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IDEA-64957 (Feature)

Add "Inspect code" action to directory context menu.

IDEA-25079 (Feature)

JS: Hierarchy navigation

IDEA-25082 (Feature)

JS: Make IDEA understand class hierarchies defined by ExtJS's "Ext.extend"

IDEA-75018 (Feature)

"Unclear Binary Expression" Code Inspection

IDEA-44941 (Feature)

Velocity: auto-complete the closing tag for directives using formal notation

IDEA-75153 (Feature)

User should be ably to find and download sources for third party jar.

IDEA-72755 (Usability Problem)

Structure Views "sort alphabetically" should sort by argument names, too.

IDEA-74522 (Usability Problem)

Run configurations conception does not fit working with unit tests well

IDEA-48552 (Usability Problem)

Cannot access the Live Templates > Edit Live Template > Template Text box with the keyboard

IDEA-73460 (Usability Problem)

Reopen recent project list size

IDEA-55994 (Usability Problem)

Initial config wizard: plugin selection usability issues

IDEA-58936 (Usability Problem)

Don't collapse javadoc in if auto-collapse javadoc is ON

IDEA-74448 (Usability Problem)

Favorites: DeleteAllFavoritesListsExcept... action name is misleading - actually the default list is not removed too

IDEA-25015 (Usability Problem)

Start Macro Recording menu is disabled if the focus is not in editor.

IDEA-57910 (Usability Problem)

Console folding usability – provide shortcuts for expanding folds

IDEA-63665 (Usability Problem)

Rename "Column Mode" action to "Column Selection Mode"

IDEA-75343 (Usability Problem)

"New instance creation" should distinguish between creation of the class being searched and its inner classes

IDEA-75401 (Usability Problem)

Extract method dialog is too small by default

IDEA-74564 (Usability Problem)

Edit configuration - program arguments

IDEA-75483 (Usability Problem)

Recent projects: UI improvement suggestion

IDEA-74708 (Cosmetics)

parameter signatures misplaced in Change signature

IDEA-75476 (Cosmetics)

Improvements for Editor preferences (texts)

IDEA-25411 (Cosmetics)

Open project dialog mentions project files (.ipr) but should mention project directories too (/.idea)

IDEA-75392 (Cosmetics)

Create new group in Main Menu|Edit Convert Indents

IDEA-75259 (Cosmetics)

Preview rendered in a strange way in in-place Introduce parameter

IDEA-72438 (Cosmetics)

Update Info cosmetics and content problems

IDEA-75262 (Cosmetics)

Please use correct grammar in the balloon that appears when a usage cannot be found

IDEA-75501 (Task)

Use ToolbarDecorator in ValidatingTableEditor (for example, "Command Line Tool Support" configurable)

IDEA-44574 (Bug)

Velocity: for variables of array types no methods are shown

IDEA-75280 (Bug)

Add support for Android button drawable with nested shapes

IDEA-45037 (Bug)

Velocity: #parse directive with no parameters should not be allowed

IDEA-75495 (Bug)

File | Reopen | Clear List must also clear recent projects at Welcome Screen

IDEA-75364 (Bug)

Move dialogue destination folder lives its own life

IDEA-69221 (Bug)

No color syntax and code completion for annotation in groovy class

IDEA-72617 (Bug)

MacOS: correctly support TypeIt4Me in IDEA

IDEA-57024 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA successfully makes module with test sources only and without test output path (output path is specified instead)

IDEA-73993 (Bug)

New Project Wizard: dialog doesn't change its size according to to the components inside it (some of them become invisible)

IDEA-72091 (Bug)

In javadoc Idea advices param several times

IDEA-75519 (Bug)

Extract constant refactoring in super call produces red code

IDEA-58321 (Bug)

Exception in JPS during artifact building

IDEA-75341 (Bug)

Productivity guide table shows some strange values for me

IDEA-56943 (Bug)

IDEA X: @NotNull annotation on enum constructor parameter produces invalid byte code

IDEA-75333 (Bug)

Git: update with merge: wrong remote revision contents

IDEA-75448 (Bug)

SQL: Derby: ORDER BY after parenthesis is red

IDEA-26439 (Bug)

Groovy - moving methods to other classes - their Javadocs were left in the old class

IDEA-69195 (Bug)

