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IDEA-67777 (Feature)

Mac: allow to open file by dropping it to IDEA icon in dock

IDEA-63663 (Feature)

Sort run configurations alphabetically if clean checkout (no workspace.xml were found)

IDEA-60268 (Usability Problem)

When running unit tests in user project, stacktrace lines from IntelliJ JUnit runtime should be folded as internal calls

IDEA-67333 (Performance Problem)

Idea hung for 2-3 minutes when right click on method name during indexing

IDEA-67563 (Performance Problem)

Idea locked up for about 30 seconds, then resumed

IDEA-64826 (Bug)

Change signature - dialog font size problem

IDEA-67717 (Bug)

Project view tree is not updated properly on new file add /delete

IDEA-67890 (Bug)

"unknown plugin" exception thrown, can't report automatically

IDEA-67324 (Bug)

Weird behavior in Run/Debug configuration.

IDEA-63335 (Bug)

complete current statement error when statement spans on 2 lines

IDEA-67806 (Bug)

Inspections / XPath / Check Node Test: "Edit File Associations" quick fix could expand the tree in the dialog

IDEA-68128 (Bug)

ReplaceAll not working

IDEA-63157 (Bug)

Ctrl+F12 twice doesn't show the matching super methods if narriowing down the list is on

IDEA-67971 (Bug)

Make fails with Argument 1 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/openapi/util/io/FileUtil.pathsEqual must not be null

IDEA-67916 (Bug)

Rename File does not pre-highlight full filename

IDEA-67427 (Bug)

IDEA claims "inconvertible types" but code compiles without even a warning

IDEA-66799 (Bug)

Inspections / XPath / "Redundant Type Conversion" quick fix changes semantics of boolean(number()) expression

IDEA-67257 (Bug)

AS3: "Unresolved variable or type: prototype"

IDEA-67908 (Bug)

XSLT: empty XPath expression is green

IDEA-67497 (Bug)

XSLT: "Unused XML schema declaration" inspection: false positive for namespace declaration used in stylesheet object qualified name

IDEA-67753 (Bug)

False error 'Overridden method does not throw ...'

IDEA-67752 (Bug)

False error 'both methods have the same erasure'

IDEA-67567 (Bug)

scrollbar in navigation bar pick random item upon release

IDEA-67005 (Bug)

[Flex] Green Code Red when using 4-channel colors

IDEA-67366 (Bug)

strange sorting of directories in the dest directory dialog

IDEA-67727 (Bug)

XPath 2: numeric literal immediately followed with letter is green

WI-5853 (Bug)

Broken .htaccess syntax checking



IDEA-62546 (Feature)

No XML support for drawable resource files

IDEA-64014 (Feature)

IntelliJ does not set debuggable property properly for debug builds

IDEA-25622 (Feature)

Autocompletion doesn't for for xml drawables

IDEA-67650 (Bug)

New Android fragment tag is not recognized in layout xml descriptors

IDEA-65775 (Bug)

Autocomplete does't works for android state lists

IDEA-66593 (Bug)

IDE goes unresponsive/hangs while building multi-module Android app

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-67323 (Feature)

New inspection: StringBuffer/StringBuilder is modified but never queried

IDEA-68012 (Feature)

"Method can be variable arity method" inspection

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-68003 (Bug)

Java Formatter: Correct formatting of anonymous classes at method call arguments

Compiling Project


IDEA-67750 (Performance Problem)

Hung while doing ant build

IDEA-65896 (Task)

Using JDK 7, compile always recompiles files even if they haven't changed



IDEA-68051 (Bug)

Database support: encoding of .ids files is system default



IDEA-61749 (Task)

Update Flex documentation, Dependencies tab; refactoring; FlexUnit tests; inspections

IDEA-65899 (Bug)

Update contents of the "Update dialog (Subversion)" reference

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-67951 (Feature)

Suggest comparator type in Collections.sort()

IDEA-56221 (Feature)

shiftless camelhump guessing (like in ReSharper 5)

IDEA-61238 (Feature)

Reinstate code completion in Strings (or the option to enable this)

IDEA-67250 (Feature)

Invoke completion automatically when none of the predefined live template variants match

IDEA-67827 (Feature)

Smarter completion of tags

IDEA-64781 (Usability Problem)

Allow auto-completion for plain text files to be disabled

IDEA-67939 (Bug)

Smart completion completes private field from parent class inside a static inner inheritor

IDEA-67448 (Exception)

Exception for class name completion in Spring xml

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-17343 (Feature)

Support editor navigation to source files from non-standard tags and JS

IDEA-67958 (Bug)

in console: first character of each entered line is skipped

IDEA-67384 (Bug)

Emacs Tab does not work properly

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-61333 (Bug)

Default-package classes are resolved in non-default package context

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-68093 (Bug)

After searching cursor is not positioned in appropriate place

IDEA-68148 (Bug)

Empty file mask wrong validation in Find dialog

Flex Support


IDEA-56002 (Feature)

ability to disable "generate flex configuration" on maven project reimport

IDEA-68023 (Usability Problem)

autocompletion and - if - keyword

IDEA-57185 (Bug)

