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Plugin Compatibility

Due to a major internal refactoring, we have made a significant number of backward incompatible changes to the plugin API. Please refer to Diana Plugin Migration Guide for help in updating existing third-party plugins.

Seam Support

1. Seam Facet and Seam Components Structure(Java EE)

2.  Alt-F7, Shift-F6 and EL everywhere


3. Inspections

4.  Conversations, Observers and many others
5. Pageflow Designer: inplace editing, DnD, Alt-F7, Shift-F6, F4 in graph

6. Pages Navigation Graph (DnD of web pages from ProjectStructure)

7.  etc.

FreeMarker Support

Parsing of .ftl files
Reference completion
Rename support
Implicit variables support:


JavaScript Debugging

Run configuration to debug local html files:


Browser opens in separate frame:

Breakpoints in html- and js-files:

Breakpoints dialog allows to change properies of breakpoint:

Debug toolwindow (frames, variables, watches):

Evaluate expression dialog:

Show value in tooltip on mouse over:

SQL Support

Per-file SQL Dialect Settings (See Per-file Encoding Support screenshot below).
SQL92 DDL and query and MySQL DDL dialects support.

DDL DataSource

JDBC API & iBatis XML SQL language injection

Reference navigation and highlighting.

Flex Support

1. New module type for Flex development:

 2. Flex SDK is added for Flex modules:

 3. Flex run configuration

4. Flex debugging:

 5. Package name and class name is checked to be the same as directory or file name respectively:


Per-file Encoding Support

You can configure file encoding individually for the file, all files in the directory, or all files in the project.
Settings are stored in the per-project configuration file which can be shared among the team and version controlled.

"Unwrap/Remove" action (delete enclosing statement)

You can use the action to quickly extract or remove statements from an enclosing statement (such as if, while, for, etc.).
The supported statements are: for, foreach, if..elseif...else, try...catch...finally,, do...while, and lone braces.
The statements to be extracted are highlighted with blue, to be removed - with grey.

Unwrap Example:

The code before unwrapping the first else branch:

The code after unwrapping:

Remove Example:

The code before removing the first else branch:

The code after removing:

Struts 2

The Struts 2 plugin by Yann Cebron is now bundled. See here for more information on the plugin.

Other Improvements

"Revert Changes" action

Action in context menu of a committed changelist applies the reverse patch of that changelist to the current source code. Can be used to revert changes committed by any user, even if it's not the last checkin.

"Use existing implementation" quickfix

For an abstract method with some missing implementation, allows to copy one of the existing implementations to all the places where an implementation is missing. Invoked on the abstract method.

Highlighting of implicit parameters for anonymous classes

New Show Applied Styles window

Tag name completion in XML & JSP

Start a new tag and press Ctrl-Alt-Space:

Choose an item:

Namespace auto-import in XML & JSP

Type a tag with not bound namespace prefix:

Press Alt-Ins and choose a namespace:

Namespace declaration is inserted:

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  1. Are you planning to add Spring Web Flow support to Diana (in the same spirit as Seam support - flow designer, navigation graph etc) ?

    1. We would like to, but we don't have a definite plan for this yet.

      1. Anonymous

        I would give a +1 for this and since it is fairly similar to seam, you might get a lot of reuse.

        1. Spring Webflow Designer is under construction and will be added soon

  2. Anonymous

    Add Scala !!! (please)

    1. Our Scala plugin is developed independently, and most likely it won't be ready for bundling into IntelliJ IDEA by the time version 8 ships.

      1. Anonymous

    2. Anonymous

    3. Anonymous

      +1 to scala support, or some snapshots would be nice.

    4. Anonymous

    5. Anonymous

    6. Anonymous

      1. Anonymous

        +1 for scala from me, too

    7. Anonymous

      1. Anonymous

        1. Anonymous

          +1 I'm thinking of jumping back to Eclipse now that the eclipse scala plugin is stable

  3. Anonymous

    Any plans for Velocity templates? At least syntax highlight ...

    1. Yes, Velocity is planned.

      1. Anonymous


  4. Just a small note: I really like these releasenotes pages! Much better than the Jira version. Really nice, thanks!

  5. Anonymous

    Great to see support for JBoss Seam.

  6. Anonymous

    Is there any plan for supporting Python?

      1. Anonymous

        Would it be feature rich like the support you have for Ruby?

        1. We don't initially plan to support any Web frameworks (unlike the Ruby plugin which supports Rails), but otherwise yes.

  7. Anonymous

    Please consider adding Velocity support to IDEA !

    1. Please consider reading existing comments to this page, as well as replies to them, before posting a new one.

  8. Will Flex debugger be available only for ActionScript (i.e. ActionScript classes and code within SCRIPT tag in mxml) or also for MXML itself (e.g. for debugging bindings) ?