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It appears IntelliJ IDEA has three completely different UI for a single feature of searching some text in currently active file, namely

  • "Ctrl+F": A modal dialog with some options, which initiates the search,
  • "Alt+F3": Incremental search. A little yellow popup to type search text in, which navigates to first occurence,
  • "Ctrl+Shift+F7": Highlight selected text occurrences in current file.

In this build they all merged into single Firefox-like (or Safari 3.0-like) UI. All the shortcuts remain active.
Comments are very welcome.

Backward Analysis

Normally backward analysis is resource consuption process. Most of the time it is interesting to investigate "usages" of one scope in another scope. Scope of interst allows to specify scope where interesting dependencies are located

Keybindings in Text Fields

The following editor actions now work in all dialog text fields, using the same keybindings, CamelHumps handling rules etc.:

  • Delete Line at Caret
  • Delete to Word End
  • Delete to Word Start
  • Join Lines
  • Next Word, Next Word with Selection
  • Previous Word, Previous Word with Selection
  • Select Word at Caret
  • Text End, Text End with Selection
  • Text Start, Text Start with Selection
  • Toggle Case

Inherited Members in File Structure Popup

"Escalate" visibility option in "Convert to Instance Method" refactoring

"Move Inner to Upper Level" refactoring prompts for target package

Spring integration

  • Support beans from custom namespace handlers
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  1. The Firefox-style search is an excellent idea.  My only concern is not to lose access to the more advanced searching options from the regular modal search dialog.

    1. The more advanced options are still available in the "Find in Path" dialog, which can now be used for searching in a single file too.

  2. I really like the search bar! I'd vote for keeping it, but it would be nice have some 'advanced' features like regex search, and maybe some sort of search history.

  3. Anonymous

  4. Can the old find dialog appear when you click a button on the find bar?  Something either like a configure button or an expand arrow that shows all of the old options when you check it.  I.e. it will make the region bigger with all of the options.  Specifically I will miss the regular expression stuff.

  5. Anonymous

    I think it is a good idea to implement search bar as part of main toolbar and add capabilities to search not only in editor but also in toolwindows (Project, Structure, etc.)