding it. Importantly using git together with an SVN back end is very popular with Ruby environments

    Task focused UI like Mylyn. That's pretty much the only advantage of Eclipse (don't make me go there, please!) - especially if it's easy to have my own custom integration. The bug tracking, task management, project management, ELM, whatever you wanna call it world - is getting *very* fragmented and the chances of a canned integration to fit any particular environment is getting lower. But the advantage of something like Mylyn in *huge*

    Good work guys. Continue improving the best IDE! 

  60. Anonymous

    +_GWT 1.5

    What about a UE designer for GWT?

    Google Gadget support?

    IntelliJ surprises me all the time. I came from JBuilder a while ago after they stated to loose directions and i never looked back.

    Really good IDE with tons of thoughtful features. 

  61. Anonymous

    How about simply making IntelliJ faster and use memory as efficiently as possible? Also, why not open the platform and dual license? Your main competitor is eclipse which has basically eaten all your market share... I love the tool and would continue to purchase even if you open sourced the product. You could even tier the pricing and split out certain features that are "free, professional and enterprise"... But you guys really need to work on performance and stop trying to load the kitchen sink into your product...



  62. What is the status for the TFS plugin for IntelliJ? Do you have a planned release date?

    Our main product is C++ / C# but we have a Java client as well.

    The work situation for the Java developers got worse when we switched from SourceSafe

    to TFS last December (It got better for the rest of us (smile) ) and I would like to help them

    by getting as much support for TFS as possible.

    Can we sign up as beta testers?


    1. The plugin is almost feature complete by now, but we don't have a planned release date yet. The plugin will be announced on the plugins forum at when the first version becomes available.

  63. Anonymous

    I want a visual development tool for jsp pages where I can drag some web components into the page,just like dreamweaver.Certainly it does not need to be very powerful like dw,but needs to have some basic functions.unfortunately so far it doesn't have the function.

  64. Anonymous

    What about SQL support for Derby?

    1. Anonymous

      Agreed!  What about Derby support?  It only makes sense, seeing that Derby is sent out with the java sdk...

  65. Anonymous

    +1 on OSGI bundle development support. Eclipse has "Plugin Project" support, which you can use to develop OSGI bundles based on Eclipse Equinox. There should be at least something in Intellij IDEA

  66. Anonymous

    I would like to join my voice with those desperate for Postgresql support. It should not be that difficult to add if you are already doing Oralce. So I'm hopeful that you guys will manage to get it in. Not so hopeful, but I need to ask:

    • support for iBatis would be nice,
    • better support for Linux 64.
    • support for Dojo Toolkit (dojoML), but I'm not holding my breath on this one.
    • support for real Rename file in svn (not delete and create file).
    • at least basic profiling.
    • support for the fact that other languages other than JavaScript can go between <script> tags. For example a script tag declare as following <script type="text/xml">  should not expect JS. Not necessary to support XML here (I know it takes resources), but just not mark it as an error.
    • SVG markup?
    1. Adding complete and correct support for a new SQL dialect has turned to be a very time-consuming work, so it doesn't look like we'll be able to support anything but SQL-92, Oracle and MySQL in 8.0 final. Other dialects will possibly get added in future releases.

      For iBatis, please describe what exactly you would like to see. Some basic iBatis-specific SQL support is already there.

      For Linux 64, please clarify. We aren't aware of any Linux 64 specific issues.

      DojoML is not currently in the plans.

      SVN rename is as real as what SVN itself supports (i.e we do a copy with history + delete - there is no atomic rename operation in Subversion).

      Profiling is not currently in the plans. It doesn't make much sense to implement "basic" profiling - dedicated profiling tools like YourKit and JProfiler would still be a better choice.

      The incorrect handling of <script> tags looks like a bug - please file a JIRA issue at

      SVG markup is not currently in the plans.

      1. Anonymous

        >> For Linux 64, please clarify. We aren't aware of any Linux 64 specific issues.

        Currently I get the following message on the Mozilla Priview tab for html files: "HTML preview functionality is not supported on 64 bits systems."

         >> Profiling is not currently in the plans. It doesn't make much sense to implement "basic" profiling - dedicated profiling tools like YourKit and JProfiler would still be a better choice.

        Currently I pay for the IntelliJ license because it's much better than free products. I still download NetBeans for profiling since it does what I need in that respect without needing to pay a license for YourKit and JProfiler.

        >> For iBatis, please describe what exactly you would like to see. Some basic iBatis-specific SQL support is already there.

        Was looking for something like iBator for IntelliJ.

        >> SVN rename is as real as what SVN itself supports (i.e we do a copy with history + delete - there is no atomic rename operation in Subversion).

        Sorry for that, after you mention it I went back to look at it and you are right, the is a Relocate option I had not seen before. I was doing Refactor/Move before.

        >> DojoML is not currently in the plans.

        >> SVG markup is not currently in the plans.