GUI: elements need consistent and generally more padding

IDEA-64499 (Bug)

All recorded macros disappear after PhpStorm restart

IDEA-75121 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: add support for ILIKE operator

IDEA-73297 (Bug)

Moving focus in popups is incorrectly executed on playing a macro

IDEA-75457 (Bug)

Exception on completion

IDEA-75324 (Bug)

choose device loses selection on attaching new device

IDEA-75520 (Bug)

Pull members up refactoring produces red code

IDEA-74133 (Bug)

Package move-refactoring does not perform "Search in comments and strings"

IDEA-75390 (Bug)

CVS: Import To CVS: release tag/vendor tag entering works incorrectly

IDEA-74973 (Bug)

Class searching changed between 10.0 and 10.5

IDEA-51082 (Bug)

start and stop macro recording function adds extra charachters when using keymap command that has second stroke.

IDEA-62607 (Bug)

"Go To File" shows incorrect module for file in library

IDEA-75251 (Bug)

Libraries step in create new project has bad UI under Mac OS X

IDEA-73342 (Bug)

Make the font preview window editable

IDEA-44624 (Bug)

Velocity: don't detect unresolved variables/macros inside #literal() block

IDEA-62282 (Bug)

Broken MACRO shortcut asignment

IDEA-74983 (Bug)

Idea: NullPointer on playing the macro

IDEA-69261 (Bug)

Groovy++ Externalizable

IDEA-44633 (Bug)

Velocity: warn about the macro with empty body

IDEA-75024 (Bug)

Moving a file from outside to IDEA forces "Looking for usages"

IDEA-69258 (Bug)

Groovy++ uninitialized variables

IDEA-75331 (Bug)

Running tests: MockProjectEx broken?

IDEA-75204 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.impl.LocalInspectionsPassFactory$MyLocalInspectionsPass.<init>

IDEA-74601 (Exception)

Mac: 100% CPU and hang on shutdown

IDEA-54742 (Exception)

Assertion failed: Do not use API that changes roots from roots events. Try using invoke later or something else. from LibraryOrderEntryBaseImpl.updateFromRootProviderAndSubscribe



IDEA-74291 (Bug)

Android Layout Preview can't handle some id references

IDEA-74908 (Bug)

No autocompletion for android:minHeight attribute values



IDEA-74921 (Feature)

Cannot navigate to advised beans created by Spring Bean Factories

IDEA-69521 (Feature)

AspectJ support: provide some UI to configure aspectpath instead of classpath using for ajc

CSS Editing


IDEA-38432 (Cosmetics)

CSS: non-curved braces without pair brace are resolved as matching to curved braces

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-75169 (Feature)

feature request: constructor of exception class with no parameters is called

IDEA-74976 (Feature)

'for' loop replacable by 'for each' - should handle length declaration in for statement

IDEA-74972 (Usability Problem)

Use rawtypes instead of RawUseOfParameterizedType

IDEA-73797 (Cosmetics)

Warning from structural search inspection is shown three times

IDEA-75208 (Bug)

Improper "FQN can be replaced by an import" when enum has constants of same name

IDEA-74927 (Bug)

good code is yellow:"Contents of array 'attributeInfo' are written to, but never read"

IDEA-74261 (Bug)

Inspection "Unused declaration" should ignore methods related to Serialization.

IDEA-52606 (Bug)

'Nullable problems' inspection shows wrong warning if getter for @Nullable field is not a simple getter

IDEA-75232 (Bug)

Quickfix for "Missing generic font name" must handle "!important"

IDEA-75339 (Bug)

Inspection "Iteration over 'map.keySet()' may be replaced with 'entrySet()' iteration" is sometimes incorrectly displayed

IDEA-74883 (Bug)

Passing caught exception to initCause should treat it as 'wrapped'

IDEA-65713 (Bug)

Spellchecker: be more smart for .form files

IDEA-74904 (Bug)

False positive for 'is not used inside if' inspection when variable is a left-hand-side expression?

Code Coverage


IDEA-75535 (Bug)

Run/Debug Configurations dialog: Code Coverage: Tracing option is disabled for just created and legacy j2ee configurations

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-75053 (Bug)

Empty class initializer in one line with next line braces placement

IDEA-74128 (Bug)

Nika: Align object properties is too eager!

