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  • IDEA 10.5 build 106.330 Release Notes
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IDEA-66991 (Feature)

Allow cloning from github using ssh protocol in case if user has write access to the repo

IDEA-66999 (Feature)

Console Folding: Add additional default patterns

IDEA-66456 (Feature)

Complete named arguments of listOrderBy

IDEA-66950 (Feature)

XPath: Evaluate/Find by id() function returns no result

IDEA-61541 (Usability Problem)

Alt-enter interface creation feature request

IDEA-67169 (Performance Problem)

high memory usage after closing all projects

IDEA-66335 (Bug)

ClearCase setting UCM/no UCM should be stored in IDEA settings dir

IDEA-66918 (Bug)

Selection is not discarded when cursor moves in the inplace editor with autopopup

IDEA-67252 (Bug)

Send statistics anonymously locks the AWT event thread

IDEA-66779 (Bug)

Inspections / XML / "Unused XML schema declaration" does not properly update highlighting for namespace usages in XSLT

IDEA-66641 (Bug)

XSLT run configuration: Highlight output as = Disabled fails to open XSLT output tab

IDEA-67167 (Bug)

XPath plugin: text() node test is incorrectly evaluated with CDATA section

IDEA-67005 (Bug)

[Flex] Green Code Red when using 4-channel colors

IDEA-54834 (Bug)

IntelliJ constantly taking 50% CPU even when left idle

IDEA-48059 (Bug)

Surround with (ctrl-alt-T) should list options in same order as surround with does for java

IDEA-66109 (Bug)

change signature dialog not readable

IDEA-66777 (Bug)

Pasting escapes quotes too eagerly

IDEA-66850 (Exception)

FNFE at com.intellij.psi.stubs.StubTree.readOrBuild



IDEA-56048 (Feature)

Please add unicode support for built-in logcat

IDEA-67042 (Bug)

Trouble with launching android app

IDEA-55218 (Bug)

Lock when deploying app / changing emulator in Logcat console and adb misbehaves

IDEA-66282 (Bug)

wrong android application name

IDEA-66206 (Bug)

Unable to create android module from existing sources

IDEA-66204 (Bug)

IDEA should compile AIDLs only from src folder

IDEA-64803 (Bug)

Large Android APKs need more time to install

IDEA-65438 (Bug)

Creating Android project from Scratch NOT WORKING ON ULTIMATE EDITION

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-67211 (Bug)

Lock acquired & not properly unlocked Inspection misses usage with ReentrantReadWriteLock

Code Coverage


IDEA-66082 (Exception)

Throwable at FileManagerImpl.getCachedPsiFile() on closing the project with split editors

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-66053 (Performance Problem)

Formatter: Optimize performance of applying formatting changes

IDEA-66583 (Bug)

"blank line after anonymous class header" does not work with comment

IDEA-54406 (Bug)

Incorrect indentation of Java and javaScript codes in formatting

Compiling Project


IDEA-52080 (Bug)

Compile on Frame deactivation - faster Seam and Tapestry development

Distribution packages


WI-5637 (Cosmetics)

Wrong screenshots in productivity guide



IDEA-66061 (Task)

Add mention about using middle mouse button as the alternative way to toggle between line and column selection modes

IDEA-66934 (Task)

Update documentation about JavaScript Debug run configuration to mention that Google Chrome is supported

IDEA-65909 (Task)

Add reference about "$NAME" template variable to File Templates description.

IDEA-66709 (Task)

Update reference for Groovy compiler

IDEA-67149 (Bug)

Keyboard shortcut is not rendered in the Find tool window reference

IDEA-65479 (Bug)

Update "Uint Testing Support" topic

IDEA-64102 (Bug)

File Template Variables vs Text. how to escape $ (Dollar sign) in template text?

IDEA-66687 (Bug)

Documentation: New option in 'Settings->Maven->Importing->Keep source and test folders'

IDEA-63740 (Bug)

Documentation to Feature Request IDEA-57833 Groovy/Grails Refactoring Map to class

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-66656 (Feature)

Suggest static fields in Class Name completion

IDEA-66179 (Usability Problem)

Bad behavior of inserting generic type constructor when autocompleting

IDEA-66899 (Bug)

Completing enum constant defined in the same class (private) will insert full FQN (including parent class name) instead of EnumName.ENUM_VALUE

IDEA-66892 (Bug)

'else' variant in completion should be preferred in this case

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-66610 (Feature)

interpret carriage return (\r) in console only as carriage return and not as new line (\n)

IDEA-67172 (Feature)

"Empty text" feature in EditorTextField

IDEA-66438 (Bug)

Folding preview is displayed for a wrong folding and at a wrong place

IDEA-66737 (Bug)

Copy text from quick doc popup doesn't work

IDEA-66955 (Bug)

Type tooltip shows HTML entities

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-67248 (Bug)

Convert to ThreadLocal does not convert array access

IDEA-66939 (Bug)

JDK 7: "Replace with 'try' with resources" intention should check for resources usages out of try-catch blocks

IDEA-67190 (Bug)

"Delete catch for" quickfix works incorrectly

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-66864 (Exception)

Exception from search/replace

Flex Support


IDEA-59767 (Feature)

ActionScript: Extract Function dialog could permit to change parameter's name

IDEA-60857 (Bug)

incorrect errors for valid air 2.5 descriptor

IDEA-60712 (Bug)

unresolved properties from tlf_internal namespace

IDEA-67095 (Bug)

"Extract Method" refactoring not working when parameters are required

IDEA-67004 (Bug)

Flex: Move Refactoring: if a class being moved is imported using '*', import statement won't be added after move

IDEA-67103 (Bug)

idea hanging after "delete unused method" in flex code

GWT Support


IDEA-18674 (Feature)

GWT compilation shouldn't compile all GWT modules.



