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IDEA-64014 (Feature)

IntelliJ does not set debuggable property properly for debug builds

IDEA-25622 (Feature)

Autocompletion doesn't for for xml drawables

IDEA-62546 (Feature)

No XML support for drawable resource files

IDEA-65775 (Bug)

Autocomplete does't works for android state lists

IDEA-65673 (Bug)

Creating a new layout file uses values not available in android:minSdkVersion

IDEA-68133 (Bug)

array items in android are shown as unused if they are only used in preferences.xml

IDEA-65415 (Bug)

Importing new android project from maven pom is setting the Android Platform incorrectly

IDEA-66282 (Bug)

wrong android application name

IDEA-58829 (Bug)

Android SDK doesn't exclude standard JDK classes that aren't available for Android

IDEA-68366 (Bug)

android:configure in appwidget-provider isn't resolved to activity

IDEA-68454 (Bug)

Good code red: xml drawables

IDEA-68119 (Bug)

Importing maven android plugin project results in "ERROR: Please specify Android SDK" error

IDEA-67650 (Bug)

New Android fragment tag is not recognized in layout xml descriptors

IDEA-68812 (Bug)

Packaging Android Resources and Building Android Package steps are always performed on Build | Make, even if there were no changes

IDEA-66206 (Bug)

Unable to create android module from existing sources

IDEA-68831 (Bug)

Can't build maven android project from within intellij 10.5

IDEA-66204 (Bug)

IDEA should compile AIDLs only from src folder

IDEA-66980 (Bug)

intention to "add a string resource" doesn't escape ' characters in strings.xml

IDEA-55218 (Bug)

Lock when deploying app / changing emulator in Logcat console and adb misbehaves

IDEA-67311 (Bug)

Issue during Rename of Activity class : AndroidManifest.xml is not affected.

IDEA-65262 (Bug)

R class is generated incorrectly sometimes when using library project

IDEA-60449 (Bug)

Running JUnit tests in a module with an Android facet should not perform a full Android build

IDEA-67042 (Bug)

Trouble with launching android app

IDEA-51833 (Bug)

ADB operations should be done in non-ui thread with timeout and/or restart

IDEA-59866 (Bug)

Android: Allow debugger to connect to already running application

IDEA-67621 (Exception)

Android: IllegalStateException at AndroidSdk.doInitializeDdmlib() on enabling/disabling ADB service

Ant Integration


IDEA-67804 (Bug)

tstamp target's properties are not resolved

IDEA-38634 (Bug)

Ant: Create Meta Target does nothing



IDEA-65791 (Bug)

classpath error: unable to find org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint (check that aspectjrt.jar is in your classpath)

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-65277 (Feature)

Create an Inspection from the Intention "Remove Redundant 'else'".

IDEA-35002 (Feature)

Inspection "Integer multiplication or shift implicitly cast to long" shall have an option to ignore constant expression

IDEA-68639 (Feature)

new "'Math.random()' cast to 'int'" inspection

IDEA-25379 (Feature)

for/while loop replaceable with 'foreach' does not support conversion of iterations with ListIterator

IDEA-65109 (Feature)

Public method is not exposed via an interface should have option to only work if the class implements an interface

IDEA-65545 (Feature)

Side Effects checker could probably check for simple setters/getters

IDEA-54270 (Feature)

Overloaded methods with the same number of parameters enhancement for incompatible types

IDEA-65653 (Feature)

Inspection: if/else can be converted to switch

IDEA-24796 (Feature)

while loop replaceable with 'for each' inspection - Quickfix should use existing iteration variable where possible and avoid creating redundant local variable.

IDEA-66572 (Feature)

"'try finally' replaceable with 'try' with resources" inspection

IDEA-64082 (Feature)

Add option "skip private methods" to Return of Null inspections

IDEA-67791 (Feature)

"test method without assertions": support situation where method delegates to other (local) methods

IDEA-67325 (Feature)

Quickfix for "Manual array to collection copy" should use java.util.Collections.addAll instead of Collection.addAll(Arrays.asList())

IDEA-67323 (Feature)

New inspection: StringBuffer/StringBuilder is modified but never queried

IDEA-35867 (Feature)

Suggest @Nullable for method parameter if null is passed

IDEA-33331 (Feature)

Inspection String.equals("") on JDK 5 or up should use String.isEmpty in quickfix

IDEA-64638 (Feature)

PhpStorm inspection results HTML export: why no line number info?

IDEA-68012 (Feature)

"Method can be variable arity method" inspection

IDEA-25556 (Usability Problem)

Inspection "equals() doesn't check class of parameter" - shouldn't fail when only calling super.equals

IDEA-67425 (Usability Problem)

Call to default 'toString()' fails for String valueOf char array

IDEA-53686 (Cosmetics)

String concatenation inspection should have "Ignore for exceptions" option

IDEA-38861 (Bug)

"Redundant type cast" inspection not triggered

IDEA-66739 (Bug)

Inspection "equals() method which does not check class of parameter" should not report methods with "return false" body

IDEA-66075 (Bug)

convert for(Iterator...) to for-each loop doesn't work

IDEA-67564 (Bug)

Raw use of parameterized class inspection not always working

IDEA-66668 (Bug)

JDK 7: Diamonds: wrong "Identifier expected" error and "Unckeched assignment" warning appear on paste

IDEA-65831 (Bug)

"instance field accessed not qualified with this"-inspection is broken

IDEA-65290 (Bug)

Add configuration option to inspection "Serializable class without 'readObject()' and 'writeObject()'" to ignore anonymous inner classes.

IDEA-52197 (Bug)

'for' loop replaceable with 'for each' inspection error

IDEA-66080 (Bug)

for(Iterator...) loop cannot be transformed into for-each loop

IDEA-68354 (Bug)

'Mismatched query and update of StringBuilder' false positive

IDEA-67476 (Bug)

redundant 'else' quickfix is incorrect

IDEA-64871 (Bug)

Inspection result viewer screws up sorting

IDEA-67522 (Bug)

array equals inspection misses == operator on two arrays

IDEA-65788 (Bug)

false positive for disjunction type in "Overly broad 'catch' block" inspection

IDEA-65857 (Bug)

Wrong 'no enclosing instance of type' error message

IDEA-65782 (Bug)

UnnecessaryUnboxing should not warn when unboxing causes a different method to be invoked.

IDEA-67367 (Bug)

Inappropriate for loop code replacement

IDEA-66939 (Bug)

JDK 7: "Replace with 'try' with resources" intention should check for resources usages out of try-catch blocks

IDEA-66185 (Bug)

Malformed format string inspection: Instruct the inspection that int -> char conversion is correct

IDEA-66114 (Bug)

JDK 7: Diamond: wrong "Unchecked assignment" warning appears after invoking "Replace with <>" intention

IDEA-67211 (Bug)

Lock acquired & not properly unlocked Inspection misses usage with ReentrantReadWriteLock

IDEA-65762 (Bug)

NPE in structural search inspection

IDEA-66635 (Bug)

Regression: javadoc inspection flags method names without arguments as errors

IDEA-18908 (Bug)

Launching "Run inspection on..." from inspection results doesn't ask for scope

IDEA-65287 (Bug)

Add configuration option to inspection "Serializable class without 'serialVersionUID' to ignore anonymous inner classes.

IDEA-67451 (Bug)

The selection of annotation type in 'Inspections' -> 'Probable Bugs' ->Constant conditions & exceptions is not persisted

Code Coverage


IDEA-65420 (Bug)

Code coverage: combobox in "Choose Coverage Suite to Display" dialog does strange things

IDEA-65818 (Bug)

10.0.2 hung on Linux Ubuntu [deadlock in code coverage subsystem]

IDEA-65853 (Bug)

Attempt to run test with IDEA coverage fails

IDEA-65416 (Exception)

Throwable at CoverageSuitesBundle.<init>() on showing desktop application (main() method) statistics together with web application statistics

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-65433 (Feature)

Code style feature: simple classes and interfaces in one line

IDEA-64975 (Feature)

Possibility of keeping multiple expressions on one line

IDEA-64791 (Feature)

Code Style Settings for CSS

IDEA-57891 (Usability Problem)

Reformat file: run under modal progress

IDEA-66053 (Performance Problem)

Formatter: Optimize performance of applying formatting changes

IDEA-67301 (Task)

Line wrap: expand the API

IDEA-65777 (Bug)

No alignment when pressing Enter in multiline implements list

IDEA-69043 (Bug)

Code Style Dialog: Selecting values from a drop-down menu doesn't reformat the example

IDEA-68073 (Bug)

Correct 'strip trailing spaces for modified lines' processing

IDEA-66583 (Bug)

"blank line after anonymous class header" does not work with comment

IDEA-67294 (Bug)

unexpected reformat result for package-private annotation

IDEA-68348 (Bug)

Formatter: Correct 'wrap long lines' processing

IDEA-68003 (Bug)

Java Formatter: Correct formatting of anonymous classes at method call arguments

IDEA-65987 (Bug)

Java Formatter: Correct anonymous classes instances as method arguments processing

IDEA-63562 (Bug)

Incorrect indentation of JS code after formatting

IDEA-61907 (Bug)

Improper code formatting for JavaScript and possibly other languages with "Ensure right margin is not exceeded" set on.

Code Navigation


IDEA-48243 (Usability Problem)

Quick Definition: Show inner classes name in the combobox.

IDEA-68493 (Usability Problem)

Cannot create tests for Java enums

IDEA-67757 (Bug)

Regression in camelCase in class lookups

Compiling Project


IDEA-67750 (Performance Problem)

Hung while doing ant build

IDEA-65896 (Task)

Using JDK 7, compile always recompiles files even if they haven't changed

IDEA-52080 (Bug)

Compile on Frame deactivation - faster Seam and Tapestry development

IDEA-68231 (Bug)

@NotNull/@Nullable JDK7 code injection cause 'Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target'

IDEA-65467 (Bug)

Unable to compile non-Android modules



IDEA-54638 (Feature)

Filter/Group tables types in DataSources tree view

IDEA-19460 (Feature)

IDEA should be able to import a DataSource from Tomcat's context.xml

IDEA-68737 (Usability Problem)

User should be able to copy driver name

IDEA-65554 (Usability Problem)

Database console cannot run batch when selection starts with a comment

IDEA-66382 (Usability Problem)

Need a way to see whether a SQL column is nullable and its default value

IDEA-67491 (Usability Problem)

Interface to open data sources Table Editor is awkward

IDEA-68051 (Bug)

Database support: encoding of .ids files is system default

IDEA-66505 (Bug)

AE at DbElementImpl.checkValid(), Import Database Schema dialog cannot be closed, IDEA process has to be killed

IDEA-69028 (Bug)

'Recent Files' problems with database console

IDEA-68825 (Bug)

Database name has to be skipped while database comparistion

IDEA-66503 (Exception)

NPE at AbstractTreeBuilder.getReady() on closing Import Database Schema dialog

IDEA-66525 (Exception)

Import Data Source: ISE at dbcConsoleContextProvider$JdbcRunContext.tuneParams() on testing connection with absent driver class name

IDEA-65944 (Exception)

Throwable at SmartPointerManagerImpl.createSmartPsiElementPointer() on deleting a data source



IDEA-62204 (Bug)

Add right-click 'Remove All' option in Watches window

IDEA-62216 (Bug)

Debugger: Enable Delete button in watches after finishing debugging process.

IDEA-64654 (Bug)

A shortcut with Insert on Mac



IDEA-67894 (Feature)

Allow running " diff" while IDEA is already running

IDEA-66299 (Bug)

Apply patch from context menu doesn't work

Distribution packages


WI-5637 (Cosmetics)

Wrong screenshots in productivity guide



IDEA-64608 (Task)

Provide tip of the day for specifying line number in goto file

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-67951 (Feature)

Suggest comparator type in Collections.sort()

IDEA-40461 (Feature)

Allow [ to finish complete the way ( does

IDEA-67250 (Feature)

Invoke completion automatically when none of the predefined live template variants match

IDEA-66656 (Feature)

Suggest static fields in Class Name completion

IDEA-54223 (Feature)

Type Hierarchy (Ctrl+H) support in autocompletion

IDEA-61238 (Feature)

Reinstate code completion in Strings (or the option to enable this)

IDEA-62904 (Feature)

ctrl-alt-space completion for static method: choosing "import statically" should complete action, not toggle

IDEA-67827 (Feature)

Smarter completion of tags

IDEA-65234 (Feature)

Smart Completion: suggest most-probable method for delegation

IDEA-66692 (Usability Problem)

Completion popup: Pi-symbol hides part of scrollbar

IDEA-66179 (Usability Problem)

Bad behavior of inserting generic type constructor when autocompleting

IDEA-67344 (Usability Problem)

Please don't scroll the help message immediately or while typing

IDEA-46653 (Usability Problem)

Completion in parameter list should not insert a trailing comma if the following parameter is varargs

IDEA-59688 (Usability Problem)

New code completion pop-ups interfering with Parameter Info pop-up

IDEA-64781 (Usability Problem)

Allow auto-completion for plain text files to be disabled

IDEA-65810 (Usability Problem)

Class completion: suggest most probable class in the specific context.

