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New order of intentions

Intentions in the popup lists are divided into three groups (and sorted within each group alphabetically):

  • Quick fixes (red bulb, fixes the red problem in the code)
  • Inspection quick fixes (yellow bulb, deals with the yellow code somehow)
  • Intentions (proposes some action or code transformation)

New action "Goto Action" (Ctrl Shift A)

Find actions available from main menu:

'Include non-menu actions' checkbox includes actions available from toolwindow toolbars/popup menu:

New Committed/Incoming Changes functionality ("TMate replacement")

  • Supported for CVS, Perforce and Subversion
  • Local caching of changes history
  • Grouping (by user or date) and filtering (by user or project structure) support
  • Automatic refresh by timer
  • "Incoming Changes" view shows list of changes not yet downloaded from server
  • Actions to open a committed revision of a file in the editor and to compare the committed revision with the local version

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1 Comment

  1. The 'TMate replacement' functionalitylooks like exactly what the Integration with ClearCase UCM should do.  Is UCM support included in the ClearCase support?   Will it also be integrated into this?