        Yea, I'm aware that this are not priorities for many people. 

        >> Adding complete and correct support for a new SQL dialect has turned to be a very time-consuming work, so it doesn't look like we'll be able to support anything but SQL-92, Oracle and MySQL in 8.0 final. Other dialects will possibly get added in future releases.

        This is a little bit disapointing, in the sense that while in the PHP world  MySql is really big, in the Java world Postgresql is usually the prefered option and the syntax is very similar to Oracle.

      2. Dmitry:

        Is possible to add new SQL dialects through plugins? the OpenAPI will supports that?

        So if the plugin authors could add some SQL Dialects, surely we'll (hopefully) have a lots of dialects created by community

        Is this possible??

  67. Anonymous

    Python, Flex, AIR, JavaScript Debugger, FreeMarker, Velocity: I love you guys!
    Updates (Spring 2.5, Subversion 1.5...): thank you!
    Seam: big thanks (but it sux, anyway)

  68. Anonymous

    so when do you think IDEA 8 will be ready ?

  69. Anonymous

    How about support for JavaFX since now the preview SDK is released ?

  70. Anonymous

    I really appreciate the effort to bring the Ruby support to a higher level. Thanks a lot. I've been using IDEA for years (since 2.x) for my Java work, and now just want as close to the same experience as is possible with Ruby.

  71. Regarding Velocity support..

    Would it mean embedded velocity in html as template files? I would prefer to know that  all the features available to html (layout, autocompletion, javascript debugging) are still available when velocity is embedded in html files.

     Thank you

  72. Anonymous

    Hi guys, great work!!!!

      I would like to see the current SWT UIDesigner to be improved as well ! it is great for some Swing Applications, please add support for MENU components, other improvements would be nice to get as well !


    1. Anonymous


      Coming from a VB6 background, the only decent UI editor for Swing is in NetBeans.

      All Swing editors (but to a lesser extent with NetBeans) suffer from the components shifting in an unexpected way when you resize a form that has lots of panels/objects in it.

  73. Anonymous

    Since XQuery will be part of Java 7, any chance we can get XQuery support?

  74. Anonymous

    I feel like we are ignoring the large pink elephant in the room here. The other IDE's are supporting SOA/BPEL development/design, clearly an important technology in use all over the place, and we are talking about ruby, struts and seam? If intellij wants to remain a serious IDE for enterprise development (which it has so far), we have to catch up here or many will be forced into using other tools. Is there consideration for supporting this anytime soon?

  75. Anonymous

    Intellij IDEA is a wonderful IDE for Java and now with the new features of IDEA 8 it will rock more as

    - Spring 2.5 (Dont forget OSGI too please)

    - Python/Jython( favorite scripting language I could now develop with Django on IDEA, cool)

    - Flex/Web2.0/Javascript/HTML/CSS/etc

    I would like to see more support on the Web frameworks as Tapestry 5, Spring MVC, ZK framework.

    First question, Really we need the Scala support in IDEA? I think it is a complicate language, I think it is more for the academic folks, as Lisp or Haskell so on.

    Java still very pragmatic and with scripting languages as Python and Ruby I guess is enough.

    Second question, It will be support for JavaFX now that the preview is out? Im more of Flex fan but just curios if it will be for JavaFX something or in the future, it looks

    there is a JavaFX plugin around for IDEA but is buggy and old.

    Many thanks to the Intellij IDEA team for this great product.

  76. Anonymous

    I would like to see more support on the Web frameworks as Tapestry5

  77. Anonymous

    Is there any plans for JavaFX Support?

  78. Anonymous

    I am a java editing freak also, and I wish that there would be more and more flexible ways to analyze and view code as code. The DSM is fantastic and worth the upgrade to 7 all by itself, but there's so much more that could be done with that information.

    I am sure that the expansion into Flex and all the rest is greatly appreciated by developers using those technologies. I am not one of them, but mI know IntelliJ has to provide value to the market first and foremost. 

    Overall, I just wish they would work on the OpenAPI so developers could use IntelliJ to realize their own vision  of what an editor should do. That means example plugins,  book-quality documentation, and above and beyond the call of duty Javadoc. Facilitating the creation of truly novel and useful plugins has to be the greatest bang for the buck available to JetBrains.

    JetBrains has to realize that they are just one source of new ideas for  editors and code editing, and that someone or some group of people is going to come up with something fantastic that neither JetBrains or anyone thought of. The way to make your product the platform for that kind of innovation is to document, rationalize, create deep and useful examples of plugins.

  79. Anonymous

    OSGi support would be great, but the most needed improvment would be better performance : faster start, better garbage collection (sometimes more that one full minute freezing), even faster quit would be appreciated. And 1.5 gigabyte of cache is too much.

  80. +1 - Spring Application Platform!!!!!!!!

  81. Anonymous

    +1 Tapestry5

  82. Anonymous

    I would like to see Mercurial as first class vcs in idea too