IDEA-67349 (Usability Problem)

Suggest closest classes first

IDEA-66892 (Bug)

'else' variant in completion should be preferred in this case

IDEA-67249 (Bug)

Keyword 'final' is not exists in completion called if 'for'

IDEA-66899 (Bug)

Completing enum constant defined in the same class (private) will insert full FQN (including parent class name) instead of EnumName.ENUM_VALUE

IDEA-50092 (Bug)

Code completion added unnecessary type arguments

IDEA-67445 (Bug)

no smart completion for "new Ex<caret>"

IDEA-65252 (Bug)

Static nested classes are first proposal on values

IDEA-68178 (Bug)

Completions does not complete class names in java annotations

IDEA-65286 (Bug)

JAVA: autocomplete triggers within double-value

IDEA-67939 (Bug)

Smart completion completes private field from parent class inside a static inner inheritor

IDEA-66154 (Bug)

Resources from Web Facets not autocompleted across transitive module dependencies

IDEA-65639 (Bug)

code completion offers funny option

IDEA-62188 (Bug)

Java: Basic completion doesn't suggest "default" keyword in switch construction

IDEA-67369 (Bug)

Font size of completion pop-up should depend on editor font size

IDEA-65928 (Bug)

static method completion: no secondary menu presented

IDEA-55859 (Bug)

Invalid autocomplete suggestion on double Ctrl+Shift+Space

IDEA-65811 (Bug)

"final" variant is not suggested but it should be

IDEA-67448 (Exception)

Exception for class name completion in Spring xml

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-68593 (Feature)

Emacs: Make it possible to quite from incremental search mode by pressing Ctrl-G

IDEA-66149 (Feature)

Delegate to local final variables

IDEA-68362 (Feature)

Emacs: Teach emacs like 'kill-word', 'backward-kill-word', 'kill-region' and 'kill-ring-save' actions to work with kill ring

IDEA-68361 (Feature)

Emacs: Add 'negate-kill-line' action

IDEA-68416 (Feature)

Emacs: Provide support for 'yank-pop' action

IDEA-66610 (Feature)

interpret carriage return (\r) in console only as carriage return and not as new line (\n)

IDEA-65422 (Feature)

Editor: Add support for 'Scroll to Top' and 'Scroll to Bottom' actions

IDEA-66719 (Feature)

Editor: start selection like in emacs

IDEA-67172 (Feature)

"Empty text" feature in EditorTextField

IDEA-65654 (Usability Problem)

Documentation window: Do not show 'font size' control when I click the text

IDEA-25757 (Usability Problem)

Default keyboard shortcuts for Switcher and Go to Next/Previous Splitter actions conflict [In the split mode, Ctrl+(Shift+)Tab doesn't switch between splitters when both contain the same file opened]

IDEA-69179 (Usability Problem)

Down/PgDown(Up/PgUp) should go to the editor end (start) when invoked in the middle of the last (first) line

IDEA-18586 (Usability Problem)

Emacs-Mode: Incremental Search Again should be mapped to Ctrl-S,Ctrl-R after first search

IDEA-65819 (Usability Problem)

Pasting a "string" over "another string" applies unnecessary quoting

IDEA-68346 (Task)

Console: Expand openapi in order to allow custom actions addition to the console

IDEA-67958 (Bug)

in console: first character of each entered line is skipped

IDEA-65686 (Bug)

Rectangular selection contracts width incorrectly

IDEA-65838 (Bug)

Closing tags in javadoc comments are not generated after @return

IDEA-63634 (Bug)

Correct method parameters hint processing

IDEA-66438 (Bug)

Folding preview is displayed for a wrong folding and at a wrong place

IDEA-68640 (Bug)

On Mac OS X if I scroll zoom in and then back out it stops at some fixed font size, not the font size I have in my settings

IDEA-65747 (Bug)

Javadoc: Don't use attribute value on javadoc tag autocompletion

IDEA-68580 (Bug)

Search results window: feature Preview Usages works wrong

IDEA-67278 (Bug)

Console links in wrong places

IDEA-18764 (Bug)

Emacs-Mode: Ctrl-y only pastes the last line killed and not the entire kill buffer

IDEA-66955 (Bug)

Type tooltip shows HTML entities

IDEA-67384 (Bug)

Emacs Tab does not work properly

IDEA-65342 (Bug)

Join Lines eats first parameter

IDEA-67327 (Bug)

Undo: Correct bulk undo processing at document end

IDEA-67268 (Bug)

search broken

IDEA-65434 (Bug)

Ctrl+Shift+Enter bug in conditional blocks

IDEA-66737 (Bug)

Copy text from quick doc popup doesn't work

IDEA-65601 (Bug)

Scroll after zoom bug

IDEA-68276 (Bug)

Column mode selection bug

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-67253 (Feature)

Quickfix to replace += operator with StringBuilder on left hand side with append() call

IDEA-56238 (Cosmetics)

Dotted line effect does not always paint dotted line

IDEA-68138 (Bug)

query parameter not recognized in assembled string

IDEA-66132 (Bug)

JDK 7: Diamond: good code is red: dimond operator used in initialization of a raw generic type variable

IDEA-66081 (Bug)

javadoc error highligh for methods with inner class array parameter

IDEA-66266 (Bug)

Make not final quickfix should not be available for multicatch

IDEA-68179 (Bug)

Parse in array in annotation is not shown in java

IDEA-67385 (Bug)

visibility issue

IDEA-61333 (Bug)

Default-package classes are resolved in non-default package context

IDEA-65435 (Bug)

Grails/GSP: Editor markes attribute "defaultCodec" red

IDEA-67556 (Bug)

A class whose package name is consisting of a word "enum" is marked in red color but compiles OK when "project language level=1.4"

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-22119 (Feature)

Javadoc: Inspection/intention to replace <code>...</code> with {@code ...}

IDEA-65821 (Feature)

new "Split Multicatch into Separate Catch Blocks" intention

IDEA-65954 (Feature)

"Replace Automatic Resource Management with 'try finally'" intention

IDEA-65920 (Feature)

JDK 1.7: Intention "Make final and annotate as @SafeVarargs" for methods with varargs parameter of non-reifiable type could be added

IDEA-65933 (Feature)

Intention to replace multiple 'throws' declarations on a method with the common supertype

IDEA-66859 (Bug)

JDK 7: Intention "Replace with 'try' with resources" drops comments from try and finally blocks

IDEA-67719 (Bug)

Implement Methods intention action on an enum

IDEA-67248 (Bug)

Convert to ThreadLocal does not convert array access

IDEA-67230 (Bug)

Unimplement interface doesn't appear to work for parameterized interfaces

IDEA-65704 (Bug)

"Replace for-each loop with indexed for loop" breaks code

IDEA-66787 (Bug)

JDK 7: "Convert to atomic" intention should not be available for resources declarations in try-with-resources statement

IDEA-65583 (Bug)

Auto-completion + import in java is buggy

IDEA-69106 (Bug)

Create-constructor intention with array argument creates wrong signature constructor

IDEA-24874 (Bug)

Intention 'Convert method to variable argument method' fires for Scala code, and mangles it

IDEA-65807 (Bug)

"Replace catch section with throws declaration" intention fails on multicatch

IDEA-67190 (Bug)

"Delete catch for" quickfix works incorrectly

IDEA-67212 (Bug)

"Redundant array creation" produces invalid code

IDEA-16233 (Bug)

Missing intention action to generate <constructor-arg> for factory method

IDEA-67421 (Bug)

Inconsistent intention availability on interface based on cursor placement

IDEA-68379 (Bug)

Remove try-finally block - removes comments within try block

IDEA-65996 (Bug)

Generic type formatted incorrectly in Create field/variable

IDEA-66770 (Bug)

JDK 7: Intention "Replace with 'try' with resources" drops catch blocks

IDEA-66771 (Bug)

JDK 7: Intention "Replace 'catch' section with 'throws' declaration" applied to catch clause after try-with-resources statement drops resources declaration

IDEA-68850 (Exception)

JDK 7: AIOOBE at AddExceptionToCatchFix.addCatchStatement() on "Add Catch Clause" quick fix applied to try-with-resources statement

IDEA-67549 (Exception)

JDK 7: NumberFormatException at IntentionActionWrapper.invoke() on "Convert to Engineering notation" intention applied to numeric literal with underscore

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-66192 (Feature)

Find/Replace in current file should switch to one another preserving the search query

IDEA-65752 (Usability Problem)

Provide the possibility to toggle between search and replace

IDEA-65748 (Usability Problem)

Provide code completion in "Replace" field

IDEA-65561 (Usability Problem)

Remove delay when entering a search string into the search field

IDEA-66416 (Usability Problem)

Find\Replace: Deleted find pattern would be restored after deleting replace pattern

IDEA-65562 (Cosmetics)

Incorrect checkbox background and overlapped border in new replace bar

IDEA-66048 (Cosmetics)

Inconsistent capitalization of button titles in replace toolbar

IDEA-65969 (Cosmetics)

Ctrl+Alt+F7: replace "the usage was filtered out" by "1 usage was filtered out"

IDEA-66865 (Bug)

Ctrl-F search no longer searches the whole document.

IDEA-66863 (Bug)

Search And Replace Too Greedy

IDEA-26851 (Bug)

Find in File not working when using Class Hierarchy as the scope

IDEA-66601 (Bug)

Changing 'Case sensitive' option setting in Find/Replace panel does not update search results

IDEA-66731 (Bug)

Incorrect "not found" tooltip when search is finished ("<" is removed)

IDEA-53050 (Bug)

Find usages on a "basic" hibernate property doesn't find method usages

IDEA-68093 (Bug)

After searching cursor is not positioned in appropriate place

IDEA-66219 (Bug)

Ctrl-F moves selection from current match immediately

IDEA-68148 (Bug)

Empty file mask wrong validation in Find dialog

IDEA-68100 (Bug)

Escape does not close the incremental search when using emacs keymaps

IDEA-65667 (Bug)

Find selects text inside folded block incorrectly

IDEA-66010 (Bug)

Disable "Whole words only" if string to find is not a word

IDEA-66399 (Bug)

gutter highlighters for search results

IDEA-66011 (Bug)

Fast replace works bad

IDEA-66480 (Bug)

Replace ignores selection if the replace pane is already open

IDEA-66187 (Bug)

show tooltip when end of file is reached

IDEA-66005 (Bug)

Editing of string to find leads to jumping of caret to the end of text field

IDEA-66810 (Bug)

Text editing sometimes scrolls the editor during search

IDEA-67779 (Exception)

Replace inside read-only files: ReadOnlyModificationException at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl.a

Flex Support


IDEA-55867 (Feature)

[flex] [as3][refactoring] Introduce Field doesn't work on variable declaration

IDEA-68441 (Feature)

"go to class" is not working with monkey patch

IDEA-65242 (Feature)

flex: Introduce Variable should suggest variable name from setter function name

IDEA-68601 (Feature)

'Mark object' feature for ActionScript/Flex debugger

IDEA-66320 (Feature)

introduce variable: support function

IDEA-66658 (Feature)

Flex: Move Refactoring dialog: on the fly package name validation could be provided

IDEA-61142 (Feature)

Provide quick fix to create class specified in [Event] metadata

IDEA-56002 (Feature)

ability to disable "generate flex configuration" on maven project reimport

IDEA-63215 (Feature)

flex: provide "field can be local" inspection

IDEA-64969 (Feature)

mxml: navigation to class and completion if attribute type is Class

IDEA-26689 (Feature)

flex: provide Refactor->Move for internal types ("to upper level")

IDEA-65599 (Feature)

Provide quick fix to create class from usage in MXML attribute or tag (like itemRenderer etc.)

IDEA-63308 (Feature)

Actionscript: Code formatting should support all four ways to handle space around the type reference's colon

IDEA-65946 (Feature)

flex: provide "Swap Method Call Arguments" utility intention

IDEA-60064 (Feature)

Generate Event Handler intention

IDEA-59767 (Feature)

ActionScript: Extract Function dialog could permit to change parameter's name

IDEA-66325 (Usability Problem)

introduce variable: suggest name more smart

IDEA-66264 (Usability Problem)

Can't Add The AIR SDK?

IDEA-68023 (Usability Problem)

autocompletion and - if - keyword

IDEA-63328 (Usability Problem)

CSS + Flex support

IDEA-69184 (Usability Problem)

Show field types in MXML/ActionScript class structure view

IDEA-67515 (Usability Problem)

Flex Wish to repress inherited members

IDEA-69127 (Cosmetics)

incorrect view of vector declaration

IDEA-64470 (Cosmetics)

don't show FlexCompiler shell icon in the Dock (Mac OS X)

IDEA-59927 (Cosmetics)

flex: unclear import popup hint if multiple matches

IDEA-51695 (Task)

Flex 4: support MXML tags defined by 'name' attribute in <fx:Definition/>

IDEA-65761 (Task)

Navigation from Flex CSS property to annotation should take into account the namespace

IDEA-65255 (Bug)

good code yellow: CSS: id Selector after Class Selector

IDEA-57185 (Bug)

Support flexmojos4 way of locale settings

IDEA-60857 (Bug)

incorrect errors for valid air 2.5 descriptor

IDEA-68842 (Bug)

flex: ExtractMethod refactoring does not work properly

IDEA-47476 (Bug)

Protect sdk files as readonly

IDEA-68524 (Bug)

Generate event handle intention: disable when second parameter is resolved reference or function expression

IDEA-57003 (Bug)

flex: inline variable: confusing error message "Function 'null' is never used"

IDEA-67412 (Bug)

Flex good code is marked as error but compile well

IDEA-58660 (Bug)

flex: complete statement: if statement not completed

IDEA-57856 (Bug)

flex: import popup should not suggest test classes in production code

IDEA-66724 (Bug)

good code red: Interface can not be instantiated

IDEA-65366 (Bug)

Intellij thinks a getter only referenced by -= is dead code

IDEA-65970 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: using ctrl-shift-enter to choose variant produces bad code

IDEA-66218 (Bug)

Assign parameter to field: honor param order

IDEA-66860 (Bug)

Flex 4 MXML: Support 'twoWay' attribute of Binding tag

IDEA-68398 (Bug)

hung up and cannot cancel "Looking for Usages" on "Move inner class"

IDEA-61613 (Bug)

MXML: support class references for properties of IFactory type (like itemRenderer) declared as tag

IDEA-66624 (Bug)

Flex: Move Refactoring: if a class being moved has references to custom class only in instantiation expressions, import statmenet won't be added after move

IDEA-67443 (Bug)

Error with auto generate Script tag

IDEA-60712 (Bug)

unresolved properties from tlf_internal namespace

IDEA-65744 (Bug)

Rename static method from Strcture view: reference is updated incorrectly

IDEA-65462 (Bug)

flex: invalid method generation if it tries to name parameter as "class"

IDEA-67887 (Bug)

Flex. Namespace in MXML doesn't change after moving class to another package

IDEA-60863 (Bug)

Flex: Optimizing imports results in broken code

IDEA-65448 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: with() expression should resolve to something

IDEA-65237 (Bug)


IDEA-60127 (Bug)

Create constant from comparison operand doesn't guess Numeric type

IDEA-62587 (Bug)

ActionScript: "Insert cast" Quick Fix breaks code when casting a closure to int or uint type

IDEA-68071 (Bug)

Good code red: IDEA fails to determine custom namespace when overriding a class method from a library

IDEA-68075 (Bug)

Flex debugger does not show variables from closure scope

IDEA-67846 (Bug)

Inline ActionScript 3.0 function showing as error

IDEA-66042 (Bug)

Flex: assign parameter to field inspection adds assignment before call to super constructor

IDEA-66290 (Bug)

flex: unresolved references to packages/classes inside pixel bender 3d swc

IDEA-61204 (Bug)

flex: code completion: duplicate variants

IDEA-65370 (Bug)


IDEA-65675 (Bug)

Good code marked red - Regular expression

IDEA-68448 (Bug)

"go to Declaration" is not working with monkey patch

IDEA-26688 (Bug)

flex: missing completion for "expects" parameter on [Test] metadata annotation

IDEA-53952 (Bug)

Decompiled SWF files must be read-only.

