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The purpose of this page is to show current state of IDEA-Gradle integration while it's in active development. It's intended to be removed when the integration is released.

Table of contents


The latest news from the gradle integration development can be found here





Not defined whether this will be implemented


Will not be implemented



(blue star)

In progress


Planned but not implemented yet


Blocked by another issue


Feel free to check details of the mentioned IntelliJ IDEA tickets. They are organised in hierarchical manner, i.e. high-level tickets have sub-tickets.





Import from Gradle - IDEA-75721

Input: 'build.gradle', output: ready to use IJ project


Sync project changes - IDEA-76142

Show the difference between Gradle and IntelliJ IDEA projects, allow to manage them


Provide convenient view to the gradle functionality

Very similar to the gralde GUI plugin


Sync IJ changes with 'build.gradle'

Modify gradle build files within changes made in IJ project/module structure


Show available gradle tasks and allow to run/debug them



Detect gradle project structure change and offer to apply the changes to IJ

is blocked by GRADLE-2687


Provide ability to plug into gradle project structure processing

Allow to tweak project importing and further management (import gradle-local entities; remove ide-local entities; sync conflicting entities


Provide quick documentation for the gradle DSL/API within IntelliJ IDEA


Diagram support

Visual representation of dependencies, tasks?



Need to check whether we need highlighting over than for usual groovy files



Need to check whether we need highlighting over than for usual groovy files


How to get assembled gradle plugin

From a nightly build

  1. Login to the public Jetbrains Teamcity -
  2. Navigate to the 'Intellij IDEA CE -> Community Dist -> Artifacts':
  3. Download the target distribution and use it. The distributions are re-built every 24 hours;

Pre-assembled set (applicable for the IJ v.12.1.x)

  1. Dowload the archive with assembled plugin
  2. Replace plugin in IDE
    1. backup <IntelliJ IDEA installation path>/plugins/gradle
    2. clear <IntelliJ IDEA installation path>/plugins/gradle/lib
    3. unzip archive into <IntelliJ IDEA installation path>/plugins/gradle
  3. Restart IDE

How to compile IntelliJ IDEA from sources and test the latest Gradle plugin.

  1. Download and install the latest released IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition;
  2. Checkout the latest IntelliJ IDEA sources;
  3. Open that project (named 'community') from the IntelliJ IDEA;
  4. Build the project (make sure to add 'tools.jar' to the classpath of the project jdk;
  5. Start 'IDEA' run configuration;
  6. Check 'gradle' plugin facilities with IntelliJ IDEA built from the sources;

How to work with the latest version of ToolingApi.

This page: hosts the latest gradle stuff (docs, binaries, sources, distros). It is built overnight and sometimes even more often. Here're the alternative ways of working with latest tooling-api:

  • Download the 'all' distribution from
    • Install downloaded distro
    • Go to the samples/toolingApi/idea
    • run gradle idea
    • Open created *.ipr in Idea
    • Play with the code, browse the interfaces of the ToolingApi
  • Alternative:
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