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Code completion

  • Second class name completion

  • Finish completion by ! (exclamation mark)...

...and the method call will be negated


1. Spring 2.5 stereotypes with qualifiers(@Component, @Service, @Repository, @Controller, @Qualifier)

2. Find by symbol(ctrl-alt-shift-N) for spring beans (xml, annotations)

3.  @Autowire and @Qualifier support: model, alt-f7, shift-f6, completion, dependencies diagram, inspections, etc.


Spring Webflow Designer

1. Designer View: DnD, inplace editing, alt-f7, rename, f4.

2. Xml View: completion, highlighting, etc.


JBoss Seam support

Bijection Seam components dependencies graph added

XPath / XSLT Support

Excellent plugin XPathView + XSLT-Support was bundled.

JavaScript / ActionScript support

  • Overridden method and subclasses markers.
  • Show / Goto Implementations actions work from overridden method / subclassed class.
  • Goto Super action works over the class
  • Implements and implemented by markers  

Facets tree in Project Structure

Select "Facets" item in Project Structure to see facets from all modules grouped by types:

Select facet type node in tree to edit auto-detection settings and default configuration:

Select several facets nodes to edit its settings simultaneously

FreeMarker support

Directive name completion:

GWT 1.5 support: @Key annotation

Resolving and completion for properties in @Key annotation:

Inspection to replace deprecated @gwt.key javadoc with @Key annotation:

Analyze Thread Dump

You can now paste an entire thread dump in the "Analyze | Analyze Stacktrace..." dialog, and it will be presented in a nice and readable way.


The IntelliLang plugin is now bundled.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is there a deadline for the Python plugin, or a preview edition?