IDEA-66444 (Bug)

Debugger: cannot evaluate full value of XML variable

IDEA-66588 (Bug)

flex: Ctrl-Shift-Enter after import creates red code

IDEA-65398 (Bug)

flex css: resolve type selector as qualified class name (flex 4 namespace)

IDEA-59287 (Bug)

JavaScript/ActionScript: Inline local variable doesn't remove variable declaration

IDEA-66267 (Bug)

Attribute 'fontFamily' of 'Embed' metadata tag is unknown by IDEA

IDEA-56827 (Bug)

Flex: reformat code eats blank line after package statement

IDEA-67095 (Bug)

"Extract Method" refactoring not working when parameters are required

IDEA-65825 (Bug)

Flex: [Bindable] public vars implement interface get/set properties but the inspection indicates they don't

IDEA-68666 (Bug)

flex: project view of binary swf classes (sometimes) strips first character from package name

IDEA-67004 (Bug)

Flex: Move Refactoring: if a class being moved is imported using '*', import statement won't be added after move

IDEA-66875 (Bug)

Idea generates incorrect flex compiler reports

IDEA-66277 (Bug)

flex: cannot compile properly for FP11 beta

IDEA-68007 (Bug)

simple variable used in static function not marked as error

IDEA-66467 (Bug)

"Unresolved variable or type registration" with ActionScript addEventListener when listener function protected.

IDEA-58875 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: type of "typeof" operator not computed

IDEA-68452 (Bug)

Introduce Constant Not Working

IDEA-58881 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: type of "delete" operator not computed

IDEA-66313 (Bug)

Change signature quickfix should not be suggested for library elements

IDEA-67103 (Bug)

idea hanging after "delete unused method" in flex code

IDEA-66615 (Bug)

Flex: Move Refactoring: Move everything from specified directory to another directory doesn't update package statements

IDEA-65593 (Bug)


IDEA-68944 (Bug)

ActionScript: Rename refactoring not working on function's parameter of type Vector.<...>, IDEA freezes

IDEA-59264 (Bug)

Code Folding Options not working in ActionScript

IDEA-61225 (Bug)

flex: bogus parameter popup inside if() statement inside anonymous function

IDEA-68372 (Bug)

Flex: Move Refactoring dialog: destination package name is always unresolved

IDEA-65877 (Bug)

introduce variable: can't find all occurences

IDEA-68670 (Bug)

flex: "introduce field" does not accept a valid caret position

IDEA-66816 (Bug)

Definition two same-named methods in namespace doesn't mark as duplicate

IDEA-66672 (Bug)

Perforce read-only with Flex/Flash Compiling

IDEA-69017 (Bug)

Importing Flash Builder projects several times leads to duplicated dependencies

GUI Designer


IDEA-64042 (Bug)

GUI Designer - components appearance is not updated when their properties are changed from properties inspector or form workspace

IDEA-41363 (Bug)

GUI Designer form doesn't removed modified mark on save

GWT Support


IDEA-57841 (Feature)

GWT Support should include support for uiBinder ui:with

IDEA-58601 (Feature)

GWT Feature Reqeuest: New Event + EventHandler Feature

IDEA-18674 (Feature)

GWT compilation shouldn't compile all GWT modules.

IDEA-68823 (Cosmetics)

GWT Console: Link to started application contains '\n'

IDEA-66144 (Bug)

gwt-dev.jar is loaded in runtime classpath

IDEA-65302 (Bug)

GWT i18n support does not handle property files in resources folder

Google App Engine


IDEA-68814 (Usability Problem)

Static files are not saved before uploading a Google App Engine Application



IDEA-66695 (Feature)

Highlight hyperlinks for GSP stacktrace elements

IDEA-66628 (Feature)

I18n intention should be able to invoke on a text with Groovy injections in it

IDEA-66007 (Feature)

Groovy: Duplicated named arguments should be highlighted as error because it is compilation error.

IDEA-65511 (Feature)

New Feature Request: Allow for grails view to edit files in 'scripts'

IDEA-47343 (Feature)

Implement "static import intention" for groovy

IDEA-66717 (Feature)

No controller/action completion when using custom plugins

IDEA-66718 (Feature)

Domain class property name completion in the addTo*(Map) call argument list

IDEA-66978 (Feature)

Intuitive code completion when creating constructors with named parameters

IDEA-66975 (Feature)

Smart Completion needed in Groovy

IDEA-64283 (Feature)

Need completion for values of some fields in *GrailsPlugin classes

IDEA-66625 (Feature)

Inject javascript into on* attributes of GSP tags

IDEA-66621 (Feature)

Create action from usage

IDEA-67092 (Feature)

enable javascript editor inside r:script tags inside GSPs

IDEA-66189 (Feature)

Groovy: Method separators for closures

IDEA-65618 (Feature)

I'm using Intellij 10.0.1 and Ctrl + Shift + T works for java classes, but not Groovy classes.

IDEA-67135 (Feature)

Distinction of Grails User Library is needed

IDEA-69029 (Feature)

Groovy 1.8: consider attributes of @TupleConstructor annotation

IDEA-67550 (Feature)

Value of fields 'layout' in Controller should has a reference.

IDEA-65728 (Feature)

Support Auto Code Format for Spock Tests

IDEA-68884 (Feature)

Support @Log annotation

IDEA-68885 (Feature)

Support @Field annotation

IDEA-68889 (Feature)

Support @TupleConstructor and @Canonical

IDEA-59710 (Usability Problem)

Gant run configuration module chooser: items should be sorted, search should be available

IDEA-66571 (Usability Problem)

Grails plugins dialog: by-installedness sorting is too straightforward

IDEA-67824 (Usability Problem)

Detecting of nonexisting property in ResourceBundle and intention to add it

IDEA-65998 (Usability Problem)

Groovy: Introduce Variable intention should work on application statement. (Method call without brackets)

IDEA-64294 (Performance Problem)

Editing very slow when editing large groovy files

IDEA-67426 (Performance Problem)

Editing Groovy code with some @Autowired dependencies is slow, CPU snapshot attached

IDEA-49873 (Cosmetics)

Grails View don't compact empty middle packages

IDEA-53127 (Cosmetics)

Grails-generated files should be coherent with IDEA code style

IDEA-61454 (Cosmetics)

Special symbols in javascript inside GSP should be escaped with backslach

IDEA-65452 (Bug)

Syntax error highlighted for style in g:formatDate (grails)

IDEA-69231 (Bug)

Grails: named query declarations highlight as error.

IDEA-67776 (Bug)

Off by one error in 'Method with too many parameters' for Groovy

IDEA-66558 (Bug)

IDEA freezes for quite a long time after setting a breakpoint in a GSP

IDEA-66822 (Bug)

Cannot introduce constant out of identity closure

IDEA-66723 (Bug)

Grails - views included via the template namespace are marked as syntax error.

IDEA-68098 (Bug)

Groovy: 'continue' & 'break' is not exist in completion.

IDEA-68961 (Bug)

Groovy 1.8: Code Formatter inserts unnecessary spaces into diamond operator

IDEA-68891 (Bug)

Parse diamond operator

IDEA-68892 (Bug)

Parse multiline slashy strings

IDEA-66507 (Bug)

A generated GSP can't be parsed

IDEA-68641 (Bug)

unique constraint within group not supported/reported as warning

IDEA-68142 (Bug)

Groovy: false "Variable already defined" inspection

IDEA-68922 (Bug)

IDEA can't recognize the Jars in Grails plugin project lib directory

IDEA-67974 (Bug)

Cannot run multiple metaClass/Mixin unit tests from IntelliJ

IDEA-66017 (Bug)

Cannot Build Grails Project With GWT Plugin

IDEA-66491 (Bug)

Groovy: Introduce Parameter/Field Refactoring dialogs: keyboard shortcuts don't work for comboboxes

IDEA-66500 (Bug)

Pair brace insertion doesn't work in Groovy fragments in GSP

IDEA-65720 (Bug)

Grails checkin silently fails on code inspection stage

IDEA-66989 (Bug)

Unwrap/Remove is not working for grails tags

IDEA-66936 (Bug)

Import static refactoring issue

IDEA-67192 (Bug)

Extracting a variable from closure loses named arguments

IDEA-67353 (Bug)

Groovy editor auto import removal puts space before javadoc class comment

IDEA-64023 (Bug)

Current line not highlighted in debugger in some Groovy classes

IDEA-68939 (Bug)

Groovy: good code is red: multiline generic class declaration

IDEA-69034 (Bug)

Groovy 1.8: if there are properties and fields in a class annotated with @TupleConstructor, class constructor calls will be highlighted as inapplicable

IDEA-65051 (Bug)

Groovy: Imports: Classes from current package should have priority than classes imported using '*'.

IDEA-67879 (Bug)

Groovy Inspection: false 'unused code' warning

IDEA-66623 (Bug)

The caret after introducing constant should remain on the usage, not on the constant declaration

IDEA-67094 (Bug)

Groovy: variables in multiple assignment are not recognized when referenced afterwards

IDEA-60375 (Bug)

Groovy calling chain closure auto-formatting problem

IDEA-51538 (Bug)

Grails: global plugin artifacts are resolved only in one project module

IDEA-59330 (Bug)

Clearly false inspection warning: mappedBy = [children: "parent"]

IDEA-68710 (Bug)

Grails: GSP: wrong error highlighting in GSP

IDEA-64814 (Bug)

Move-refactoring import statements bug

IDEA-67217 (Bug)

Introduce parameter should specify its type explicitly by default

IDEA-51702 (Bug)

Grails project unit test for domain class using mockDomain with embedded class will fail if run as JUnit configuration

IDEA-66498 (Bug)

'Go to type declaration' on an injected service/bean name should go to its class

IDEA-65500 (Bug)

Update to 10.0.2 breaks Java-Groovy integration

IDEA-66339 (Bug)

Incorrect multiple resolve from anonymous constructor argument list

IDEA-66522 (Bug)

Grails doman class dynamic methods should have icons in completion

IDEA-61395 (Bug)

Groovy: incorrect anonymous classes formatting

IDEA-67134 (Bug)

createAlias() is not recognized within criteria query

IDEA-66573 (Bug)

Invalid closing tag name suggestion

IDEA-61396 (Bug)

Grooy: getters do not exist in completion in some case.

IDEA-67242 (Bug)

Gorm: value of 'embedded' field should has a reference

IDEA-66387 (Bug)

Inject Grails services and other Spring beans as properties into org.springframework.web.context.WebApplicationContext

IDEA-62837 (Bug)

Incorrect caret column after Enter in 'case'

IDEA-67482 (Bug)

In Groovy, the code "L:{ x + y }.getClass()" should be red

IDEA-62061 (Bug)

Access to custom taglib namespace like ${this.'import'.customTag()} should works correctly.

IDEA-66887 (Bug)

Extract method leads to non-compiling code due to lack of reformatting

IDEA-66809 (Bug)

Inline method changes map key semantics

IDEA-68976 (Bug)

Groovy 1.8: all nonexistent references are shown as resolved in a class annotated with @Log

IDEA-66562 (Bug)

Generating views before controller hinders navigation

IDEA-68080 (Bug)

Super class with optional constructor argument

IDEA-67373 (Bug)

SuppressWarnings with more than one suppression doesn't work in Groovy

IDEA-67376 (Bug)

Groovy: Renaming does not rename usages of private java field/methods in groovy files

IDEA-68499 (Bug)

hasErrors tag mistakenly requires "field" attribute

IDEA-68213 (Bug)

Auto-imports insert before "#!/path/to/interpreter" instruction in Groovy scripts

IDEA-68883 (Bug)

Resolve Groovy 1.8. closure methods

IDEA-66471 (Bug)

Groovy: IDEA does't show Javadoc by Ctrl+Q for groovy fields.

IDEA-66475 (Bug)

Groovy: Introduce Parameter Refactoring -> "Delegate via overloading method" drops some symbols in resulted code

IDEA-67093 (Bug)

Tab to accept code completion in Groovy replaces too much or not enough

IDEA-66069 (Exception)

Groovy: AssertionError at GrTypeParameterImpl.getOwner() on incorrect generic method definition

IDEA-66473 (Exception)

Groovy: Introduce Parameter Refactoring: PsiInvalidElementAccessException at GrBlockImpl.getControlFlow() on introducing parameter of closure type



IDEA-65955 (Bug)

HMTL W3C documentation links resolving to bad URLs

IDE Configuration


IDEA-39034 (Feature)

Provide meaningfull default names for running configurations

IDEA-67280 (Feature)

Allow "Path Variables" in "External Tools"

IDEA-67503 (Bug)

Can't open project from the command line when another project is already open (regression in 10.0.3)

IntelliJ Platform


WI-4321 (Feature)

Drag & drop from "Data Sources".

WI-5777 (Feature)

Add quick search in "Data sources" side

WI-1245 (Feature)

Completion for previously used colors in CSS

WI-1175 (Feature)

Javascript inspection feature request: option to deactivate checking for trailing commas in object declarations

WI-5783 (Usability Problem)

"Mark Directory As" context menu shows different Types than Project Settings

WI-842 (Usability Problem)

Please add a "Save As" functionality

WI-4622 (Usability Problem)

Double clicking on general syntax errors in the batch inspection tree view doesn't take you to the appropriate line

WI-5297 (Usability Problem)

Data Sources - Table editor - Column size

WI-1562 (Usability Problem)

SQL dialect selection is a quite obscured feature.

