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If 6708 does not start:


If you're starting your IDEA through modified .bat (.sh) file or you simply do not update your local copy during update, you should change "idea.jar" occurence in IDEA classpath to "bootstrap.jar".

Project/module storage

Project and module settings storage is being rewritten.
Known problem: Attributes in all .ipr, .iml, and .iws files are now stored in alphabetical order. This is likely to final behaviour.
Debugger is in the process of redesign. As a result, the log connection feature is broken.

Some features are broken:

Unknown macro: {jiraissue}

Template project settings

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Migration from versions 3,4,5

Unknown macro: {jiraissue}

Module renaming functionality

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Path Variable checking on start functionality

Hibernate & JPA support

Hibernate facet node under module node in JavaEE structure view and in Project Structure dialog. Contains descriptor(s) and session units.

Hibernate .cfg.xml file may refer to both Hibernate (.hbm.xml) and JPA (.orm.xml) mapping descriptors

Other features

  • Completion for attribute names and enums
  • HQL injection in xml, JPA named query annotations and createQuery call in Java.
  • JPA annotations support
  • ER diagram (Open ER diagram action in context menu)


  • one facet per module
  • descriptors should be located at the source root (*.cfg.xml file compliant with Hibernate DTD are recognized, multiple files supported)

ClearCase plugin

Latest features

  • Finished with basic functionality (check file status, commit/rollback, delete/undelete, checkout)
  • Distinguish between dynamic and snapshot views automatically, do not allow "Update Project" and "Update File" actions in the case of dynamic views
  • Full support for History inside IDEA
  • Uniform support for the ignored files and folders
  • Correctly treat .contrib and .keep.* files in ignore list

Further work

  • Checkout for a folder only, non-recursive chockout/Undo checkout
  • Performance optimization in the case of Command Line configuration
  • Do not perform costly calls after the Chack Out operation
  • Rename/Move Class refactoring support
  • Rename/Move Package refactoring support
  • More intelligent support for Offline mode
  • List ignored files in the Changes view

JSP support

  • For undeclared EL variables there are two intentions to add their declaration via insertion of 'jsp:useBean' tag or via insertion of annotation in jsp comment.

Perforce Integration

  • Possibility to invoke p4v (Revision Graph and Timeline View) from IntelliJ IDEA.

Plugin Development

  • It's currently not possible to run/debug plugins targeting version 6.0. Will be fixed in the next build.


  • Displaying log files in the console tabs is not currently supported. Will be fixed in the next build.
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