IDEA-75243 (Bug)

JS Formatter: Use correct indent for assignment expression that follows doc comment

IDEA-75066 (Bug)

Spaces options in code style with method call parentheses

IDEA-75434 (Bug)

In groovy source reformat for multiline string append empty string inside line

Code Navigation


IDEA-75047 (Bug)

Structure view tree refresh freezes whole UI

IDEA-75080 (Bug)

Cannot cancel Method hierarchy calculation

Compiling Project


IDEA-70043 (Bug)

Compiler resource patterns like 'dirName/*' should match only if 'dirName' is located directly under a source root



IDEA-74986 (Feature)

Improve SQL syntax checker

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-52806 (Feature)

JAVA: smarter parameter name completion for Builder-style-methods

IDEA-69687 (Usability Problem)

Smart type completion does not provide package information when several type match

IDEA-60790 (Bug)

Variables names completition suggests already used names

IDEA-75502 (Bug)

Tab in completion replaces the whole line instead of an identifier

IDEA-69342 (Bug)

completion works for last row only when you're in column selection mode

IDEA-75061 (Bug)

smart completion not provided for assertEquals() where expected

IDEA-69576 (Bug)

Completion: Improve options list on variable rename

IDEA-75075 (Bug)

smart completion: can not add import exclusion for suggested field

IDEA-75072 (Bug)

"import statically" option not provided for smart completion variants

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-75043 (Bug)

Surround with template: correct processing in case of blank line after after the statement

IDEA-51642 (Bug)

Macros problem: control key remains down when triggering

IDEA-75162 (Bug)

Brace highlighter: don't highlight backwards if caret is at the token start

IDEA-59339 (Bug)

Ctrl+Up/Down usability issue

IDEA-74544 (Bug)

Copy-Paste a string literal with '\n' character inserts actual line-feed instead of '\n'

IDEA-75016 (Bug)

Detect and fold javadoc-style comments in a file header

IDEA-67903 (Bug)

Macro with 2 actions not always working

IDEA-27138 (Bug)

Macros work improperly on Mac OS X when using alternate keyboard layouts

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-43759 (Usability Problem)

Mysterous tool tip.

IDEA-73813 (Bug)

Unused method highlighting is not removed on adding method usage

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-74043 (Feature)

Intention: create anonymous implementation of abstract class on instantiation

IDEA-75081 (Bug)

"Simplify boolean expression" does not simplify primitive expressions

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-75379 (Cosmetics)

Excessively long and ugly progress title for Find Usages

Flex Support


IDEA-72123 (Feature)

fud: Model support

IDEA-75357 (Cosmetics)

Inconsistent separators in Flex Compiler configurable

IDEA-75046 (Bug)

Idea: NullPointerException on switching Flex compiler settings to 'mxmlc' on MacOS

IDEA-75282 (Bug)

Imported maven module has wrong reference to custom compiler configuration file

IDEA-73842 (Bug)

Resolving flexmojos causes runtime exception in log

IDEA-67993 (Bug)

Flexmojos 4 swf poms do not compile in idea

IDEA-58453 (Bug)

flexmojos:generate-config-swc produces incorrect config-report.xml (generated source paths)

IDEA-75140 (Bug)

flexmojos 11eap compile fails with "unknown configuration variable 'compiler-configuration'"



IDEA-75205 (Feature)

Inspection to check return type of collect{} closure

IDEA-61964 (Feature)

Correct perception of classes annotated with @Category

IDEA-75398 (Feature)

Grails: Completion and resolve for value of 'allowedMethods' field in controllers.

IDEA-72913 (Feature)

Convert JUnit assertion to assert statement intention

IDEA-62894 (Feature)

Smart enter inside switch expression

IDEA-74914 (Cosmetics)

Groovy: Introduce Parameter Refactoring: scope chooser has unclear options

IDEA-74846 (Bug)

Move instance method refactoring is broken

IDEA-74924 (Bug)

Groovy: unclear "Change usages of variable" option in Introduce Parameter dialog

IDEA-74926 (Bug)

Groovy: misleading message is shown on attempt to inline parameter

IDEA-74920 (Bug)

Groovy: Introduce Parameter Refactoring -> Refactor base method -> Delegate via Overloading inserts new method definition into wrong place

IDEA-74922 (Bug)

Groovy: cannot close Warning dialog shown on Introduce Parameter Refactoring

IDEA-75497 (Bug)

Constructor of Groovy Immutable Object not visible to Java

IDEA-75362 (Bug)

Groovy evaluate expression editor highlights keywords from Java.