WI-4116 (Cosmetics)

Underscore symbol is not visible in Automatic Renaming Dialog(Windows)

WI-5014 (Bug)

Tables with case-sensitive names (quoted identifiers) cannot be opened in editor

WI-5216 (Bug)

Wrong SQL Error reporting

WI-6091 (Bug)

Inspection profile "copy" does not work

WI-5857 (Bug)

Search results window: "INVALID" entries are not displayed

WI-5663 (Bug)

PostgreSQL aggregate expressions reported as syntax errors



IDEA-65942 (Bug)

Method parameter injection doesn't work for this("xxx") and super("xxx") calls



IDEA-38806 (Feature)

JPA / Hibernate: introduce inspection to warn about classes annotated with @Entity, but without @Id or @IdClass

IDEA-67244 (Bug)

CVS History window does not appear.

IDEA-66790 (Bug)

"Private field is never used" does not appear when @Resource annotation used

IDEA-63772 (Bug)

Exception in the JPA Console

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-62821 (Bug)

Can't configure "remote staging" for remote jboss



IDEA-15216 (Usability Problem)

"Datasource import" progress dialog doesn't explain what it's doing

IDEA-67670 (Bug)

Inspection highlights incorrect errors with concatenated query in @NamedQuery's

IDEA-67032 (Bug)

No-Interface EJB view is reported as error by EJB environment inspection



IDEA-65320 (Bug)

Problem attaching to remote glassfish debug instance

IDEA-26132 (Bug)

war get's deployed in glassfish v3 b72, but IDEA doesn't recognize

IDEA-67035 (Bug)

Failing to deploy artifacts on GlassFish 3.0.x-3.1.x [Major!]



IDEA-62133 (Feature)

JPA/Hibernate console: hibernate.transaction.manager_lookup_class

IDEA-68957 (Bug)

Hibernate SessionFactory is not resolved correctly from Spring bean if property "packagesToScan" defined as "ref" instead of "value"

IDEA-67751 (Bug)

Hibernate console does not commit updates and leaves transaction open

IDEA-62808 (Bug)

IntelliJ does not support property name starting with upper case for class mapping.

IDEA-67297 (Bug)

Hibernate console table naming strategy isn't persisted



IDEA-64554 (Bug)

JSP 'enable facelets support' link never goes away



IDEA-67064 (Bug)

Unwrap/Remove action should not show 'jsp:root' tag in 'to-remove' tag list.

IDEA-67546 (Bug)

IDEA 10.0.3 cannot resolve JSTL taglibs anymore

IDEA-65575 (Bug)

Bug when create new jsp file

IDEA-68406 (Bug)

Tld from provided dependency not seen from jsp

IDEA-64214 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.psi.impl.smartPointers.AnchorElementInfo$1.visitElement() on erasing characters in JSP content declaration

IDEA-66029 (Exception)

NPE preventing VCS operations



IDEA-66854 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: check that 'selector' element has 'method' attribute defined

IDEA-66851 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: check that class used as filter either implements MessageSelector or has single appropriate method , if no 'method' attribute is specified

IDEA-68110 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: 'header' sub-element: check that exactly one of 'value' or 'expression' is provided

IDEA-57445 (Feature)

Spring testing: transactions support: provide some warning if no transaction manager bean is found in context for the @Transactional class

IDEA-66464 (Feature)

spring: resolve transaction manager reference from @Transactional annotation

IDEA-66461 (Feature)

spring: provide completion for <jms:listener>/@ref

IDEA-66756 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: jdbc:message-store element: provide error if neither or both 'jdbc-operations' and 'data-source' attributes are set

IDEA-19192 (Feature)

usage of bean should find @Autowired usages

IDEA-65800 (Feature)

spring: gutter icon for component-scanned beans could navigate to relevant <context:component-scan> declarations

IDEA-67834 (Feature)

spring: provide gutter navigation icon for <context:component-scan> to navigate to matching beans

IDEA-68425 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: header-enricher element: treat 'error-channel' and 'reply-channel' subelements as channels references

IDEA-68426 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: header-enricher element: validate 'header' subelement to have exactly one of the 'ref', 'value', or 'expression' attributes configured

IDEA-68428 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: support 'expression' element properly

IDEA-45786 (Feature)

Spring: flag use of deprecated class in beans configuration file

IDEA-66765 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: 'method' attribute of 'selector' element should be supported

IDEA-66462 (Feature)

spring: provide completion for <jms:listener>/@method

IDEA-66608 (Feature)

spring: provide code completion for @Scope annotation

IDEA-68155 (Feature)

spring: component-scan navigation icon: navigation targets could be ordered by name

IDEA-66676 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: validate values of 'failover' attribute of dispatcher element

IDEA-66674 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: 'dispatcher' attribute of channels is deprecated; provide warning

IDEA-66673 (Feature)

SpringIntergration support: intention that creates bean from 'task-executor' attribute should create task:executor element by default instead of simple bean

IDEA-66778 (Feature)

SpringIntegration support: inbound-channel-adapter /outbound-channel-adapter elements: show error if both 'ref' attribute and inner bean

IDEA-20068 (Usability Problem)

transaction-manager completion for <tx:annotation-driven> too lenient

IDEA-68465 (Usability Problem)

When I opened my project previously saved in IDEA 10.0.2 in IDEA 10.5 it changed my project files

IDEA-67917 (Usability Problem)

Find usages of Spring Beans

IDEA-67952 (Bug)

Spring3.1 profiles: profile rename - allow profile name not to be valid java identifier

IDEA-65152 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: pre-defined channels (nullChannek, errorChannel) are not resolved

IDEA-65151 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: intention for unresolved channel should create channel, not bean

IDEA-65157 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: support ranges using in pool-size attribute value of executor element

IDEA-65154 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: gateways: no completion for methods

IDEA-64894 (Bug)

spring: good code red: factory-method not resolved

IDEA-62723 (Bug)

spring: metadata-driven completion inconsistent with regular bean reference completion

IDEA-66853 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: filter/selector elements: 'method' attribute should suggest appropriate methods from referenced bean and show errors for incorrect values

IDEA-65158 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: filter element: check that exactly one of the 'ref' attribute, 'expression' attribute, or inner bean (<bean/>) definition is provided

IDEA-68111 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: channels referenced in @Gateway, @ServiceActivator etc annotations should be validated

IDEA-68443 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: Poller element is not recognized as spring bean

IDEA-16475 (Bug)

Error: factory method 'toCharArray' cannot instantiate bean

IDEA-66463 (Bug)

spring: duplicate error message for attribute validation error

IDEA-65772 (Bug)

JSR-330 @Named and @Qualfier annotations support

IDEA-26532 (Bug)

URL mapped with PathVariable annotation marked as invalid in JSP

IDEA-67245 (Bug)

spring: good code red: <jms:listener-container concurrency="10-50"/>

IDEA-65155 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: support multiple types using in channel's datatype attribute value

IDEA-65038 (Bug)

Good ref is marked in red

IDEA-68090 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: don't report 'tcp-connection-factory' element using as 'connection-factory' attribute as error

IDEA-67463 (Bug)

Spring3.1 profiles: don't show red (unresolved) references in beans from non-active profiles

IDEA-65867 (Bug)

[Spring TestContext] Good code red, when using @ContextConfiguration with a loader

IDEA-41798 (Bug)

factory-method of bean returned by another factory-method shows red in editor

IDEA-66764 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: 'selector' element is not recognized as spring bean

IDEA-21889 (Bug)

Clicking "edit fileset" defaults "parent fileset" to the first fileset

IDEA-52762 (Bug)

Freemarker factory-method not recognised

IDEA-66993 (Bug)

Spring profiles: references to beans defined in profiles are not resolved

IDEA-65216 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: channel-interceptor element: check that class referenced by inner bean element exists

IDEA-68103 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: gateway: intention that creates missing method in service-interface should create bodyless methods

IDEA-68101 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: gateway: intention that creates missing 'service-interface' should create interface

IDEA-67154 (Bug)

Spring: bean class gutter icons should be updated in-time

IDEA-68691 (Bug)

java mail 1.4.4 lib Provided scope - red in Spring XML

IDEA-66041 (Bug)

spring: good code red: "Bean must be of 'java.lang.String' type" (2)

IDEA-67937 (Bug)

Spring3.1 profiles: consider profiles defined using @Profile annotation

IDEA-67934 (Bug)

Spring: on Component name change bean dependencies graph is not updated

IDEA-67199 (Bug)

Spring3.1 profiles: components from different profiles should not be available

IDEA-67029 (Bug)

Roo console: cmd process is not stopped on Roo console closing

IDEA-55694 (Bug)

Constructor-arg autowiring does not respect parent fileset beans

IDEA-66763 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: for 'bean' sublements of 'interceptors' element there is no validation/intentions

IDEA-67047 (Bug)

Spring3.1 profiles: beans from resources imported inside profile are not resolved

IDEA-65221 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: ip namespace: tcp-inbound-gateway and tcp-outbound-gateway elements are not recognized as beans

IDEA-67467 (Bug)

Spring: 'default' value of 'autowire-candidate' attribute is red-highlighted

IDEA-67949 (Bug)

Spring3.1 profiles: 'profile' attribute value should contain single profile id or comma-separated list of ids; space-delimited set should be shown as error

IDEA-67944 (Bug)

Spring3.1 profiles: don't error-highlight empty 'profile' attribute value

IDEA-66846 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: don't show errors for 'selector' element refenced from 'selector' attribute

IDEA-65041 (Bug)

Placeholders not detected

IDEA-66780 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: inbound-channel-adapter/outbound-channel-adapter: for 'method' attribute, only parameter-less methods are suggested

IDEA-68437 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: don't demand inner 'poller' element for 'claim-check-in'

IDEA-66424 (Bug)

Roo console: incorrect behavior after typing command and Enter pressing

IDEA-65220 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: ip namespace: tcp-connection-factory element is not recognized as a bean

IDEA-66488 (Bug)

Roo console: don't display unprintable symbols (Linux)

IDEA-60670 (Bug)

False error marker in Spring facade

IDEA-66678 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: show error if 'queue' element has both 'message-store' and 'ref' attributes

IDEA-25502 (Bug)

Please extend spring P namespace support

IDEA-67076 (Bug)

good code red: spring-integration:header tag doesn't require child expression tag

IDEA-68490 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: 'converter' element is not recognized as bean

IDEA-68492 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: for inner bean subelement of 'converter' element no validation is available

IDEA-68792 (Bug)

Spring: incorrect rename for @Bean 'name' attribute referenced from @Resource annotation

IDEA-68791 (Bug)

Spring: autowiring doesn't work for qualified @Bean-annotated methods

IDEA-66677 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: jdbc:message-store element is not recognized as bean

IDEA-66675 (Bug)

SpringIntegration support: 'dispatcher' attribute/subelement should be forbidden for channels with queue

IDEA-65839 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.spring.roo.RunSpringRooConsoleAction.actionPerformed

IDEA-67152 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.spring.model.xml.beans.DomSpringBeanPointer.getSpringBean

IDEA-67449 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.spring.model.SpringUtils.getSpringModel

IDEA-66611 (Exception)

NPE at<init>

IDEA-67151 (Exception)

PIEAE at com.intellij.jam.JamClassGeneratorImpl$JamReferenceHolderImpl.$$$getPsiRef$$$

IDEA-67010 (Exception)

IOE at com.intellij.psi.util.PsiUtil.checkIsIdentifier

IDEA-65855 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.codeInsight.completion.impl.CompletionServiceImpl$CompletionResultSetImpl.withPrefixMatcher

IDEA-67059 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.ui.popup.PopupFactoryImpl.guessBestPopupLocation

IDEA-66937 (Exception)

Spring, Change Signature Refactoring: ClassCastException at MVCPathVariableReferenceProvider.getReferencesByElement() on entering numeric literal as default value of java method parameter

IDEA-65856 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.codeInsight.completion.CompletionProgressIndicator.closeAndFinish



IDEA-65326 (Feature)

Method calls from freemarker template to struts action are not linked

IDEA-65327 (Bug)

When specifying the method attribute from struts xml it is not always linked to the actions "execute method"

IDEA-66743 (Bug)

Struts2ModelInspection mistakenly validates actions from different package



IDEA-64343 (Bug)

Ctrl+F9 to Make always restarts web contexts in Tomcat



IDEA-61786 (Usability Problem)

Update web configuration dialog should support arrows in options



IDEA-66492 (Feature)

[javascript] warning on using constructor as function needed

IDEA-65967 (Feature)

javascript: provide "Compute Constant Value" convenience intention

IDEA-61686 (Feature)

JS Extract variable: Name suggestions should include property name

IDEA-68968 (Cosmetics)

Unnecessary semicolor at the begging of the JS file

IDEA-53802 (Bug)

javascript: "Unwrap.." action eats surrounding <script> tags instead of unwrapping code

IDEA-68688 (Bug)

JavaScript "Find Usages" for an object field does not find the place where the field is assigned

IDEA-67711 (Bug)

JavaScript "find usage" works incorrectly when function is used in "javascript:" protocol

IDEA-68919 (Bug)

Cannot inline local javascript variable

IDEA-67321 (Bug)

Good JS-code is red: No return value required for return out of constructor

IDEA-68474 (Bug)

'Remove redundant else' Refactor Breaks Code (trivial sample code provided - reproducible)

Maven Integration


IDEA-65651 (Usability Problem)

Line spacing in Maven Artifact Search

IDEA-62941 (Usability Problem)

Encoding in Maven console

IDEA-65840 (Usability Problem)

Good code red: Maven plugin execution phase none

IDEA-57088 (Bug)

MIssing local repository directory option

IDEA-68421 (Bug)

Selecting Maven Goal in Before launch is not working

IDEA-65722 (Bug)

Packages view shows classes from all dependent modules

OSGi Support


IDEA-66585 (Feature)

Upgrade Pax Runner to 1.6.1

IDEA-66235 (Feature)

Include version number in the jar filename

IDEA-62784 (Usability Problem)

OSGI: provide some warning if 'place in this path' option is used but no path is provided

IDEA-68930 (Bug)

OSMORC plugin: correct version for IDEA10.5

IDEA-63242 (Bug)

OSGI + Maven; correctly update facet settings on instructions removing from maven-bundle-plugin configuration

IDEA-67088 (Bug)

When reimporting a Maven project bundle jar output path is reset to 'Place in module's output path'

IDEA-65693 (Bug)

dmServer support blocks startup/open project on Mac

IDEA-63243 (Bug)

OSGI + Maven: <Bundle-SymbolicName> should be genearted properly for pom maven project of bundle type

IDEA-63245 (Bug)

OSGI + Maven: support existing manifest file using

IDEA-62775 (Bug)

OSGI support: incorrect jar output path is set for module imported from maven

IDEA-63244 (Bug)

OSGI + Maven: <Bundle-Name> should be generated correctly, if not set explicitly

PHP debug


WI-5451 (Feature)

Xdebug: Add profiler bookmarklets to bookmarklets generator

WI-1818 (Feature)

PhpStorm Support for an Xdebug proxy

WI-5872 (Feature)

Add action "Copy key" in variable context menu in PHP debug

WI-5252 (Usability Problem)

Disable path mappings editor if 'Use path mappings' check box is disabled.

