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  • IDEA 10.5.1 build 107.277 Release Notes
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IDEA-70668 (Bug)

GUI becomes unresponsive after opening a file with on-demand static imports of a class in the same file

IDEA-64348 (Bug)

Avoid IJ hanging during browsing file system for project to open

IDEA-70629 (Bug)

Quick-fixes list position is not in sync with bulb position



IDEA-70208 (Bug)

XDebugger: show special icon while suspended on exception breakpoint



IDEA-70995 (Bug)

Javascript Math.ceil function should receive only one parameter (in ECMAScript.js2)

PHP lang


WI-6487 (Feature)

Array index code completion should support prefixes

WI-6545 (Feature)

Ignore any warnings about undefined field for classes inherited from ArrayObject

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