IDEA-74933 (Bug)

Groovy: Introduce Closure Parameter with "Delegate via overloading" and "Remove parameter" options doesn't remove parameter no longer used

IDEA-74639 (Bug)

Groovy: Parameter Info in not updated on moving caret between method calls

IDEA-62532 (Bug)

Enum internal method return type suggestions problem

IDEA-73865 (Bug)

Groovy identation autoformatting problems

IDEA-74626 (Bug)

Groovy: "Remove unnecessary parentheses" intention should not be suggested for method calls with slashy string argument

IDEA-75471 (Bug)

Grails domain constraint min, max, scale inspection issues

IDEA-61335 (Bug)

Groovy: Shortcut CTRL+Down/UP does not work in Groovy classes.

IDEA-62662 (Bug)

incorrect warning for groovy.lang.Immutable classes

IDEA-72387 (Bug)

Groovy doesn't indent after you press "Enter"

IDEA-25316 (Bug)

Good code is red: "Label 'xxx' is already in use"

IDEA-74640 (Bug)

Broken parameter info for methods with default arguments

IDEA-72389 (Bug)

Groovy wrong variable assignment alignment

IDEA-62836 (Bug)

Suggest 'def' inside 'case'

IDEA-66412 (Bug)

Groovy false inspection "Not all paths return a value"

IDEA-62608 (Bug)

Groovy formatter ignores 'Spaces after type cast' setting

IDEA-74663 (Bug)

"${someCode}" gets treated as if it was a closure in a string

IDEA-62819 (Bug)

Suggestion Tab eat up problem

IDEA-49528 (Bug)

incorrect formatting groovy GString in xml injection

IDEA-75277 (Bug)

Unresolved static import reference

IDEA-72071 (Bug)

Groovy: Completion: Completion variants contains modifiers which already typed.

IDEA-74704 (Bug)

Groovy 1.9: Introduce Refactorings applied to multi-catch parameter should not suggest union type

IDEA-75265 (Bug)

Groovy test cases don't get marked with appropriate icon in the project view

IDEA-75050 (Exception)

Groovy: Throwable at GrIntroduceClosureParameterProcessor.performRefactoring() in Introduce Closure Parameter -> Delegate via Overloading with "Change Usages" option disabled

IDEA-74635 (Exception)

Groovy: PIEAE at GroovyParameterInfoHandler.updateParameterInfo()

IDEA-74716 (Exception)

Groovy: IOE at PsiJavaParserFacadeImpl.createExpressionFromText() on Change Signature Refactoring -> Add Parameter without default value, if method is used in Java code

IDE Configuration


IDEA-54895 (Feature)

Transparent native-to-ascii conversion: option to use upper case escape sequences

IDEA-60120 (Usability Problem)

Console folding dialog: layout issues

IDEA-69877 (Bug)

File Templates are broken in version 10.5 (false positive file already exists message)



IDEA-75077 (Bug)

editor dialog UI bug on mac



IDEA-38148 (Feature)

Allow port option setup in tomcat run configuration

IDEA-40286 (Feature)

IDEA deletes Tomcat temporary files between runs, should be an option to disable it

IDEA-75404 (Bug)

Tomcat Log is empty on exception



IDEA-74952 (Feature)

Support JsDoc @name tag

IDEA-75260 (Bug)

[javascript] new Error().message is writable property

IDEA-75444 (Bug)

JS: Incorrectly indented comment

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-65683 (Feature)

Provide artifact path (and another user-specified parameters) into

IDEA-66287 (Bug)

Jar artifact should ensure my MANIFEST.MF is included into jar

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-75131 (Bug)

Crash when trying to show dialog from custom plugin

IDEA-75159 (Bug)

Exception thrown from local inspection is swallowed silently

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-75182 (Feature)

plugin.xml: support resolving to properties based attribute values

IDEA-74616 (Bug)

Can not attach Idea sources to Idea SDK in project view.

