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1. Added inspections

2. Seam EL improved

3. Search by symbol for seam components(ctrl-alt-shift-N):



faces-config.xml: Added live templates for generate action (alt-insert)



Syntax highlighting


Change underlying language



Create Test intention

You may create a stub test case for a selected class by positioning on the class name and pressing Alt+Anter.
The dialog will let you choose the test's name, a super class, and a destination package. You will also be
able to select methods of the subject class to create test methods for.

GWT 1.5 aware inspections

Inspection with quickfix to replace obsolete @gwt.typeArgs tag with parametrized types

Asynchrnous methods are created with AsyncCallback parametrized by return type.

Inspection with quickfix to add type parameter to AsyncCallback:

GWT: navigation between corresponding synchronous and asynchronous service methods

Ctrl+Alt+B on asynchronous method call will show corresponding method in synchronous interface and its implementation

Find Usages

Method usages can be grouped by several new types:

  • delegates to another object instance
  • delegates to another object instance with different parameters
  • delegates to super
  • delegates to super with different parameters
  • recursive method calls
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  1. Anonymous

    Let's just hope that all these features become deployed as plugins. Otherwise the once so nice and fast and best Java-IDE slowly fades away (what it is already doing given the endless set of wbe-development plugins I have to deinstall after each installation).

    Maybe JebtBrains should ask the user one single question when starting IDEA for the first time: Do you want to do just a java-ide or do you want to deploy web applications? Depending on the answer all this web-stuff could be deinstalled immediately (or not).

     Best regards,

    1. You can disable any plugin via the integrated plugin manager via one mouse-click, so they won't load again - not even after upgrading to a newer version of IDEA.

  2. Anonymous

    Was there any work done on XSLT/XPath? I noticed it was one of the intended improvs...