WI-5029 (Usability Problem)

New debugger tooltips won't go away

WI-5119 (Usability Problem)

No debugger tooltips for variables in method declarations

WI-3717 (Usability Problem)

XDebug: Debug 'Copy Value' should copy the whole value not the shortened version.

WI-5120 (Usability Problem)

Settings / PHP / Servers: pressing Enter while editing a path on server closes dialog and discards modifications

WI-3255 (Usability Problem)

PHP debugger: impossible to add, edit remove watches when the script is finished

WI-6007 (Task)

Support new 'Mark Object' functionality for Xdebug

WI-5488 (Task)

Disable inspections on PhpExpressionCodeFragment

WI-6125 (Task)

Provide a workaround for xdebug#689

WI-6124 (Task)

Provide a workaround for xdebug#606

WI-4568 (Bug)

Mapping with some root directories included in project(support non injective path mappings ).

WI-5051 (Bug)

Russian UTF-8 encoding while using Zend Debugger

WI-5196 (Bug)

add link to php debugger bookmarklets page to debugger settings tab

WI-5567 (Bug)

Debug "Set Value..." Broken

WI-5046 (Bug)

XDebug: Debug 'Copy Value' includes Double Quotes in string Values

WI-6119 (Bug)

Errormessage displayed when registering with xdebug-proxy.

WI-5522 (Bug)

PHPUnit doesn't work properly in debug mode

WI-5319 (Bug)

Long string variables cannot be inspected and break debugger

WI-1691 (Bug)

"Watches" window saves state only when debug session is active

WI-5518 (Bug)

Bad path mappings while using the "PHP Script" debug configuration.

WI-2592 (Bug)

Funny bug with moving breakpoints

PHP frameworks


WI-5362 (Feature)

Add controls to Command Line Tools Console

WI-5578 (Usability Problem)

Make columns of command line tool configuration table resizable

WI-6037 (Bug)

Phing: The replaceregexp filter gets highlighted as an error

WI-6098 (Bug)

Phing should be execute from build file (build.xml) directory

WI-6115 (Bug)

Phing command line options should be split by space

WI-5614 (Bug)

Notify version control about files generated by command line tool

WI-4054 (Bug)

Class name autocomplete doesn't work for interfaces when trying to use constants from interface.

PHP lang


WI-2667 (Feature)

Indent php

WI-5780 (Feature)

PHP missing doc comment inspection should have "GENERATE" quickfix, applicable from batch run results.

WI-4745 (Feature)

Inspection: global called but not used should be highlighted as unused local variables.

WI-4619 (Feature)

Add inspection for missing docblock.

WI-5239 (Feature)

External documentation action is not available for PHP constants

WI-2659 (Feature)

PHP: Go to Symbol could find built-in functions definition stubs

WI-4758 (Feature)

Inspection: Detect self assignments

WI-2291 (Feature)

A way (and an option in Settings) to disable autocompletion of php comments like PHPDOC comments

WI-3365 (Feature)

Add Unused variable detection for top level scope

WI-5414 (Feature)

Action to remove BOM from file

WI-2817 (Feature)

Inspection: illegal type of array key

WI-2529 (Feature)

Create Parameter quickfix over unresolved variable

WI-1135 (Feature)

New inspection about mixed "void" + "value" return statements

WI-5289 (Usability Problem)

"Choose declaration" popup does not give enough information

WI-5374 (Usability Problem)

PHP: Move Statement Up/Down autoformats whole document

WI-4625 (Usability Problem)

Duplicate class definition breaks parent resolving, but is hidden in "extends" clause.

WI-4880 (Usability Problem)

new Class() should propose navigation not only to (parent) constructor but to this specific class declaration.

WI-5870 (Usability Problem)

Design problems with Generate PHPUnit test dialog

WI-5468 (Task)

Don't show generate actions in unsupported context

WI-6034 (Task)

Extract Phing to separate plugin.

WI-5481 (Task)

Integrate feature usage tracker with introduce variable refactoring

WI-3408 (Bug)

PHP: good code stays red on adding alternative control structures syntax

WI-5638 (Bug)

Error in "unused variable" inspection with foreach on empty array

WI-3937 (Bug)

Wrong type inference for division (string/int)

WI-2701 (Bug)

Extra methods in 'methods to implement' list.

WI-5126 (Bug)

Recursive use of closures throws inspection error

WI-3835 (Bug)

@noinspection PhpIncludeInspection - Use Twice For Complete Supression

WI-4308 (Bug)

Unused parameter identification works wrong

WI-5385 (Bug)

PHP: Some issues when using Complete Statement action

WI-4947 (Bug)

Random undefined class/method behaviour

WI-5503 (Bug)

Incorrect Inspection Warning - Undefined constant - null, true, false

WI-5782 (Bug)

Missing @return tag inspection should NOT be fired for VOID functions!

WI-5785 (Bug)

Update PHPDOC quickfix should not produce doc that contradicts other inspection

WI-5540 (Bug)

Code Style - Array Initializations

WI-5543 (Bug)

Complete Current Statement works wrong for sibling block structures (foreach etc)

WI-5697 (Bug)

PHP: Extract Method Refactoring: new method parameters are incorreclty inferred if there are variables definitions in the extracted code

WI-5229 (Bug)

Command line support tool broken for custom tools

WI-5267 (Bug)

Bad parent rename refactoring: child class without constructor will be renamed

WI-5702 (Bug)

PHP: Extract Method Refactoring: impossible to extract statement(s) from switch execution path if it is not surrounded with braces, "A set of statements should be from the same code block" reported

WI-5700 (Bug)

PHP: Extract Method Refactoring: impossible to extract statement(s) after conditional block in loops, "Inconsistent return points" reported

WI-5166 (Bug)

__set_state magic method should be declared as static

WI-5225 (Bug)

External documentation links are incorrect for some PHP constants

WI-5943 (Bug)

Refactoring Rename - constants and fields with same name

WI-5761 (Bug)

PHP: Extract Method Refactoring: impossible to extract code with unset() function call, "A set of statements should be of the same code block" reported

WI-5343 (Bug)

Support unreachable statement inspection for switch

WI-4341 (Bug)

No multiassignment expressions wrapping

WI-3252 (Bug)

PhpStorm warns on number -> int/float conversion

WI-6137 (Bug)

False positive in undefined variable inspection

WI-6130 (Bug)

Syntax analysis error preventing input

WI-6138 (Bug)

True negative in undefined variable inspection

WI-5500 (Bug)

Enter in PHPDoc inserts wrong "comment end" sequence

WI-3180 (Bug)

PHP: statement completion inserts body into wrong place for a top-level block

WI-4746 (Bug)

Add phpDoc for Closure class

WI-1712 (Bug)

Type compatibility: expected resource, got string

WI-5235 (Bug)

"Return" type inference fails for interface, but ONLY when interface is defined in external file

WI-5728 (Bug)

PHP: Extract Method Refactorng: code blocks with continue/break statements are incorrectly processed

WI-5723 (Bug)

reformat code does not respect foreach statements

WI-5333 (Bug)

Wrong signature for array_reduce

WI-2218 (Bug)

Annotation: declaration of constants not at the top-level scope using "const" syntax is forbiden

WI-5656 (Bug)

S is marked as deprecated, but it no longer is in HTML5

WI-4555 (Bug)

expression enclosed in braces breaks type inference

WI-5471 (Bug)

Refactoring method does not rename method name in declaration when only changing case

WI-2011 (Bug)

Invalid FindUsages of "__construct()" with SELF

WI-5237 (Bug)

Undefined variables in nested closures

WI-5378 (Bug)

Fix ReflectionClass::getMethod return type in stubs

WI-5751 (Bug)

ReflectionMethod::invoke() wrong arguments stated in stubs

WI-5610 (Bug)

PHPStorm smart indenting the wrong lines.

WI-2048 (Bug)

static properties and constants after scope resolution operator near class instances are not parsed/resolved properly

WI-5858 (Bug)

Inspection ignore @global

WI-5850 (Bug)

PhpDoc fixing works bad

WI-5851 (Bug)

False positive: Illegal array key type on \number

WI-5964 (Bug)

Invalid initalization line is shown for default quick documentation popup.

WI-3278 (Bug)

PhpStorm doesn't distinguish static and regular class properties

WI-5536 (Bug)

PHP: good code is red: const declaration inside a namespace

WI-4671 (Bug)

PHP: Syntax error not warned in "define" function syntax

WI-5243 (Bug)

'unimplemented abstract methods in class' inspection resolution creates wrong methods

WI-5085 (Bug)

Error in mysqli_report function definition.

WI-5815 (Bug)

PHP: A problem with line comment containing a question mark

WI-5926 (Bug)

Endless loop when class extends itself

WI-5925 (Bug)

Input not possible in string concatination

WI-5884 (Bug)

When updating PhpDoc keep the order of parameters as defined in function/method signature

WI-5867 (Bug)

Do not warn missing @return or generate @return phpdoc for constructors

WI-5862 (Bug)

Namespace braces not indented

WI-1083 (Bug)

PHP constants are case-sensitive

WI-5696 (Bug)

PHP: Extract Method Refactoring reverses parameter's order

WI-1320 (Bug)

do not resolve 'parent' keyword in a class without parent

WI-4589 (Bug)

Parsing of arrays inside string literals

WI-4426 (Bug)

Weird setter with PHP's primitive types

WI-5775 (Bug)

PHPDOC inspection vs signature with default values = always false positive

WI-5754 (Bug)

No auto-completion with the @var tag poiting an interface

WI-6113 (Bug)

"Field with same name already defined in this class" inspection error

WI-5371 (Bug)

db2_last_insert_id() is missing from defined stubs

WI-4446 (Bug)

Bad code is green: Class static properties are case sensitive

WI-5286 (Bug)

'Override methods' inserts code in wrong place

WI-5091 (Bug)

Interface implementation not controlled by parser, if methods declared in php-doc

WI-5706 (Bug)

PHP: Extract Method Refactoring applied to code block in closure drops semicolon and linefeed in resulted code

WI-5770 (Bug)

Invalid inspection warnings with ZipArchive properties

WI-5892 (Bug)

PHP function uniqid() has wrong function header

WI-5450 (Bug)

Reformat code breaks HEREDOC SQL string if {$var} used inside

WI-4472 (Bug)

Definition for stream_resolve_include_path() is missed

WI-6153 (Bug)

variable might have not been defined logic problem (in try - catch construct)

WI-4629 (Bug)

Invalid Inspection Warning - "Ambiguos column reference" in ORDER BY when using UNION in SQL

PHP test


WI-5635 (Usability Problem)

Allow custom unit testcase classes

WI-5475 (Bug)

Generate PHPUnit Test context option missing when using namespaces

WI-5716 (Bug)

Not detecting PHPUnit test method by @test annotation

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-65683 (Feature)

Provide artifact path (and another user-specified parameters) into

IDEA-66317 (Usability Problem)

Typo in the exe4j error (envionment instead of environment), {0} placeholder not replaced with the actual variable

IDEA-65622 (Bug)

Generated ant script does not run pre/post ant tasks

IDEA-65623 (Bug)

IDEA should start all pre and post tasks of included artifacts



WI-3063 (Feature)

Apply Colors & Fonts -> CSS -> Keyword style to "!important" keyword

WI-3064 (Feature)

Allow to configure "Tabs and Indents" for CSS separately (like it's done for PHP, JS, SASS)

WI-5749 (Feature)

CSS: remove blank lines after each css block

WI-4712 (Feature)

Css comment appends to the end of the previous line after reformatting

WI-5055 (Feature)

CSS | @media all | There is no code-completion if i only use this statement

WI-5422 (Feature)

CSS: Please add a SPACE after the ":" character in property insertion.

WI-4869 (Usability Problem)

Oneline-style zen coding css expanding.

WI-3082 (Performance Problem)

CSS inspections (in batch) are too RAM-heavy, too much time got spent in GC

WI-3537 (Cosmetics)

CSS selector inspection inconsistency

WI-6049 (Bug)


WI-5082 (Bug)

gd, rem, vw, vh, vm, ch, turn CSS3 units aren't supported

WI-5361 (Bug)

Bad autocomplete for css file

WI-5253 (Bug)

@charset in css files will break after formatting

WI-5426 (Auto-reported Exception)

CSS expression - boo boo occurred



WI-1154 (Feature)

Tag tree highlighting

WI-5951 (Feature)

apply HTML tag tree highlighting colors to HTML breadcrumbs panel

WI-5479 (Bug)

<wbr> triggers "tag not closed" inspection

WI-5682 (Bug)

role attribute not recognized



WI-4644 (Feature)

Support Chrome for WebKit Javascript debugging

WI-5974 (Feature)

@constant annotation should satisfy Magic Number inspection

WI-5158 (Usability Problem)

Unclear JavaScript warning: Unresolved library URL

WI-5680 (Usability Problem)

Register 'Introduce Variable' refactoring in usage statistic

WI-5969 (Usability Problem)

jQuery documentation

WI-5938 (Cosmetics)

Use browser icons in javascript debug configuration

WI-5945 (Cosmetics)

Provide an icon for Jetbrains firefox extension

WI-5835 (Bug)

JsDoc @link and @see links do not take you to the given class method

WI-6135 (Bug)

JS arguments.callee property can be set but inspection says not

WI-5215 (Bug)

JavaScript Libraries: Prototype methods of the form .*ClassName are incorrectly substituted to external API documentation link

WI-5360 (Bug)

Anonymous function name is not recognized

WI-5939 (Bug)

JavaScript local and remote debug configurations are allowed to run

WI-5338 (Bug)

keyword and unresolved variable inspections should not be raised on debugger keyword

WI-5402 (Bug)

PHPStorm highlights the "arguments" variable as undefined

WI-6073 (Bug)

Function name highlight is not consistent

WI-6074 (Bug)

No locally stored library message is shown after library has been just downloaded

WI-5137 (Bug)

JavaScript Libraries: external API documentation support for jQuery UI could be added

WI-2394 (Bug)

Typing before folded part of code, unfolds everything below folded code in Javascript

WI-5971 (Bug)

jQuery :text selector help is shown instead of text() method

WI-6102 (Bug)

Deadlock on introduce parameter

WI-5922 (Bug)

wrong 'remove unnecessary parentheses' action for javascript

WI-5100 (Bug)

Documentation is shown incorrectly for object properties like "@param {Number} cfg.age"

WI-6050 (Bug)

Two {@link} in one doc sentence break

WI-5198 (Bug)

Strict mode for javascript marks prototype assignment as error

WI-5798 (Bug)

Containing file is not shown in completion element

WI-5796 (Bug)

Variable cannot be inlined in certain case

WI-5557 (Bug)

Jquery UI widgets unresolved

WI-5381 (Bug)

NPE - JSSuspiciousNameCombinationInspection.readSettings

WI-5773 (Bug)

Error in redundancy checking for Javascript

WI-5351 (Bug)

JSDoc @extends / @augments doesn't affect code completion

WI-5981 (Exception)

Exception when trying to inline JS method

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-66686 (Bug)

PsiTryStatement.getResourceList() returns resource list of nested try statement

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-64852 (Bug)

Find usages for extension point renders strange search subject name

IDEA-50021 (Bug)

If an inner class is registered as an extension in plugin.xml, it's not found by Find Usages

Plugin: Deployment / FTP..