Support flexmojos4 way of locale settings

IDEA-60712 (Bug)

unresolved properties from tlf_internal namespace

IDEA-67887 (Bug)

Flex. Namespace in MXML doesn't change after moving class to another package

IDEA-68007 (Bug)

simple variable used in static function not marked as error

IDEA-61204 (Bug)

flex: code completion: duplicate variants

GUI Designer


IDEA-64042 (Bug)

GUI Designer - components appearance is not updated when their properties are changed from properties inspector or form workspace

IDEA-41363 (Bug)

GUI Designer form doesn't removed modified mark on save



IDEA-65728 (Feature)

Support Auto Code Format for Spock Tests

IDEA-43512 (Feature)

Implement ReadWriteAccessDetector from Idea 8.0 when moving to new platform

IDEA-64023 (Bug)

Current line not highlighted in debugger in some Groovy classes

IDEA-67974 (Bug)

Cannot run multiple metaClass/Mixin unit tests from IntelliJ

IDEA-67879 (Bug)

Groovy Inspection: false 'unused code' warning

IDEA-67776 (Bug)

Off by one error in 'Method with too many parameters' for Groovy

IDEA-68080 (Bug)

Super class with optional constructor argument

IDEA-68098 (Bug)

Groovy: 'continue' & 'break' is not exist in completion.

IDEA-68142 (Bug)

Groovy: false "Variable already defined" inspection

IntelliJ Platform


WI-5783 (Usability Problem)

"Mark Directory As" context menu shows different Types than Project Settings



IDEA-67670 (Bug)

Inspection highlights incorrect errors with concatenated query in @NamedQuery's



IDEA-67834 (Feature)

spring: provide gutter navigation icon for <context:component-scan> to navigate to matching beans

IDEA-68155 (Feature)

spring: component-scan navigation icon: navigation targets could be ordered by name

IDEA-67952 (Bug)

Spring3.1 profiles: profile rename - allow profile name not to be valid java identifier

IDEA-65154 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: gateways: no completion for methods

IDEA-22930 (Bug)

Adding Spring beans using "Patterns" and "Copyright" broken

IDEA-67937 (Bug)

Spring3.1 profiles: consider profiles defined using @Profile annotation

IDEA-67934 (Bug)

Spring: on Component name change bean dependencies graph is not updated

IDEA-68090 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: don't report 'tcp-connection-factory' element using as 'connection-factory' attribute as error

IDEA-67949 (Bug)

Spring3.1 profiles: 'profile' attribute value should contain single profile id or comma-separated list of ids; space-delimited set should be shown as error

IDEA-67944 (Bug)

Spring3.1 profiles: don't error-highlight empty 'profile' attribute value

IDEA-67151 (Exception)

PIEAE at com.intellij.jam.JamClassGeneratorImpl$JamReferenceHolderImpl.$$$getPsiRef$$$



IDEA-65326 (Feature)

Method calls from freemarker template to struts action are not linked

PHP lang


WI-5785 (Bug)

Update PHPDOC quickfix should not produce doc that contradicts other inspection

WI-5925 (Bug)

Input not possible in string concatination

WI-3252 (Bug)

PhpStorm warns on number -> int/float conversion

WI-5884 (Bug)

When updating PhpDoc keep the order of parameters as defined in function/method signature

WI-5858 (Bug)

Inspection ignore @global

WI-5867 (Bug)

Do not warn missing @return or generate @return phpdoc for constructors

WI-5850 (Bug)

PhpDoc fixing works bad



WI-5922 (Bug)

wrong 'remove unnecessary parentheses' action for javascript

Plugin: Deployment / FTP..


WI-3765 (Usability Problem)

Server path mapping: chooser opens with IDE installation directory preselected

WI-5885 (Bug)

Deployment path coinciding with project path may change letters case when serialized

WI-5886 (Bug)

Don't allow to create local server from Upload before run dialog

Project View


IDEA-65547 (Usability Problem)

Project view expanded/collapsed state is not preserved

IDEA-22642 (Usability Problem)

A node's label is not updated in project tree after rename



IDEA-67898 (Cosmetics)

Don't show "Rename parameter in hierarchy" checkbox when renaming a static method parameter

IDEA-67907 (Bug)

Can't pull up a static inner class

IDEA-68062 (Bug)

JavaScript if simplification failing

IDEA-67739 (Bug)

Project files viewis not updated after moving class

IDEA-67580 (Bug)

Inline interface does not move javadoc



IDEA-63340 (Feature)

Add "find usage" to fields in database

IDEA-67760 (Bug)

SQLite: column names starting with underscore '_' is red

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-67795 (Feature)

Suggest another scope if no tests were found in current (default configuration) scope

User Interface


IDEA-68031 (Usability Problem)

"side effects found" dialog: provide better resizing

IDEA-63971 (Bug)

UI: Error marks clickable area placed wrong

IDEA-67553 (Bug)

10.5 EAP (106.330): Installing/updating plugin with optional dependencies is impossible

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-60254 (Feature)

"Commit and Push" button for Mercurial



IDEA-67183 (Bug)

Javadoc is garbled

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