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IDEA-68812 (Bug)

Packaging Android Resources and Building Android Package steps are always performed on Build | Make, even if there were no changes

IDEA-66980 (Bug)

intention to "add a string resource" doesn't escape ' characters in strings.xml

IDEA-59866 (Bug)

Android: Allow debugger to connect to already running application

IDEA-68366 (Bug)

android:configure in appwidget-provider isn't resolved to activity



IDEA-68737 (Usability Problem)

User should be able to copy driver name

IDEA-66382 (Usability Problem)

Need a way to see whether a SQL column is nullable and its default value

IDEA-68825 (Bug)

Database name has to be skipped while database comparistion

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-68346 (Task)

Console: Expand openapi in order to allow custom actions addition to the console

IDEA-68640 (Bug)

On Mac OS X if I scroll zoom in and then back out it stops at some fixed font size, not the font size I have in my settings

IDEA-68580 (Bug)

Search results window: feature Preview Usages works wrong

IDEA-68276 (Bug)

Column mode selection bug

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-68850 (Exception)

JDK 7: AIOOBE at AddExceptionToCatchFix.addCatchStatement() on "Add Catch Clause" quick fix applied to try-with-resources statement

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-68100 (Bug)

Escape does not close the incremental search when using emacs keymaps

Flex Support


IDEA-68842 (Bug)

flex: ExtractMethod refactoring does not work properly

IDEA-68524 (Bug)

Generate event handle intention: disable when second parameter is resolved reference or function expression

IDEA-68666 (Bug)

flex: project view of binary swf classes (sometimes) strips first character from package name

IDEA-68075 (Bug)

Flex debugger does not show variables from closure scope

IDEA-68670 (Bug)

flex: "introduce field" does not accept a valid caret position

IDEA-62587 (Bug)

ActionScript: "Insert cast" Quick Fix breaks code when casting a closure to int or uint type

GWT Support


IDEA-68823 (Cosmetics)

GWT Console: Link to started application contains '\n'

Google App Engine


IDEA-68814 (Usability Problem)

Static files are not saved before uploading a Google App Engine Application



IDEA-68884 (Feature)

Support @Log annotation

IDEA-68885 (Feature)

Support @Field annotation

IDEA-68889 (Feature)

Support @TupleConstructor and @Canonical

IDEA-59330 (Bug)

Clearly false inspection warning: mappedBy = [children: "parent"]

IDEA-68939 (Bug)

Groovy: good code is red: multiline generic class declaration

IDEA-62061 (Bug)

Access to custom taglib namespace like ${this.'import'.customTag()} should works correctly.

IDEA-68976 (Bug)

Groovy 1.8: all nonexistent references are shown as resolved in a class annotated with @Log

IDEA-68961 (Bug)

Groovy 1.8: Code Formatter inserts unnecessary spaces into diamond operator

IDEA-68641 (Bug)

unique constraint within group not supported/reported as warning

IDEA-68710 (Bug)

Grails: GSP: wrong error highlighting in GSP

IDEA-68891 (Bug)

Parse diamond operator

IDEA-68892 (Bug)

Parse multiline slashy strings

IntelliJ Platform


WI-6091 (Bug)

Inspection profile "copy" does not work



IDEA-68957 (Bug)

Hibernate SessionFactory is not resolved correctly from Spring bean if property "packagesToScan" defined as "ref" instead of "value"



IDEA-64554 (Bug)

JSP 'enable facelets support' link never goes away



IDEA-68406 (Bug)

Tld from provided dependency not seen from jsp

IDEA-64214 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.psi.impl.smartPointers.AnchorElementInfo$1.visitElement() on erasing characters in JSP content declaration



IDEA-45786 (Feature)

Spring: flag use of deprecated class in beans configuration file

IDEA-67917 (Usability Problem)

Find usages of Spring Beans

IDEA-55694 (Bug)

Constructor-arg autowiring does not respect parent fileset beans

IDEA-68691 (Bug)

java mail 1.4.4 lib Provided scope - red in Spring XML

IDEA-68792 (Bug)

Spring: incorrect rename for @Bean 'name' attribute referenced from @Resource annotation

IDEA-68791 (Bug)

Spring: autowiring doesn't work for qualified @Bean-annotated methods

IDEA-67059 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.ui.popup.PopupFactoryImpl.guessBestPopupLocation



IDEA-68688 (Bug)

JavaScript "Find Usages" for an object field does not find the place where the field is assigned