WI-3765 (Usability Problem)

Server path mapping: chooser opens with IDE installation directory preselected

WI-6097 (Cosmetics)

Text issue in "File Transfer" tool window: complete => completed

WI-5886 (Bug)

Don't allow to create local server from Upload before run dialog

WI-6143 (Bug)

Automatic upload failed: invalid descendent file name "nomacros:".

Project Configuration


IDEA-53226 (Feature)

artifacts: add module test compile output

IDEA-40638 (Usability Problem)

Context menu options to edit module settings are confusing

IDEA-14488 (Usability Problem)

IDEA should ask for IntelliJ IDEA SDK when create a project contains plugin module

IDEA-50753 (Usability Problem)

Artifacts: Find usages on a facet could find its resources in artifacts

IDEA-63500 (Usability Problem)

Choose module for artifact: modules are not sorted (ignore case), no quicksearch

IDEA-65322 (Bug)

Unable to change property file encoding after updating to 10.0.2

IDEA-67184 (Bug)

Select Eclipse projects to import issues

IDEA-62669 (Bug)

Recent projects list contains duplicate paths

IDEA-66495 (Bug)

New Module wizard: technologies: enabling Application Server support hides the combobox for server selection

IDEA-43339 (Bug)

Conflicting keyboard mnemonics on Module Dependency Settings screen

IDEA-65717 (Bug)

Inspections > "Share Profile" resets to checked on reopening project

IDEA-24115 (Bug)

Test connection of the JIRA integration blocks Idea for 10 minutes

IDEA-55590 (Bug)

Add Global Library - option is sometimes not available

Project View


IDEA-12639 (Feature)

"Copy Reference" (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C) could work for selected package in Project view

IDEA-68236 (Feature)

"Copy Reference" (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C) could work for selected package in Project view (when in "project" mode)

IDEA-67055 (Feature)

Move File in Favorites View of Project Window

IDEA-65547 (Usability Problem)

Project view expanded/collapsed state is not preserved

IDEA-66848 (Bug)

Copy & Paste with Compact Empty Middle Packages copies wrong package

IDEA-67555 (Bug)

Project View problem after rename

IDEA-60082 (Bug)

Invalid nodes appear in Project Tree after Undo Move a class from a file if the class has usages in the current file



IDEA-68368 (Feature)

Show more info about context in Rename Variables

IDEA-65272 (Feature)

Inline Method dialog - show number of invocations to be inlined

IDEA-69047 (Usability Problem)

Refactoring / Introduce Field: Declare Final flag could be remembered

IDEA-69048 (Usability Problem)

Refactor / Introduce Variable: aborting the refactoring (with Escape) does not revert code to initial state

IDEA-66437 (Usability Problem)

Refactor / Move a file item closes this file in the Editor

IDEA-66364 (Usability Problem)

Provide a separate node in rename refactoring preview for dynamic usages

IDEA-60743 (Usability Problem)

inline rename: preserve selection

IDEA-69142 (Usability Problem)

Refactoring / Introduce *: aborting the refactoring does not return the caret to the invocation position

IDEA-61734 (Usability Problem)

More intuitive shortcut for renaming invalid identifiers

IDEA-67386 (Performance Problem)

MoveClassesOrPackagesHandlerBase.hasJavaFiles parses all files in directory

IDEA-66099 (Cosmetics)

Extract method: signature preview superfluous space

IDEA-69251 (Cosmetics)

Refactoring / Introduce Field: in-place mode: irrelevant setUp option for "initialize in" setting

IDEA-66985 (Cosmetics)

Use product name in safe delete message

IDEA-67898 (Cosmetics)

Don't show "Rename parameter in hierarchy" checkbox when renaming a static method parameter

IDEA-67541 (Bug)

No space after comma in type arguments after Create local variable

IDEA-68062 (Bug)

JavaScript if simplification failing

IDEA-66176 (Bug)

JDK 7: Diamond: Introduce Refactorings don't consider declaration types when searching for occurrences

IDEA-67481 (Bug)

New, inline "Introduce Constant" strangely broken

IDEA-68367 (Bug)

In place introduce field: Declare final should not be available if Initialize in is set to current method

IDEA-65529 (Bug)

Change Type Signature refactoring produces bad code

IDEA-65397 (Bug)

Override/Implement dialog shows every method twice when used inside an interface

IDEA-63134 (Bug)

rename package should accept invalid identifiers

IDEA-65897 (Bug)

Refactoring -> Inline Method applied to methods with varargs of a non-reifiable type results with invalid code

IDEA-68210 (Bug)

Duplicate shortcut in Refactor menu

IDEA-66849 (Bug)

Introduce Parameter Refactoring: Problems Detected dialog ignores keypress

IDEA-66889 (Bug)

Invert boolean refactoring changes return statements in local classes

IDEA-66166 (Bug)

Extract method dialog in JSP scriptlet silently fails to appear

IDEA-66164 (Bug)

Extract Method in JSP scriptlet throws NullPointerException

IDEA-67580 (Bug)

Inline interface does not move javadoc

IDEA-65790 (Bug)

Refactor Change Signature doesn't remove throws from method signature

IDEA-68550 (Bug)

In place introduce field keyboard focus problem

IDEA-65449 (Bug)

Inline Method does not work correctly with static synchronized methods

IDEA-67021 (Bug)

Move Refactoring: move everything from specified directory to the same directory results in package deletion

IDEA-66814 (Bug)

"introduce.." refactorings do not consume parameter name information from decompiled stubs if no sources attached

IDEA-67907 (Bug)

Can't pull up a static inner class

IDEA-66414 (Bug)

Introduce constant bug

IDEA-67726 (Bug)

Introduce constant fails when used with "replace all occurrences"

IDEA-69145 (Bug)

Refactoring / Introduce constant: in place mode: initializer proposal during the refactoring is different from the result

IDEA-69146 (Bug)

Refactoring / Introduce Parameter: in place mode: mnemonics for refactoring settings popup steal focus from the editor

IDEA-60736 (Bug)

Trying to introduce constant into a new inner class creates a package instead

IDEA-65535 (Bug)

'Inline parameter' doesn't care of left-hand-side usages of parameter

IDEA-65536 (Bug)

'Inline parameter' doesn't care of super-call in constructor

IDEA-67146 (Bug)

Inline introduce variable breaks code while playing with 'final' checkbox

IDEA-66774 (Bug)

Introduce field refactoring issue.

IDEA-66180 (Exception)

Refactoring -> Introduce Constant: NPE at IntroduceConstantDialog.doOKAction() on introducing a constant to non-existent class

IDEA-65913 (Exception)

Refactoring -> Change Method Signature: IllegalArgumentException at ChangeSignatureUtil.synchronizeList() on changing over non-varargs and varargs parameters

IDEA-66904 (Exception)

JDK 7: NPE at TypeMigrationDialog.doAction() on Type Migration Refactoring when changing catch parameter to multi-catch one

IDEA-66847 (Exception)

Introduce Parameter Refactoring: Throwable at IntroduceParameterProcessor.performRefactoring() on refactoring continuation if name conflict has been detected

IDEA-66499 (Exception)

Introduce Parameter Refactoring: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at InplaceIntroduceParameterPopup.getParameter() on introducing a parameter that conflicts with a variable or existing parameter

IDEA-66781 (Exception)

JDK 7: ClassCastException at typeMigration.Util.canBeMigrated() on Type Migration Refactoring applied to type of multi-catch parameter

IDEA-66788 (Exception)

JDK 7: Introduce Parameter/Field/Constant Refactorings should not be available for resources in try-with-resources statement; ClassCastException at LocalToFieldHandler$

IDEA-66655 (Exception)

Move Refactoring: IllegalArgumentException at RefactoringTransactionImpl$MyRefactoringElementListener.elementMoved() on moving a package between projects

IDEA-66370 (Exception)

JDK 7: Diamonds: IncorrectOperationException at PsiJavaParserFacadeImpl.createTypeElementFromText() on Introduce Refactoring applied to initialization expression of raw generic variable

IDEA-65715 (Exception)

Assertion failed when trying to re-run usages search for Java class move refactoring

IDEA-53433 (Exception)

Throwable at RenamePsiPackageProcessor$ is thrown sometimes when renaming a sub package



IDEA-21689 (Feature)

Keep history of queries executed via JDBC console

IDEA-63340 (Feature)

Add "find usage" to fields in database

IDEA-68849 (Bug)

Invalid generated DDL for composed index in postgres

IDEA-68780 (Bug)

CHARSET is market red while it is absolutelly legal and works in MySQL 5.X

IDEA-61178 (Bug)

When pasting strings into a .sql file, it would be nice if IDEA escaped quotes appropriately

IDEA-57976 (Bug)

SQLite dialect does not recognize foreign key syntax

IDEA-67760 (Bug)

SQLite: column names starting with underscore '_' is red

IDEA-63957 (Bug)

select count distinct should be supported in sql.

Task Management


IDEA-63546 (Feature)

Add Trac support in the Task/Context support

IDEA-65719 (Bug)

Doesn't reconnect to task server (Pivotal tracker) after lost connection

IDEA-66538 (Bug)

Interface freezes if YouTRACK server is not responsible

IDEA-66995 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.getComponent

IDEA-58428 (Exception)

RE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ChangeListWorker.removeChangeList

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-49228 (Cosmetics)

Some letters flicker when typing

IDEA-63482 (Bug)

Automatic freemarker instruction closing tag insertion is too pushy

IDEA-63282 (Bug)

Freemarker template validation

IDEA-66618 (Bug)

Freemarker: inserting extra closing brace when creating an array variable

IDEA-66542 (Bug)

Freemarker: ?size built-in for maps - good code red

IDEA-66273 (Bug)

Freemarker: good code red. Built-ins for strings applied to enums.

IDEA-67505 (Bug)

Freemarker: inserting unneccessary closing tags when adding brackets to macro parameter

IDEA-67494 (Bug)

Freemarker/Velocity: make StringLiterals injectable

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-62549 (Bug)

Velocity parser fails for a dash after an "#end"



IDEA-63150 (Usability Problem)

UML Diagram in editor: horizontal scrolling doesn't work (with Mac mouse)

IDEA-20388 (Usability Problem)

Attempting to scroll using right side of the trackpad results in zooming in/out in the UML diagram

IDEA-56473 (Usability Problem)

Provide better default directory for Export image in UML diagram

IDEA-61724 (Cosmetics)

UML actions: capitalize words, provide descriptions

IDEA-47721 (Bug)

UML: explicitely added non-static inner classes are not visible on diagram if 'show inner classes' option is on

IDEA-64954 (Bug)

UML: Navigation by Alt-F1 doesn't work for package nodes

IDEA-66191 (Bug)

2D Scrolling

IDEA-65656 (Bug)

Diagrams : the "Show Usage" checkbox has no effect on UML class diagrams

IDEA-58295 (Exception)

NPE at a.j.g.w

IDEA-58338 (Exception)

CCE at org.jetbrains.idea.maven.ext.uml.actions.MavenExcludeDependency.actionPerformed

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-65048 (Feature)

Copy action should work on JUnit tree nodes

IDEA-67795 (Feature)

Suggest another scope if no tests were found in current (default configuration) scope

IDEA-66648 (Usability Problem)

Show 'Comparison Failure' dialog for JUnit 4 assertion failures

IDEA-45727 (Usability Problem)

Remove "Test runner parameters" field from JUnit run configuration

IDEA-66988 (Usability Problem)

JUnit support for directory (not only package)

IDEA-66398 (Bug)

Display error message with the minimum supported JUnit version when older version is used

IDEA-66003 (Bug)

IDEA does not find existent JUnit configuration when Run action is executed in file context, but out of the test class

IDEA-65611 (Bug)

"Unrecognized option: -javaagent:..." when running JUnit 3 tests in JDK 1.3 module with debugger

IDEA-36423 (Bug)

Undo move or rename package or class does not update run configuration

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-65634 (Feature)

TestNG: provide ViewAssertEqualsDifference action for assertEquals failures (like in JUnit4)

IDEA-67411 (Bug)

TestNG plugin must not override the testng JAR of the module

IDEA-65563 (Bug)

Search for TestNG tests doesn't end when jvm is unable to start

Unknown subsystem


IDEA-67777 (Feature)

Mac: allow to open file by dropping it to IDEA icon in dock

IDEA-27560 (Feature)

Remember folding state of ant build scripts

IDEA-67805 (Feature)

XPath: inserting closing pair quote could work

IDEA-66999 (Feature)

Console Folding: Add additional default patterns

IDEA-64495 (Feature)

Have IntelliJ's datasource files (*.IDS) treated same as IML, IPR, & IWS files

IDEA-65013 (Feature)

add command line option to open file on specific line

IDEA-66950 (Feature)

XPath: Evaluate/Find by id() function returns no result

IDEA-66243 (Feature)

Support moving caret in lookups as in JB

IDEA-60157 (Feature)

Add com.testng.internal to default import/completion exclusion

IDEA-66456 (Feature)

