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Perforce Offline Mode

The Perforce plugin keeps a log of VCS operations performed while offline, and replays the log when the user comes back online. The offline/online mode is switched manually by the user. The log of operations is persisted between IDEA restarts (stored in the .iws file).

Features available offline

  • Edit
  • Add/Copy
  • Delete
  • Move/Rename
  • Revert
  • Move to another changelist
  • Changes view
  • Committed/Incoming changes (displaying cached information only)

Features not available offline

  • Update, Commit, Integrate
  • Tracking of unversioned, locally deleted and "modified without checkout" files (unversioned files are shown as "unchanged")
  • Any other operations which require a server connection

Note that the performance of the integration in offline mode is considerably better than in online mode (because no server calls are required), so you may want to use offline mode even if you are not actually offline.

Apply Patch dialog redesigned

JUnit 4.3.1 bundled

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