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JDK 1.6

The Windows and Unix versions are now built with JDK 1.6, and the Windows version is bundled with JRE 1.6.0_02. The Mac version is still built with JDK 1.5.

Notice to Plugin Developers

If you want your plugins to be compatible with the Mac version of IDEA, you need to build your plugins with JDK 1.5. A separate ZIP archive is now provided that contains IDEA JARs built with JDK 1.5. You can build against JARs from that archive.

Highlight methods overridden from selected class/interface.

Press highlight usages (Ctrl-Shift-F7) on extends or implements clause.

Highlight Non-project classes in the stacktrace.

Search bar enhancements

  • Regular expression support
  • Recent history (shortcut is either Ctrl(Meta)+Down Arrow or repetition of the shortcut you've selected search bar with, like Ctrl+F and Ctrl+F again).
  • Camel case word completion in search field with Ctrl+Space.

New license server

If someone in EAP happens to use license server you'll need to add -Doldlicenseserver to IDEA VM parameters. We're in process of replacing license server with completely different implementation.

Inline Parameter refactoring

"Inline" can be used on parameters. If all method calls use the same parameter value, it is inlined into the method and the parameter is removed.

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  1. WOW ^) Highlight Project classes in the stacktrace! at last ^) I suppose style is configurabe?