Complete named arguments of listOrderBy

IDEA-66455 (Feature)

Provide documentation for GSP tags

IDEA-68186 (Feature)

Inline rename for type parameters wanted

IDEA-63663 (Feature)

Sort run configurations alphabetically if clean checkout (no workspace.xml were found)

IDEA-66991 (Feature)

Allow cloning from github using ssh protocol in case if user has write access to the repo

IDEA-68472 (Feature)

XPath 2: types of operands of "union", "intersect", "except" could be checked

IDEA-67335 (Usability Problem)

XPath 2: function arguments of wrong non-number type are green

IDEA-65657 (Usability Problem)

Don't show "Insert underscores into literal" for literals with 3 or less digits

IDEA-66261 (Usability Problem)

Reopening a project that has .idea dir deleted shows strange dialog

IDEA-65112 (Usability Problem)

Logics of suggestion list sorting are wrong

IDEA-68395 (Usability Problem)

Mark as Plain Text for java files is not applicable

IDEA-43214 (Usability Problem)

Create class intention could create generic class, if it is used with type parameter

IDEA-68647 (Usability Problem)

Evaluate XPath dialog: Advanced mode pre-chosen: focus is not in the text field on opening

IDEA-61541 (Usability Problem)

Alt-enter interface creation feature request

IDEA-60268 (Usability Problem)

When running unit tests in user project, stacktrace lines from IntelliJ JUnit runtime should be folded as internal calls

IDEA-69181 (Usability Problem)

Console history erases already typed but not submitted user input

IDEA-68459 (Usability Problem)

XPath: on typing nested left parenthesis the right one is not inserted

IDEA-64478 (Usability Problem)

If a file already exists, the IDE doent ask whether you want to replace it or not

IDEA-66257 (Usability Problem)

Artifacts: new modules are not sorted in combobox of "Create Jar from Modules" dialog

IDEA-65236 (Usability Problem)

Run configuration dialog: on pressing Add button in the right panel do not suggest to select the configuration type again

IDEA-56273 (Usability Problem)

Unable to exit and take thread dumps from running applications on Mac (missing libbreakgen)

IDEA-68464 (Usability Problem)

XPath 2: filter expressions: primary atomic sequence with node-type predicate is green

IDEA-66524 (Usability Problem)

Facets: XML descriptor chooser: Module button is disabled

IDEA-63015 (Usability Problem)

Code|Analyse "Specify Inspection Scope" dialog VS current file name with long path...

IDEA-67498 (Usability Problem)

XSLT: changing value of version does not change XPath highlighting and completion until project reopening

IDEA-65546 (Usability Problem)

Cannot set BITvalues in the database console grid

IDEA-67733 (Usability Problem)

XSLT: xsl:sort/@order, @data-type: code completion suggests just a part of possible values

IDEA-68400 (Usability Problem)

XPath: code completion in node test: Tab does not erase the asterisk

IDEA-67333 (Performance Problem)

Idea hung for 2-3 minutes when right click on method name during indexing

IDEA-67169 (Performance Problem)

high memory usage after closing all projects

IDEA-67563 (Performance Problem)

Idea locked up for about 30 seconds, then resumed

IDEA-68473 (Performance Problem)

Compacting index database can hang IDEA for a long time without any visual indication

IDEA-67772 (Cosmetics)

Ugly combo-box in settings window

IDEA-63452 (Cosmetics)

The dialog name "Choose Dependent Modules" needs to be changed

IDEA-67552 (Cosmetics)

JDK 7: misprint in "Underscore in numeric literal" intention description

IDEA-67484 (Task)

Show warning about renaming to ignored name also for directories

IDEA-68771 (Task)

Jump to declaration tip has incorrect hotkey in tips

IDEA-66777 (Bug)

Pasting escapes quotes too eagerly

IDEA-66030 (Bug)

Hang on project open

IDEA-65503 (Bug)

groovy joint compiler can't handle Groovy script files with only numeric names

IDEA-65718 (Bug)

IntelliJ 10.0.2 hangs at start-up

IDEA-66549 (Bug)

Inspections "IO|JDBC resource opened but not safely closed" must support recent close pattern

IDEA-66217 (Bug)

Host name in HTTP Proxy settings should be trimmed

IDEA-65329 (Bug)

JPA QL inspection: Idea does not understand arithmetic functions in "order by" clause

IDEA-66918 (Bug)

Selection is not discarded when cursor moves in the inplace editor with autopopup

IDEA-66039 (Bug)

JDK 7: "Redundant suppression" inspection keep on highlighting class annotation after adding some code that generated unchecked warning

IDEA-67725 (Bug)

XPath 2: consecutive comparison is green

IDEA-64453 (Bug)

GitHub task server configuration changes can't be saved

IDEA-66799 (Bug)

Inspections / XPath / "Redundant Type Conversion" quick fix changes semantics of boolean(number()) expression

IDEA-66641 (Bug)

XSLT run configuration: Highlight output as = Disabled fails to open XSLT output tab

IDEA-66940 (Bug)

Introduce constant inserts the preview in the wrong position

IDEA-67274 (Bug)

Console: scroll to the output end even if cursor position is somewhere in the middle of the output window

IDEA-59871 (Bug)

Goto file: when there are matches shown, filter window is displayed below it

IDEA-67567 (Bug)

scrollbar in navigation bar pick random item upon release

IDEA-67125 (Bug)

JDK 7: Inspection should not suggest use of diamond operator for anonymous inner class declarations

IDEA-65588 (Bug)

"Double-click to go to line" message incorrect

IDEA-50627 (Bug)

Don't suggest uninitialized instance members in constructor when smart-completing

WI-5760 (Bug)

sometimes incorrect Undefined method using PHP Interfaces

IDEA-68964 (Bug)

phpStorm will constantly touch files inside config/fileTemplates when losing focus

IDEA-66454 (Bug)

'Run to cursor' shows breakpoint icon

IDEA-65480 (Bug)

Erratic highlighting in Freemarker editor

IDEA-68396 (Bug)

XPath 2: schema-element() kind test is resolved with wrong number of arguments

IDEA-68397 (Bug)

XPath 2: schema-attribute(QName) kind test is not supported

IDEA-68392 (Bug)

XPath 2: type mismatch error is not shown for arithmetic operators

IDEA-68393 (Bug)

Perforce "Commit Changes" window unresponsive when it loses focus

IDEA-68391 (Bug)

XPath 2: cast expression: completion shows "No suggestions"

WI-5387 (Bug)

Javascript Library Dialog "Detach" only detaches one library at a time if multiple are selected

IDEA-65849 (Bug)

Replace All in selection scrolls to the beginning of file

IDEA-66506 (Bug)

Idea64 locks up and sometimes crashes 64bit jdk on Windows 7 when loading projects

IDEA-63459 (Bug)

Split Window Mode - Always opens a new class even if the class is already opened in another window

IDEA-66453 (Bug)

Attribute completion should be suggested after completing a GSP tag name

IDEA-63714 (Bug)

IDE overwrites symbolic link and creates regular file with the same name on file save

IDEA-68394 (Bug)

XPath 2: wildcard in form of *:NCName in name test is red

IDEA-66066 (Bug)

JDK 7: "Redundant suppression" inspection highlights enum annotation even if enum constructor generates "Possible heap pollution" warning

IDEA-64812 (Bug)

Quick javadoc displays exceptions twice

IDEA-65641 (Bug)

Regression: Ctrl+F must position on first occurrence after caret

IDEA-67806 (Bug)

Inspections / XPath / Check Node Test: "Edit File Associations" quick fix could expand the tree in the dialog

IDEA-68196 (Bug)

XPath 2: double literal in scientific notation is red

IDEA-68197 (Bug)

XPath 2: wrong number of quotes at the very end of string literal is green

IDEA-65333 (Bug)

JPA QL inspection: Column in combination with CollectionTable is not recognized

IDEA-68609 (Bug)

XPath 2: subtraction of time, date, dateTime from duration is green

IDEA-68040 (Bug)

Add the autoscroll to/from source to the Grails View

IDEA-67662 (Bug)

Duplicate "Open Module Settings" in the View Menu

IDEA-68514 (Bug)

Bad formatting for quickfixes from batch mode

IDEA-66202 (Bug)

Groovy Extract Method Broken: Nested Closures drop 'it' reference

IDEA-57403 (Bug)

Completion cannot suggest members of an intersection type

IDEA-68519 (Bug)

Code Style Settings: cannot change combobox values on Wrapping and Braces page on Mac OS

IDEA-66024 (Bug)

Find action remembers previous search

IDEA-33137 (Bug)

Code Coverage bar overwrites line numbers in gutter

IDEA-66157 (Bug)

Navigation bar collapses when the action on it is invoked too quickly

IDEA-67272 (Bug)

Closing a file with the caret inside injected fragment throws AE at com.intellij.injected.editor.EditorWindow.create()

IDEA-67273 (Bug)

Console: utf symbols in console history not preserved properly

IDEA-66580 (Bug)

F6 to try move images folder is broken

IDEA-48041 (Bug)

Assignements highlights with "Assignement not used" when exception is thrown from 'default' switch section

IDEA-64447 (Bug)

"show in Explorer" action broken in IntelliJ IDEA 10.0 with JDK7

IDEA-66321 (Bug)

Introduce Constant dialog ignores keyboard when opened from quick fix menu

IDEA-65271 (Bug)

idea64.exe wrongly reports a damaged 64-bit JVM

IDEA-66193 (Bug)

Create class is not proposed if an unresolved name is followed by a field access

IDEA-67596 (Bug)

Marking methods as "transient" (for decompiled interfaces)

WI-5853 (Bug)

Broken .htaccess syntax checking

IDEA-27659 (Bug)

Introduce Variable: Can produce bad code with array initializers

IDEA-66872 (Bug)

UI Deadlock during autocomplete inside a package edit box

IDEA-65385 (Bug)

OS X 10.5.8 PhpStorm-EAP-102.194/103.8 File dialog not functioning

IDEA-68115 (Bug)

Password required on popup menu invoke

IDEA-67717 (Bug)

Project view tree is not updated properly on new file add /delete

IDEA-63335 (Bug)

complete current statement error when statement spans on 2 lines

IDEA-65266 (Bug)

Pressing Ctrl+P hid text under cursor

IDEA-63978 (Bug)

Switcher should have the same behavior with detached editor tabs as it has with splitters.

IDEA-67436 (Bug)

2 IDEA Instances Can't Use The Quickdoc Window At The Same Time

IDEA-58556 (Bug)

Make smart completion cast insertion aware of autoboxing

IDEA-69073 (Bug)

Control bar of sidepanel is still visible and clickable after sidepanel close

IDEA-66142 (Bug)

JDK 7: Diamond: Inline Refactoring should replace diamond type with actual type arguments if it won't be possible to infer these arguments after inline

IDEA-57487 (Bug)

Smart completion in cast operator inserts ill-formed type

IDEA-65502 (Bug)

Many plugins failed to work with 10.0.2

IDEA-67971 (Bug)

Make fails with Argument 1 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/openapi/util/io/FileUtil.pathsEqual must not be null

WI-3888 (Bug)

Wrong indent after #!

IDEA-65579 (Bug)

JPA Facet bug

IDEA-67220 (Bug)

Generate super() call in constructors created with Cmd+N (Alt+Ins)

IDEA-66221 (Bug)

Code inspectations do not run prior to a remote running a build in TeamCity

IDEA-67908 (Bug)

XSLT: empty XPath expression is green

IDEA-65343 (Bug)

Add Option to Force Clean Artifact build

IDEA-63157 (Bug)

Ctrl+F12 twice doesn't show the matching super methods if narriowing down the list is on

IDEA-68349 (Bug)

Create new project: check that project folder is really created, don't show unclear message if it fails

IDEA-65184 (Bug)

Windows fold/unfold bug

IDEA-65476 (Bug)

Extract method refactoring produces wrong code

IDEA-67348 (Bug)

XPath 2: erroneous comparison expression with boolean on left side is green

IDEA-66309 (Bug)

IntelliJ 10's autocomplete popup isn't too intelligent

IDEA-67753 (Bug)

False error 'Overridden method does not throw ...'

IDEA-67752 (Bug)

False error 'both methods have the same erasure'

IDEA-68461 (Bug)

IntelliLang: one more performance option is added

IDEA-67167 (Bug)

XPath plugin: text() node test is incorrectly evaluated with CDATA section

IDEA-67005 (Bug)

[Flex] Green Code Red when using 4-channel colors

IDEA-67366 (Bug)

strange sorting of directories in the dest directory dialog

IDEA-67727 (Bug)

XPath 2: numeric literal immediately followed with letter is green

IDEA-64219 (Bug)

JPA-QL Console use DataSource connection information instead of relying on information in persistence.xml

IDEA-65927 (Bug)

Switcher: on closing all editor windows in switcher arrow keys do not move the selection

IDEA-67260 (Bug)

Any mouse activity in lookup causes the focus to go somewhere

IDEA-48059 (Bug)

Surround with (ctrl-alt-T) should list options in same order as surround with does for java

IDEA-66088 (Bug)

in console output: some source code files are not clickable

IDEA-50042 (Bug)

New Java/Groovy source keeps modified state after save

IDEA-68546 (Bug)

XPath 2: instance of expression with empty sub-expression is green

IDEA-66335 (Bug)

ClearCase setting UCM/no UCM should be stored in IDEA settings dir

IDEA-67890 (Bug)

"unknown plugin" exception thrown, can't report automatically

IDEA-67288 (Bug)

Toolwindow toolbars "stay" after closing via mouse if toolbar buttons in popup

IDEA-67324 (Bug)

Weird behavior in Run/Debug configuration.

IDEA-67281 (Bug)

XPath plugin: "Evaluate XPath Expression" dialog: there is no text box in Advanced mode

IDEA-65918 (Bug)

Parameter regexp is not stored in JDBC console in case of SQL language

IDEA-65144 (Bug)

New library created from downloaded jars is not visible

IDEA-66342 (Bug)

insepection suppress for class not working

IDEA-65614 (Bug)

"}" symbol is inserted automatically, but is not substituted on manual typing in javadoc comments

IDEA-68128 (Bug)

ReplaceAll not working

IDEA-67427 (Bug)

IDEA claims "inconvertible types" but code compiles without even a warning

IDEA-65679 (Bug)

IDEA 10.0.2 doesnt seem to recognise the file.

