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  • Getting Started with Plugin Development
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  1. Hi gang! This page is completely out of date for IDEA 12. The file menus sometimes don't exist and the narratives don't follow reality. This is the first page for plug-in development and I can't even get started because this page makes no sense. I'm using IDEA 12.0.4.  Maybe I should back off to 11? Any suggestions for how to get started?  My experience with this page is consistent with previous experiences over the last 10 years as I toy with the idea of building a plug-in.   Others have obviously done it.  Am I left with reading the source code?   I can't even get a plug-in project started using this page so it might be alone tough.

    [edit] I see from the webinar that I do not have "Intellij IDEA Plugin" option in "new project". I followed instructions here:

    to enable groovy, ui designer; restarted. I don't see plugin dev in ultimate edition.

    [edit2] Ok, so maybe a note to also enable "plugin devkit" plugin. ;)


  2. MyShowDialog reference from <action> in plugin.xml above but I don't see that anywhere.

  3. How do you "run" this sucker in "Registering actions" to see the new menu? Ah. Much later is says you must deploy. Ok. Note directory for plugin should be: /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA, at least on the mac.

  4. This page says "JDK 1.6 is recommended" but it's required unless you are running IDEA itself with Java 7. It compiles your plugin with whatever you select for the IDEA SDK. Make sure they are the same. I run IDEA under 6 but had 7 as the java for IDEA SDK. Got java version issues when launching using plugin.

  5. If you are missing the sdk type "IntelliJ IDEA Plugin SDK" you must first install the plugin "Plugin DevKit"

  6. Hi! You have great instruction how to bind an action to menu item or toolbar button.

    But is it possible to bind an action to some UI element, folding +, for example?

    Or even create an icon in the gutter area and bind an action to it?