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Primary Scenarios

  • (tick) Log in to GitHub
    • Support api token
    • (tick) Corresponding github configuration settings pane
  • (tick) "Share on GitHub" action to publish a project I have open as a GitHub repo (choice of public or private)
    • (tick) support user pricing plan
  • (tick) Action to open GitHub Web UI
  • (tick) Checkout project from GitHub via welcome screen (CheckoutProvider)
    • (tick) View list of my and watched repositories
    • (tick) Click on a repository to open it as a project
  • (tick) Option to enable tasks integration automatically if enabled on GitHub

Secondary Scenarios

  • UI for working with pull requests
    • view list of pull requests
    • send pull request for commit/branch
    • add pull-requested code to my local copy without checkin
  • (tick) Support for third party github installations
  • (tick) Fork support (rebase from fork source)
  • Publish selected file or code fragment as gist? (looks like API is not ready yet?)
  • (tick) Open source file in browser. Create a http: link from a given source file would be great
  • Fork project on GitHub if I've opened someone else's repository
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  1. Would really appreciate if this feature can work against our corporate installation of GitHub (

    1. Retronym, do you use the same API as github? In this case it would be pretty easy to implement your request.

  2. Does such a plugin for GitHub already exist? Or is this work-in-progress? If so, are alphas/betas available?

  3. Manik,

    This plugin already exists, moreover it is open sourced as a part of IntellIJ IDEA community edition.

    1. Which version of IntelliJ? I'm using 9.0 UE and don't see this?

      1. I'm talking about forthcoming IDEA X.

  4. This would be a lot more work than the pull request secondary scenarios listed above, which is really surface integration of marginal value... but I'd love to see deeper integration with GitHub pull requests for code reviews. Currently my workflow is: look at the diff of each commit on github, switch back to IntelliJ to get the full context and allow code inspection and navigation, and then switch back to GitHub to add per-line comments. It would be amazing to be able to:

    1. Roll forward and backwards through the pull request commits directly in idea while showing the changes/diffs for each commit in the changes view (this part is already doable via the git integration, but a pull request specific UI would be simpler to use for this use case), and
    2. Make github per-line and per-commit comments directly in IntelliJ.

    I don't know if #2 is even possible given the current GitHub API, but this would make doing GitHub pull request code reviews via IntelliJ amazingly easy and productive.