IDEA-65866 (Bug)

Preserve "Selection only" in replace options

IDEA-67257 (Bug)

AS3: "Unresolved variable or type: prototype"

IDEA-67252 (Bug)

Send statistics anonymously locks the AWT event thread

IDEA-69058 (Bug)

DiffHyperlink created by TestComparisionFailedState has actual and expected inverted

IDEA-67497 (Bug)

XSLT: "Unused XML schema declaration" inspection: false positive for namespace declaration used in stylesheet object qualified name

IDEA-65534 (Bug)

Optimizazion Hint shows up on every restart

IDEA-67694 (Bug)

Compiliation errors since update

IDEA-67916 (Bug)

Rename File does not pre-highlight full filename

IDEA-65931 (Bug)

Switcher: obsolete items in recent files section in case of splitted editor, Throwable at EditorWindow.getSelectedFile()

WI-3662 (Bug)

Settings | Inspections – multiple branches got expanded after Apply/Open when last active branch has name that is not unique (for example: General)

IDEA-66564 (Bug)

Unexpected source element for annotation member value: PsiBinaryExpression:0.0d / 0.0

IDEA-66474 (Bug)

Strange NavBar behavior for undocked NavBar

IDEA-68475 (Bug)

Spring Integration Gateway Bean Discovery

IDEA-65490 (Bug)

New inline search is very annoying.

IDEA-66208 (Bug)

More options UI

IDEA-68559 (Bug)

'Rebuild Project' fails to resolve inner classes

IDEA-68542 (Bug)

XPath 2: quantified expression with empty 'satisfies' expression is green

WI-4225 (Bug)

wrong align in Code Reformat

IDEA-66283 (Bug)

When a run configuration is changed outside, idea does not reload it.

IDEA-66779 (Bug)

Inspections / XML / "Unused XML schema declaration" does not properly update highlighting for namespace usages in XSLT

IDEA-66850 (Exception)

FNFE at com.intellij.psi.stubs.StubTree.readOrBuild

IDEA-66912 (Exception)

JDK 7: NullPointerException at extractMethod.InputVariables.wrapInputVariables() on manual changing catch parameter to multi-catch

IDEA-68938 (Exception)


IDEA-66597 (Exception)

CyclicDependencyException at org.picocontainer.defaults.ThreadLocalCyclicDependencyGuard.observe

IDEA-68646 (Exception)

Evaluate Expression dialog: Code Fragment Mode: Throwable at LookupImpl.hideLookup()

IDEA-65995 (Exception)

Plugin Manager: IllegalArgumentException at CommonBundle.messageOrDefault() on updating plugins with optional dependencies in CE

IDEA-68194 (Exception)

XPath: Throwable at CompletionServiceImpl$CompletionResultSetImpl.withPrefixMatcher() on completing variable name with prefix

IDEA-65392 (Exception)

NPE: Error during dispatching of java.awt.event.MouseEvent

IDEA-66124 (Exception)

NPE at ClassElement.addInternal() on creating generic interface instance with unbound wildcard type argument

IDEA-62358 (Exception)

Throwable 98.510

IDEA-65136 (Exception)

UML: Close UMLDiff diagram on project closing

IDEA-65565 (Exception)

NPE at ChangeSignatureGestureDetector.childReplaced() on typing inside JSP method declaration

IDEA-66476 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.fileTypes.impl.NativeFileIconProvider$

User Interface


IDEA-65902 (Feature)

Enable horizontal Scrolling with Mouse

IDEA-52421 (Feature)

Implement the swipe-gesture on Mac OS X as "Back" and "Forward".

IDEA-16667 (Usability Problem)

Mnemonic of "Parent fileset" combo box in Edit File Set dialog doesn't work

IDEA-64619 (Usability Problem)

Renaming - Missing mnemonic for OK

IDEA-68031 (Usability Problem)

"side effects found" dialog: provide better resizing

IDEA-16666 (Usability Problem)

Mnemonic of "Fileset name" text box in Edit File Set dialog doesn't work

IDEA-23698 (Usability Problem)

Switcher keyboard shortcuts clash with "Goto Next Splitter" and "Goto Previous Splitter"

IDEA-66086 (Bug)

Switcher: on closing one split editor with a file the switcher does not see another opened editor with the same file

IDEA-68785 (Bug)

Mouse doesn't work in 'Go To Class' popup

IDEA-17972 (Bug)

JDK6 Clipboard-copy bug ('followup' to IDEA-1738 and IDEADEV-1264)

IDEA-67981 (Bug)

File chooser: auto-expansion fails

IDEA-63971 (Bug)

UI: Error marks clickable area placed wrong

IDEA-67945 (Bug)

Console log level filter locks up IDE

IDEA-67899 (Bug)

add emacs's up/down keybinding(ctrl-n/ctrl-p) to 'Goto File(Class)..' popup

IDEA-65613 (Bug)

Wrong EditorTextField initial size in several places in UI

IDEA-67256 (Bug)

QuickDoc: Quick doc component has a too small size when its shown at the very first time

IDEA-67553 (Bug)

10.5 EAP (106.330): Installing/updating plugin with optional dependencies is impossible

IDEA-64556 (Bug)

Persist the "Include non-menu actions" checkbox state between the calls to "Find action"

IDEA-66514 (Bug)

Can't close all tabs from Database Console window

Version Control


IDEA-67609 (Feature)

VCS Create patch has only *.patch extension as default one

IDEA-67402 (Bug)

VFS VCS listener: files, generated through VFS, menthioned in ignored pattern, are not ignored in listener

IDEA-66882 (Bug)

Version Control: show Annotation for specified revision from History tab

IDEA-66336 (Bug)

Settings dialog will not open

IDEA-67198 (Bug)

VCS: Show file history action update() should be optimized

IDEA-66146 (Bug)

Commit+TODO: Unclear message on commit + misbehaved buttons

IDEA-68634 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.util.continuation.SameProgressRunner.<init>

IDEA-67308 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.conflicts.ChangelistConflictNotificationPanel.<init>

IDEA-66222 (Exception)

USE at com.intellij.ide.todo.CustomChangelistTodosTreeBuilder$1.getTodoItemsCount

IDEA-64883 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.impl.FileDocumentManagerImpl.saveDocument

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-67487 (Usability Problem)

Editing global cvs settings from pserver root is confusing

IDEA-24600 (Cosmetics)

:local: specific configuration elements shown when cvs root is empty

IDEA-67623 (Bug)

CVS: few more cvs-related variables

IDEA-67398 (Bug)

CVS: global option 'send environment variables on server' makes all commands fail

IDEA-58462 (Bug)

CVS: current version in file history is highlighted after some delay

Version Control. ClearCase


IDEA-48073 (Performance Problem)

ClearCase checkout is performed in EDT with no progress

IDEA-67773 (Bug)

ClearCase: package rename commit fails if the folder has been already checked out

IDEA-47899 (Bug)

ClearCase: commit fails for some user comments

IDEA-65977 (Bug)

Clear Case plugin can not add/move to non existing directory

IDEA-67303 (Exception)

ClearCase: Undo class move to unversioned folder causes exception

IDEA-65532 (Exception)

ClearCase: RE at

IDEA-67326 (Exception)

ClearCase: unversioned folder or file moving causes exception

IDEA-67328 (Exception)

UTE at $Proxy73.rollbackChanges

IDEA-65592 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.ide.startup.impl.StartupManagerImpl.registerPostStartupActivity

Version Control. Git


IDEA-55352 (Usability Problem)

Git: merge dialog doesn't allow me to see file changes if the file was deleted locally and modified on server

IDEA-67338 (Usability Problem)

"Terrific" git Test button response UI

IDEA-64622 (Usability Problem)

Git Clone should remember recent repository URLs and offer a dropdown

IDEA-66556 (Task)

github should store password in IDEA password safe

IDEA-64895 (Bug)

Git: Push Active Branches: 'View' button doesn't work

IDEA-68526 (Bug)

Git Push Active Branches Rebase & Push doesn't show progress

IDEA-64198 (Bug)

Git: Rebase And Push do not honor user selection

IDEA-66869 (Bug)

Cannot clone watched PRIVATE repository from Github

IDEA-67156 (Bug)

GitHub integration does not allow to manually type in project and does not show organization's projects

IDEA-67875 (Bug)

Commit and Push doesn't work for empty repository

IDEA-68915 (Bug)

Typo: "nescessary"

IDEA-66465 (Bug)

Git checkout branch dialog doesn't have keyboard focus

IDEA-66002 (Bug)

GitHub project creation does not validate project name

IDEA-67320 (Bug)

Git: repository test hangs up

IDEA-65616 (Bug)

IllegalStateException at DialogWrapper.ensureEventDispatchThread() on attempt to initialize Git repository (Windows)

IDEA-65218 (Bug)

Commit & push action: commit dialog does not fetch changes

IDEA-68407 (Bug)

GitHub integration should not add a commit with "First commit" comment if some commits are already present in the repository

IDEA-65585 (Exception)

NPE preventing from rebase

IDEA-51501 (Exception)

Git: update project with rebase failure

IDEA-66001 (Exception)

Git Log: ISE at com.intellij.openapi.ui.DialogWrapper.ensureEventDispatchThread

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-60254 (Feature)

"Commit and Push" button for Mercurial

IDEA-58913 (Performance Problem)

hg4idea SocketServer and ShellCommand should use threads from thread pool

IDEA-59049 (Performance Problem)

Mercurial plugin must never execute external commands in event dispatch thread

IDEA-64891 (Bug)

Mercurial: if different urls are used for pull and push (https and http), then passwords are not saved

IDEA-68118 (Bug)

Mercurial: show Annotation for specified revision from History tab

IDEA-67921 (Bug)

compare with previous revision using mercurial fails

IDEA-68104 (Bug)

Mercurial: UI-lock on manual conflicts resolve.

IDEA-68097 (Bug)

Mercurial: update status line in the left bottom corner on related operations

IDEA-68096 (Bug)

Mercurial: update from https performs update before pull action (not-verified certificate)

IDEA-68145 (Bug)

AIOOBE at org.zmlx.hg4idea.command.HgWorkingCopyRevisionsCommand.getRevisions

IDEA-68107 (Bug)

Mercurial: passwords are not saved even if save password checkbox is selected

IDEA-68774 (Bug)

Mercurial: Update project info tab contains locally modified files

IDEA-64784 (Bug)

Mercurial: with Passwords/DoNotRememberPasswords option set the 'remember password' checkbox in login dialog does nothing

IDEA-68765 (Bug)

Mercurial: revert for added file does nothing for just initiated repo

IDEA-68760 (Bug)

Mercurial: synchronize files after revert

IDEA-65888 (Bug)

Mercurial plugin doesn't work when hg installed via easy_install/pip on Windows

IDEA-68413 (Exception)

ISE at com.intellij.openapi.ui.DialogWrapper.ensureEventDispatchThread

IDEA-68767 (Exception)

ITSE when closing a Mercurial project with an unfinished background process

IDEA-68120 (Exception)

CCE at java.util.AbstractList$Itr.checkForComodification

IDEA-68087 (Exception)

NumberFormatException from Integrate Project

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-53590 (Bug)

Moving ignored files automatically marks them for add

IDEA-68552 (Bug)

P4 config parsing is broken

IDEA-68718 (Bug)

Perforce: on attempt to edit file in offline mode don't show 'perforce is unavailable' dialog and prompt to clear r/o status using file system

IDEA-68719 (Bug)

Perforce: in multi-root project Changes view is updated endlessly (status bar blinking) after first login

IDEA-68716 (Bug)

Perforce: offline mode: files added in offline mode appear in Changes view only after Refresh

IDEA-69118 (Bug)

Perforce: don't add new NotLoggedToPerforce notification on each Refresh pressing in Inspect PerforceConfigurationState dialog

IDEA-68577 (Bug)

Perforce: impossible to edit file - "perforce is anavailable'

IDEA-68567 (Exception)

Perforce: NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.perforce.perforce.connections.P4ConnectionCalculator.getParametersFromConfig

IDEA-68713 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.committed.CommittedChangesFilterDialog.<init>

IDEA-68620 (Exception)

AE at org.jetbrains.idea.perforce.perforce.login.AttemptsStateMachineImpl.ensureImpl

IDEA-69119 (Exception)

AE at org.jetbrains.idea.perforce.application.PerforceInfoAndClient.execute

IDEA-65486 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.IgnoredFilesCompositeHolder.addFile

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-66835 (Bug)

Subversion: Duplicated revision number in Annotations on reopen

IDEA-68174 (Bug)

Too many subversion checkboxes are shown

IDEA-66228 (Bug)

SVN+SSH: on attempt to login IDEA hangs

IDEA-46311 (Bug)

Wrong "Partial Commit of Active Changelist" when rolling back changes in commit dialog

IDEA-66843 (Bug)

Subversion: not-cached annotations are closed on losing and tacking focus back.

IDEA-65642 (Exception)

NPE at org.tmatesoft.svn.core.internal.util.jna.SVNGnomeKeyring$3.callback

IDEA-65604 (Exception)

Subversion SSH: CCE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.SvnAuthenticationManager$IdeaSVNHostOptions$2.get

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-65836 (Bug)

TFS: UI lock on trying to update with reseted TFS passwords

WI specific


WI-3106 (Feature)

Project tree / External Library should have "edit" context menu.

WI-1178 (Feature)

Javascript debugger feature request: break on exception

WI-450 (Usability Problem)

Allow to exclude a single file from the project

WI-1303 (Bug)

Broken autocomplete for html tags in .php files

WI-6061 (Bug)

IDE crashes while editing .htaccess

WI-3236 (Bug)

It is impossible to move line inside javascript comment

Web Services


IDEA-65607 (Cosmetics)

REST-Test: Confusing message

XML editing


IDEA-67266 (Bug)

Generate XML document from XSD fails with non-ASCII content

IDEA-68188 (Bug)

XSLT: usages of namespace prefix are not found in preserve-space and strip-space elements

IDEA-58215 (Bug)

spring: inconsistent completion proposals for <context:exclude-filter>/@type



IDEA-24561 (Cosmetics)

Use the user's code font in the quick documentation window

IDEA-66327 (Bug)

Class creation glitch

IDEA-67568 (Bug)

Running query in JPA console generates NPE

IDEA-67506 (Bug)

Infinite loop when opening file (100% CPU)

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