IDEA-67092 (Feature)

enable javascript editor inside r:script tags inside GSPs

IDEA-59710 (Usability Problem)

Gant run configuration module chooser: items should be sorted, search should be available

IDEA-66339 (Bug)

Incorrect multiple resolve from anonymous constructor argument list

IDEA-67134 (Bug)

createAlias() is not recognized within criteria query

IDEA-66989 (Bug)

Unwrap/Remove is not working for grails tags

IDEA-66822 (Bug)

Cannot introduce constant out of identity closure

IDEA-67094 (Bug)

Groovy: variables in multiple assignment are not recognized when referenced afterwards

IDEA-67093 (Bug)

Tab to accept code completion in Groovy replaces too much or not enough

IDEA-66809 (Bug)

Inline method changes map key semantics

IDEA-67217 (Bug)

Introduce parameter should specify its type explicitly by default

IDEA-67192 (Bug)

Extracting a variable from closure loses named arguments



IDEA-67032 (Bug)

No-Interface EJB view is reported as error by EJB environment inspection



IDEA-67035 (Bug)

Failing to deploy artifacts on GlassFish 3.0.x-3.1.x [Major!]



IDEA-67064 (Bug)

Unwrap/Remove action should not show 'jsp:root' tag in 'to-remove' tag list.



IDEA-66854 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: check that 'selector' element has 'method' attribute defined

IDEA-66851 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: check that class used as filter either implements MessageSelector or has single appropriate method , if no 'method' attribute is specified

IDEA-66778 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: inbound-channel-adapter /outbound-channel-adapter elements: show error if both 'ref' attribute and inner bean

IDEA-66846 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: don't show errors for 'selector' element refenced from 'selector' attribute

IDEA-66853 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: filter/selector elements: 'method' attribute should suggest appropriate methods from referenced bean and show errors for incorrect values

IDEA-66993 (Bug)

Spring profiles: references to beans defined in profiles are not resolved

IDEA-67154 (Bug)

Spring: bean class gutter icons should be updated in-time

IDEA-67076 (Bug)

good code red: spring-integration:header tag doesn't require child expression tag

IDEA-66780 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: inbound-channel-adapter/outbound-channel-adapter: for 'method' attribute, only parameter-less methods are suggested

IDEA-67152 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.spring.model.xml.beans.DomSpringBeanPointer.getSpringBean

IDEA-67010 (Exception)

IOE at com.intellij.psi.util.PsiUtil.checkIsIdentifier

PHP lang


WI-2667 (Feature)

Indent php

WI-5414 (Feature)

Action to remove BOM from file

WI-2529 (Feature)

Create Parameter quickfix over unresolved variable

WI-5610 (Bug)

PHPStorm smart indenting the wrong lines.



WI-1154 (Feature)

Tag tree highlighting



WI-5680 (Usability Problem)

Register 'Introduce Variable' refactoring in usage statistic

Project View


IDEA-12639 (Feature)

"Copy Reference" (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C) could work for selected package in Project view

IDEA-66848 (Bug)

Copy & Paste with Compact Empty Middle Packages copies wrong package



IDEA-66985 (Cosmetics)

Use product name in safe delete message

IDEA-67021 (Bug)

Move Refactoring: move everything from specified directory to the same directory results in package deletion

IDEA-67146 (Bug)

Inline introduce variable breaks code while playing with 'final' checkbox



IDEA-21689 (Feature)

Keep history of queries executed via JDBC console

Task Management


IDEA-66995 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.getComponent

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-36423 (Bug)

Undo move or rename package or class does not update run configuration

Version Control


IDEA-67198 (Bug)

VCS: Show file history action update() should be optimized

Version Control. ClearCase


IDEA-48073 (Performance Problem)

ClearCase checkout is performed in EDT with no progress

IDEA-47900 (Bug)

ClearCase: quotation symbols in the commit comment appear as '\' in the resulted version description

IDEA-47608 (Bug)

ClearCase: after package rename rollback the files contents is incorrect until Synchronize is invoked

IDEA-65977 (Bug)

Clear Case plugin can not add/move to non existing directory

IDEA-47899 (Bug)

ClearCase: commit fails for some user comments

IDEA-65532 (Exception)

ClearCase: RE at

Version Control. Git


IDEA-66556 (Task)

github should store password in IDEA password safe

IDEA-67156 (Bug)

GitHub integration does not allow to manually type in project and does not show organization's projects

IDEA-66869 (Bug)

Cannot clone watched PRIVATE repository from Github

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