Project Configuration


IDEA-53226 (Feature)

artifacts: add module test compile output

IDEA-58788 (Usability Problem)

Rename "Resources" configurable

IDEA-75367 (Usability Problem)

Rename "Attach Files..." button for library creation so it is obvious that directories can also be attached

IDEA-59646 (Usability Problem)

Export settings improvements

IDEA-74995 (Bug)

Trying to add a library results in NPE and freezes IDEA

Project View


IDEA-63434 (Usability Problem)

Change "Delete" to "Remove Module"



IDEA-75449 (Usability Problem)

SQL: code completion does not suggest keywords when incomplete token is recognized as identifier

IDEA-74357 (Bug)

SQL: code completion does not suggest existing keyword inside already typed shorter keyword

IDEA-68056 (Bug)

SQL: SQLite: MATCH clause in foreign key is yellow/red

IDEA-75446 (Bug)

SQL: Derby: error marks for ALTER TABLE ... ALTER COLUMN are irrelevant to the error

IDEA-74881 (Bug)

NPE at EnterHandler$ on inserting a line break inside SQL comment

IDEA-75311 (Bug)

SQL: Derby: CREATE SCHEMA with AUTHORIZATION clause and without name is red

IDEA-75309 (Bug)

SQL: Derby: CONSTRAINT clause without name is green

IDEA-75405 (Bug)

SQL: Derby: GENERATED clause in ALTER TABLE statement without column type is red

IDEA-74959 (Exception)

SQL: Derby: AE at SqlStringLiteralManipulator.getStringTokenRange()

IDEA-74961 (Exception)

SQL: Derby: AE at SqlDefinitionImpl.getDefinitionType() on attempt to open completion

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-58892 (Bug)

Freemarker: invalid "Cannot resolve macro" / "Cannot resolve variable" warning when macro name is used in arguments

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-53527 (Bug)

Velocity - Typing #if( puts the #end but does not respect the indentation.

IDEA-53524 (Bug)

Velocity - Completion for #macro, #foreach is not complete

User Interface


IDEA-75386 (Feature)

[USABILITY ISSUE] Recent project list should be visible on welcome page.

IDEA-54888 (Usability Problem)

Dialog windows usability using keyboard shortcuts

IDEA-73319 (Cosmetics)

Switching between configuration groups in Run/Debug Configurations dialog is poorly laid out on Windows

IDEA-74180 (Cosmetics)

ComboBox+Mac: 'down' button is incorrectly aligned with an editor

IDEA-29895 (Cosmetics)

Tool window close button doesn't show keyboard short cut

IDEA-75360 (Bug)

Local history fonts are too small

IDEA-75491 (Bug)

Generate hashCode() does not allow to select non-null fields

IDEA-75296 (Bug)

Find in Path: Choosing "Whole words only" Opens Help

IDEA-73854 (Bug)

Search in the Settings dialog sometimes doesn't produce adequate result

Version Control


IDEA-75365 (Bug)

Changelist name with single quote not displaying correctly

IDEA-73563 (Bug)

Balloon doesn't escape XML tags in commit message

IDEA-75247 (Bug)

Table looses focus during UP/DOWN movements in Show history for selection dialog

IDEA-75480 (Bug)

Apply Patch: show merge dialog for conflicted modification in the same line

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-34003 (Usability Problem)

CVS: if the not-existing file is entered as the password file in CVS Roots dialog, it is silently rejected

IDEA-75358 (Bug)

Nika build 110.3 CVS

IDEA-75387 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.cvsSupport2.ui.experts.importToCvs.ImportSettingsStep.setActive

Version Control. Git


IDEA-68504 (Feature)

Git: Can't add a directory

IDEA-75329 (Cosmetics)

"No changes detected" displayed as "Error" on Mac OS X

IDEA-75150 (Task)

Add Help id

IDEA-75045 (Bug)

Can't authenticate on GitHub if the password has non-ASCII characters

IDEA-75350 (Bug)

Some new files marked as unchanged so it's impossible to do anything with them

IDEA-74743 (Bug)

Escape commit message characters

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-75206 (Exception)

NPE at org.zmlx.hg4idea.execution.HgCommandExecutor.<init>

IDEA-75200 (Exception)

NPE at org.zmlx.hg4idea.execution.HgCommandExecutor.<init>

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-73927 (Bug)

Unshelve... with new changelist creating puts some files to Default changelist



IDEA-54829 (Bug)

When editing a resource bundle, IntelliJ generates spurious double backslashes

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