IDEA-68468 (Bug)

Incorrect autoformatting for javascript

IDEA-68919 (Bug)

Cannot inline local javascript variable

OSGi Support


IDEA-68930 (Bug)

OSMORC plugin: correct version for IDEA10.5

PHP debug


WI-1818 (Feature)

PhpStorm Support for an Xdebug proxy

WI-6007 (Task)

Support new 'Mark Object' functionality for Xdebug

PHP frameworks


WI-5614 (Bug)

Notify version control about files generated by command line tool

PHP lang


WI-2659 (Feature)

PHP: Go to Symbol could find built-in functions definition stubs

WI-4880 (Usability Problem)

new Class() should propose navigation not only to (parent) constructor but to this specific class declaration.

WI-6034 (Task)

Extract Phing to separate plugin.

WI-5926 (Bug)

Endless loop when class extends itself

WI-5091 (Bug)

Interface implementation not controlled by parser, if methods declared in php-doc

WI-2011 (Bug)

Invalid FindUsages of "__construct()" with SELF

WI-5943 (Bug)

Refactoring Rename - constants and fields with same name

WI-5761 (Bug)

PHP: Extract Method Refactoring: impossible to extract code with unset() function call, "A set of statements should be of the same code block" reported

WI-4589 (Bug)

Parsing of arrays inside string literals

WI-5851 (Bug)

False positive: Illegal array key type on \number

WI-5964 (Bug)

Invalid initalization line is shown for default quick documentation popup.

PHP test


WI-5635 (Usability Problem)

Allow custom unit testcase classes

WI-5716 (Bug)

Not detecting PHPUnit test method by @test annotation



WI-3063 (Feature)

Apply Colors & Fonts -> CSS -> Keyword style to "!important" keyword

WI-6049 (Bug)

If CSS-block has a comment it becomes “valid”

WI-5361 (Bug)

Bad autocomplete for css file



WI-6102 (Bug)

Deadlock on introduce parameter

WI-6050 (Bug)

Two {@link} in one doc sentence break

WI-5835 (Bug)

JsDoc @link and @see links do not take you to the given class method

WI-6074 (Bug)

No locally stored library message is shown after library has been just downloaded



IDEA-68550 (Bug)

In place introduce field keyboard focus problem



IDEA-68849 (Bug)

Invalid generated DDL for composed index in postgres

IDEA-68780 (Bug)

CHARSET is market red while it is absolutelly legal and works in MySQL 5.X

Task Management


IDEA-58428 (Exception)

RE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ChangeListWorker.removeChangeList

Unknown subsystem


IDEA-68395 (Usability Problem)

Mark as Plain Text for java files is not applicable

IDEA-68473 (Performance Problem)

Compacting index database can hang IDEA for a long time without any visual indication

IDEA-68771 (Task)

Jump to declaration tip has incorrect hotkey in tips

IDEA-68559 (Bug)

'Rebuild Project' fails to resolve inner classes

IDEA-68938 (Exception)


Version Control. Git


IDEA-68915 (Bug)

Typo: "nescessary"

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-64891 (Bug)

Mercurial: if different urls are used for pull and push (https and http), then passwords are not saved

IDEA-68118 (Bug)

Mercurial: show Annotation for specified revision from History tab

IDEA-68107 (Bug)

Mercurial: passwords are not saved even if save password checkbox is selected

IDEA-68774 (Bug)

Mercurial: Update project info tab contains locally modified files

IDEA-64784 (Bug)

Mercurial: with Passwords/DoNotRememberPasswords option set the 'remember password' checkbox in login dialog does nothing

IDEA-68765 (Bug)

Mercurial: revert for added file does nothing for just initiated repo

IDEA-68760 (Bug)

Mercurial: synchronize files after revert

IDEA-68096 (Bug)

Mercurial: update from https performs update before pull action (not-verified certificate)

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-68719 (Bug)

Perforce: in multi-root project Changes view is updated endlessly (status bar blinking) after first login

IDEA-68718 (Bug)

Perforce: on attempt to edit file in offline mode don't show 'perforce is unavailable' dialog and prompt to clear r/o status using file system

IDEA-68716 (Bug)

Perforce: offline mode: files added in offline mode appear in Changes view only after Refresh

IDEA-68713 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.committed.CommittedChangesFilterDialog.<init>

WI specific


WI-6061 (Bug)

IDE crashes while editing .htaccess

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