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Preview in the automatic rename dialog.

Intention to adjust the module/project language level.

 Local History

  • Restored files after deletion keep theirs history
  • Revert of actions
  • Recent changes
  • Code fragment history (Class, method, selection, etc)

Maven Integration

  • Web facets are created for Maven projects with 'war' packaging (ejb and ear are coming soon)
  • More intelligent defaults (e.g. no sources/javadoc download by default)
  • Default paths to Maven home, settings file and local repository displayed in settings dialog
  • Option to use Maven output directories for IDEA make (enabled by default)
  • Many usability fixes

File chooser improvements

JavaScript support

  • Structure view shows inherited members
  • Unused local declarations (parameters, function/variable declarations) are reported
  • jsClassName(), jsMethodName() functions added for live templates

Xml support

  • Surround with CDATA action
  • Move statement Up / Down actions are xml tags aware

Quirks Mode plugin

Plugin for detecting browser incompatibility problems in HTML/CSS.

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