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  • Deprecation strikeout is displayed in structure view popup and 'choose ambiguous targets' navigation dialog.
  • 'Force Step Into' action remapped to alt-shift-f7 to avoid conflict with Show Usages.
  • Show Parameter Info action (Control + P) works over method name.
  • Settings|Editor|'Optimise imports on the fly' and 'Add unambiguous imports' moved into Settings|Code style|Imports to be able to employ them at project level or globally.

Code Completion

Accepting Completion selection with Ctrl+Shift+Enter (Command+Shift+Enter on Macs)

Along with Enter acceptance (insert) and Tab acceptance (overwrite) new CSE acceptance will 'wrap' the the rest of the expression or otherwise reduce result to a syntactically correct form. For instance:

after pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter becomes


  • "I18nize hard coded string literal" quickfix integrated with GWT:

  • GWT Shell parameters can be specified in GWT Run Configuration
  • -Xmx parameter for GWT compiler can be configured in GWT Facet Settings
  • Support for references to java from JSNI methods: go to declaration, completion, find usages and rename


  • Tab and Shift Tab is working in JavaScript function parameters lookup.
  • Quick documentation action is working for current parameter in function parameters lookup.

External Annotations

Intentions Annotate @Nullable/@NotNull available in lib sources

Add annotation asks for root to store external annotations

it can be added manually through Project Settings

after that you have additional warning

external annotations are visible in Ctrl-Q

In order to deannotate corresponding intention is available

New Project Wizard

Subversion Integration

  • Updated to latest version of SVNKit and fixed a number of problems in IntelliJ IDEA to enable correct handling of directory deletion and file/directory rename and move.
  • Added "Relocate" action to switch the working copy to a different repository URL (similar to svn switch --relocate)
  • "Compare with Branch" action is now available for directories and performs directory diff in this case.
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  1. TestNG plugin also has support for adding custom listeners to test run/debugs - see for details.

  2. Anonymous

    Code completion (CSE): What took you so long? =)
    My #1 annoyance gone, thanks.